December 2013

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Astrology 2014 at OM Cafe this December 10th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sun Sign Predictions, good times and tough times of the year. money, love, politics, economy, real estate, higher calling and finding true meaning in life.
Music and meet and greet 7 p.m. Talk starts 7:30 p.m.
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“The universe is divinely right and just in time for each unique person’s divine rights and possibilities for happiness and inner wealth, we just need to tune our instruments to find our true voice.”
-robert of mayflower

  • December 1st Moon eclipses Saturn and Mercury, serious research/study/thinking/recovering/contemplating/moody or otherwise, grumpy ultimatums or ultimate sense of finality, seriousness along with feeling blocked a bit or unable to budge others. Good day to catch up to yourself. With Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter on 1st into 2nd, and New Moon (Dec. 2nd) square to Chiron (Charon in my book Astrological Aspects). These coming weeks watch for 1) very blunt realities to slap many across the face; 2) women mavericks taking over the role of tired, atavistic, or stuck in old fixtures men, 3) a major memorial service, funeral, and/or wedding; 4) a new call for a politics of compassion and loving kindness; 5) new partnerships between unlikely bedfellows; 6) new peace agreements; and finally; 7) the discovery and revelation that SANTA all this time was really a WOMAN in disguise; 8) whether you are man or woman, you will notice both the good and bad witch is coming out in you… So beware, choose wisely witch one you really want to express and reap such world whirl wind results.
  • Dec. 2nd, New Moon at 10 degrees Sagittarius at 7:22 p.m. EST. A positive reinvigorating sense of the Spirit of the times weaving through these coming three weeks into December. Now til Full Moon time a more positive vibe. Sun in Sagittarius gives us a more expansive futuristic view. As Moon goes into Sagittarius 2nd-3rd and Mercury on the 4th… spirit of the times is lifted up on the wings of loving intelligence. Words tend to be straight from the heart, watch out for too much bluntness, keep to the heart of reality, self, and other. Times should feel vibrant and up more till end of month when storm alert and turbulent emotions may toss things out of balance. Take care when Uranus goes direct with Full Moon on the 17th into 18th. This aspect has a way of reversing wheels and turning things upside-down, or turning things round; possibly making for wild weather, chaotic times, havoc, storm, quake, angry moments, impatience, stress, more volcanoes, windstorms, cyclones, and shake ups. Good for working on one’s own negativities and searching for new ways of working, amending, healing, discovering, co-creating. If volcanoes keep activating, we may be in for colder bitter winter. Quake uptick by 4th may indicate bigger one middle of month or at end of month. Otherwise, good time to make progressive changes in oneself to avoid others making them for you. Carrot or stick progress seems inevitable these daze…
  • December 10th, ‘Astrology for 2014 Talk at OM CAFE’ – Sun Signs revelations, predictions, critical dates (good and challenging ones), insights and predictions. Robert of Mayflower shares his insights- at OM CAFE 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., music & ‘meet-and-greet’ 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Talk starts at 7:30 p.m. Om has good food and drinks (tea and even home-made beer and wine). $20 suggested donation.
  • December 10th Mercury trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Uranus. Quick mindedness for seeing trends and coming events. Mercury is mercurial, awake intellectual and present tense. Uranus is electrifying quick, sparks of genius, a wanting to go to the next higher level. Look in news and all around you for cues in worldly events portending of future investments, trends, changing tides of opportunity. Watch your own mind for psychic intuitive premonitions of coming times around this day. For all indications and tips of premonition or futurity, for all upticks in shaky events, or quakes and/or volcanoes, storms, watch for 17th, 18th, 29th and 30th for play out of event, manifestation of tendency, sudden reversals, shifts, changes, or chaotic challenges of inner (emotional) and outer (event) weather, difficult travel, storms, or new growth.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn on 12th, influencing the month, makes for patient progress and good social etiquette. Love and Truth have a good moment in the world here, so join in the opportunity to participate in making joy and intelligent peace an ingredient of the times. A particularly good time (all first half of December leading up to this aspect) for creating a healthy social life, solid family life, strengthening friendships. Seeing the whole of life in each moment, seeing how the moment blesses the whole of life making for magic times. Good for healing the past, planning a better future, meeting one’s inner connection for destiny. Good for making arrangements, contracts, agreements, business progress, healthy furthering of relationship, healing, renewing, finding harmony between spirit and practical material matters, harmonising the forces of heaven and earth, inner and outer peace making. Jupiter expands and is socially spirited and positive. Saturn is practical, matter of fact to the point (Jupiter expands the view). Saturn is securing, rooting, more materially grounded and founded, Jupiter flowers and opens up the moment. Both planets are in harmonious aspect making, for the moment, good economics and healthy housing and equity markets, good times. This time of renewed and new agreements, this peaceful creative harmonious time, may be tested or challenged, at full moon time, and especially challenged at end of December into early January. Jupiter/Saturn aspect energies work to harmonise world politics with simple everyday life, the vast spiritual potentials each of us has, with our everyday needs, wants, and responsibilities to self and other. As Plato said; if you are willing to learn, anything could happen. Let’s wish and work for the good in all to flower and manifest this month now.
  • December 16th – Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) birthday right before the Full Moon portends of creative changes this coming year and, perhaps, another hit record.
  • December 17th Full Moon (Eve of 16th is actual Full Moon night but energies can be felt from the 10th on). On Full Moon the 17th, Uranus goes direct. Watch for sudden realizations and need to change direction or get to a higher level of affairs. Sudden shifts in weather, chaotic behaviour or nature; also sudden upsets or shifts or reversals in markets, sports, relationships. Sudden revelations or insights; fresh creativity and genius also possible. Some feel a sense of letting go of past, or need to restate agreements, or need to start afresh, anew. See Dec. 2nd for further comment on 16 to 18th.
  • December 19th Moon conjunct Jupiter. This is a good day to be happy, alone or with others. It’s kind of a peak-out of the good vibrations throughout first 21 days of December (other than 16th to 18th possibility of shake ups, storms, quake, or weird weather). Things start to shift toward more difficult astrological aspects in the sky come Christmas Day on the 25th. December 19th good time to restate one’s goals and aims, one’s positive ground and heart. Time to positively dig in for the good, true, and beautiful. Know thyself to know the other, the world. Be the unchanging good you want to see in others, the heart ground peace come whatever weather.
  • December 21st, Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde. Venus in Capricorn can be deep solid love in for the long run, the short run can at times be sacrificial or work. Rewards can come back to you during this retrograde; for many it’s hard work, little play, lack of hugs, and feelings unloved. Give a hug, heal a thug, clean under the rug, and don’t take drugs. Be love, nourish other’s rapture and peace. Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and Venus is love; times can be hot and holy if right intentions meet focused Spirit. Wrong attunement or spiritual focus, lack of discipline, can fall into disagreements. Agreements for security and status quo, cold and bottom-lined may make for survival but not fulfil deeper needs and longing. Noble long-term goals and a sense of deeper love for world, self and other, can reveal new ways of working, striving, achieving. Venus is capricorn demands sacrifice and offering, letting go of preconceived ideas seeking comfort or false security, as to see new ways of working and loving, achieving. With Venus retrograde and in Capricorn, last minute shoppers may be frustrated in achieving ideal goal; also gifts bought on retrograde Venus are more likely to be returned or not appreciated. Venus retrograde is good for yoga and gifts that turn one more inward for value or virtue, rather than outward. Gift cards may work to leave other more free of choice. Since Venus is retrograde at Christmas time, perhaps this is more the motif one should look for. Venus retrograde in Capricorn, gifts may succeed by having long lasting value, or increased in value over time possibility. For sure though, gifts that turn one inward, such as meditation, yoga, esoteric spiritual sciences. A quartz crystal, gemstones, gemstone jewellery, a Steiner or Osho or buddhist or positive thinking book could be just perfect. Venus retrograde also good for looking over one’s past loves and gaining spiritual insight and new realisations, wisdom.
  • December 25th, Mars in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries, with Moon conjunct Mars. Though Mars/Uranus aspects can bring about great courage, outrageous maverick success, high achievement and the call beyond duty, freedom fighters and high strung energetics, great daredevil feats, angelic courage and virgin possibility; such aspects can bring about many a negative spirits and tragic event too if not thwarted. Beware of anger, hastiness, accidents, storms, difficult travels, violence, protest, revolt, change of boss or regime, overthrow, radical upset, obstinate and severe extreme behaviour, reversals, turn-arounds, sudden emergencies, argument, and shock. The end of the month seems to carry this astrological seriousness or need to make strong changes in oneself, or concerning others, so to improve oneself and one’s world, future.
  • December 28th thru to New Moon January 1st and into January 2nd promises to be tough time when the tough are called to get going. Others may just feel beat up by the times. This time brings about events, inwardly and outwardly, that may coerce many minds and hearts to make strong new year’s promises to change, resolutions to reform, renew, change and update oneself. Tough aspects here. With Moon eclipsing Saturn on 28th (serious moon, shift to the chill side), Mercury square Uranus on 29th (sudden changing news or views), Sun square Uranus and Mars square Pluto on 30th (Shock/storm/sudden changes/violence/suffering, need to purify or make strong change), and more tough aspects right into January make this time, at the least, tough for travel and communications. Could be quite a cold spell or stormy time testing the Soul’s merit/virtue and depth of spiritual strength. Good time for reading sacred scripture and doing spiritual practice.
  • Last words. Late December’s rough aspects can make for rough weather and much toil to bring about positive results. From late December till April’s grand cross could be rough waters and rocky ups and downs for peace making, stock markets, weather, relations, politics and safe sound investments. With Jupiter in Cancer coming to conjunct the U.S.A.’s July 4th Sun, we may yet wake up to our higher angel of virtue and world calling for peace, joy, and the brotherhood/sisterhood of all humankind. Hopefully it won’t be crisis that throws us together, but a higher calling and spirit of love and truth allowing for a wise politics of compassion and skilful means of working with others, each other.

“Reading, dreaming, dancing and romancing, contemplating in stillness the eternal truths, the higher self, the divine in another; this is not only our divine inheritance, it is a way of life, a spiritual midwifery for the higher self, a path to a higher learning and better world. This is how artists are born; dance, sing, listen, root and flower.” -robert of mayflower

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Taylor Swift’s Astrology Chart and Marriage Prediction

What makes singer-songwriter Taylor Swift click the switch button on lovers so many times while simultaneously flying high in the charts?! With Moon conjunct Jupiter both in Sign of Cancer in her 11th house, she will always have new friends and new songs; ah, lovers, if she wants. Why doesn’t anyone last? Perhaps she is still hung up on one from the far past, so no new one can fully capture her imagination? Moon/Jupiter, along with being her highest planets in the chart, is near Chiron (Charon), making Swift both a unique maverick in the field, but also ‘otherworldly’, spiritual etheric dreamy at times. The stars say she is destined to succeed. Mercury/Neptune/Saturn unfortunately oppose this positive configuration making for many a wrong choice of lover, as well as hauntings from the past or childhood. This aspect can flip to always wanting something in the future (Neptune) so one does not really see the in the ‘present’ exactly who is there. Or is it that the other choses wrongly with Swift?! Others are either too dead (Saturn), or too high, spaced out, unable to perform, or come through in the right way, unable to manifest (Neptune) or deliver the goods, the promise. They may promise something they can’t deliver on. Neptune can be deceptively weird. At times intellect supersedes over the heart of higher, even divine, love. Other times higher lover ideals are impossible to materialize. She is complicated and at times caught between the worlds needing a place to run away and hide, rejuvenate. The wrong people around her, drain her.

Her Venus in Aquarius wishes for the magic that will heal and save the world, bring peace and love and good new order to the chaos. Jupiter will in 2014 conjunct her Leo rising (ascending sign) giving her another go at further heights of success, but it very well may be last call for drinks, success. As Pluto conjuncts her Neptune (death of the dream and rebirth of real earthy practical matters) and conjuncts her Saturn; the slow grind of reality and age may convince T.S. to stop while ahead. Or is it her having or wanting a baby?! All the planets have higher and lower octaves. Each individual out of freedom and smarts attunes to higher or lower octaves and event precipitating energies. At the moment now, Saturn transiting is about to conjunct her Pluto in Scorpio this December 2013. It’s a time to take care not to burn out. Might be good to hold back and take a break. It’s a time to rest or be arrested, settle down or be unsettled (again?!), and a grit and grind to pump out the new product. How long can this girl woman last? With Saturn transit in the sky conjuncting her natal Mars (end of 2014 into 2015) I predict that Miss Taylor Guitar Songwriter Singer Swift will settle down and marry then, or crash and burn with too much show and tell, work and grind, not enough play time for renewal spiritual soul adventure. Taylor Swift’s midheaven at 5 degree Taurus reveals a wish, a higher hope perhaps, to be the earth goddess, a mom, and have a garden. What happened Miss Swift? Moving too fast?

Another of Swift’s secrets of success is her bucket chart with Moon/Jupiter being the handle. She is a woman in love with both self and the world. As long as she can hold that and drive it (not let other’s drive her mad), she is princess in training for queen, higher adventure, and long-term goals. With Venus in the 6th house, her work is love, her love is work. With Sagittarius Sun in the 5th house of lovers, she looks for a man who has a brain and a will to travel, or who travels and can deeply think. Frank honesty in her man goes far, but without wisdom and deeper inner truths to hold her, relations fall apart. Anyone out there daring enough for this heart of Gold adventurer? With Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (off by 11 degrees but within a separating harmonic conjunction, for you astrologers), Taylor Swift wants the deepest intensity and intimacy, yet her Uranus aspects demand freedom too. If the guy wants freedom she will chase. If the guy chases her and is too controlling, she runs. Taylor hangs on tight once she lets you in, but when she decides to go…she swallows hard and you will vanish. Her Black Moon Lilith conjunct her Pluto and close to Mars makes her in private, a wild woman, while outwardly shining clean perfection. Chiron conjunct her Moon/Jupiter impels her to be unafraid of being an outgoing lone ranger maverick one minute, and a magnet of shy in-breath and rose bush blush the next. She is unafraid of both gods and heavenly realms and underworld spirits, ghosts, and money gnomes of power. Hmm…One may want to think well before diving in too deep to this one. She is more cowboy than cowboys. Nor is she in shallow water. She is an ever-growing storm of song to be dealt with. With Leo rising she loves to shine; with Mercury/Neptune/Saturn in Capricorn, she wants depth; with Venus in Aquarius, she is sister to a novel future. – robert of mayflower

Robert Thibodeau
Mayflower Bookshop
2645 W. 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI
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