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Astrology Predictions 2020 and more with Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop

Astrology Predictions 2020 and more with Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop

Astrology January into March 2020

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        ~trebore tau bodhi

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Jan 2nd Mercury conjunct Jupiter in keep it simple stupid and practical Capricorn. All ahead go with thoughts, projects, works, plans of duration and long lasting consequences. Take care not to brag or promise what you can’t deliver. Practical realism and bottom line works good here. Tendency to take on the3 world and let one’s mind conquer the mountain of ideals. Capricorn wants to be sure its going to work. Merc/Jupiter wants to have a good experience, work or not.

“Torn open by us again and again,
the god is the place that heals.
We’re jagged, because we want to know,
but he is scattered and serene.” ~Rilke

Jan. 3rd ‘hard driving’ willful Mars enters blunt yet diffuse, honest expansive ‘shoot for the stars’ Sagittarius (influences next month and a half).  Leaving sneaky spooky secretive Scorpio and going into blunt honest to the point and shooting in the shy Sagittarius may prove a strong shift from emotions to high flying intellect and strong willful actions. Jan.7th triggers mars/nep, expect blurs of fantasy and imaginations of escape, colorful antics. Keep grounded. Around Jan. 28th most critical when mars squares neptune making for miscuing, miss shooting, missed opportunities, accidents and strange illness (flu/cold), need to eat pure food, keeping practical. Sense of lingering ghosts of the past, as well as feeling drained by worries about the future. Bad time to gamble or take risk. Beware of scams, liars, wrong directions. On the other hand, many feel the sky is the limit and wanderlust, entertaining adventures, futurism, science fiction. Ecological and food concerns. Dreamy times and hard to trust news end of January. March/April’s mars aspects hit on Saturn/Pluto making for strong physical down to earth practical actions, needs, and more binding situations. Strong urges to grow and know, expand boundaries and adventures.

“Till finally some astonished onlooker understands
and praises its long endurance. Sayable on by the singer.
Audible only by the god.”     ~Rilke

Jan. 4th-5 Earth closest to Sun making for an inner spiritual festival of lights, inner cognition, heart sparks and ignition, inner rebirth of luminousity, big insights. Good time to consult your deepest inner self and highest star as to the future, resolution of the past, and invocation of divine presence. Revelations and spirit sparks of right sense of direction, many of which have been percolating since winter solstice Dec. 21-22, affecting coming year. Inwardly a solar light bath of higher awakening, dreams, intuitions.

What is that which was, is, and will be, whether there is a Universe or not; whether there be gods or none?” asks the esoteric Senzar Catechism. And the answer made is—SPACE.”

                     -HPB (SecretDoctrine I, p. 9)

Jan 10 full moon lunar eclipse 20 Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury. America gets smarter fast. Dangerous times in markets although big moves pulling out of certain investments, or going into new investments of self, time, money. A sense of ending and new beginning is everywhere. Strong shift in likes and dislikes, cultural icons and heroes both rise and fall this year starting now. Such aspect brings quickened awareness of problems and possible solutions. Painful awareness of facts and truths. For still others its blissful insights. Strong urge for change. Urge for greater truths and intents, drive, purpose, meaning. National and international news explosive and shocking, revelational, confrontational, with many a breakdown of situations, as well as many a breakthrough. All the geo-political hot spots and weird political dog fights light up. Dangerous time in international politics and warring. Good time to take good look at ways to curb violence, bring greater peace, educate educate, educate the less fortunate without putting folks in debtor’s prison. Painful awarenesses arise. Need for quick action.

These couple of days around Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, test one’s true self. Patience, wisdom, persistence, compassion, right work and play, very needed. Strong sense of many an ending, shift of gears, and sense of laying strong base (good or bad) for the long term future. Danger of only seeing what’s wrong with everything rather than what we can do about it.

    With Lunar Eclipse in Cancer conjunct Marianne Williamson’s Venus near her Sun, (Coming weeks limelight, shift in love life, values, likes, disciplined focus or renunciation) while Saturn is past opposing her Sun (feeling blocked, obstructed, weighed down; maturing into something greater, happiness when alone, yet she is so public! A sense of catching up to herself) ~ we may find her shifting her perspective, her look, her message, focussing more on few strong points, reconsidering and strengthening her base. As Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto head for her late Capricorn Moon, she is not going away but strengthening her message and direction. Having gone through Saturn/Pluto oppose her Sun/Venus, she has been through a huge change in running for President, and may need to keep her health and exercise/diet up. Later in January transit of Jupiter oppose her Uranus, then feb. Jup. opposing her Sun/Venus will boost both her assets and courage for truth.

    Perhaps my best song from last year, about marianne williamson. Here :

I am still pondering astrologically the role both Michelle Obama and Oprah will play in the coming Presidential Election. Will Michelle Obama enter the race and run? Win? Astrologically possible!

    Bernie Sanders just got through saturn/pluto transit square his moon (health issues). Sat/Pluto still coming to square his natal mars near his natal moon. Hmmm. At the moment Bernie collected most money for campaign (other than Pres.Trump). Bernie has transit of Jupiter trine his Midheaven heading for trine to his Sun. This is good moment for him.

“The moon points to our past, the sun to the future. We look up to the two luminaries, that of the day and that of the night, and observe the relationship between them, for they send us the same light. Then we look into ourselves and observe all that is woven into our destiny through past experiences undergone as men; in this we see our inner moon-existence. And in all that continually approaches us in the present and determines our destiny, in all that works on from the present into the future we see the sun-element. We see how past and future are weaving together in human destiny.”-

           —-R. Steiner, Anthroposophy and the inner life.

    Uranus retrograde in early Taurus since mid august now goes Direct from retrograde. Markets challenged, vicissitudes and roller coaster ride emotionally and with some investments of self time money. Big changes in how we think of ‘things’ we need, how we think of investments, money, property, security, sex/love, friends, goods. For many time to quickly act, make decisions, try new directions, take things to higher and deeper level of awareness and participation. Many now wake up as to what to do quickly to make up for lost time or opportunity. Some feel thrown out at the turn. Lots of reversals or upsets. For some breakthroughs rather than breakdowns. A sense of letting go and letting God. Our more virtuous and nobler side, sparks right seeing and action hero to the rescue. Good time to intuit new directions, new thinking, renewed action. Letting go of distractions and activating higher octaves. The inner OM or Holy within one’s self reveals new worlds. Possible shock or event precipitating need for strong reaction. Next 3-4 days, thinks and things can go to extremes; in weather, markets, moods, relations. Keep cool head and warm heart. Sudden quick turn of events. Everything at the moment seems hot and quick. Politics and news alarming and breathtaking.

“Paracelsus named it the sidereal light, taking the term from the Latin. He regarded the starry host (our earth included) as the condensed portions of the astral light which “fell down into generation and matter,” but whose magnetic or spiritual emanations kept constantly a never-ceasing intercommunication between themselves and the parent-fount of all — the astral light. “The stars attract from us to themselves, and we again from them to us,” he says. The body is wood and the life is fire, which comes like the light from the stars and from heaven. “Magic is the philosophy of alchemy,” he says again.* Everything pertaining to the spiritual world must come to us through the stars, and if we are in friendship with them, we may attain the greatest magical effects.”

       ~HPB, Isis Unveiled 

Jan. 12 Mercury/Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. Political and World scary moments here. Attempts in solving most difficult problems. Seeing the problems clearer. Need for more time. Burdensome news. Serious tone of Conservatism, control freaking, authoritative controls, more corporatocracy and plutocratic elite minority ruling but not understanding the majority and the concerns of the world as a collective unity, family of humanithy. Another Aristocratic PreFrench Revolution scenerio? Also time of heavy reckoning, heavy mistakes, mistaken views,  blunder, set backs, while elsewhere breakthroughs and big first steps to long term goals. There is always freedom in astrology to tune to the higher octave of planets, avoiding the lower unconscious instinctive chaos or negative manifestations. Mercury here adds intelligence and revelation to powerful land lords of secrets. A wanting to know true ground within one’s self and the world round. Need for new rules, discipline and work ethic, but not so tight and contractive, repressive, restrictive, that it takes away the fun, the free learning, the research and exploration, the search for meaning. A strong sense for need for more security or sureness when it comes to calling, job, career, self worth, family, roots, friends. A renewed sense of trust or mistrust , depending; but for sure deepening, maturing, aspect. Saturn and Pluto denote chronic health, job, relationship, family, home, self image challenges, problems, endeavors. Saturn/Pluto takes a long time coming, long time going. Think 33-39 years ago. Think 1982, think 2002; what were you doing, planning, thinking about all the time. Now such thinks and plans come to conclusion, metamorphic ally change, self correct, redirect, shift to higher or lower level, or die and get reborn. Those with cardinal signs Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries feel it the most. Big decisions and changes coming now and in a year or more for fixed signs taurus, scorpio, leo, aquarius who feel ‘hurry up and be patient, hold still and quick do something’. Mutable signs keep looking for where its most comfortable and tend to not get so stressed out as the other signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius). See my Astrological Predictions Talk on my youtube channel. Google ‘Robert Thiibodeau, Don’t Go, Youtube’ to find my channel easily.

      Saturn Pluto aspects call for patience and compassionate wisdom, otherwise really weird strong reactions, danger of further problems. But for sure indicates time of danger or violence, loss of gain, warring contesting, going to extremes in behaviour and weather, hot and cold situations, feeling stuck and over burdened, danger of over doing, over dose, crushing circumstance, and things going bad. Need for discipline and patience, fine arts, music, meditation, simple play. Troubled markets or heavily online with high end controls? None-the-less, tough aspect. Good for scientific research, spiritual science, laying foundation, inner work, laying out strong plans.

As one of the greatest reformers, an inveterate enemy of every theological dogmatism, a persecutor of bigotry, a teacher of one of the most sublime codes of ethics, Jesus is one of the grandest and most clearly defined figures on the panorama of human history …. the grand figure …. wil reign supreme and universal only on that day when the whole of humanity recognizes but one father — the Unknown One above — and one brother, the whole of mankind below.

             ~HPB, Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 150

With Jan. 13th Sun conjunct Saturn/Pluto, brings clarity and map to hard work and toil, immediate need for sound response . Need for light of wisdom and clarity for sure. Sound reason in light of difficult situations, right facts, but also ‘near beer’ tales and half truths possibly blurring or obstructing the immediate road ahead. Sacrifice to attain goal. Many obstacles to movement, growth, truth, and love, it seems.

    These last few days here may bring event and indications of many an ending, shift of gears, change of players, new beginning, solemn conclusions to a few long winded stories and past year events. The need to move on becomes apparent but some things endlessly and painfully drag on. In many places need for strong police or military action (gosh, sounds like every day these days in the news). Weird fears, sense of being controlled or dominated by something within or without. Feeling unsocial and unpleasant, crushed or blocked. Need for simplifying and purifying ones’ life. Heavy karmic lessons for many. Hard work with little or no reward. Here yoga, meditation, patience, new study, persistence, perseverance, selfless endeavor, compassion and more patience, go far. I cannot recommend enough to regularly and systematically read and study Rudolf Steiner, HP Blavatsky, Manly Hall, Tibetan Buddhism (Gelek Rimpoche), NeoPlatonism, Osho, Krishnamurti, Yoganandya, Franz Bardon, Prokofief, Yoga, Marianne Williamson, Marion Woodman, Von Franz, and more. All at mayflower bookshop if you want to check it out. It can open many a new door of opportunity and grace.

All that is grand and noble in Christian theology comes from Neo-Platonism.      -HP Blavatsky 

   Venus into Pisces on 13th softens things up and makes for a desire to escape, not think for a moment, urge to love something, anything, somebody, music and subtle mind heart adventures, a search for higher unity and meaningfulness. Love imaginations, travels, trips, dreaming sweet thinks and things, psychic intuitive perceptions enhanced. Yet one needs curb false projections and ill notions incapable of really helping anyone, self included. Creative imagination and fun, music arts versus  fantasy and lost in space, mindlessness.

“Ah, the specter of transience,
through the guilelessly receptive
it passes like wisps of smoke.
And we, with our driving, our striving, ~
the abiding Strengths assume
that the gods have some need for us.”   ~Rilke

Jan.16th Mercury enters Aquarius squaring Uranus on Jan. 18th. These 3 days mark a time for getting right facts and dealing with things directly and honestly and straightforward. A very tripping time for getting to the point, laying it out straight, and moving on to the future. The reveling rebel creative spirit in look, word, action.

Jan. 20th Sun enters Aquarius giving feeling for truth, freedom, zany expressionism, and solid facts or fantasies one can live with. A want of security and freedom of expression.

“You still knew the place where the lyre
rose resounding~~; the undreamt of center.
….real happiness your friend’s face and stride.”   ~Rilke

Jan. 23-24th Sun square Uranus and New Moon. Shake ups, sun sparks, quakes or jolts, sudden quick storms, a quickening of affairs, high romance, sudden meetings or partings, fast moving events next days. Short lived experiences. Lots of new innovative creative happenings in coming weeks. For others, jolts or slaps to wake up, grow up, try new thinks and things.

The Jan. 24th New Moon 4 degrees Aquarius squares Uranus indicating few days into next two weeks really, a need for higher creative release, pursuit,. I am hoping we here and there get peeks of what is to come in december 2020 with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius. Perhaps a new sense of idealism, a sense of new belonging, group identity, concern for what is good for the whole of society and the world, not just one’s separate self. Collective sense of creativity, freedom, truth, justice, joy. Belief in a God, or a virtue, a friend, heart and soul, a sense of the Spirit of the Times, creative good change, opportunity for growth, happiness, the ideals of the American Way. For some a sense of disturbing realizations and need for remedy, change, reorientation, direction.  Early fixed signs affected the most. A need for freedom, but also a need for securing time worthy projects, goals, commitments.

“Silent friend of the many distances,
feel how your every breath enlarges space.
…..if drinking is bitter, become wine.
<… magic power at your senses crossroads,
…..and if the earthly should forget you,
say to the silent loam: I flow.
To the rushing waters speak: I am.”       ~Rilke

Jan. 26th Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius. Venus and Mars make for the best or worst of lovers, sensuality, super sensuous experience, lots of energy to join or spark, or conflict, depending on other aspects. Fire and water makes for steamy contesting. Fire can burn the watery emotions. The water emotions/feelings can put out the fire; or do thinks and things really getting cooking now. Intensity, polarity, psychic intuitive connections. One can be too much feeling and inwardly oversensitive or fragile, while the other is aggressive fiery outwardly assertive or blunt; both feeling the other doesn’t understand or get it. Good for healthy love/sex polarity or contesting honestly and respectfully; but difficult aspect if projecting and fighting with one sided ego attack and walled up hurt feelings. Jealousy, control freaking, projection, anger, negative emotions is to be avoided at this time. Good for yoga, work out, exercise, music and the arts with aspects tomorrow too.

The efflux from the Divine Being was imparted to the human spirit in unreserved abundance, accomplishing for the soul a union with the divine, and enabling it while in the body to be partaker of the life which is not in the body.


Jan. 27 Venus conjunct Neptune. Erotic dreams, imaginations, fantasies, overtures, meetings. High Romance. It can go higher or lower octave, up to you. Oversensitivity, heightened sensuality or artistic sensitivities. Some may run, hide, feel too vulnerable and over sensitive. Good for artistic pursuits. Dreaming spiritual artistic relations. Idealistic romance of knowledge, spirit souls, arts, music. Making the beautiful and surreal. Future planning, travel, dreaming out into things.

    Keep your moods, feelings, imaginations in check from negative wanderings. Danger of false or exaggerated imaginations wrecking things, feelings, vibe.

“The anterior idea of the New Platonists was that of a single Supreme Essence. . . All the old philosophies contained the doctrine that  , theoi, gods or disposers, angels, demons, and other spiritual agencies, emanated from the Supreme Being. Ammonius accepted the doctrine of the Books of Hermes, that from the Divine All proceeded the Divine Wisdom or Amun; that from Wisdom proceeded the Demiurge or Creator; and from the Creator, the subordinate spiritual beings; the world and its people being the last. The first is contained in the second, the first and second in the third, and so on through the entire series.” 

~Alexander Wilder, who helped HPB write Isis Unveiled

Jan. 28th Mars square Neptune. Very active imagination time. Strong wish, projection, need, drive and hunger. Danger of danger, rash crazy chaotic happenings, med/drug wrong doings, water and space problems, weakness, narrow mindedness, need for leaving others free, giving space, avoid explosive situations, out of hand emotions, false projections and wrong actions, aggression, misdirection. Misuse of power, misdirection, overdose, drug craziness, confusion over dose, strange food poisonings and need for pure clean good food, grace before and after! For some feeling drained, tired, vampirized, weak, toxic, feelings of being overwhelmed, lied to, or out of touch with one’s own higher self and true north star, goals. Some in need of retreat, sleep, renewal, simple clean pure diet, more exercise, less fretful worry and lost in space. Take a break from habits ‘killing you’ or side tracking your vital energy, airs, and right thinking. Here what not to do is more important than what to do for long term results; purify, have compassion, patience, heart open listening, be still and know, listen to what the world is telling you, quit fighting projections and ghosts of past/future, have much more compassion for yourself and others. Take art or music lessons, play chess, go, anything helps with concentration and colorful soul life. Mars/Neptune can be the highest minded activities and idealistic futuristic pursuits, but the down side is a blur of unconsiousness, lost at sea or in space, weird fogs, bang ups, wrong use of guns, wrong projections, mishaps.

“The Atman alone warms the inner man; i.e., it enlightens it with the ray of divine life and alone is able to impart to the inner man, or the reincarnating Ego, its immortality. Thus, as we shall find, for the first three and a half Root-Races, up to the middle or turning point, it is the astral shadows of the “progenitors”, the lunar Pitris, which are the formative powers in the Races, and which build and gradually force the evolution of the physical form towards perfection—this, at the cost of a proportionate loss of spirituality. Then, from the turning point, it is the Higher Ego, or incarnating principle, the nous or Mind, which reigns over the animal Ego, and rules it whenever it is not carried down by the latter. In short, Spirituality is on its ascending arc, and the animal or physical impedes it from steadily progressing on the path of its evolution only when the selfishness of the personality has so strongly infected the real inner man with its lethal virus, that the upward attraction has lost all its power on the thinking reasonable man. In sober truth, vice and wickedness are an abnormal, unnatural manifestation, at this period of our human evolution—at least they ought to be so. The fact that mankind was never more selfish and vicious than it is now, civilized nations having succeeded in making of the first an ethical characteristic, of the second an art, is an additional proof of the exceptional nature of the phenomenon.”

        ~HPB, (SD II, p. 110)

Feb. 9th Full Moon 20 degrees Leo. A sense of strong outer expression, getting things done, forward motions, positive connection, seeing and being seen, shining and being shown, flair for daring adventure, good times, and smiling hearts/faces. Avoid cockiness, egotism, showing off. Strong expressions of individuality.

Feb. 16th Mercury retrograde till March 9th. Mercury at 12 Pisces goes back to 28 Aquarius. Feeling influenced good or bad. Plans without energy for action, or way too much energy and action without good plan. Here is time to cross check your fantasy dreams and imaginations of success and happiness. Are they real, realizable, freeing? A recheck, review, reinstatement, and turn around to try again. How to seek and find true happiness, freedom, creativity, love, is the process at hand. How to find work that renews and commitments that free not imprison and lock one down too much. How to breathe is learned here. Selfless pursuit of truth over psychodrama and amateur merry go rounds.

Feb. 25th Sun conjunct Mercury, Super alert day, events awaken one’s mind to impermanence in outer form and foreverness with inner love/truths. Strong statements, facts, clear intention, getting business done, making connection. Possible events triggering quick action/response.

Feb 20 Jupiter sextile Neptune. Highly idealistic universal love and artistic dreams come true. Danger of scandal due to lack of awareness or unconscious desires, fears. Beautiful weirdly warming weather, elsewhere snowy winter wonderlands of cozy up get warm on the inside. Beautiful aspect for connecting with others heart and soul, spirit and body.

Feb. 21 Mars trine Uranus. Solving problems, arousing strong energy to succeed. Strong forward motion, getting things done, progress. Strong rise in new leadership or stepping up to captain direction.

Feb 27th-28th Venus square Pluto. Avoid negative craziness, jealousy, destructive habits and negative speech, over critical non constructive mind. This is a very deep aspect. Some take things too personally, others make it personal and intimate. Good aspect for forming long term bonds, or separating from such. Fanatics in music, love, art, deep knowing. Avoid crazy stress and tension due to feeling forced into things. Need to make boundaries or state clearly needs, desires, dreams, wants, unwants. Deep feelings here but need to not take things too seriously or personally feeling hurt. Feel heart, compassionate universal heart instead.

March 7-8-9 Sun conjunct Neptune and SuperMoon full moon in virgo 19 degrees. Its a BIG WEEKEND full of lost in space, highly imaginative adventure, lost for some, found and refounded for others. Avoid confusing crazys, liars and just talk. Good for travel, plans, play. music and the arts, platonic spiritual connections, high romance, Grail.

March 23-24 Mars conjunct Pluto, New Moon in Aries 4 degrees. Violence and mad men, or heroes and redeemers, saviors of heart and soul. Good for research, in depth study, finalizing, completing. Avoid taking things too personally. Avoid martyrs. Look for in depth honest workings.

~robert of mayflower dec, 2019.
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Astro News and Spirited Views ~~~

Sept 5 Mercury in Virgo until Sept 22 adding to the critical mind
needing constructive postive input and output. Time to clean up negative or lost in space thoughts and get back to the school of life.

Sept. 6-7th Saturn direct from retrograde, Mercury trine Uranus and Saturn making grand trine, Sun oppose Neptune. Pressures top down, bottom up for truth, but hard to find. Political/Corporate manipulation of social cultural realities and concerns; lies and deceit along with startling revelations of what was once secret. Insatiable needs and melt downs? The power for change, for some a change of power. Many hanging on to bitter end. Good time for yoga and meditation, long walks and few deep patient breaths. Need to back off those things making you feel tired and drained, over burdened, over used, and feeling like you are going nowhere. Good for practical planning and envisioning better futures. Work to solidify good ‘thinks and things’ in your life. Appreciate, don’t depreciate. No expectations, no let downs, No appointments, no disappointments. In fact, don’t point at all, go round and embrace all sides for awhile. Avoid inflationary statements and deflationary situations. Keep a balance, the middle way, the golden mean. Love everyone, you don’t have to like em.

Sept 8th Venus in Libra square Mars in Capricorn. Art vs Money, love vs security clash. For those who can handle it, erotic or romanic romantic robust sensuality or sense of arousal and need for proper outlet or expression. Passion for work and art. A sense of happiness heading home or toward long term security, love, friendship. Wanting to move away from negativity and more towards peace and love, friendship with a goal.

Sept 10 Mars goes into Aquarius (till mid November) and is near square again to Uranus (exact on 18th, see below). Such aspect brings out the maverick freedom fighter with a lust for progress and change, but also the suddenly angry violator, trespassers of others rights. Good for sudden telling of truths or revealing unknown before now facts. Venus/Moon’s Node/Lilith come into play here too with Mars Uranus bringing ‘Wild Women’ together with ‘Wild Men’ triggering either amazing love adventure or notorious conflict/resolution and warring among opposites, or the sexes. For many, an up and down, sudden turn around, sudden fling or throw back time. Higher Truth, Love and Compassion, and much patience and wisdom will be needed at this time to avoid conflict. Sudden threat or explosive situations.

Sept 12th Jupiter sextile Pluto, Venus opposes Uranus, and later in day Venus sextile to Saturn. Powerful alliances in both money and love. Unsettling facts for some, for others highly exciting prospects, unions and adventure, plans. Some feel suddenly forsaken or thrown out of situation. Some escape or free self from difficult circumstances. Sudden turn of luck. Danger in gambling.

Sept 13 Mercury oppose Neptune, dreams and ideals, plans for the future; or lies and misleading facts, false promises. Avoiding the truth, not wanting to face the facts. The creation of illusion or false premise. At times, truth vs lie confrontation. Blurry thinking or perceiving, seeing. Idealists and mystical inclinations.

End of September into October, Pluto midpoint Jupiter/Neptune midpoint brings urge to go beyond limits, speculations beyond measure, possible great losses, (or for few ‘gains’?) ;for some great gain or connection, union, joint venture. For some possible end to unreasonable plans and hopes/desires without measure, possible strong losses in investments and markets, danger of too risky or speculative involvement, bankruptcies and loss. Danger of wanting to make money without working or making true effort. Pluto here too can be sudden reckoning and need to correct ill thought out plans, need to heal obvious blunders in ecological and economic thinking. Tendency to over criticize others to avoid working on oneself. The end of a dream or false hope and the rebirth of simple life style and renewed sanity. Need to avoid obsessive compulsive trying to help others you can’t help, or who don’t even want your help in the first place. Taking things too personally. Tricky time for all major investments both financially and emotionally, personally. Having said this, I also want to say such aspect may be playing into 2020 Saturn conjunct Pluto and setting a base for a more singular world wide economic plan attempting to set pattern for more regularity and control, hopefully more peace and less paranoid arms bulging and building, more gardening and humanitarian taking care of each other in both necessities, health, and education. Pluto on the Jupiter/Neptune point in Capricorn is also the midpoint between Jupiter/Uranus in Aquarius midpoint and the Jupiter Pluto midpoint in Sagittarius indicating goodness and creativity anew coming out of this time along with the stress and pressure of our individual and collective labor pains of love attempting to give birth to higher consciousness conducive to greater world peace, joy and wisdom.
With Uranus trine USA Progressed Moon (in Sagittarius Rising Chart) exact Sept. 21 but influencing the month, Women seem on the rise and ever more empowered and smart on the move upwards, possible announcements and major exciting moves in politics and futurism. New discoveries and break throughs, new thought combined with force of feeling positive.
Sept. 18th (influences 19th to 20th Sept) Mars square Uranus, can bring brave courageous action and sudden arousal of virtuous and creative action. Take care to play it safe here; crazy danger around this day. Such aspect can precipitate unnecessary violence, anger, negative emotion, escalating troubles, wrong gun play, accidents, crashes, storms, strong winds, loss of patience, hasty moves triggering blow ups, crazy ups and downs, wild news, and nasty vibes and environs. Flips and turn arounds, upsets, hasty premature actions. Great aspect for experimenting in music and the arts, but tendency to get too forceful or loud, over the edge, without boundaries or allegiance to harmony, beauty. Basically, the last month has been the public crucifixion and psychic execution of the ‘Strip Naked Magazine Mind’ and ‘Agent 007’ mentality that one can grow up, be filthy rich, take the house down, assertively win the woman, beat the casino and enemy against all odds, and sail at the end of the movie into an eternal sunset of pleasure. The false image of winning by beating up the enemy seems wrong to me. Some see these times as an etheric crucifixion of the Christ, the Universal love and truth, the universal friend. How do we convert or be alchemists in transforming negativities to positivities? None-the-less , this aspect of Mars Uranus once again triggers all geo-political hotspots and maniac people looking for trouble and fights without wisdom, foresight nor hindsight, attempting to stir change but wherein nothing really changes for the better, just on going conflicts and perpetual warring. Its crazy to keep causing further suffering without thought of long term future consequences for self and other, the world. Here wisdom needs oversee partial genius and short sighted hasty quick intention. The road to hell is paved with good intention. Virtuous action long term and for the good of all is called for. a need to peacefully and patiently look deeper into self and other. Courage for truth holds us all sacred at core, live that. Stocks, politics, and weather can be a bit strange and full of vicissitudes. Good time to stop going through changes and root deeper into cooking, cleaning, making home, being regular reliable and trustworthy at work and play, diet and sleep, exercise and spiritual practice. Work on self to more creative change world around.

Sept 22nd 9:55 pm est Autumn Equinox, day equal to night, and days now start to get shorter and nights longer till winter solstice in December. Sacred time for all spiritual and earthly cultures throughout history. To the ancient Celts and Druids, early essene, and many more, Autumn Equinox (when the Sun enters the astrological sign Libra) is the esoteric (inner spiritual) beginning of the new year. This Autumn Equinox, Sun and Mercury are in artistic and legally balancing Libra and Sun opposes Chiron in Aries. Many seek some sort of reconciliation or new balance with self and other, world. Chiron wants to heal but with opposition take care not to re-new conflicts, making for a couple of weeks of opposite polarities lost for harmony, healing, balance, acknowledgement, and balanced communication. Political and economic conflict, or renewed struggle, stress and tension, warring, stormy. Sun/Mercury trine Mars and dark moon lilith gives strength to those willing to strive and work with others toward innovative and novel pursuits, new levels of negotiating, higher consciousness.. Now the time of ArcAngelic Inner Sun forces and intelligence, St. Michael time of inner awakening. Time of the Celtic New Year being reborn within us for sure.

Sept. 23 Mercury square Saturn and Mercury trine Mars. Truth tries to get out now. The Truth holds us all sacred or more fighting facts? Conservative restraint and discipline conflict with aggressive need to progress? For some over indulging leads to trouble/problems. Need to think before acting hastily. Some stuck in old ways and won’t let go of neither pleasure nor pain use to having. Addictions killing many here.Those working with and for benefit of others seem to achieve more success than lone dogs and aggressive or selfish hedonists, egotists, and playing without responsibilities to others benefit and growth.

Sept 21st to 24th (exact) Harvest full moon 2 degree Aries (10:52 pm est) Enjoy the 21st to Full Moon on 24th cus on 25th Sun/Saturn snaps us back to work and reality and things need fixing, patient wisdom, and healing.

Sept 25 Sun square Saturn, extremes in weather, cold shoulder or circumstance, hot headed? Need to fix something (teeth, car, facts and accounting for ). Good for hard work, catching up, getting more exercise or sleep. Bad for pushing too hard and always negative or complaining. If contemplative and thoughtfully wise, ‘light and love’ arises to solve or resolve difficult problems, solid long term solutions may arise; otherwise more patience and waiting. Some experience more road blocks and a need to pull it in tighter aligning oneself with the long term rather than short term and immediate results. Here haste makes waste.

Sept. 27th Sun trine Mars, strong talk or thrust to push things forward, align with smarter or wiser path and goal. A push in the right direction. A sense of ‘Go’. Good for exercise and gentle persuasion. Courage and passion for honest striving, yes; but don’t accidentally run over another’s good dream eh?!

Sept 30th. Pluto goes direct from retrograde since last April. Should start to give better sense of where we are really going and better sense of future down the road. Hopefully lots of emotional stress and feeling stuck now gets worked out with compassion and patience for everyone’s higher self. Pluto often associated with really selfish moves, jealousy, negative emotions, attachment, hatred and more. Good for compassion and wisdom’s two wings to enlightenment and freedom.

End of Sept. into Oct. Pluto midpoints Jupiter/Neptune as Pluto close to midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus and Neptune/Pluto. Also first days of October, Saturn transit opposes USA Venus possibly indicating major pull back or drop in the markets, possible death or ending of some rich or famous politician, movie star, celebrity? Ego? False self? Or is it a sense of ending and new beginning for some. Fall from grace for some; loss of name, fame, money, love, respect. Falling out of love with past. Some dig into transformative alchemical renewal and healing or new start. Endings and new beginnings abound. Good time to retreat or go in deeper in research, renewal, cleaning, ridding of unneeded items, cleaning and fixing up. Early November Saturn oppose USA Jupiter, also Saturn opposing USA Sun next year makes for a number of months of serious need to find sure footing, predictable economics not up and down in extremes ever changing. Need for sound reliable security and control in an ever expanding and contracting, up and down swirling world. Sadness in high places. Need for long term planning, not hot shot maneuvering. A search for deeper meaning and purpose. Financial and World Market concerns for securing long term begin now and may last for few years.

Oct. 22 2018 and Jan 6 2019 Neptune transit conjunct USA Progressed Sun; for some confusion and stuck in weird weather, weird food, fake circumstance and unreal circumstances, escapism or illness. Good time to take it easy and avoid gamble or stress or investing in pipe dreams and false futures. Good for art, music, mystics, far future planning. Uranus retrograde into dec./jan on square to USA natal Pluto will continue stress and pressures to change old power structures into something more intelligent, creative, and freeing for all.

Nov. 16th Venus direct from retrograde since Oct. 5th, and on same day Nov. 16th Mercury goes retrograde. All ahead love, but crazy markets and politics? Follow your bliss and happiness, your virtue and creativity, not your projections and negative criticisms of others. Work on your beautiful self to tame the wild beast.

Nov. 24th Neptune goes direct, such aspect starts to wake many from false dreams and projections held onto for last year or more. Dreams come true start to appear in next months for some. Others wake up to better ground sure and facts that hold.

Nov 26 Sun conjunct Jupiter happiness overflows and flowers smile from the heart. Good day to share, reach out and connect or reconnect. Good day for friendships and prosperity, play, productivity. Avoid extremes or foolhardy gambling or over indulgence.

Nov 29 2018 and feb 19 2019 in USA Chart, transit of Uranus conjunction Progressed Venus, unpredictable Love life and strong shifts in American likes and dislikes. Need for new view of exactly what sex and love is, what its for, what is happiness and freedom, self and other. For some separation, for others quick uniting and coming together. Many seek fun and excitement over security and routine at this time. Tendency to rediscover roots and wings of love. Rewriting the book of love. Sudden shifts in likes and dislikes. Crazy hollywood, music, and entertainment news. Arts and crafts, music, love, higher intelligence thrives on such aspects. New cultural artistic fashion trends. New feel for life.

Dec.6th Mercury direct, mind clears up for right action and thoughts to carry us through holidays into new year.

Dec 7th new moon 15 sagittarius with Mars conjunct Neptune that day (influencing next few days or month even) leads to a few weeks of crazy talk from everyone, loose tongues and loose cannons, danger of food poisoning in parts, or ecological mess. Mars/Nep also can bring a mystifying loss of direction, discipline, and diet. On the positive side for those attuned, new truths and revelations spark new journeys and travel, future plans. Mars Neptune is very active imagination that may need practical direction. Truth is so important at this time.

Dec. 9th Moon occults Saturn and Pluto making for weird day of serious reckoning with bottom lines and end of the line projectories. Extremes in weather and/or emotions, tendency to be too serious and scary, controlling, severe. Good day to catch up to past rather than push futures. Delays or obstructions, or opportunities for patience and compassion and great wisdom to persevere. Stormy weather coming…?!

December 15th Jupiter transit conjunction to natal USA Sagittarius Rising Sign. Everybody wants to go big! Few listen and inwardly deepen. And yea, this is a party or play aspect, happiness and friendships abound. Postitive aspect for education, travel, prosperity, feeling happiness in general, positive voices for present into future. New sense of knowing. An ‘All Ahead, Go!’ sense of things. Lucky in love and money and friendships, connections.

Dec. 22 Full Moon in Cancer. Good time to take stock in home and heart, friends/family/togetherness, inner spirit callings. Peak out time indicating a really intense year ahead.

Dec. 24 Mercury square Neptune, loss of good judgement? or intuitive impulse buying?

January 1, 2019, transiting North Node oppose Pluto ` Intense experiences New Year’s Eve into New Year Day powerfully pushing one to strongly change one’s ways or get side tracked or pushed out in the difficulties and negative emotions. Good time to confess your love and wish for connection, not disconnect. Possible difficulties trusting, sharing, caring, believing in. Need to re-invest, or is it wanting to not invest in some one or something any more. Jealousy and negative emotions can over ride clear thinking. Need to purify or rid oneself of inner and outer toxic environments. This intense time of emotions and weather weirdly pushes us into Jan. 4th when Jupiter transit semi squares Pluto in USA Chart adding tensions to change or be changed by outer circumstances beyond one’s control or mind set. For some, power alliances arise. For some, forcing one’s own way on others brings negative and ill effect. Saturn semi square USA moon on jan 5th adds to the depressive cold mood. Could be severe weather and tough politics or social mood. Or do all these aspects indicate a great Spirit for change and progress, purifying and again trying to raise one’s consciousness to the virtues taught by every great religion throughout all time? The eclipse of Sun on Jan. 5th brings a sense of no going back, only going forward. Saturn transit oppose USA Sun Jan. 17th 2019 gives extremes in weather (cold cold cold in parts) and a sense that a lot has to change to bring about better state of affairs. Life may seem an endurance test at this time where its hard to see the fruits of one’s labor, nor happy futures. Need for discipline and long term view. A call for wisdom and deeper love. Happiness when alone.

June 2019 Pluto trine USA Neptune, again Sept 2019
Deeply moving spiritual events and experiences help all see we are one planet, one family of friends. Opportunities for world peace and peaceful resolutions appear now. This aspect very well may force many to grow up and face the coming Aquarian Age.
Aug 10 2019 progressed moon oppose natal Sun USA CHART! Full moon experience; many take it to the limit one more time.
Jupiter aspects in USA chart in Nov. 2019 favor democrats methinks. More on this later.

Robert Thibodeau is a psychic intuitive reader, astrological consultant, speaker, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’, and song writer, vegetarian and organic gardener, swimmer and student of Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Tibetan Buddhism, and NeoPlatonism, among other things like piano.

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