February 2014

“One day a woman I know came face to face with heroic beauty, that highest beauty which Blake says changes least from youth to age, a beauty which has been fading out of the arts, since that decadence we call progress set voluptuous beauty in its place.” -William Butler Yeats, from the Celtic Twilight 1893

  • Jan. 25th into early February influenced by Ceres (Asteroid) conjuncting Transformation Point (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto midpoint). Issues around mothering, breastfeeding. Who to let in or not. Who to feed/nourish or not; who to love or not. Who to mother. How to redeem lost parts, one’s lost youth. What is nourishment to body and soul, spirit? What is wholeness? We have sex education but do we have love education? Spiritual education of the Soul? And should the government mandate breastfeeding? See: L.A. Times. Also see: BBC News
  • Near the end of February, Vesta – the goddess of hearth, flame and critic of perfection or righting things – brings clearer focus on true goals. Vesta conjuncts Transformation Point (T.P.) (Jan. 25th into Mercury direct time on 28th). In the same time frame, and in first few days of March, Mars and N.Node near conjunct T.P. Mars triggered T.P. during Boston bombing. Volatile financial markets, as well as ups and downs in emotions. Check critical days below. Good or ill happenings can occur to force us to grow in new ways. Not always fun. So end of month into March is a critical time to take extra caution and care to get things right. For one thing, Congress needs to raise debt limit or U.S. may default on debt by end of month. Jupiter square Uranus at end of month portends breakthrough techniques and energetics that truly stir inner and outer growth, but not all will be happy. More vissisitudes in world markets then. Feb. 3rd Moon triggers the coming Jupiter/Uranus, which always spins surprise, shocks, and reversals. And then does it again the other way. Volatile inner and outer weather for sure.
  • The still lingering influence of Jupiter opposing Pluto energizes serious thought on search for a more harmonious system of world government and economy allowing for greater peace to family and friend. Until the Grand Cross in April – market & stock fluctuations, extremes in weather and human relationships, and the pressure and stress to grow in new ways persist at an extraordinary speed and pace. The universe and world is changing and we must change with it or show the world new ways of virtue and wonder from within ourselves. If there was ever a time to spiritually and creatively awaken to both our sense of self destiny and world fate, it is now! Hey, its time to read a good book from Mayflower’s Spiritual collection!
  • Critical and Eventful Days for the month (extremes in weather, emotions, markets) include (give or take a day) Feb. 3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th, 18/19th, 21, 25th/26th, and 28th into a few days of March. These are days to be more cautious of taking risks, yet also days where great changes and progressive motion can take place if you know what you are doing, wise and skilful. Markets and emotions may go to extremes here. All heading for climacteric of positive change when April’s Grand Cross occurs affecting primarily Cardinal Signs, planets and houses (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra). Many feel like it’s the ‘Carrot or Stick’ time. Go (grow) for the carrot, the ideal visualized; or be hit by the stick, the reality of life, and be forced to grow. Plato said “if you are willing to learn, anything could happen”. Keep learning about the world and self. Read a book! Rudolf Steiner, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Yogananda, Manly Hall – all good places to start learning how to awaken your own gifts and talents, genius and greater capacities.
  • Feb. 1st, Moon conjunct Uranus kick starts new cycle new moon energetics. Lots of new plans in the making along with a sense of the ever-changing and challenging world situations. Wild weather and storms, uptick on quakes and volcano activity may continue to challenge many. Hopefully, we are not in for mini year or two ice age like in latter 1800’s and in 1600’s. Hard to grow food. Speaking of which … price rises in food and fuel? Backyard gardeners and home-brewers listen up: Your time is coming. Moon/Uranus known for upsets and turn-a-rounds, surprise twists and new insights, earthquake/volcano emotions. Sudden shifts again in weather.
  • Feb 4th, Moon oppose Mars – avoid aggressive moves causing angry response. Otherwise, all ahead … go!
    Feb. 6th, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. Take care in starting new things, signing contracts or making aggreements. Good for being psychic and intuitive perhaps, but Mercury retrograde is notorious for making wrong decisions or being confused, misled, not clear about facts, details, or bottom line realities. Rethink, redo, retroactive, reactive, retract, remember, renew, review, rewrite, religion, recall, all the ‘re’s’ for sure. Good side is to re-think and make better. Mercury retrograde until Feb. 28th when direct. The next day March 1st, New Moon occurs while Mars goes retrograde (huge event here). Then Saturn retrogrades while Venus squares Mars on March 2nd. This last portends of need for strong decisions and actions that have lasting value and merit. The need to secure the future of one’s sense of self and dignity, job and vocation. Concerns over quality of relationship and current events. Mercury retrogrades from Pisces returning to sign of Aquarius the night of Feb. 12th. Many wake up from false dreams, others really start to manifest and realize their dreams.
  • Feb 11th, Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Sun square Saturn. My hope is we have a good solar flare and most happy realistic day. Most likely we will see more extremes in the weather worldwide, hot and cold, wet and dry. Fun for some, others are dying for change. Day of decisions, who is in and who is out, what to do and what to not.
    Full Moon Feb. 14th on St. Valentine’s Day. Full Moon Opposition of Sun/Moon T-Squares into Saturn, Sun trine Mars too. All ahead, Go! Great 3-day weekend to strike new chords in the song of your life, make good points and bonus points with friends and future dreams, drive your imagination closer to your dreams of realization. Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury on 15th with Mercury trine Mars in Libra on Sunday the 16th, brings intellectual realization, clarity, to world events and happenings. Increased awareness and mindful networking/connectivity good. Good weekend for conversing, travel, meeting up with others, making plans, stategizing, getting ideas across, connecting, communicating creatively and clearly with others. In many parts, good weather and mood.
  • Feb. 18th to 20th, into 21st Moon occultation of Saturn may bring rough weather and more, ironing out flaws in relationships. North Node slips into Libra from Scorpio, as Moon in Libra conjuncts node and Mars, giving strong urge to make relationships work or change, re-arrange. Relations (business, fun, or love) need work to further transform or change. Many new plans made this month may take till July to fully unfold and be seen to manifest. July is when Mars conjuncts the North Node after a long retrograde motion. Mars is Libra’s lesson in working with others, not running over others. Learning patience and Tao in the flow to make things grow and go forwards. Love as a two-way street rather than one way. Striving for a new relationship, higher attuned and harmonious. Those who can’t find resonance of working in harmony with others may cause much conflict feeding back on self.
  • Feb. 19th Mercury square Saturn, good for catching up with paper work. Otherwise obstruction or slow going, difficult travel next few days. Hard to get ideas across. Bad karma, or is it attempting to make lemonade out of lemons? (always hard to do in winter). Avoid taking things too personally, keep a balanced view, long-term loving view.
    Feb. 21st Moon occults or eclipses Saturn. Cold shoulder or cold weather?Serious view of self and world? Good for getting work done, keeping oneself in check, discipline, and on the quest.
  • Feb. 23rd Sun conjunct Neptune. No matter how nutty the weather, it’s celtic beautiful. Weather foggy or mystical or dreamy or futuristic; it’s a good day to dream, be creative, write, paint, sing, escape into spiritual reality.
  • Feb. 25th to March 6th is a critical turning point for many. Need to finally deal with reality, make proper long-term decisions, finish projects or let them go. Many turns of events giving inevitable consequences to future. Much politics behind and out front making strong road ways to what is up in November elections. Perhaps too, major events and happenings indicating more clearly the nature of the coming April Grand Cross. See my video of Dec. 10th 2013 talk at Om Cafe for more details. These times are important when it comes to keeping one’s spiritual practice and virtuous disciplines, diet, and good friendships, support systems. Although these aspects can in parts create havoc and more extremes in the weather, quakes or volcano; it can also suddenly become clear and pleasant as to what to do or not to do. This could be a time of breakthroughs and inspirations, early romps of Spring, especially the days around Feb 26th Jupiter/Uranus and Moon occultation of Venus?!
  • Feb. 26, Moon eclipses Venus and Jupiter squares Uranus. Breakthroughs or breakdowns. Suddenly feeling cut off, or suddenly turned on?! Electrical sunny vibrant cathartic day to boldly go where you never been before. Lots of luck for many, others make dumb mistakes and accidents. Sudden good fortune or loss. Strong shifts in weather and investments, markets. New insights and news, sudden shifts and revelations, new inventions and breakthroughs but quirky and not to be fully trusted with Mercury still retrograde. Leaks and bold statements or challenges. Sudden upsets, turn-a-rounds, sudden victories, or loss. Highly charged day, affecting few days around this time before/after, to make proper adjustments and creative changes to upgrade or update your style, goals, home.
  • Feb. 28th Mercury goes direct and Sun trines Jupiter. Many shifts of gears empowering future. Many sudden insights or news allowing one to upgrade view. Healing the past and letting go of obsessions or fixations or addictions or past woundology psychology is good move at this time. Clear the ground for more positive times to come.

-Robert of Mayflower
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