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from Robert of Mayflower

author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

Talks Fun Coming Up!

Dec. 4th Psychic Fun Night, Tarot and Astrology

How to Read Tarot Cards hands on, also use of astrology to predict tendencies.

Dec. 21st? Astrology for 2018, Sun Signs, politics, economics, good aspects and “bad”  or challenging rough times, more! Thoughts on 2020 and the Aquarian or spirit age. Esoteric insights into 12 Days Christmas, ancient intiation, Solstice, fallen angels, Santa and Sanat Kumara, ArcAngel Michael and more!

Both events at the Theosophical Society, Berkley Mi. on Woodward

Cost $20 donation.

In no age was it the case in such a high degree as it is to-day, that the countenances of men contradict what they themselves say and declare.       -Rudolf Steiner

Anger is the worse non-virtue, attachment is the glue keeps us stuck there.    -G. Rinpoche

“Life is a series of surprises.”  -Emerson

Astrology for December (some aspects influence time before and after exact date of aspect. One needs see how these aspects directly land in the individual chart to make more certain judgement of possible events).

Dec. 1st, Mars oppose Uranus. (Can influence some time to come and has built up to this catharsis for some time past)

Can be very creative freeing time, or is it mistakes, splits, accidents, hasty rash moves?

This is a crazy aspect often triggering violence, warring opposites, sudden anger or aggression. Such aspect can trigger accidents, fiery explosive happenings, over reactive tendencies, strong debate, feelings of being attacked and will to respond quickly and strongly. Positively this aspect is softened by Saturn trine to Uranus which brings a bit of wisdom and patience, long term view, into the dynamic. First week of December, Mars in sky square Pluto in USA SAGITTARIUS Rising Chart’s . International war threats and economic pressures, possibly stormy times passing here. Jupiter transit trine USA Sun at this time may also be protector aspect safeguarding good ol’USA. Still, could be strong gun debate due to further violence, as well as sexual and political/economic scandals in the turbulent air and severe extremes in weather. Cardinal Signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Libra most challenged to change or be changed, rise to higher octave and higher self or be pushed or impelled into change. A very cutting edge creative aspect and need for many to update, rise to the occasion, as well as avoid unneeded conflict.

We are all slaves of our own self image.  -Carl Jung

December 2nd, Jupiter trine Neptune. Spiritual Mystical Experience and Events. A very strong aspect for being swept off your feet, madly in love with something, naively projecting and flying into fantasy or highly idealistic situations. Future planning, travel, space/oceanic/or astral voyages, arrangements of the Spirit, extraordinary spiritual insights and experiences. Escape artist maneuvers and moves to legalize marijuana. Positioning oneself for better futures. For some displacement from present by hauntings of past and yet to be future possibilities. Although great aspect for love and the arts, music and the muse, need to keep practical ground as to not over do, abuse, burn out, or fall from the sky and crash. Strong sense of the supernatural and mystic, higher love and spiritual relation. Tendency to float out rather than manifest destiny or bring to earthen form the ideal. This aspect makes some lazy and playful, spending energies. For some this aspects sparks high degree of imaginative play and future planning.

“All talk and no action destroys one’s credibility and future. Continually blaming others and failing to work on self destroys family and community. Thinking unable to aspire to universal truth and love, universal truth and love unable to manifest, incarnate, in every day actions usurps, vampirizes, and bankrupts the spiritual soul, the Consciousness Soul.”  ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 3rd Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius oppose Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, and Mercury goes Retrograde. Shifting information and markets, weather, may go to extremes; emotions too. For some breakthroughs, for others breakdowns. Deep sense of intimacy, or lack of such despoils time.

Seriousness is a disease. -Osho

“In ancient times, if you were too serious or not serious enough, if you joked around too much or lacked a sense of humor, you were thrown out of the Mystery Schools of Spiritual knowledge and unfoldment. This should be done now in both political and higher learning echelons and office.”   ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 6 Mercury conjunct Saturn. Cold winds and harsh news make some come quick to reality, down to earth. Wisdom that comes through time is active here too for those patient and in for the long ride.

‘Jealousy is liking someone for who you want them to be, not who they are. Anger/hatred takes away another’s freedom, forces another, and usually quite impotent about bringing about real lasting change.  Woundology Psychology too is a problem in this modern world lacking ancient Greek Tragedy and Shakespearean wit and insight, learning. Some perpetuate wounds, others healing, still others their enlightenment eternal growth of consciousness, being and becoming. Without insights into Reincarnation and Karma, all suffering is limited in what can be learned and grown forth from. To address this last, Buddha’s first Noble Truth was concerned with ‘Right Suffering’, suffering we learn from, grow from, become free from. This is a modern day dilemma to put suffering in the right perspective ….. to arouse both Compassion for the struggle of the Soul seeking wholeness, and also arousal of a Will to stay in spiritual virtue mind training till the day comes when we can do something about it, we can fix or heal the suffering.’   -robert of mayflower

Dec. 9th Mars enters Scorpio. One starts to see in coming times what exactly one wants and what one doesn’t want in their life. Desire and fear may mar clear vision of future and ‘way to go’. Growing sense of will, direction, what to cut out, what to keep. Need to purify and renew ,  or feelings of degeneracy and lack. Personal desires mar the moment, or deeper wisdom enlightens. Secret manipulations or wise decisions?

Genius quickens, dullness weakens. Wisdom cuts through, ignorance cuts you and/or another out. Draw a circle includes all, divide the whole and face a fall.    

~Robert of Mayflower “On the ‘cutting edge of grace’ Poetics”

Dec. 10th Mercury trine Uranus gives quick wit, accurate reporting, insights and entertaining conversations. Venus square Neptune makes for nostalgic and imaginative love and wanderings, journeys, music, drama, colorful nature experience. Stay practical in love but yes, use your imagination!

Be awake; see the thinking in all things, even space. -rt

Dec. 12 Sun conjunct Mercury brings a very alert to everything day. Smarts increase but so does going overboard with talk, think, and a thousand insights and wisdoms.

Haste makes waste, anger hate; patience is divine, awaiting in grace all of time.   ~robert of mayflower

Are you driving, or is it driving you? There is a big difference.

-Gelek Rinpoche, from my memory.

Dec. 13th Moon conjunct Mars, Gemini’s meteor showers. Strong and passionate urge to assert oneself, be over pronounced, strong talk, mood to act and talk later too, strong sex weak mind aspect; but also sense of need to stay grounded and serious about what the future holds for us, is thrown at us, and yet to be adventured.

Dec. 14 Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio gives impulse to expand, attempt to satisfy desires, need for fun, avoid over doing. Secret maneuver could back fire, but also may work. Stay true to the high and noble path, avoid risk or non virtuous activity.

“A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. For every friend whom he loses for truth, he gains a better. I thought as I walked in the woods and mused on my friends, why should I play with them this game of idolatry?   -Emerson

Dec. 15 Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Sagittarius. Deeper thinking about matters of love. For some a wait and see attitude, for others a lets take a break and rethink. Tendency to explode with ideas and insights. Need for disciplined approach to what one really truly desires and wants. Mind and heart meet in new ways or quarrel and disagree in new ways. You can’t make one love you. You can make yourself more lovable.

Dec. 16 Sun trine Uranus voyages into new territory and adventure. Need to feel free. Opening up to new ideas and ways of working, playing, going.

Dec. 17 Moon conjunct Mercury and Venus triggers love adventures or plans of such. Feelings and ideas, thinking, unite.

Live soul that the center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere.   ~old wisdom

Dec. 18 New Moon on Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Ponder your whole life, the one before and after, listen deeper still to right is right here now disappearing into greater sense of things. Destiny is making an appearance but so are distractions from higher self true aims.

Love matters, yet we give it away. Money Spirits and we try to save. Self is in each matter, each moment, yet not of it. Spirit Self is everywhere ,  but here not most matters. Perhaps Beatles ‘here, there, everywhere’ is best, all three at once, and once removed stillness to boot!   ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 19th Saturn enters Capricorn for 2 and half years

Dec. 20 Venus trine Uranus , Musical Chairs or Last Dance Marianne, give you one more chance.

“We sell the thrones of angels for a short and turbulent pleasure.”


Dec. 20th, Venus trine Uranus. Tendency to escape hardships or world craziness, control freaks and cold weather and situations by escapades or adventures in higher love and intelligence. For some its fiddling around and dancing while Rome burns, for others its get down and celebrate  before   we can’t. None-the-less, great time to reach for the stars and invoke one’s Higher Self to ascend to ever greater heights and depths of spiritual realization, virtue minded interactions, love and truth.

Possible aspect for divine meetings, love connections, sudden stepping up of the creative urge.

Dec. 21 Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice, Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Long term views getting more real. Serious sense of what work needs to be done, rid of, completed, or forgotten. Tendency to feel the world is contracting and control freaks of power run every thing. On the other hand, many a person and place coming into a wisdom and love only time can warrant with a life time guarantee. Hard core realities and limitation, boundaries and inquiry, what can happen and what cannot, appear now in coming times. Could be a bit of a cold spell here. Now for real we find out who’s house doesn’t get blown down by the big bad wolf of addiction, power, falsehoods, and little thinking. Much Wisdom starts to arrive as we head for 2020-23 when many interesting planets enter Aquarius and force big Truth upon many a soul. Spirit matters, and some matters now begin to return to Spirit. Some experience feeling alone, others experience Christ or Higher sense of Universal Self. Some enjoy the quiet or aloneness, or at-one-ment. Some feel forlorn and need to renew quest for spiritual truths, wisdoms, and new love.

In real spiritual growth and knowledge wisdom there is no fallback.   -robert of mayflower

Dec. 22 Mercury goes Direct from Retrograde gives a sense of forward motion next few weeks. Think ideally ,  act practically.

Dec. 25th Venus enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn.

Good time to be thankful for what one has, practical and long term. Venus Cap/Saturn can be strong bottom line on what works and has lasting power. For some it’s feeling left out in the cold, lack of love, respect, appreciation. Loss of love, sadness. What works works, false dreams may here fade, melt, or freeze some part in the unconscious frozen part of self, feeling like one is in the  basement of life. For yet others, the Christ experience, the birth of universal love in the heart soul.

Real Magic begins with a sense of selflessness, willingness to divine the divine, willingness to learn what the universe asks. Real  love begins with the same.    -robert of mayflower

Dec. 28th Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (water signs over imagining or planning escape to heavenly abode/). Many wonderful feelings overspill the moment or days before and after. Hard to tell what is real or what will last. For some, ideals become realized. For others, dreams dream one out into waiting game and lost opportunities. Here an opportunity taken is an opportunity missed. Pick well and fly!

There is no God unless you prove it by the way you live.

    -robert of mayflower

Jan. 1, 2018 Full Moon in Capricorn. Appreciation of things of lasting value. View of long term goals positions the next step. A feeling thinks and things have gone as far as they can go, at the breaking point or turning point of the year, life. Right sense of work and play, boundaries and artistic structure, or lack of all this.

Jan. 2nd Uranus goes direct from retrograde. Changes now go forward, not backward. A will to proceed no matter vibes the place out. Perhaps. But also sense of need to go forward so to find true ground. Need to avoid rash actions bringing about undesired reactions and consequences. Need to find sure ground, reliability in work and play. Need to complete projects ,  not just find oneself always starting something new that doesn’t work out or complete. For some a sense of strong forward motion.

Jan. 14 Sun square Uranus, Electrical, shocking, awakening, sudden shift, new news, revelations, rumbles and shake ups in parts, death and rebirth. Such aspect influences us right into the New Moon, and for two weeks to come. Urge to come back to oneself or one’s earthy practical inner self day to day. New light on creative change. Inventive creative innovative.

Jan. 16 New Moon with moon square uranus. Desire to change many things in one’s life this next few weeks. Some do it by free choice, others by necessity, need, want, force. Sudden jolt or spurts of energy or event.

Jan. 31 Full Moon Eclipse in Leo. Sense of heart’s desire or need to shine.  Gatherings of high minded hearts and minds is in order days before and after, around this time. Avoid egotistic actions/words that divide or cause conflict. Possibly good time to put best foot forward and shine on.

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The discovery of Self, I AM, is a journey into the future, an adventure and discovery  of our relationship to all the world. Anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, and other psycho drama is but fireworks, compost material, and lost opportunities to heal, grow, mature, and come to fruition co-creative with ennobling virtues.

     —robert of mayflower

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