January 2014

Astrological News & Views for January 2014
by Robert Thibodeau

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“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”
-Mark Twain

  • Jan. 1st New Moon in Capricorn with Sun conjunct Pluto. Stormy cold and wintery in many parts. Stock markets may adjust or shake, but Saturn/Pluto in each other’s ruling sign, as well as Jupiter trine Saturn, keep markets going on plus side. Turn of the year aspects challenge though. On spiritual level, such aspects demand inward turning to purify and renew one’s efforts, goals. Meditation, yoga, cleaning, catching up to one’s spiritual or inner higher self vs. taking things way too personally, feelings of being hurt or wounded, psycho-drama, and negative thinking in general. World’s geo-political hotspots active. Power struggles vs. finding one’s inner gold, inner power, inner virtue. See my December 10th Astrology for 2014 talk on Youtube for snow, cold, volcano, and storm, quake predictions at last solstice and now…into April.

“In the long run, truth prevails; in the short run, it’s soccer and lacrosse. People will call it love, but it’s really a football game.”
-Captain Bob and the Lost Paddle boat

  • Jan. 2nd Sun square Mars activates heroics and brave action. Avoid use of force unless really needed. Intensifying times. Negatively, it’s warring anger and control freaking, fighting, crashing, accidents, hasty mistakes, and stormy robust weather and behaviour. Moon in Aquarius seeks higher octaves including all in one’s dream and vision of the future.

“The elastic heart of youth cannot be compressed into one constrained shape long at a time.”
-Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer.

  • Juno, the Queen of the Gods and relationships that ‘make you believe’. Juno can give you faith or belief in higher power. Juno, the asteroid, will conjunct Neptune in the beginning of the month, and conjunct Chiron later in month. Chiron is the centaur, in my view it is really Charon the boatsman to underworld initiation. The beginning of the month brings concerns for beauty, beautifying, and insuring love. The end of the month brings out the more maverick feminist as well as a call of a new sense of justice, a politics of compassion, and a sense of the wild woman in us.

“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”
-Jonathan Swift

  • Jan. 3rd to 8th is quake watch. Some parts still stormy but many parts turn warmer and/or more beautiful. With Mercury and then Sun oppose Jupiter and Mars square to Jupiter, people tend to be more sharing, caring, playful and joyful.
  • Jan. 7th-8th, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars square Jupiter may find many trying to break new ground when it comes to business, money, relationships. All month is slow but sure tendency to make things work or plan the break away. Over-the-top boisterous ego behaviour may cause strong backlash (all month, especially end of month when Jupiter opposes Pluto). Mercury/Venus wants to be gentle and culturally refined, kind and loving, with long term sure goals, pleasures, and commitments secured. Sun/Mars can be brash and arrogant, loud and forceful. An end of the month finality and conclusive result, ending, new beginning could be in play here.

“Thou and I are too wise to woo peacefully.”
-William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

  • Jan. 15th (may feel it on 14th) Full Moon in Cancer, with Venus square Mars on 16th. More Stormy weather in parts, other parts warming up hot. A sense of sticking to what one loves and holds dear, sticking to long-term goals in spite of conflicts with others. Need to find right balance or compromise to avoid conflict or heated debate. Love entanglements and controversy. Demonstrative love, overbearing needs or wants. Lots of sensual energy and play.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”
-Ayn Rand

  • Jan. 17th Venus once again becomes Morning Star. New love is upon us Watson! Good time ahead for initiating new projects.

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.”
-Bob Hope

  • Jan. 24th Aquarius Mercury trine Libra Mars. Clear blue skies and mind give much opportunity last few days for breakthroughs in communications, negotiations, connecting and making sense. Do it now because Mercury squares Saturn on 25th locking down the deal or denying access with chill winds to boot.

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”
-Nelson Mandela

“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”
-Winston Churchill.

  • Jan. 28th Moon conjunct Pluto with Moon in Capricorn triggers changes in weather, stormy times, and possibly rough travels especially Jan. 31st when Jupiter opposes Pluto and Venus goes direct. Jupiter oppose Pluto reveals a need to renew one’s passport to life, to discover a ‘you’ worth loving all the way. Such aspect calls for social renewal in light of further revelations of unnecessary cruelty and suffering humans impose on each other. Jupiter wants to stretch the boundary for fun, pleasure, the pursuit of happiness, love, family. Pluto wants to either regenerate such efforts, or corrupt such efforts. Here misery loves company, or one needs to drop repeat offenders or no-gooders in favour of more virtuous co-creative lifestyle and friends. Jupiter/Pluto aspects represent the death and rebirth of social or family identity. It’s also an aspect for giant business deals or break-offs of such. Movie Stars and Rock Stars can suddenly rise or fall with such aspects. Notable deaths and heralding of banners. False identification with idols of sports/movie/TV/music may now turn awry. Fanatic dangerous moves or actions may here go awry. Unfavourable news. Positive side is a sense of social renewal, team spirit in helping others, compassion and will to do the good. Venus going forward may give positive spirit to sense of long-term future. Look to your chart for mid degrees of cardinal signs for where the action is. Russia’s Putin has Sun at 13 Libra so he will be continually making news January into April for good or ill, depending on his own free will and world circumstance. The USA with Sun at 13 Cancer continues to be major player in world drama. (See my Astrology 2014 Talk on Youtube, given last year, about all this and others with hotspot degrees galvanising events now into April’s Grand Cross, including possible ecological crisis needs and decision-making). China has Mercury/Neptune right at 13-14 degrees Libra. End of January Jupiter/Pluto makes for strong decisions, even forced decisions, concerning love, money, vocation, economy, ecology, energies and resources. Venus going direct wants to throw logic out the window and go for the flow, go where the love is, go for what you want and where you are wanted.

“In a false quarrel there is no true valour.”

“Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.”
-Mark Twain

“I had a lovers quarrel with the world.”
-Robert Frost

IN the NEWS—-

  • England continues to take major hits in both their their Astrological Chart and in stormy weather and bad economy. Neptune in the sky has been conjunct England’s natal Pluto and square to natal Chiron (Charon). This aspect indicates possible poor health of a leader (the Queen?), as well as difficult economy and loss of land (to the sea?). It also indicates the continual need to be ecologically sound and honest in all dealings. In the later part of February the Sun will conjunct England’s Pluto giving more indications defining clearly future events. Later in January Mars in the sky conjunct’s England’s Moon making for stormy debates or disagreements with leadership as well as cue to changes at the top and future trends. Anger and violence will then have to be avoided. In June, Saturn squares England’s Venus, the love affair with both the Queen and Princess may be over, or at least take a dip. Or is it an indication of a strong-headed woman taking leadership anew. After June, England’s economy should begin to turn around and be on the mend.
  • China’s Astrology Chart, Oct. 1, 1949, reveals natal Mercury conjunct Neptune at 13-14 degrees Libra right where Mars will be transiting for in the coming months triggering the Grand Cross in April with sky transits of Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. Expect strong assertive or aggressive speech and actions. Neptune throws a veil of confusion or mystery as to true motives, and can often misfire or become lost as to true practical direction. With Saturn transiting China’s Venus square to Pluto/Mars, many of the population may feel overworked and underpaid, making for authoritative tough stand on many an issue. Also China may not seem so popular in world view. Talk may be cheap, but action expensive and conclusive as to who is really in power. Later in year, Jupiter will trine China’s Venus making for more peace, prosperity, and popularity. Perhaps then, less stress and taxing worry by their common folk citizens.
  • Pope nearly triples attendance/crowds at Vatican. Transiting Jupiter now one his Ascending Sign while trining Saturn brings popularity with the masses as well as taking in more donations of money. With Jupiter also opposing his natal Mercury, the Pope loves to talk. He may get carried away with words and say too much, or go over the top, but his wish with such aspects is to go big hearted. I doubt if he’ll sell any of the art. Later in 2014, as the grand square hits on his Mars in Libra, the Pope will have to take more care, caution, and wisdom in his action and speech. This aspect may bring sharp criticism or even scandal. Or is it an aspect winning the Pope even more acclaim? Saint or Good Politician? Only time will tell. Within the next year or two he will either rise to sainthood or take a big fall. Pluto and Uranus will making hard aspect to his natal Mars will reveal the story.
  • With Pluto in the sky coming to oppose the USA Sun in April, we may find ourselves all wanting to become ecological lovers of good nature climate and peoples. Buddhism anybody? Climate change catastrophic rather than just dangerous for some….!!!
  • Slowest rate of growth, lowest birth rates and population growth, fewer marriages, more difficult to be mobile since the Great Depression is blamed on the poor economy. Pluto in the sky coming to oppose the USA Sun at 13 Cancer certainly doesn’t help things. Japan’s population declined by record numbers in 2013 too. Is sperm count diminishing? China slightly increased by a fraction as did Russia, the last of which is predicted to decrease by 2015 due to death rate being greater than birth rate.
  • Sexual assault report in the military rise 50% while suicides grow. Perhaps the military should make all their soldiers and employees read OSHO books. And where is the department of peace to help one earth be one family of friends and family, garden?!
  • Over a million Americans lose unemployment checks. Good time to learn yoga and meditate, garden, play musical instrument. And that should be government funded. Educate to illuminate, employ to enjoy and enhance life’s creative side.
  • Cannabis goes on sale in Colorado, the first state in the country to legalise public shops to sell it to adults for recreational use. The thinking behind this is to make more money taxing it and steal the assets from criminal activity, effectively starting to end the costly and ineffective ‘American drug war’.

“It takes two to quarrel, but only one to end it.”
-Matthew Prior

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