February 2017

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Major Astrological Aspects and Geo Cosmic
Planetary Geometry for February 2017 ~~~ by robert of mayflower

Feb 1st Moon conjunct Uranus with Mercury square Jupiter makes for too much news, loose tongues, upsetting events, and outlandish or even outlaw type behaviour. Quarrels over what is right or wrong, true or false. More talk than action. Look for sudden separations, sudden new meetings. Some rise to the occasion with fresh insights and sunny disposition.

‘Truth is no stranger to aloneness, aloneness no stranger to awe, wonder, and the infinite possibility one’s heart gardens.’ ~robert of mayflower

Feb 5th and 6th reveals Gemini Sun Sign President Trump to have both challenging and positive good astrological aspects. Will he try to please both his voters and his right wing plutocrats and walk the line or middle way? Or will he throw jobs and infrastructure to his voters while making some rich quick and creating quick jobs? These days the blessings are in disguise and the disguise is really good. None-the-less, Feb 5-6th into eclipse on 10th reveals much on who is who and what is what. The big shift and tell all signs isn Solar Eclipse 26th. May love and truth prevail. May we never lose our free press and right to think and speak.

Feb. 6th Jupiter goes retrograde till June. Jupiter will oppose Mars Feb. 27th, between now and then Mars will square Pluto and Conjunct Uranus. For some new genius sunny disposition arises, for others it’s crazy antics and comedy tragedy. This month is high stress dangerous and needs much patience and wisdom to maneuver cautiously, wisely. Many relationships going sour, even in the White House (Melania’s Saturn/Pluto aspect is all hush or is it quiet retreat and patience?) Many people ‘back up’ or ‘reverse’ on previous decisions/plans made. A re-examination of who and what to invest one’s self, money, and time. Jupiter is retrograde till Full Moon in Sagittarius June 10 when a new all ahead go and sense of party or belonging emerges. Is society going backwards? Corporate Feudal State? Are we losing, or gaining our freedom? What does it mean to be a United States Citizen? A united state of consciousness with all life? One for all, all for one? How to balance one world with one’s own back yard? Truth, Love, Pursuit of Happiness, and Freedom is endangered, or re-examined? It may take till June for the collective social cultural whole to individually find peace and harmony with current world events. By June a sense of collective futurity with a better plan appealing to more of us appears. The Jupiter Pluto square in August along with a big Eclipse may make that time too a major crisis opportunity. Till then, take especial care. WATCH OUT for end of month when rough Mars/Pluto/Uranus aspects, indicating danger of escalation of violence, threat, major storms, accidents, hard shifts and changes. For some, sudden risings to power, for others loss.

Where there is love, there is no fear; fear is the absence of love. -rt

Feb. 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo at Saturn/Uranus midpoint is stormy (other areas break out the sun and champagne). Control freaking and erratic crazy behaviour collide. Need for golden mean and disciplined behaviour. Strong urges for freedom contest with long-term security needs . For some it’s loss of ego and material status, for others it’s a regaining lost wind and a renewed sense of direction. Strong energetic to break up or make up. Some find new octaves of pleasurable release and sunny skies. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10, right to Feb. 26th New Moon Solar Eclipse will really shake up what some thought was on track. Eclipses can ‘cut people off’ or ‘suddenly cut off situations or arrangements. People or things get cut out, eclipsed out’, sudden endings and/or new beginnings. Shifts in relations or things one identifies with. Lots of energy to do a thousand things this Friday and Saturday 10-11th. Take care not to just spin your wheels, mouth, and over done energy. Now the time to get lots done, make new friends, re-meet the gold. New Moon Eclipse Feb. 26 at 8 Pisces near Uranus/Pluto midpoint…then and in weeks after much complaint, revolt, protest, debate, and wish for new ways of working together rather than apart or against each other.

‘Truth is no democracy, but democracies are built on it.’ -rt

Feb. 11th Moon in Virgo, Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter. Avoid being over critical or perfectionist; or its opposite, lacking clarity and discernment. Lots of energy to play, socialize, gather, unravel secrets and mysteries of self and other. Great time to get out and do something, prove yourself free and social. Stay on positive side against the tide of negativity. Sun Jupiter for most is sunny disposition and positive spirit of adventure and joy.

‘Negativity is its own reward, so is love.’ -rt

Feb. 22 Mars square Pluto, Moon conjunct Pluto and also square Mars/Uranus/Jupiter. Ouch! this is warring aspect for sure, accidents and threat to life. For some it’s party hardy crazy. If you can pull it off, this is great day for intimacy, aloneness, cleaning, ridding self of dead weight or unneeded baggage, researching great books from Mayflower Bookshop. A very difficult day for many though who can’t get out of their head, feel trespassed or offended, over critical of others than working on improving self. This is a major violence aspect and is notorious for woundology psychology. Hurt people hurt others, Love begets love. Good time to move into future and not keep getting caught in webs of the past. For some a need to go inward working on self rather than others. You can change yourself, hard to change others. Some use force to press their will, desire, fear, or need. Some project guilt or shame in manipulative ways. Some mischievously crime. Still others go the higher way and let their truth love shine no matter what comes or goes!

‘Anger is the worse non-virtue, wisdom compassion.’ -rt

Feb. 25th Comet close to earth making for exciting energetic few days here, electrolytes get charged up and many in very up mood. For others, they finally land with sense of ground, or even crash. The ‘Neowise Comet’ made its Perihelion Jan. 12th last. Now closest to earth passing by giving us messages from both heaven and from the deeps. Watch your dreams for clues. Good time to meditate on the divine in each other, the Unity or Oneness permeating all, listen deeper for heart wisdoms to flower. Watch how others sparkle. New meetings and golden old rekindle the soul in new learnings now.

Genius is what makes us rise to the occasion overflowing in grace. -rt

Feb. 26th Solar Eclipse New Moon near Neptune in Pisces with Mars conjunct Uranus followed by Mars opposition Jupiter Feb 27th. Major friction or rebellion, riot or shake up. Some steal the show while others feel stolen from. Some wake from the dream with new insights while others feel in a fog of impotence and loss of direction. Some set new sail while others have lost the sail, rudder, and oars afloat. When used for the good, this aspect sparks highly creative endeavors, super heroic feats, and a strong sudden gust of gusto for the good, true, beautiful. Storms, nature occurrences, fights, violence, guns, crashes, craziness mar many an occasion. Take care not to trust all you see for next few weeks, Neptune is lies and deceit. On the other hand, at higher octave, Neptune is divine perception, inspiration and dreams come true. For most this will prove time of friction, loss, death or endings, draining, snow, wet, flooding and weird fog or weather. Overwhelming feelings or intuitive insights rock the heart’s clear sailing harmonies. Again, all the planets and aspects have higher and lower octaves of expression and each individual has certain freedoms to work either or into their individual and collective karma or evolutionary soul learning.

Love without learning is blind belief. -rt

Feb. 28th Moon conjunct Venus sets the day for peaceful, artistic, loving, joyful, play and workings. This is good day to love the divine in all things. Be the love you wish to see.

‘Change yourself to change the world, change your world to change yourself; meditate in your inner silence space, watch who watches and fathom the deep to break the spell of separate self, return to love’s truth to be yourself, to flower full bloom.’ ~robert of mayflower

March 1st into 2nd brings Sun conjunct Neptune followed Jupiter oppose Uranus. Lots of illusions and delusions suddenly become known, for others the fog still setting in. Danger of lies, deceit, illusions and delusions. Play it safe and practical. Neptune’s higher octave is the arts, music, escapism to spiritual deed and higher consciousness, transcendental consciousness. By end of March with Jupiter square Pluto, many have sense of strong shift, change, even emotional/psychological death and rebirth of social identity, one’s tribal or group ego or identify. And for sure, many a corporate huge move, take over, growth or bankruptcy. Economy and Markets, stocks, may get rattled and challenged end of March into first week of April. Dangerous time with investments possible then. Some make lots of money fast, others lose. Break-through or break-down. For some cloudy rainy or wet, snow; for others sunny break throughs and wild escapes of wonder. Sudden upsets, or sudden creative insights and workings.

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When the ground under your feet speak, and stars above for you weep, know the next step peeks where you are not looking in a holy silence deep enough to hold all in the fall and new rise for the occasion, change of season, and foreverness, oneness, wonder and joy. There is no go unless we prove it by our going. No God unless we prove it by the way we live. All dreams find meaning by awakening. Each of us is chariot, charioteer, rider, and star. Each is the inner master of their destiny, meaningfulness, realization and enlightenment.
-robert of mayflower

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