December 2016

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A chief event of life is the day in which
we have encountered a mind
that startled us. -Emerson
Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrology Predictions 2017 talk

Sun Signs, major timing,events, news making.
Dec. 8th, 7 to 9 pm, Birmingham Community House, $29
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Dec. 29th Talk at Theosophical Society 7 to 9.
“Finding Luck and Good Fortune,
the spiritual and esoteric meaning of our times,
2017, planetary astro timing;
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Here is December Forecast, the Main Events ~~

To laugh often and much … this is to have succeeded.

Dec. 1st Mars trine Jupiter gives lots of energy to run in circles. or to run all around and get a thousand things done all at once. Some spin their wheels with too much talk and not enough real action. Good time none the less. Make right use of time these days on; right purchases, right talk and relations, make extra points with loved ones, bosses, and ex by being pure of heart and spirit true.

Predicting Donald Trump’s victory is one thing, now what?!!
Come to the december 8th Astro Predictions talk for more.
President Elect Donald Trump has lots of good and somewhat challenging aspects. Starting about Dec. 9th or 10th a number of astrological aspects occur where Mr.Trump will have to action quick and smart one moment, and patiently slow the next. Until after inauguration is may be bumpy ride. Come Jan 25th or so, Jupiter in sky makes harmonious trine to Donald’s Sun Sign. this aspect makes for the masses of citizens liking him, popularity and such. From somewhere around 9th december though, there is many a tough aspect. Saturn oppose his Sun in Gemini, and that is after Saturn conjuncts his Moon in Sagittarius. Trouble concerning the home, a woman wife or daughter, temporary health concerns, obstruction? Saturn is also hard work, being very serious, thoughtful, patient, long term minded. Saturn can make one presidential, but it can also weigh one down with too much on one’s plate. Need to take it slow and easy, maybe take 4 years to get it right, but immediate right actions too. Dec. 7th Jupiter trine Uranus has sparkle of successful actions in it. With full moon dec 13 Mr. Trump will have to take care of not over doing, too blunt of speech causing strong reactions, feisty aspects; Sun trine Jupiter, but also Mars oppose Mars transits. Having said this, Presidential Elect Donald Trump has a number of good aspects later in January coming making me think he’d be smart and wise to aim there.

Dec. 10th Sun conjunct Saturn; Might get real cold, or is it some get the cold shoulder as past karma comes to haunt some. Strong nature forces, strong elemental forces at play. Let the light of wisdom guide you to digest the past and set the present mind and actions, heart, a stage for better futures. Cold walls block growth but patience furthers one’s aim. Extremes in the weather, slow growth in days to come, winter slowly setting in in northern climes, some very cold places, slow to emerge needed changes. Some world spots hot as hell, wrangling and warring. Light of the inner Sun (Archangel Michael) may now gives insight into troubling times. Meditation, yoga, simple diet and dress furthers, avoid glam or spam, overdoing. Some need more rest or exercise. Moderation and golden mean future. Patience and persistence called for.

“Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company”
~ Mark Twain

Dec. 11th Mercury at greatest elongation making for wild outrageous of the wall actions or statements by both higher and lower presiding spirits of change. Genius and animal fear/desire thoughts at odds. Mavericks good and bad tend to tip the tables in uniquely strange ways. Odd nature forces and storms make shake. Strange weather and affairs.

Why be immortal if you can’t make good use
of the next 3 to 7 minutes….? -rt

Dec. 12th Sun trine Uranus, Breakthroughs of genius for some, others need to make changes in self to further outer and inner progress. Go where the higher light takes you, share your ideas and let go. This should be major shopping day, breakthrough day, progress both inwardly and outwardly.

Dec. 13th Full Moon at 22 Gemini 7:05 est. Lots of talking, sharing, doings, touching, kissing, hugging. Lots of winter elves and elementals afoot. Take care to smell the ever green and slow down for some good MU Tea, or herbal. Time to take a breathe deep before speaking or acting. Second thought; don’t act, be yourself. Take another deep breath and let your heart be participant, aware, awake, wanting to root and flower in wisdom love ..…to speak without speaking the heart’s wonder and surprise, presence, is to live be alive. Experiment with partner, no words….just feelings, facial expressions, touch, inwardness receiving. Try it with the world, the sky and tree roots, listening only. Otherwise much noise talk gesture, little real that lasts. Some moments of genius emerge around full moon if you can catch it.

A star doesn’t need an umbrella, nor do worms more than the rarest light; only the free know the 3 worlds; ‘I Am No Thing’, ‘Every Thing’, and ‘the Mind for it All’. See you there, robert of mayflower

Dec. 19th Mars enters Pisces, Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde till jan. 8th when it goes direct from Sagittarius. The rough aggressive masculine may fail here. Some oversensitive, melting for nothing, wishing every one makes it when no one does. Or so it seems. One can’t give what they don’t have. If you are willing to learn, anything can happen; Plato said that. Dreams and ideals abound , many crash and burn, others dream into better futures. positive actions without attachment to result helps. Some things need a step back to reconsider best way to go for long term success and to reach goals sooner than later. Mars in Pisces makes some over aggressive to prove something strangely connected to past karma and projections of future. Here some women can be very aggressive and some men go passive weak. Mars in Pisces can at times reverse roles too. Boss becomes helper etc. Some rush to fake futures undeliverable. Some go lame , or way over sensitive, hiding, escaping, from responsibilities or truly taking care of self/others. Need to protect self from other’s ignorance, delusion, and outright selfish stupidity. Positively, its another chance to give love and peace a chance. Many get sentimental, others foolishly aggressive, some get it just right, the middle way holding the tension of opposites to birth new connections and positive spirit, happy happenings. Mishaps can happen from extremes in behaviour taking over or too sleepy a view.

“Plato defined good as threefold in character: good in the soul, expressed through the virtues; good in the body, expressed through the symmetry and endurance of the parts; and good in the external world, expressed through social position and companionship.” -Manly Hall (books at Mayflower)

Dec. 21st, Winter Solstice at 5:45 am. These days here good time to pray, meditate, and keep inwardly alert for insights into higher self and year to come. Most sacred inward times now and on through to new year on to Jan. 6th. Keep mindful of truth and love universal, be still and know, look for the midnight sun to shine from your deepest heart. We don’t have to like everyone, its a spiritual door to greater happiness to love everyone, ie. the divine in each and all.

Dec. 22nd through to Jan. 1st it gets crazy good, crazy wild, and crazy go nuts. Do whatever possible to be creative, give yourself to the highest virtues, breathe deep to silent earth within the heart, and then let go and let God (so to speak) Try letting others win, be awake to what the deeper heart in each of us is trying to say, do, feel. Magic is selfless stillness mirroring the world in each one. Lots of love in the air december 22nd on through the new year. Christmas Venus (love) trines Jupiter (the greater community, family, friends).

“A man is a god in ruins. When men are innocent,
life shall be longer, and shall pass
into the immortal, as gently
as we awake from dreams.”

Dec. 24th Saturn trine Uranus, Holding to the truth and what you know as long term love while giving the freedom you yourself want. This is key with this aspect. Maintaining vision and what you know is right, yet open to learn, then letting go and letting higher love take it. In spite of outer craziness keep to the good, true, beautiful. What is sane thing to do may keep you secure but compassion to what others deem sane makes one newly learning, growing. Keep to the virtue true tried, don’t let others throw you off course; follow your star to the inner heart’s rebirth and renewal. Let others have their say, watch and learn to see what holds us all, what higher star each follows.

Dec. 25th Venus trine Jupiter, Good time to make amends, keep the best and let go of the rest; love others as you love yourself. Today a magic mirror appears in which you can see higher self in self and others. Easy here to let go of self in sharing. Need to grow? Let go! Inwardly listen to the spirit of the sun, a spark in each heart. Also at this time, Mercury is at Perihelion making for very strong assertive thinking, world events that force one to think in new and certain ways about present to future realities, death, taxes, what taxes us, and possible future growth and good fortunes. Good time to be brilliant, new ideas to help self and others emerge. Bad time to force your case (politics and opinions) on others. Avoid acting above others. Bad time forcing anything on others dec. 22nd through new year. Weird world events, personal events, or nature phenomena, drive the message home, or perhaps forewarn; Now into full moon january 12th which conjuncts Mr.Trump’s Saturn/Venus. Concerns about home and world. Opportunity for new wisdom, higher wisdom, to emerge.

We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.-Emerson

Dec. 26th Jupiter opp Uranus, Look for many a reversal of opinion or decision in politics, money, love, home, relations. Jupiter is luck and uranus is change; Change in Luck, lucky or unlucky in change. Perhaps its just returns, happy returns and new sales and views. My friend Ray Merriman says ‘Expect the Unexpected”. Planets have higher and lower octaves, learn to choose consciously the higher octave. Let others help you if they can, learn to flow and grow in the changing tides and times we are in. Sudden shifts of consciousness opens new doors of opportunity. Sudden jolts shock us into growing, changing, rearranging our minds and hearts to accept greater truths, love holding us all. Resonate to what is above! For some its easy, for others its wake up or crash, learn to love your self, let external worries go; otherwise fix em. Here there is an attempt to go to the next higher level in the game of life, take care not to hasty act and slip back a notch. No shame or blame though, only learning and growing. Know thyself to know the world, know the world to know your self. Quakes or weird storms in world may take place, shocks to wake and shake up awareness, urge to be free and to free. Sudden breakthroughs or breakdowns, new discoveries, sudden meetings or separations. Avoid rash action or talk that causes separation. Sudden realizations. All these are possibilities with this aspect of surprise, discovery, new revelation, and sudden twists to the story.

Minds and Hearts create rivers a thousand years from now; may today’s love and truth follow curves around every heart.
~robert of mayflower

Dec. 28th Sun conjunct Mercury, Earth shaking news waking one up to how everything is impermanent? Suddenly dawning awareness of bigger picture? Need to let go of clinging and hoping for miracles? Or is it realization that we are the miracle when we show up and root our highest and deepest true self. Whatever, we now all seem to get smarter and wake up to who is who and what is what. Good time to make new roads, new directions, new decisions, either now or after a good night’s sleep.

Dec. 29th Robert of Mayflower Talk
at Theosophical Society~~~
‘Finding Good Luck in the Planets 2017’, or
‘How to be Spiritual in spite of it All’; Esoterics and more, how to think, live, be still and know.
7 to 9 pm. For more info call (248) 547-8227.

Dec. 29th Uranus goes direct, New need to change something, unburden oneself, grow in new ways. Possible sudden jolt of new awakening. A wanting of positive change, a willingness to make changes in self to change world round. New Moon 7 degrees Capricorn gives impulse and emphasis to grow in ways new yet a want of long term sure rooted success, base, security. New knowledge comes this coming month able and capable of helping self and others to grow, root, land. New experiences coming to open one’s soul to other souls. Learning anew to know direct how to work into futures better. Uranus retrograde going direct near square to Pluto makes for past week of tension and protest, critique and restlessness, even fighting, for freedom and roots. Lots of noise, protest, arguments, debate, bad chit happenings; possible breakthroughs……, otherwise breakdowns. Genius insights can arise with Uranus going direct and new moon, New view on exactly what future will or will not bring or hold. Now important to free oneself from negativity, trying to see big picture of whole life time, even many lifetimes; so to not get fixated on just events now. Important to get bigger picture, historical picture. Yet, yes, now very important. Now time to transform experience into the enlightenment of good luck,good fortune, happiness and joy…..; for some it is misfortune, more negative karma, thrown off course or being held back. Possible sudden brain storms or emotional upset, protest against outer situations or breakthroughs with more lasting results. Times of stormy weather or emotions, quake or volcano, sudden shifts, craziness and chaotic upsets.

Truth is no democracy, love no dictator.
~Trebore Tau Bodhi

New Year’s Eve into Jan. 1st astro events. Right after New Years Eve midnight Mars conjuncts Neptune giving big wings to fly, some crash and melt wings. Dangerously intoxicating time. Do not drink and drive, take care not to over do. Avoid misuse of meds, drugs, alcohol. Mars/Neptune makes for some losing consciousness, tough travel, troubles with authorities, accidents and even death. On the other hand it is a major party aspect and its right on new years eve. Travel troubles in the air so travel safely slowly surely. Don’t take risks, don’t gamble. Love and seek higher truth, relations, have fun. Take care you don’t get lost, break down in the middle of nowhere, toxify your self with wrong foods and drink, forget your guitar chord or strings, or just waste your time getting wasted. Mars/Neptune is active imagination. But it also makes many promises that can’t be kept. At higher levels its spiritual zest and soul mating, spiritual soul excursions, participation mystique, exotic travels and journey, spiritual meetings, divine revelations and dreams. Its magic feelings, experiencing the universal, truth and love, a higher mindedness for far away worlds here now, experiencing the oneness permeating all. The danger is loss of self and serious mistakes, feeling sick or lied to. So tell the truth, keep it simple, love unconditionally and universally.

“We can only escape from the world by outgrowing the world. Death may take man out of the world but only wisdom can take the world out of the man. As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances. When however, worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity he is free, even though he still dwells physically among worldly things.”
― Manly P. Hall

Jan. 3rd Moon occults Mars, danger violence, accident, warring elements, or of ill effects due to wrong lifestyle and foods. Anger, negative emotions, need be kept in check. Sense of over sensitivity or lack of sensitivity causing problems. Positively, it is action heroes, justice, law and order, an inner courage to experience truth, a loving sense of sharing. Negatively its an aspect of anger, rough talk, control freaking and violence.

Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.

Jan. 8th Sun conjunct Pluto brings a sense and need to purify, develop compassion for all who suffer, need to bring new light on continuing problems and troubles.

“Being Human and not achieving an education for the spiritually minded awakened Soul, awakening universal genius in mind heart; is like being an angel without wings.”
~robert of mayflower

~Robert Thibodeau
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