December 2015

“Truth is what holds us still to listen to stars, to truth, go God and our true self. Love is what moves us to become like gods in the becoming, virtues flowering from heart and mind. Yet greater virtuous deeds further come from a sense of divine proportion, Divine Presence within, divining a spiritual awareness and vocabulary for the architectonic of the World Soul sparkling and shining from each individual soul. An open heart for learning insures us of this ever better future, spiritual family and community, destiny and co-creative joy, wit. Happy Times to you!”
-robert of mayflower

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Dec. 1st Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Truths get told but many may be not listening. Good day to attempt to see clearly the road ahead. The coming days will test or verify who has a good head on their shoulders. Britain is deciding to start bombing Syria and get involved in the War, while the United States said its deploying special operations to Iraq. Are we going to war or already in one? As we get to Dec. 5th to 10th, much wisdom insight will be needed to awaken a new impulse for peace and love in the world.
Dec. 4th Mercury square Jupiter makes for busy busy too busy, too much talk, news, too much goings on. Way too much talk, arrogance or boasting causing critical reactions. Exaggeration or inflation of self or possibilities, beware of scams or over the top promises. Time of impossible possibilities, true; but times are dangerous for peace of mind and sure roads ahead. On the other hand, this is good aspect for getting many things done quick, accomplished; if one’s mind is centered, disciplined, and focused. Venus enters Scorpio night of 4th making for intensification of feelings, lusty imagination and electro magnetism, secret rendezvous, deepening of inner feelings, a desire for something or someone.. Dec.30th Venus enters Sagittarius giving more idealistic platonic notions to romance, and a surer road ahead.
Dec. 5th to Dec 10th Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, Mars also opposing Uranus in Aries. Although this can be a persuasively engaging powerful aspect in relationships, business, and personal affairs; its can also be very violent, suicidal, warring brutal crazy chaotic aspect for anger and serious manic depressive mood swings. Punk criminals get caught and brought to justice, but others don’t. Also aspect for Authoritative moves to make world peace, harmony, justice, or reconciliation. Such aspect tends though to be unforgiving. As Ben Franklin said, another astrologer, ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed’. The idea is one can prepare and even change the future. Astrology is like a weather forecast, sometimes right, so one can be prepared. Such an aspect can escalate emotions, accidents, and violence if one is not careful. Anger freaks will be freaking. The Charlie Sheen’s of the world are starting to take off their masks. Many people will suddenly feel transparent or exposed, or in danger. This energy is at its height till the 11th december, but is in the air also near middle of the month into Christmas. On the opposite pole, this is an aspect too for bravery in the face of danger or winning with odds against you. Not a good time though to gamble or take unnecessary chances. Hopefully no more shoot outs and crazy violent gun people causing harm and chaos. No more Paris violations and such terrorist episodes. Possible extremes of violence in parts of world for sure though. Danger of stealth acts of crime. Perils of the soul and emotions. Good time to reconsider oneself in light of spiritual science and virtue mind training. Did i say the words; Steiner, Blavatsky, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Manly Hall, or my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’? Yoga, Meditation, spiritual retreat and study good at this time. Good time to rid oneself of unneeded never used clothes and other items. Good time to help those less fortunate then oneself;Yes! Dec. 5th evening Moon conjuncts Mars perhaps triggering events in days to come Dec. 6th to 10th. Here Mars/Pluto can be brute force, attempts to over power, good guy vs bad guy scenario. Also danger of ecological troubles, toxic, cruelty and destructive tendencies. The positive side of this aspect is working on oneself to change world around one, taking responsibility for one’s inner awakening and spiritual growth. A need for inner discipline and personal sacrifice for the attainment of higher goals is here called for. A need for higher virtuous aspirations, aims. Its an aspect where one may feel the need to become better attuned to one’s higher calling or inner guides. Others feel the need for counselor. Psychodrama, inflated emotions and egotism, a ‘shoot em up’ mentality will further escalate both suffering and troubles. This is an aspect where we all need good police officers and military to protect and make safe.. Important now to invoke patience, compassion, thankfulness, selfless learning, and spiritual insight. Avoid impulsive unconscious acts, anger, or comparing self with others. Good aspect for cleaning and making positive changes in one’s life rather than being put through changes by outer circumstances, events, others. This is a war like aspect; but with equanimity and compassionate insight, one can bring about sure results, breakthrough realizations, resolution of problems quickly, rather than escalating and furthering troubles. Possible breakdowns in system. Difficult weather and dangerous travel often accompany such aspects. Extra care must be taken to not stir up unneeded troubles. Hopefully leaders can find new ways to deal with pollution. The Beijing smog is so toxic and blurring that many see it as a sign of the Apocalypse. Might be good to read Rudolf Steiner’s take on such in his Apocalypse lectures available in book form at Mayflower Bookshop. During this time Mars conjuncts Vladimir Putin’s Sun at 13 Libra which Pluto has been squaring for last few years making dangerous volatile feisty aggressive type aspect effective for some 3 weeks. Mars in sky heading for square to Mr. Putin’s Uranus too. Much caution and patience will be needed to keep him from over reacting or from being too assertive aggressive. Same with many others in this world, this will prove to be difficult time to make positive. Many people during this time experience unconscious reactions to what they see as personal physical and psychic threats. Difficult time here for sure. In the USA July 4th 1776 chart with 8 Sagittarius rising, Saturn in sky at this time conjunct USA ascending rising sign and Pluto in sky is squaring the USA’s natal Saturn in December making for what?! Temporary fall in Stock Markets? Volatile vicissitudes, ups and downs, with both markets and emotions, storms, weather, gold and economy? Depression, down grading, severity, bad things happening, or just many finally getting back to reality and need for good work? I hope! Late December into January should lift us up out of the chill. But will it really take till 2020 and the next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to get smart and wise enough to bring about a real world economy and world peace? Till Feb. 2016, and especially coming up here in December, extremes in the weather; some places heavier than normal winter, other places strangely warm up. Severe cold weather in many parts? Or is it severe cold war politics getting us in hot water? Is there slow but sure progress with world peace and divine economy, or is there severe suffering and martyrdom for those stuck in warring lands. Danger from those obsessed with negative projections. Sense of suffering or depression can be circumvented by disciplined work ethic, perseverance, persistence, patience, and consistent eye on the goal; as well as spiritual learning, meditation, yoga, healthy diet, spiritually minded friends, prayer. Pluto/Saturn aspects in USA Chart can be a compassion crisis, or lack of love, truth, compassion. It can be need to do personal inventory and pull out old foundations at fault, in attempt to lay new foundations of wisdom/compassion/universal religion and truth. One is reminded of H.P.Blavatsky’s motto for the Theosophical Society, ‘There is no religion higher than Truth’. Troubles in the world, or severe world outlook, jeopardize happiness and progress, forward motion. Anger, hatred and strife, is a real problem here. Anger is often impotent projections on others helping no one to grow, distracting the person who is angry from their own real work. Anger thus is the lazy man’s projection, making it impossible for working on self, selfless learning and growth. Anger is a confession that one lacks wisdom to change the situation and is avoiding work on self, thus projecting that others are the cause. Ok, sometimes they are and one needs a good justice system, but still; our higher self sets everything up so we can learn to grow beyond ourselves into greater capacities and virtue, into our own Christ Self, Buddha Nature, Hermes higher self, activated to greater love, greater community,freedom and ‘enlightenment’. Its not all bad in the stars, we do have good aspects too!!! Jupiter conjoining USA natal Neptune can be divine intervention and miraculous occurrence for the good, true beautiful. On the down side it can be foolish idealism unrealistic and lost in space fatality, fatal to future progress. It can be also a rude awakening, a being slapped in the face with reality while we were false dreaming of false heavens, hell is unleashed. Its distracting entertainment from serious problems confronting both humanity and the free individual. It is a need for renewal of the art of being human. A rediscovery of the art of living true to self. Mars conjunct the USA Saturn, and Saturn conjunct the USA Rising Sign will keep us real for sure with what is up. This aspect is a cold slap of reality. Many true facts will emerge giving us all a more realistic picture of what is happening in the world. Some say, ‘watch the money and you can figure out lots more than the news offers’, but watch the heart and you will truly see into the future and how each of us may creatively fulfill our higher destiny. With Neptune square USA Ascendent and Saturn conjunct it, look for extremes in weather and behaviour. In some places and moments severe cold and stormy, next weird warming. Sudden reality wakes many from sleep or false dreaming. It could be really good if the highest spiritual possibility meets the most practical earthy manifestation. Pray for that. For many though, the ideal suffers the reality, and reality suffers to reach higher ideals and ‘dreams come true’. If you got real spirit sparkle, it will continue to shine; feed it with love, truth, good food! With Jupiter on USA midheaven there is hope for happy endings and new beginnings in many a place, space, and time. President Obama as Commander in Chief has Jupiter in the sky conjunct his natal Mars making him positive spirit and lucky good in dealing with any problems that come. There is always too much in this world to find a true focus, so the astute, or Sherlock Holmes astrologer, has to use keen judgement as well as deep intuitions in finding what matters and what spirits us to greater glories, grace, and victories overcoming negatives into positives. In looking at the Astrology of France, the storming of the Bastille chart, the French Revolution chart of July 14th, 1789, Uranus conjuncts France’s natal Moon at 14 Aries while Mars opposes it. Darn, this is a most difficult aspect depicting more violence and explosive situations.Lets hope its invoking the higher octave of values and virtues, intelligence and freedom, higher knowledge, wisdom and compassion with a prevailing strength to overcome negatives. Neptune is Pisces square France’s natal Mars at 8 Gemini can be healing, but it can also be fear and unconscious projection. It can confuse and put a fog on the situation, as well as indicating toxic or poisonous situation. Definitely a need to protect the water and air, as well as the ‘truth barometer’ of affairs. Very difficult to understand what is going on there without a truth compass and desire to make peace not war. Young people exploding mostly young people so far. A definite need to re-imagine peace and love, truth and compassionate joy there, here, everywhere.; It seems to me that countries need to only let in those who are sympathetic to that countries life style, beliefs, history, wishes, traditions and laws. Don’t let people in who hate your country. That is simple. Its one thing to converse or even debate, its another thing to take the law into one’s own tyrant hands. Work within the system to improve and make better, not to over throw. The United States is an experiment for freedom, truth and love. If you come here, join that! Ok, i am ranting a bit, these daze everyone does. No excuse, just playfully creatively sharing and engaging your mind to think and ponder a bit more. When all else fails, meditate in silence, calling upon the Higher Worlds, then listen deep with all your heart for higher love and truth to speak from the holy stillness within. For further meditation techniques see How to Know the Higher Worlds by Steiner, Book of Secrets by Osho, The Three Principles of the Path or Odyssey to Freedom by Gelek Rinpoche, The secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Hall, and The Voice of the Silence and Key to Theosophy by Blavatsky (all available at any good bookstore, or Mayflower Bookshop). We just got through Saturn square Neptune late November and such aspect hits two more times in June and Sept. ’16. This aspect reveals the attempt to have law and order at the same time as co-creative peace, individual freedom. You can see from the following list other famous people who struggled with this aspect to find a balance between security and freedom of expression. Its easy to get lost in chaotic over the top antics vs. too much restriction or discipline. Finding healthy balance between ideal visualized and practical realities is key for next several months.
Brad Pitt, Walt Whitman, Gurdjief, Miles Davis, Paula Abdul, H.P.Lovecraft, Queen Victoria, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, and Allen Ginsburg have saturn square neptune. Such aspect can make one severe and rigid with Saturn or it can make one magical and ethereally spirited or all over the place with Neptune. Saturn wants to have control and separate making walls; Neptune wants to feel at-one with everything, a sense of belonging, a belief in God or Karma, wholeness, freedom. Authority vs. anarchy? Disciplined security vs. free spirit and creative lifestyle. Control kills creativity, too much freedom can trip into chaos and disorder. Liberation from the old structures vs authoritative rights and rules? Saturn/Neptune squares 3 times nov. 26. 2015, June 17 2016, and Sept 2016. After this the next major Saturn aspect is 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn….then Jupiter into Aquarius brings about a new working together for global change, peace and harmony. Saturn/Pluto is responsible use or misuse of power.
. 6th evening to evening of 14th Hanukkah celebrated. ‘The soul of man in the lamp of God’ -Book of Proverbs. “A human being is created to light up this world” -Sefas Emes. Hanukkah celebrates lighting up the darkness with wisdom insight, love and truth. Here a sense of ONENESS lights us to the higher octave of ourselves, the 8th day or note in music in the higher octave of our own Higher Self, the Spark of God within. It is a feast and festival of light. The sun at this time of year is crossing the galactic center, a virtual festival of lights, where massive amounts of stars cluster the center of our galaxy around which our Sun travels. For those esotericists, One candle lights the other 8. A total of nine candles representing the 9 spiritual hierarchies of which we each are the possibility of the 10th angelic kingdom in future time. This secret cabala is there for those who see. Christmas of course is another festival of lights but a more fixed holiday and religious celebration. Hanukkah is a moving feast as is Easter in the christian tradition. The Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center, the top of the tree the Milky Way Dec. 17th through the 20th. Winter Solstice is Dec. 21st at 11:49 and the start of longer days (more light) and shorter nights (dark) to follow.
Dec. 11th New Moon in Sagittarius with Venus trine Neptune kicks off very idealistic loving mood for next two weeks into Christmas. A sense of higher law and love sets a mood. Futuristic premonitions and sense of higher love/compassion.
Dec. 13-14th Gemini’s meteor showers and Sun square Jupiter. Busy busy days, good for landing, grounding, materializing, getting things done, setting right goals and taking steps, accomplishing tasks, rooting, meeting up with friends, family, others, in happy joyous mood.Take care to avoid overdoing or over indulging.
Dec. 15th Republican Debate in Las Vegas Nevada. Moon in Aquarius should bring lots of fresh and futuristic ideas to the table. With Sun/Jupiter square the day before, the foreplay and pre-game may offer more sizzle and pizazz. None-the-less, having the republican debate on the waxing moon rather than waning will add energetic performance and thruster rockets to the outcome. In the debate, Carson and Rubio have no significant aspects to further their popularity. Jeb Bush has Jupiter transit one degree from conjunction to his rising sign. Will Jeb suddenly rise in popularity in coming weeks?! Very possible indeed. With Saturn trine his Venus, Jeb starts to look strong in the long run. John Kasich has Jupiter in sky trine his natal Sun and could gain or look good if Mars in sky conjunct his natal Neptune doesn’t make him look foolish or have him saying silly or erroneous things. All in all, like em or not, Donald Trump continues astrologically to be the most colorful and outrageous yet on top guy. Jeb Bush with his aspects gets more into the playful game of one-up-man ship and long term commander look and his star could be rising. Is it possible this could drag on to the convention for either final voice, or even surprise new comer?! The Republican presidential candidate is important because as predicted a year ago or more, astrologically, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have winning aspects. What do you think?
Dec. 19th Mercury conjunct Pluto and Moon conjunct Uranus makes for upsets and shifting moods and tastes. Democratic Debate in Manchester New Hampshire this day should bring such surprises and sudden shifts of like and dislike in voters reactions. With transiting Jupiter conjunct Bernie Sanders natal North Node in Virgo, one would think he would gain in popularity at this time. Hilary Clinton has Jupiter opposing her natal Moon in Pisces. Such aspect can make Hillary moody and irritable, discontent and irritable, fluctuating between dry boring to emotionally critically charged. This aspect may also indicate legal, marriage, or religious conflicts or contesting. Tactlessness, exaggeration, cockiness, egotism, or taking things for granted queen like, could hurt Hillary’s image and popularity. With spontaneous intellectual daring and a free sense of equal sparring and jesting, with a spirit of joyful youthfulness along with mature wisdom grounding and new insight may very well carry her positively through debate; but usually such aspect throws one off and awkward and off centered reactions to what others say may throw her back some from ratings. Her challenge is to show strength and toughness at the same time revealing a greater love for all humanity, the world, and a better future. Rand Paul continues to look good and hang in there with his astrological aspects. I am sure nobody in the debate will bring up the 6 month ongoing Indonesia fires, let alone how lack of love and respect for each other in this world is becoming a big problem. If only the truth of karma and reincarnation could be reckoned with…
December 20th Mercury square uranus. surprise upsets or sudden good news? Mercury in Capricorn wants to mentally control uncontrolled Uranus usurper in Aries. Result? Only the long run bigger picture wins here, avoid immediate satisfaction quick burners.
Dec. 21st, Sun enters Capricorn 11:49 pm. Winter Solstice This is longest night and shortest day of the year. Historically this time of year infamous a virgin giving birth to a solar sunlike savior. In the heart is a sun god seems to be the message. Historically perhaps the biggest pagan festival of the year solstice and the 25th is. Here Dionysus, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster/Zarathustra, Attis of Phrygia, Odysseus, Romulus, Bacchus, Mithras, Krishna, Horus, Buddha, Jesus, and the Saturnalia are born. See books ‘The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves at Mayflower, or Isis Unveiled by H.P.Blavatsky, or Jesus Christ Sun of God by David Fideler. The metaphysics of Winter Solstice is longest night, shortest day; light is dwindled to dark and if one is quietly listening and watching, the sun shines at midnight. Three days after the winter solstice, the Sun is reborn and grows in light. The sun is reborn from the dead or dark stillness and grows in light moving northward each day at eastern sunrise till summer solstice when it turns round again to the darkness. In third century Emperor Aurelian established December 25th as the birthday of the “Invincible Sun” as part of Roman Winter Solstice celebrations. In 273 AD the dominant Christian Church also picked that day for birth of Jesus so to get more audience for their business. Before this time Jesus was said to be born at spring time. Unless in one’s heart mind of course, this is all contrived business of religion rather than spiritual truth.
December 25th Super Moon Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer sign intensifying energies, especially planets in cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra. Mercury trine Jupiter in earth signs depicts more presents and presence of mind value/virtues. Uranus retrograde very close to square with Pluto as it goes direct. For some jolting experience of waking up to reality. Sudden clarity and full blown insight as to who is who and what to do. Also danger of extreme storm, extreme behaviors, upsets or riots, strong debate, sudden anger or shifts in consciousness. Expect strong news and many upsetting, yet also many success stories. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus by a Virgin. Like the old Hermetic shepherdEgyptian teachings, 3 wise men follow a star to the Virgin Isis giving birth to Horus (Hermes), know as the ‘good shepherd’. There are many examples. My point at the moment is that this time of year is meant to be a holy time to gain the divine Presence (present) and the treasure of light and love; the old saying was this; ‘Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born, unless in thy heart, thy soul is forlorn’. Each of us is a child of God trying to mature into a more co-creative participant with all life. Socrates taught that this is key to happiness, a more participatory life with all life. Blessings this holy time of year, all December into Jan. 4th or 6th for that matter. More later on this.
December 29th Mercury square Mars. Arguments, fights, anger hatred and strife, or is it higher wisdom and love find what is right? Disagreements as to what happened or what is happening.. Mercury in Capricorn is authority laying down the law, Mars in Libra is contesting and perhaps protesting. Wisdom is finding long term solution rather than irresolution and unneeded discursive disruptive thinking and action. Either one knows what to do to get results, or one needs now be patient and still, wait for further events to unfold.
December 31st New Year’s Eve….Moon in virgo conjunct Jupiter with Mars in Libra about to go into Scorpio ….. lends a hand at the Virgin Whore motif supplied by the church with the two Marys. The higher octave is an inner listening for a virtuous response to tough world tensions. The human being as ethical virtuous mind/heart developing and progressing in Soul Life, kind of an angel in the becoming; rather than the human being as being machine and animal, is called for. None-the-less, New Years Eve looks to be wild and much of a party mood frolic in the archetypal soul life yearning for paradise and a better futures. Many take a leap, half make it. Lots of new encounters and healing situations may arise for some.
Mercury retrograde January 5th with Venus square Neptune makes for real confusion as to what is right, true, or lie, falsehood, or foolish idealism. A sense or need to back off jumping into projections, and a search for sure ground to move and progress on. A reshuffling of the card motif.
January 7th Sun square Uranus brings sudden bright light on ever changing situations at hand. Possible little quakes or solar storms to wake some from sleep or unconscious wanderings.
January 9th New Moon, new beginnings, a sense of letting go and letting god, whoever that is. Need to inculcate virtue and renewed vows of holiness, selflessness, wholeness, sense of greater family and community, love and truth… make the future work of all of us.
January 28th, a talk by Robert at the Birmingham Community Center, page 2- in their catalog here. ‘THE TAROT CARDS, A Path to Awakening Spirit Soul’. 7to 9 pm thurs. see…

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“The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency — the belief that the here and now is all there is.” -Alan Bloom
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