February 2018

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“Astrology is the Science Art of what is possible, probable, realizable, and imaginable. The Earth gives us our body, the stars give us our intelligence. The spiritual heart gives us our fire for truth, spirit soul the  waters of compassion. Only we can give ourselves freedom, love, and a true knowing, a belonging and participatory mind for the SELF,  the World.”
– robert of mayflower

Hi Friends,

Just back from hanging out with astrological spiritual friends in Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona (where I was born)! Played my songs in dozens of places including Vortex Areas and cool music bar scenes. Also had fun chatting with other astrologers about my concerns of transiting Saturn oppose USA Venus and Jupiter possibly bringing severe colder weather, drop in stocks and economy, feelings of lack of love and lustre, and chill to the positive vibe. Good for yoga, meditation, re-centering, looking for the true and blue, and finding the wisdom that only time and soul maturity can bring. My luck continued in predicting Michigan State Game, and the SuperBowl; such predictions always get me free dinners and drink; Ha Ha,  Aha!

Perhaps the sleeper aspect some missed is the present Sun conjunct a major black hole at mid Aquarius whole conjunct the South Node at midpoint between Neptune/Pluto, making for either big time loss or big time gain when it comes to ‘ego,’ money, fame, connection, friends, sense of belonging, and making sense of things. For some its a release of ego or projects, projections, and desires. For others its just seeking release or let go. Positively its spiritual ego accessing and assessing world situation and individual responsibility to such. A real sense of have and have nots, rich and poor, educated and not educated, connected or disconnected is pervasively and persuasively occurring. Good aspect for deeper thinking, release of tension, and bringing new light to old situations.

For many it is an angelic call, a Higher Self calling, a divine intervention or voice, or intuitive feel, that its time to raise the consciousness, purify the astral etheric bodies, get attuned to the World Wide Shift taking place leading us into the great Jupiter Saturn conjunction coming up in 2020 when true Spiritual Forces from the Spirit of the Sun in the individual and collective human heart will emerge anew to strengthen the impulse for brotherly and sisterly love, world peace, world cooperation, and a sense of renewed Spirit Truth. Compassionate mutual understanding and the wisdom of all things will renew our passion for living. This will also be a time when the human being will arise anew to combat ahrimanic ignorance and delusions blocking true ‘self-knowledge’ and universal mind/heart.

The Sun/South Node at midpoint between Neptune and Pluto is a planetary awakening to what is happening to all of us. It is an impulse to renewal and renewed inner promise to attune to a greater Oneness, beauty and good, a greater sense of direction in life. Now is the time for the courage only universal truth and love can arouse to dare live the highest good, true, beautiful possible. Each of us is an artist of the divine will. Each of us a musical instrument for a greater song weaving through every heart, soul, mind. Each of us can be the breath of a holy life, a divination of the divine in all things. Each of us is a holy truth breathing life, each a holy love shining. If there is no ‘God’ active in this universe, let us become such virtue mind heart. May it begin with me.

robert of mayflower

ps. the Saturn transit oppose Jupiter in USA Sagittarius Rising Chart hits exactly Feb. 12th Monday. Such aspect due to retrograde motion comes back two more times this year! More eco and economic troubles, legal troubles in high places? Or does Saturn’s ‘Wisdom that comes only with time’ bring a more stable state of affairs, economics, politics, back into the picture. Time will tell. Astrology is the science art of possibility, possibility, and tendency. Each aspect has a higher and lower octave in which out of individual freedom we can rise or fall, transcend or more fully incarnate into. See my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ for more.

‘The ultimate wish is the wish for Enlightenment;
live the life to know the teachings,
love all life to know the world.’
~robert of mayflower

Astrology News

Astrology News (aspects can have influence days before and after, dates given are exact hits).

Feb. 4th Venus square Jupiter

Expanding love/friends circle and network. Creative juices flow. Stay focused to get things done. Some get lost. Some play cards out. Some just play.

Feb. 10th Sun Square Jupiter, Venus enters Pisces

Desire to flow, go, show up, play, game, socialize, joy. Capricorn Moon 9:21 EST puts limits to growth and sets time to matter. Venus in Pisces sets in motion rest of month into March, a feeling of wanting soft landing, wanting not to fight, need to flow, follow feelings and intuitions, psychic impulses and sparklings of new life.

Feb. 14th Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Moon in zany original open for the new Aquarius. Last flings of old dreams? Or original flings at new and old ways of healing, making good friends, holding intelligent conversations and meetings of heart and mind.

Feb. 15th Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon at 27 Aquarius, 4:05 pm est; followed by Moon/Neptune Fri. 16th and Mars square Neptune Feb. 17th. Eclipses can suddenly eclipse or cut one off, separate or estrange. For some, sudden fortunate meetings. Astrology always gives freedom for higher or lower octave responses and results depending on freedom and consciousness capacity of each person involved. Look for 3 days of either confusion and mishap, or divine intervention and inspirations. It’s a Don Quixote and Parzival meeting the wind mill of reality, it’s Perudor and Ceredywn meeting the king of the world, it’s King Arthur and the Red Knight; it’s true dreams meeting true reality.

Will the partial Eclipse bring further shake ups or confusions in the world, at the White House? with stocks? Ecology mishaps? Oil, Air, ecology imbalances? Weirdnesses, scandals, lies, sports badness boldness, mishaps, travel troubles, vandalism, violence? Weird time in politics and economics, S.Korea Olympics and more. Or is Neptune’s influence that many dream on, escape reality? Or is reality too much to bare, deal with? Mars in Sagittarius wants frank blunt honesty and courage to face the truth and take right action. Neptune wants to reach the highest perfection, the ideal. Otherwise, Neptune wants to escape cheat, or over play the cards, reach beyond the grasp, often undermining the future with falsities, drugs, drink, and lack of honest thinking. Oft feelings overwhelm simple logic. Love needs non attachment and practical workings day to day, needs organic selfless wisdom base and sense of necessity and long run to truly work one for all, all for one. Neptune often fails in time due to lack of persistent good work, honesty or practical common sense. Neptune can bring falling or failing due to delusion and false projection, or illusion of true nature of situation or persons. Yet Neptune can dream the impossible dream, imaginatively create and inspire inner worlds of beauty and art to manifest. Is Neptune working for you? Is it a higher calling calling, a divine inspirational call to the wilds, to adventure? Or is it just more wild behaviour? Is it feeling displaced from the present by hauntings of past ghosts and projections of illusory futures. Only time will tell, but most likely not this particular time mid month unless higher truths makes appearance quick! False news is rampant. Mars/Neptune can inspire and spark great adventure and possibilities, but can on the other hand drain and vamp energy, draining valuable resources. With Mars/Neptune, with also Mercury entering Pisces in its fall, communications may falter or mislead.

This eclipse triggers strange moves in one’s alliances and allegiances, friends and family, sudden shifts of identity, how and who one communicates with, along with sudden suspension or sense of being cut out, or cutting out elements not fitting the puzzle of one’s true destiny and future. Important not to lie, betray, fall into non-virtuous ways these days because much karma is afoot! Fate and Destiny do a subtle dance here and one wrong move may bring much challenge or even trouble. The world news will be a scramble of facts and falsehoods right up to two week later full moon in Virgo March 1st, when many a finger tires of pointing blame and critique.

Work on self to change the world round you. Purify negatives, pacify stormy seas, honesty and honor to each and all. Act in virtue of Higher Self, seeking the divine in all. Try seeing through appearance, the mask, discerning the good, true, beautiful, the OM, in all that rises and falls.

Practically speaking, don’t take high risk or gamble at this time. Avoid taking for granted, projecting on others, getting carried away with yourself or others bombastic ‘too good to be true’ pie in the sky inflationary antics, if you want to avoid deflation and rough fall. Great time perhaps for the arts, music, little escapes into colorful imaginations beautifying. Nostalgic fantasy may obscure reality, yet good time to add color and magic to life.

Good time for new TAROT DECK from Mayflower Bookshop. Good time to divine the divine and be still to know. Many colorful dreams and imaginations at this time around new moon Feb.

Here one aspires to the highest good true beautiful or faces the consequences of feeling lost in the shuffle. Times are weirdly strange and frustrated by possible lack of truth or true direction. Perhaps times chaotic in some cosmic karma adjusting ways leading to spiritual preparation for the novel 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and a real attempt toward world peace and social justice, creativity and spiritual community arises anew. Mutable and Fixed Signs, planets, houses most affected.

Feb. 21st. Venus conjunct Neptune. Higher love, artistic feeling and perception, deeds of the heart, spiritual dreams and aspirations time; otherwise many a fool for nostalgia past and future cheat one of seeing clearly the present. Blame self cherishing and limited view; not others, for feelings of abandonment or loss. Again, improve self to improve world. Be still and know, meditate to sow the field of true futures. Some leap into what they love, others retreat for inner solace. Venus/Neptune time can bring high romance and beautifying experience. It can on the other hand invoke misleading pasts and projected imagined futures that displace present moment possible for good, true, beautiful, loving.

Feb 24th-25th Venus square Mars gives lots of sexual energy or sensuous attraction repulsion play dynamic to weekend. Danger of dog and cat squabble, fights; but great aspect for frolic and playful rapport. Let love lead the way and prevail over animal appetite. Beautify, don’t nullify. See the divine in other first, then cut the pie or divide the portions.

Feb.28th Mercury square Mars. This aspects gets lots done or gets lost talking and throwing energy in too many directions. Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius makes good if ideals and higher love compassion in the lead. Danger of too many words or a going overboard. Mercury calls for sensitivity to others needs. Need for two way conversation, not railroading or running over other.

March 1st-2nd Venus/Mercury trine Jupiter, Full Moon on 1st in Virgo the Virgin possibility or critical mass breaking or melting point.

Lots of love communications, networking, connectivity, feelings and mind coordinate unions, communions, future states, healing of past, hooking up to right vibe. Danger of over doing good thing or taking risk perhaps but over all good days to make positive things happen.

March 13th Venus square Saturn, Love the one you’re with, even if they don’t love you? Challenging times of love. Looking for lasting goodness and appreciation. Patience in the light of higher values. Need to Love everyone, you don’t have to like ‘em, just love ‘em unconditionally! Seek the infinite and art the finite. Learn to see the eternal in the passing moment, how the passing moment attunes to the more eternal. Love the little things. Find divine purpose. These are some ways to deal with Venus/Saturn vibes. For some, love comes late but with much wisdom and appreciation, for others love comes too early and fast with quick cooling off. Venus/Saturn can find truth, beauty, love, and wisdom that lasts through time touching eternity divine. Find that. Let go of the small stuff, look for the big sky behind every heart and mind soul. Otherwise, patience patience patience. Either we are the spiritual medicine doctor or the patient needing patience.

March 31 Big Full Moon after Equinox on March 20th portends of many an ending and new beginning, many an enchantment and many a cooling off or conclusion, completion perhaps. For some, a spanking new sparkling and turn of events. For some, a return to cool calm common sense reality.

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