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Major Hot (positive and negative) Astrology Days! See June 21st Eclipse info below into early July eclipse. Many reversals and inner/outer shifts and changes. Uptick in quakes and solar activity with Uranus. 

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from HPB ~

Half, if not two-thirds of our ailings and diseases are the fruit of our imagination and fear. Destroy the latter and give another bent to the former, and nature will do the rest.  

               -H.P. Blavatsky, Raja Yoga or Occultism, 

from Steiner ~

A Verse for Our Time

We must eradicate from the soul

All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.

We must acquire serenity

In all feelings and sensations about the future.

We must look forward with absolute equanimity

To everything that may come.

And we must think only that whatever comes

Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age,

namely, to live out of pure trust,

Without any security in existence.

Trust in the ever present help 

Of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do

If our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves

Every morning and every evening.

                  -Rudolf Steiner

June 11 into 13th Sun square Neptune. Feeling psychic or lost in space, oceanic dreams or artistic genius. Good time for outdoors and wildly idealistic universal love, courage, truth, new thinking. 

Pick one or three! 

    Danger of too much talk, no action. Diarrhea of the mouth, emotionally unconscious streaming, false dreaming. Yet urge to map out and experience EVERYTHING, a search for higher truth for some. Avoidance of reality? Or getting a new picture holds us all? 

     For some genius flashes rattle the cage with innovative new directions, energetic ideals flow and feel for new futures, dreamscapes of magic, music, drama, theatre, creativity. 

    Beware of fear people with misleading news bringing no real inner flowering of your highest spirit soul. Avoid demonizers with no compassionate wisdom for really healing each other. Next couple days can be crazy good or just crazy. Attempts to reach out further than normal to make things happen. For some escape and dreaminess. Lack of clear plan..

‘Chemistry and physiology are the two great magicians of the future, who are destined to open the eyes of mankind to the great physical truths.’  -The Secret Doctrine, I, pg. 261 

june 13 Mars conjunct Neptune. Breakthroughs or break downs in Space, Oceanic endeavors. Aggressive action can backfire. Real courage for truth and universal love hold us all, or a divide and conquer mentality. Planetary geometry (aspects) can be ‘good or bad’ depending on your inner response and karma/dharma capacities. Be still and transcend, act in courage and virtue and make amends, grow and know.

    Negatively can be digestion problems, food poisoning, wrong use of medicine or intoxicants, miscue on remedy or fix. Lies and secret greed, fear, create another ‘bad trip’. Trouble or confusing travels, communications. Sense of being lost or held up. Active imagination making up false delusions or projections. Miscalculations, wrong directions, loss from wrong view, wrong thinking. Danger of false emotions and fantasy overtaking reality and down to earth practicality. Escape and escapades, but also positively entertainment and voyage, adventure.

   Positively active imagination in the arts, music, the mystic, 

Creative impulses to dare the impossible. Many dreams and plans of the future. Sensuality and dreamy love meets intense yoga focus. This aspect brings about the highest or lowest human experiences. Very luciferic YIN so needs yang grounding. The ahrimanic manic control freak fathead without higher truths may need transcendental view, higher self renewed, universal truth compassion honesty holds us all into fruitfulness, futurity.

June 18 Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury retrograde. Avoid forced decisions. Whew. Next couple weeks hard to get facts straight. Everyone has toilet paper and necessary ingredients for survival? New shortages? Intense dialogue, communication, creative working for ideal dreams to meet the road, manifest, be practical in doings to realize in daily life the ideal. Otherwise mis judgement of events make for wrong turns. Avoid going over and over same roads without arriving at destination or right outcome for both you and other. With right work and view, heaven and earth touch, meet, and make furtherance, progress, align with goals. With wrong view and desire, feisty exchanges, struggle for ‘one up man ship’, edgy contesting. Good for getting things done on your own. Avoid impotently judging others to avoid working on yourself or getting the job done right before you. Don’t cheat nor hide from true facts. Face up to the sun. Many projections in last weeks need review. 

‘The Demon of Pride, Lust, Rebellion, and Hatred, has never had any being before the appearance of physical conscious man. It is man who has begotten, nurtured, and allowed the fiend to develop in his heart; he, again, who has contaminated the indwelling god in himself, by linking the pure spirit with the impure demon of matter.’


June 21st New Moon Eclipse at 0 degree Cancer.  Between this Eclipse with Uranus on Ascendent of Washington DC chart, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto again June 30th also with Uranus conjoined Ascendent for Washington DC……..even on to Full Moon Eclipse July 5th with sun conjoined USA SUN SIGN CANCER, and Uranus in DC first house ~~~ its going to be wild. Many major changes, major personalities rise or fall, radical intellectual debate, fact finding, and attempt to find truth, freedom, and a common good and common caring, sharing, daring rarely seen. Will Biden pick up Elizabeth Warren for VP (she could end up President!) … or will Michelle Obama step in to run? Will Biden drop out by convention. September Jupiter Pluto big turn around and i’m astrologically hoping by December Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, the Panic Pandemic is subsiding and things are back on track. Danger here June 21st till July Full Moon of accident, more panic, shock and amazement (hopefully no big quakes but most probably uptick in earth changes, and/or weird nature storms, or accidents tragic triggering collective call for radical change!).  Otherwise just more constant reversals of what you thought reality was.

  May higher higher angels of light and virtue, good true beautiful, guide us all to a life of Higher Consciousness and Beatific Grace. May we each become gardeners of spirit soul heart in each other to full flower with intelligence, compassion/love, truth.

June 30th Jupiter Rx, conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Uranus. A return to pleasure or pain? Gone too far out and need to remind oneself of lasting values? Past mistakes blow in one’s face while busy making new mistakes? Difficult social encounters? Working to make it work no matter what? Facing the consequences of past life resuscitated from the dead? Feelings of falling backwards? Needing to go forward but feeling blocked? 

    For some a more than honest reckoning and facing of difficulties. Tendency to have to wait to finish something. To the degree one can rid oneself of dragging out problems would be good. Completing or working to complete things very helpful and productive of better futures to come. Danger of exaggerating things, now gone south. Facing the music. Try playing it instead if you can! If open, much new learning on the way giving new opportunity to work and play, and fix past mistakes. Will it!

     Can be holy. Helping others who need your help. Self sacrifice for sake of others benefit. Dealing with ridding self of sticky situations. Much patience and wisdom in maneuvering sticky waters. Brilliant breakthroughs in technique and science to make progress. Much good news overcoming low spirits.

July 5th full moon eclipse in Capricorn brings practical outcomes to drawn out situations. Guiding oneself on the authority of one’s experience. Trouble or luck with authorities abounds depending on one’s karmic situation. Many feel stuck with bottom lines.  If so be a dolphin. Others feel stuck to being always high and not grounded. Ok, be a goat and climb your way up, quit flying. Thirdly, do what makes you grow. No excuses. Strong sense of need for control as well as free debate for accurate facts, even truth.

July 8 Mercury retrograde square Mars. Yikes! Explosive disagreements or sudden storms of enlightenment. If you know what you’re doing and feel like a knight in shining armor, go for it; save the situation and make it right for the other, all of us! Dangerous time to forsake the true and tried. New adventures and agreements may back fire or fall apart. Tendency to become very frustrated with constantly changing demands and promises. Emotions and words, thinking and feeling  clash. Avoid impatience in self and other. Take breath deeper before reacting to jerky events. 

    Good aspect for creative brain storming if you don’t run over yourself or let others run over you. Good for going over paper work again to be sure its right. A need for honest thoughts and conversations hold all of us. Otherwise wait to make moves.

July 12 Sun trine Neptune, (Trump has Saturn transit opp his Pluto, next few days or weeks making for rough times and need for laying back. A need for rest, reassessing, letting go of obsessive pressure to work). Sun/Nep: This is a pleasant aspect in water signs. Good for beatifying, creative feelings, emotional connection, family and friends connecting, dreamy planning of future. A collective sense of the spiritual, the ethical, the Emerson Philosopher in each of us.

July 14 Sun oppose Jupiter, Comfort feelings and practical demands attempt to meet and agree to work and play, pleasure and reward, release of tension. Take care not to over do. Too much of a good thing spoils one, and can side track true grit of success. In other words, avoid over indulgence. 

July 15 Sun oppose Pluto. Home versus work struggle.  Inner life vs. worldly calling clash. Attempts to selflessly compute reality and need against need and reality work further steps to figuring out what you really want to do. Some feel forced into behaving. Tough decisions made ‘for the good of all’ are maddening. Feeling at a breaking point. Need to let go and let God vibe. God here being ‘Universal Mind, harmony of feelings’. Attempts to share or bring fresh light to others concerns. Self and other at odds at to how to work things out. Need for patient compassionate approach to home and work, family and personal needs. Don’t take things personally other than seeing one’s own higher self and compassion for all those who don’t.

‘Harmony in the physical and mathematical world of sense, is justice in the spiritual one. Justice produces harmony, and injustice, discord; and discord on a cosmical scale, means chaos ~ annihilation.     

        – Isis Unveiled, HPB, I, pg 330

July 27 Venus square Neptune, Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mercury square Mars. Love needs unfulfilled, emotional needs wasted or perverted with sweet sour, personal needs that may not reflect long lasting beauty, desires or escapes clashing with other’s needs. An urge for creative, artistic, imaginative expression and release. Good for the arts, music, creative writing, singing, theatre, movies, drama. Difficulties when not honest with self or other. Difficulties because one can’t be honest without causing trouble. Need for higher power to intercede with remedial help. Or greater retreat stillness listening. Good for yoga, meditation, creative imagineering. For some visions of better future. Platonic or spiritual relations. Attempts to over work or escape work. Cheaters beware. Make regenerative down time, nature walk, beautifying space and place with more color. If over done, rid color and go simple.

July 30 Mercury opp Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus inconjunct Pluto. Strong need to have real love in one’s life. Whether friend, lover, family, plants, nature, music, philosophy, spiritual teaching; need for upliftment and passionate daring, adventure, vaster, deeper higher, feelings and mind of more enlightened holy state of consciousness. A sense of not trusting others. Need for privacy alone or with special other. Creative time or worrisome time. Plans that will not follow through. Edgy and dreamy.

Aug 13 Mars square Pluto. Infighting, warring, making demands and giving ultimatums. Danger of mars aggressive or self centered actions causing reaction. Possible need to break away or out of some situation. Danger around guns, anger, law, breaking rules, trespassing, not keeping boundaries. Tragedy.

     Positive side is heroic action, saving a situation or person, bravado and truth over power and selfishness. At times very strong female personalities representing justice and the American way of courage, virtue, audacity for truth no matter what. For most it will be a very moody depressing day. Bad movies and psycho drama, repeat offenders.

Aug 24 Mars square Saturn. Hard work needs right co-workers and friends. Need to achieve higher vision capable of seeing where the hard work is going and is it worth it. For some its boring times needing engaging right work or action. For some its more delays, blocks, walls, ‘no’, and a long road block. Good for honest work with long term plans. Difficult but necessary decision making. Patience enough to wait for wisdom to come.

Aug 26 – Pres.Trump Saturn oppose midheaven, big turning point, possibly indicating a soon sense of rising up, once past this bottoming out in spring. Is it laying new foundation, finding right ground to stand on, sense of sure footing to rise up? Possible low point though for now around white house. Subtle and gross need to rethink and again rethink, anew think to make a future turn for the better.Weighed down feeling of too much to handle. A need of silence to think. Happiness when alone.

Aug 24th Mercury trine Jupiter. Positive thoughts and renewed ways of working for better times, futures. Right thinking and action find support and mutual agreement. Time to reach out beyond boundaries and connect with higher spirit souls.

Aug. 30 Venus oppose Pluto. Avoid negative emotions in trying to have compassion for self and other. Change yourself to change your world round. Don’t take anything personally other than the higher self wishes to speak through the noise and emotional chaos. Feelings of being rejected. Sometimes good aspect for research, intense communication, transformational spiritual psychology, Kundalini experience. Visits to the underworld and back.

Sept. 19 – For Pres. Trump, Venus trine prog. Jupiter indicates happy that others getting happier. This may be lucky good moment for making positive things happen for one and all. No it doesn’t mean he will win. Yet each has freedom to recreate what up and what coming.

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With Neptune aspects in sky for all of us June 9th to 16th, its dreamy escapism, artistic atunement, soul matings, mystic love; or its getting lost with things not quite working like you wanted. Trust in oneself with high ideals and practical day to day workings best. Nature outdoor experience, exercise, yoga, challenging spiritual reading/study, health food choices, meditation good. Avoid too much of a good thing. Terribly crazy aspects start seriously June 14th mars opposition to Saturn into June 19th mars opposition to pluto and Neptune going retrograde June 21st. These Mars/Saturn/Pluto aspects often bring about a need to fight for one’s existence. Such aspects can be heavy duty controls/demands on economic markets, military and political machinations, relations. Extremes in weather, some places stormy cold, others extreme hot. A sense of losing the middle or balance. Need to practical down to earth working patience, wisdom, and forbearance.  Certainly many a situation will be at stretching point about to break, so much patience, endurance, persistence, perseverance, and perspiration may be at hand. Keep loving, keep holding to the highest ideals, keep being, living truth.

   The June 26-27th debates are important to tune into. Friend Marianne Williamson will be there! Lets hope the good aspects are back by then! Should be.


‘There is one spiritual heart tempo, a mantra prayer singing in the temple of the Universe,

      it is love truth to be found. – robert of mayflower

Real Spiritual Knowledge is oft a shock to the beginner, a ‘re~orchestration’ and reinterpretation of one’s whole life. One good new idea rewrites everything. Gives new inspiration, insight, adventure and growth to the soul. To avoid ‘occult indigestion’ from learning to fast and reading books deep from mayflower bookshop; take nature walks, visit woods and forests and seas, eat grains and greens and miso soup, keep balanced with universal compassion and love of it all, selflessly service the Higher Self in all. Keep learning, soul weaving, gardening. . ~Trebore Tau Bodhi

The Seat of the Soul is in the listening heart, the seat of the Spirit is in the heart of others…              

     ~robert of mayflower

Marianne Williamson’s Astrology? End of June into July tells the story if this wonderful heart mind soul stays running for President. If not president, she should be cabinet member! Adviser at least to President! She will never stop telling truths and sharing higher love! Please get on her mailing list and keep healthy eye on her. More on this on my Facebook page. At minimum Marianne Williamson is major force for a more intelligent loving future. Check out her new book ‘The Politics of Love’! When the going gets tough, the tough get going; she is a wonderful addition to creative alive politics, love and truth. Please consider sending her a donation even if one dollar, and look for a miracle!

Astro News June on 2019

Leading us into June ~ May 29th Mercury square Neptune. Reality and fantasy fight it out.  Hermes and the Muse of Spiritual Understanding seek the inbreath to the heart. The mind yearns to unite with a greater wholeness. The lack the honesty or courage to dare know do in some retards and thwarts progress. Reach out in June to be heard from your heart mind soul. Important to understand one’s deeper feelings and to ascertain whether such feelings are appropriate for the needs and requirements of the future, for all those round, for your deepest self true. Avoid talking too much or throwing one’s energy in too many directions. Some suffer a slip of the tongue, lie or misleading drift. Be the truth you are, don’t over cater to others wants/desires unless it quickens your higher self and virtue practice, being human artistic process and prowess. News is nuts and not always to be trusted into mid June. Yet truths may leak out not often seen and this can be good for creative imaginative sparks of genius, beauty,  sparks of forward motion, music and arts. Tendency to be blind to something, or to suddenly see the bigger picture with need to adjust or re-attune oneself. Avoid gambling or risk taking other than on arts, love, truth, magic of one’s own making. Keep practical.

One new insight re-orchestrates world destiny, view,opens doors to the new futures,  re-interpreting the past. Finding such jewels of insight renew the soul. I read Steiner, Blavatsky, Tibetan Buddhism, Osho, and Manly Hall for such sparkling renewal flirting with heaven NOW.   ~robert of mayflower

May 31st to June 2nd, Venus trine Saturn and Moon conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto. Good time to love what works long run, eternity, and to be loved by flowers and breeze, by little things of life. Take a breath, let go of a breath, try to appreciate, be thank full, feel the love and lucky divine overture of infinitely divine possibility.

June 3rd New Moon triggers us into summer time fun ~ intensified and critical days for good or ill fortune, wilder or crazier, highly charged or whacked are the June3,8, 9, 10, 14, especially the 15 to 18th Wildest Beautiful or dumb crazy Full Moon time, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27 too.

June 4-5th Mercury enters Cancer stirring a little more mental aggressiveness and feisty provoking as Moon conjoins Mars. Think first before speaking, acting. Be kind, patient for big view. Look for how we can all make it to heaven,  a more enlightened kinder state of consciousness. Much debate over what is right, moral, good or bad (so called), with undercurrents of forcefulness and lack of freedom, seek bigger truths to hold us.

June 6-7 (influencing on through June 20th) Mars transit conjunct USA Sun and square Saturn giving increased tension to all geopolitical hotspots, shaky stock markets (into mid June), and danger of being too assertive, aggressive, mouthy, forceful. Good time for yoga, meditation, retreat, gardening, bodywork, outdoors exercise, time to make healthy rhythm and harmony balance of work and play.

June 8th Venus enters Gemini lasting into first week of July making for fickle ever changing inclinations for pleasure, love, fun, joy, relating. Gemini tries to see both sides and more often than not gets torn down the middle and beat up from trying to make everyone happy, or taking one side versus  other. Seek the middle way or stillness beholding tension of opposites for higher possibilities.

History doesn’t repeat, it just gets worse, or perhaps better for a moment; but the same issues~ freedom, love, truth, and will we survive the idiots, persists.

    ~robert of mayflower

June 9th nasty Sun square Neptune making for lost in space, feelings, dumb chit, draining relatives and friends? Or is it spiritually meaningful but you’ve been here too many times and know the end of the movie? Time to try new mystic experience and voyage, perhaps a leap to new spaces and places. Fools are about to waylay you? Now time in coming week to reimagine your future,  wake up now, and rewrite past as a fragmented self seeking wholeness. Read Rudolf Steiner’s Path of Self Knowledge Book and talk about with friends. Get a Mind, the heart will love you.

   Spiritual adventurers are about to voyage to new land, opportunity, and insight capable of changing this world for the good. Tendency to over do it and exaggerate one’s craziness or fears or neurosis, or dream fantasy. June into July is a time to fix, retool, rewrite, and renew hopes for better shinier futures, song, heart and soul.

My Soul. I summon to the winding ancient stair;

   Set all your mind upon the steep ascent,

   Upon the broken, crumbling battlement,

   Upon the breathless starlit air,

   Upon the star that marks the hidden pole;

   Fix every wandering thought

          ~Yeats, Self and Soul.

***June 14th morning Mars opposes Saturn (after Mars trine Neptune over night (2:12 AM, EST). (affects now into june 20th) Yep, this is a doozy! Astro Astral preview of what’s to come in coming weeks and particularly in January 2019 when Saturn conjunct Pluto!? Early warning shots. More threats of one-sided negotiations based on ‘one-up-manship’, my way or the yr lost highway? Tensions flare and threats of conflict economics or war? Fake War? Fake news? Fake remade old mud pies? Aggressive hasty moves could turn ill will into shadows of dark invaders, Darth Vaders. Time to make a Hero of your self and grow spiritual wings? All depends on one’s purity of mind and courage for higher hearty truths and acts of love. Difficult time for stock markets and geo-political peace making. Danger of sudden endings, weird strange turns of events, illness and sense of finality for some, loss of state or power, lack of recognition. Need for patience and long term view, honest good work and statemanship, staying the course of good true beautiful, honest and upright, compassionate and loving. Good time to attempt to comprehend inner reality that love and truth hold the world together. See Steiner’s ‘Three Fold Commonwealth’ ideas of freedom of thinking, equality in heart/feelings, and brother sister family wisdom of economics, sharing.

*** OUCH!       With Mars coming to oppose Pluto on June 20th this is a most dangerous time (week before and after). Take care not to provoke others to rash reactions based on fear, need, insecurity, or forcefulness. Compassion, Compassion, Compassion! Some experience dealing with overwhelming facts/powers/force, while others sense overwhelming feelings and inner double dealing, emotions and notions for happiness and survival disappearing. Good time to deepen one’s mind stream. Have you read Marion Woodman, old friend of mine who really understands healing the inner person. See her Pregnant Virgin, or Addicted to Perfection, or Leaving the Father’s House. Also see Robert Johnson books HE and SHE!!!.                  

     Cardinal Signs Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries are affected the most (especially born 9th to 18th). Some feel crucified and in need of resurrection and new Easter/Passover, transcendence. Time to wisely decide what kind of future you really need and want. What next life, this life, one truly needs for fulfillment or accomplishment. Real need for wisdom and loving insight here, or is it time to shut up, wait it out. Avoid major confrontation unless your higher self really really knows what its doing. Long term effects from wrong behaviour at this time may taint the future. So beware. Mars can be mean, aggressive, rough in speech or in harsh mean or violent acts. With such aspect in sky, its troublesome difficult time in weather, politics, economics, job, personal relationships and more and much wisdom compassion patience needed. Need for a politics of wisdom compassion, political and virtuous correctness, and right thinking avoiding emotions taking one over. Take care not to speak harmful words, people are really reactive these dazed days. Mars/Saturn/Pluto reveals deeps places needing healing and emotional support. Good and ‘Bad’ things have trouble ending or reforming anew. Good time for magicians of healing, gardening, yoga, meditation disciplines, patience and perseverance in higher truths and love.

June 16-17 Midsummer’s dream or Full Moon Fool? Making it or breaking it? Falling apart or falling into the holy heart again?

This is major Reality Check for most. A reality investment or bet on your future self, overcoming your past self? One’s (or other’s) lower self, perhaps beast animal appetite self, dual with the higher angelic true self?  Do you need a new dream? A new vehicle or ride to higher reality? destiny? a spiritual soul re~adjustment? Danger Rangers all round, negativity abounds, time to lay low and pray unless Prometheus found to bring light to day and brighten dark places in your life! Bad guys aren’t evil, they are just dumb, ignorant, addicted, confused, hurt wanting to hurt, stupid. Still, wisdom and higher knowledge need apply the healing touch. Love Truth needs to rush to the rescue. Be still and know. OM AH HUM, may human beings hear here their deepest voice, highest star, simplest prescence.

Mars opposes Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Hard to drive through walls, much wisdom compassion needed to gently give rise to the goddess wisdom love and truth. Such aspect makes for cops and robbers mentality, a good guys bad guys at odds, lots of confrontational weirdness as well as need for long term  Good time, but bit late, to rid self of wrong friends, non virtuous or not your destiny orientation people. Good to be alone if not in the company of angels. Need for more compassionate view. Need for peace and love at Buddha Christ Mani Manas level. When ArcAngels arrive, heaven descends and all hell breaks loose as las few weeks may have revealed. We seem to live in a Bosch Painting or one of Rudolf Steiner’s Apocalypse Revelations talks. (See Mayflower Bookshop and Rudolf Steiner Archives).

    Also! Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury oppose Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune, Moon conjunct Jupiter with Full Moon in late Sagittarius on 17th June. Idealists and dreamers manifest destiny and make life long friends or suddenly start to wake up to need for real change and real friends that last in our spirit souls, at the least! Such aspects this whole month into July/August make for ‘dreams come true’ or ‘dreams get crushed’ and shocked into more true down to earth reality and day to day needs. Here may be lots of noise and over excitement. panic driven times perhaps. Possible major pollution and disinformation, reformation, death and rebirth scenarios like crazy, weird weather exotically beautiful in parts and crazy go crazy wildly destructive in other parts. Weather by the way going to extremes like most folks mind and feelings. Full Moon June 17th time (give or take a week) indicating possibility of major loss, deaths of infamous and famous, final conclusions, a sense of ‘no going back’. Sense for some of deep crisis this month, ultimate face off, humble pie stuff. Need for long term humility, wisdom, insight patience, and on demand for higher spiritual virtue holy heart mind. Such aspects may also indicate further dramatic weather and war zone activities, vicissitudes in stock markets round world, giving many a sense of need for change as well as apocalyptic warnings that times are a’changing. After all, scientists around the world recently predicted the world to end for human life by 2050. Long ago Newton predicted this !!! We need a new way of thinking, feeling, willing, living, loving, finding truth, higher truth, in each other!. Also new scientific facts on plastic in the rain, food chain, water soil garden… one knows long term health effects.

   Venus in Gemini indicates much love outpouring for situation, event, or person; as well as slow but sure rise of a woman to power wise smarts and position. With Moon conjunct Jupiter also in the geo-cosmic planetary geometry, whoever is to be a major woman player for presidency begins to show her face and rise. Maybe a number of em!

        Strangely enough at end of June into July Mrs Melania Trump has Uranus transit conjunct her natal Sun! Is this divorce or renewal of vows? Indication of trouble in the crib or the crib just turned into a new ride? A reflection of temporary drop in economy or revamping and ready for higher roller coaster ride? Is this a sudden new positive event horizon for her? New book or enterprise to throw her into limelight? Is she the distractor factor or thrown off the horse. Is she coming into her own unique power or loss of such? With Uranus to also trine her Moon, big good things are up as well as a bit shocking events. Is it increased drama and huge change, transformation, of day to day, place and circumstance? Astrology aspects have higher and lower octave that each of us as individuals out of freedom must attune ourselves to ~ destiny or fate. Right or wrong turn, karma or destiny; we each sing the key to which song.

With the trine aspects , one would think she will have sweet outcome no batter what, and may have some pleasant surprises and new presentations for public, new look, new gifts, new view.        

     Many aspects in sky indicate the intensity of the transformative times. All aspects have a higher and lower octave of possible expression depending on the quality of motive and intention as well as the ability and intelligence of individuals involved. This month into next much karma and dharma being activated for serious change and rearrangement of musical chairs. These days history is in the making. May it be good true beautiful for all of us.

June 18th Saturn trine Neptune, mercury conjunct Mars, and Moon occulting or eclipsing Saturn. Security and ideals try to meet heart and mind in soul of it all. Now is powerfully real time. Folks more easily honest and sharing what they feel, need, and dream. In their own view, what happening, abounds in art, words, thoughts, actions. A giving of serious bottom lines with high ideals at stake. For many these days a further proof we need an angel arrives for real (loving kindness, virtue and noble truth) coming back into every day life in every way possible in every place in the world.

With transit of Uranus conjunct  Venus in chart of NY Stock Exchange on June18-19th ~ stocks and markets could be in for more wild rides and dangerous time.  Avoid gambling or drawing lines in the sand, ultimatums or dictates. Be creative and free, give others freedom you yourself desire. Be creative again.

June 19th Mercury oppose Pluto, Moon occult Pluto, Mars oppose Pluto. Hopefully here is where justice prevails, egotism is put in check, lies exposed, compassion wins over ignorance and delusion or lack of love and truth. Hopefully we find truth love compassion to hold and carry us all here to better life more noble of character. Share! Jealousy is loving someone for who you want them to be, not who they are. Compassion is wanting someone to not suffer, love to be happy, wishing enlightenment seems best. Such aspects have a sense of deadline, completions, finality, end of the line, endings and new beginnings. Scapegoating and blaming others for one’s own poor choices or wrong doings won’t work here. Poor choices tends to backfire or bind one to sorrow. Study and learn, who am I? What is the Self. See HPB’s Key to Theosophy or Steiner’s Road to Self Knowledge, Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hermes’ Divine Pymander, or Osho’s Book of Secrets. A real need here for understanding of other, working with others, not demonizing or justifying. Those willing to learn earn degrees to real futures.

June 21 Summer Solstice, sun goes into Cancer and Neptune goes retrograde.  Ok, right when reality and more true facts appear now many attempt to resuscitate the corpse of broken dreams and past hopes. The past and/or future tend to distract many from present needs and opportunities. Be present, be still, heart listening to space within without. Be the truth , live the life, love the eternal whispering in all of us.

June 23rd venus opp Jupiter gives impulse to be around people who support even a pretense to happiness. Over indulgence can be an issue here. June 24th Venus square Neptune wants an idealistic fantasy of past and/or  future to escape the present. Avoid sweets weakening clear perceptions. Art, music, poetics strong as love here.

June 26-27 Mercury enters Leo and Sun sextile Uranus, moon conjunct uranus. Urge to make something new happen that is smarter, quicker, more honestly upbeat and higher octave. demiUrge Genius at work these days to enliven, awaken, and yes forsaken what don’t work.

July 2nd Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer on USA Sun and Mick Jagger’s ex Jerry Hall’s Sun Sign. Oops! Time for Mick Jagger to have another hit song? or leave the scene suddenly?!  Next two weeks dangerous time to overplay oneself or to provoke idiots, madmen, and premie pirates of genius but false futures. Temptation this week and next to make old dead self walk the plank into larger oceans of possibility and hope. Need for nourishment of the soul to enliven spirit these weeks.

July 16th Lunar Eclipse also affecting USA Sun. July could prove a very intense (good or tough) time for politics, stock market jitters, home relations, quick rise or fall,  from or to,  fame, fortune, power, well being, right relations, and name of one’s angel. Some feel ‘eclipsed’ or cut out of something, others feel they are finally connecting, hooking up, with destiny, futurity, healthier happier wiser heartier matters.

July 11th Mars square Uranus. Anger and aggressive moves cause strong reactions and quick storms, or does higher bravado and courageous truth raise the inner standard of living a virtuous life? Avoid unnecessary travel, risk, investments, or gamble. Patience needed to avoid argument or storm. If procrastinating, now may be the time to act. Be gentle wise loving kind. No force. Sudden news jolts perspectives. Avoid negative emotions these last days and next. Genius and humor have timing, keep your inner spirit soul song in heart for wings to grow into good true futures.

July 16th Lunar Eclipse moon occults saturn and pluto making for more repressive or severe emotions and weather; extremely hot or cold in various parts.

August 11th Jupiter goes direct making things, people events  look forward motion like. Many future plans enacted.

August 15 Full Moon 22 Aquarius. Freedom and security controls both vie for attention. Freedom and necessity work to harmonize coming days.

Aug 26 to 29th Venus trine Uranus, Mars trine Uranus, Sun trine Uranus and New Moon on 30th. Love and truth attempt a marriage here, good time to make promises worth keeping. Working for peace and love, creativity and heavenly estate. Positive spirited time for most.

If one presents a public lecture about spiritual science or anthroposophy, then one is forced to take into account the inability to take in what is offered, by the contemporary world, one must be very much aware of this limited ability. One has to be clearly conscious of the fact that in our time, although there is an influx of insights streaming in from the spiritual world, insights which are necessary for humankind today, it is very difficult nowadays to be uninhibited in taking these truths in. Most people who are not well prepared to receive it will experience the deeper spiritual-scientific truths as a shock, as something which appears as fantastic or as a dream.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner –GA 127.

Blessings, Joyful Heart good times!

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