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Astrology February into March 2020, and more!

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The friend is one who has the taste for real fun, 
the spiritual World Word virtue laughter bliss
making one forever young
in the eternal soul flame space between 
the dance and romance of words, time,
each other; during, before and after this,
eternally at each other’s Higher Self Service,
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“In the listening heart spirit soul, ever new, invisible
temples and roads are being built and woven in friendship.”
   ~robert of mayflower
“A friend is a song alive in the hearing of heart,
eye of spirit, space sacred ‘here now’, 
breath moment at hand.”
  -robert of mayflower

ASTRONEWS~  overview 

(see monthly aspects for feb/march below this overview)

With Jupiter coming to trine Elizabeth Warren’s natal Moon, watch her rise in the ranks of popularity in coming weeks (or at least hanging near the top). Astrologically, I still think she may be our next President, although Bernie still heavy contender (see below). Gosh, what if they joined hands and ran together? If Michelle Obama enters the race, astrologically she would most likely win. But so would Oprah. Michelle may do it by democratic convention. Astrology talk coming soon when I will go all over this and more; astrological forecasts.

    Bernie Sanders made it through some tough astrological aspects (heart health and more). Bernie has transiting Pluto about to oppose his Mars so taking care of health and more positivity, and less yelling, is a very necessary energetic to progress his way by. As Uranus comes to trine his Midheaven/Sun late May into June on, he’s rising again and his voice is not going away; even though a big bump in the road approaches. Pluto can be positive when aligned rightly with the underdog and popular common collective consensus. Can be empowerment rather than disempowering. None-the-less more care is needed not to trip, fall, have accident. Also possible travel problems, making enemies and more with Pluto/Mars. Mr. Bernie, take care, wisdom and compassion, what right to do, not just external rights, but courage for truth holds all of us inwardly true too!  Yes!.

    Joe Biden with transit of Saturn oppose his Jupiter may be tiring out, petering out, and losing support of the rich and mighty, or even about to have legal money hassles.   With transit of Uranus 150 degrees quincunx from his ascending rising sign, Joe may feel thrown from the horse, side tracked from hot reality intellect, or even on the wrong track. Uranus slowly coming to square his natal Pluto and oppose his Mars may indicate retirement and/or health issues coming down the road. Good for taking back seat and researching, perhaps writing.

     Though Mike Bloomberg may get a blip of rise with Jupiter transit trine his mars/saturn/uranus coming, his transit of slow moving Saturn/Pluto coming to oppose his ascending sign and natal Pluto does not portend of popularity in the long run. Many starting to think the richest don’t care to educate nor free the bottom, no matter what they say. Mars transit trine his moon/sun in Aquarius at the moment for short spell, certainly gives Mike strong presence and gusto maverick thruster rockets of display and presence progressive.

Pete Buttigieg has blip of success as mars transit squares his natal jupiter but with Saturn coming to conjunct his natal Sun and square Pluto, this may prove short lived.

More on all these candidates later.

President Trump’s transit of Mars conjunct Moon while opposing his natal Sun/Mercury makes for sharp smarts and words that may project the nasty meanies. Many see him as their economic warrior hero. Coming soon Saturn/Venus end of first week of February into March adds much stress and feelings of having to defend or react, fight off something. March is astrologically critical time for wisdom, patience and right action. Possible troubles from rash actions, but can be quite gutsy and robust in outspoken response. With such aspect one needs take care not to speak or act too quickly as to make matters worse and put oneself in unfavorable light. Avoiding hasty actions will deter accidents and hard response with little way out for others, little room to move, adds pressure to events. It also puts one on the defense, often in need of strong purposeful response. This could be concerning and negative to markets, economy, geo political hot spots, feuds between feudal lords, political in fights, challenges with personal attacks and feelings of betrayal. Also may be connected to matters concerning response to China and CoronalVirus troubles, along with its many implications for difficult travel and affect on trade, and markets, economics. So far markets jumping into high rise. Can this go on forever? Bit of roller coaster for many.

    Jupiter trine Trump’s midheaven end of march, or other aspects end of April hopefully will bring happier less stressful, more peaceful times and results good for all of us. Otherwise we need to make it to Jupiter/Saturn conjoined in Aquarius this coming december for mutually beneficial times to roll in for all of us. In December more of a vibration of mutual agreement and social justice. Now into all March is a time to learn to clearly see how to work a better way out of the incredible polarization and seeming emotional/astral/psychic civil war both the nation and the world state is experiencing. May our higher angel and deeper virtue deed awaken our every day toward a greater peace and love to prevail. May inspirational voices be heard, may hearts awaken with the highest intelligence.

In the USA sagittarius rising chart, Neptune transit squares the natal Mars/Uranus making for continuous miscue, misinformation, disinformation, lies and lipstick. Confusion who is the enemy or wrong. Victims abound and forgiveness and/or conversion/transformation rare. Conspiracy theories abound which lead to no clear result nor positive change. Same with crazier hollywood entertainment, an oft containment of imagination. Political incest grows, fearful violent entertainment persists, lies and falsehoods in high places dislocate many from real time and space. Neptune can make one feel vampirized, tired, drained. Eating more grains and greens, miso seaweed soup, salt baths, exercise, down time and sleep, meditation and yoga can help. Reading Steiner, HPB, Osho, Manly Hall, NeoPlatonism, Yogananda, Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Alchemy, Kabala, all can help free the mind from the tyranny of sense bound thinking and ‘pirate booty’, dead end soul life, and lack of hope.

    How much does the government spend on propaganda toward its own people again? Neptune is deception and lack of transparency. To say nothing of outside rich influence and propaganda on all media and more. Neptune on the flip side can be some pretty amazing but weird scientific breakthroughs, if not break downs in truth and fact. Many an artistic and spiritual experiences too available for some. One needs a healthy balance, a finding of the middle way, the golden mean, the wisdom of nature and healthy life style. Wisdom compassion and smarts, common sense, is needed to discern and discriminate the real from the unreal, the light from the dark, the more eternal immortal from the jungian ‘demon lover’ of wrong habit and addiction, wrong suffering producing no insight nor result sure, good, true.

     End of April Jupiter transit trine USA Midheaven may help heal, rightfully reveal, a way to go good for all of us. Demonizing and scapegoating others has to go. Access to healthy honest free debate and sharing is an american necessity to freedom. Projecting completely on others rather than working on self, rather than educating, healing, making whole, making friend, learning to work with, compromise, resolving issues rather than revolving and procrastinating reality and challenge to the future. Now is the time to be transformed inside out. Now the time to work together, not just push opinions. We need our leaders to understand the words “by the people, for the people”.

     Transiting Mars opposing USA natal Sun first week of March may well bring March Madness and storm, also feelings of being threatened and having to take a stand. Much outspokenness and urge to easily anger. Guns again then come into question as a loss of freedom and protection rather than protection and freedom.  Mars conjunct USA Pluto end of march may give strong clue to nature of the Pluto return coming. Sudden turn of events, endings or completions occur then. For some, an engaging in the Great Work of healing and spiritually mindfully awakening the world.

     Mid February Saturn conjunct Pluto after effect may bring very severe weather and cold to many places. Other places get weirdly warmer! Things seem dead locked or locked down, or torn down the middle. Chronic diseases and care for sick and elderly as well as the little ones may be at issue. Health care, insurance, quality food and life style at risk? Because Pluto in the USA second house, continued need for strong economical controls. Perhaps international money issues at steak. Insecurity about security, and need for more security about insecurities is issue and play.

   March 7th Mars oppose USA Sun followed by Mars square USA Saturn again forces many to look at solution to gun violence and acting or reacting out of fear. Danger or warlike escalades. Need to redirect or heal anger and selfish aggression. Need for new courage to love with wisdom and truth, compassion and spiritual insight. Need to act quickly, boldly, honestly and true to protect, heal, nourish, secure. Feelings of hard work. Money and health issues may abound. Time for disciplined action and working plans for long run. Immediate quick results awkward and tough.

At this point in March, the events of last few years are heading for culmination, endings and/or new beginnings. Serous demands for attention, sustainable reasoning and insight pertinent to a unified whole world. A need for right action based on right facts and higher wisdom/truth. By March coming, events will ‘pop the pimple’, expose the thief, possible clarify many a world problem or  trouble at hand. For the moment, things come to a head, kind of a truth or consequences’.

   Or is it reactive feelings of being cut off from truth and love trying to now rule? March sets up need for real World Peace and Love, treaty and mutual cooperation, which may take till December into coming years to manifest properly.

   Deep appreciation, discovery, responsible commitments abound when Jupiter joins (conjuncts) Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020. At that time many events trigger a sense of a new age of enlightenment, peace, progress for all, and a new time of awakening, renaissance. Then perhaps the seed energetic for a real Aquarian Age of Higher Peace and Love, Truth and Justice will emerge in the heart, soul mind of both individual and collective human experience.

    But this February now reveals the aftermath of the recent Saturn/Pluto challenge to collective freedom, health, relationship, home, investments, day to day life style, work, travel, play. February reveals more aftermath karma residue of past mistakes, while simultaneously revealing needs for the future, if there is to be one worth living vs.suffering.

     In the beginning of March, Venus in Aries squares Saturn/Pluto

in Capricorn. Here Love and Compassion, the goddess of wisdom, fights a real or imagined Darth Vader, those who have totalitarian selfish greedy harmful selfish bent. Here also higher love speaks to the real needs of the world’s heart soul mind. Some suffer hurt or feeling martyred, in need of attuning to eternal verities and higher intrinsic, transcendent love and truth. Here now is a need for a resurrection of the ‘Christos’, the spark in the heart of the sun which unites every heart with higher purpose, truth, calling. Christos if the ancient Greek Platonic wisdom love will of the Sun, the Solar System as a spiritual being living in every heart as a spark of universal mind, Nous. Living in the fleeting passing moment in search of lasting happiness is the challenge during this time. Living in the eternal principles of love and truth, compassion wisdom, and sharing such is an art and science. Be rich inside to avoid outer pricks. To not be prickled by external rank and fortune get rich within. Get rich with wisdom insight and universal connectivity to all life. READ by book or Steiner, or HP Blavatsky, something!.

   First week of March, VP Mike Pence has transit of Uranus square his natal Mars along with other aspects making me think in astrological terms, that even he is unsure what is happening and where he will end up!? Rising in rank, or falling out!?! Good time for quick growth and new pathways to growth.

     In the last half of March, Mars conjoins Saturn/Pluto in the sky affecting the whole world. Do crazy chaotic events and fears reach a peek and then start to subside, or does the world further imperil itself? Storms and many problems to be solved then. Coronalvirus thing should take honest shape by then so we collectively know what we are dealing with, contained or not.

   This time in all March really may be a bit over the top and dangerous. Or is it heroic time and making of peace not war? Aspects perhaps making for hard times of suffering for many. Time for healing hard past realities, time of struggling against the odds, collective strife and personal miseries, fixated ‘locked in’ sense of fate,  materialistic alone trajectories not considering the greater picture or protecting the little ones. Nee for an ecology of spirit, soul, body, head and heart, earth. Storms and explosive situations. Higher octave is courage to tell the truth and live the high road of virtue, courageous deeds of valor.

March madness!  If not laying honest foundation stone for healthy planet for everyone, ’Mars/Saturn/Pluto’ together in Capricorn give hauntings of new dark ages.  Many lack moral and ethical/virtue education. Many are dumbing down with push button electronics, over medicated, rash freedoms of consumerism rather than inner creative artistry and heathy lifestyle, spiritual development. Times portend of a new coldness of heart, extremes in the weather, barbaric terrors, false materialistic securities, and lack of inner certainties. Higher octave of these aspects portend an attempt to lift up the poor in spirit and means. A compassionate wisdom to deal with crisis opportunities with positive change, growth, rather than just containment and a diminishing of creative awareness and intelligence and social democratic participation.

    Here Viking and Gladiator conquest and profit  mentality may win over the simple homemaker, the small farmer and lover of nature. Piracy and greedy plutocracy seem now very destructive of our futures, while long term sustainable futures seem lost. Yet Saturn and Pluto/Mars can be inevitable wisdom arriving in the nick time.  A sense and need for social justice and equal rights, instead of run over the enemy perceived  and ‘let god figure out the good from bad’ MENtality.

       How we each live our life is the ultimate vote for the future, but still….we need town meetings that aren’t forced and coerced into nefarious results. Freedom and truth are seriously at stake.

   A previous SATurn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was in 1518 occurred during the ‘Dancing Plague’ or ‘dance epidemic mania’. This started in France spreading into Europe when hundreds danced themselves to death in utter exhaustion.   . What does this indicate in our modern time? Well this —-  psychic ‘contagion’ and ‘Grand Hysteria’. Rudolf Steiner predicted the number one illness of our time would be ‘Hysteria’. One gets all excited and hyper active thinking something big happening, but nothing in fact happens. An individual and collective hyper excitement, frenzy, and over active imagination fantasy, panicky and alarmed,  crazy chaotic feelings that ‘everything is happening at once’, that something great or crazy good or ill was going on, getting all caught up in the moment. But when it was all said and done, nothing of importance or of merit had occurred. All was in vain under the spell of delusion, illusion, and projection.

    Even Tim Leary, in his version of the psychedelic book of the dead, knew one had to eliminate projections to find truth peace sanity, wholeness, individuation, and true freedom from delusion and feverish illusion. Many freeze in fear or burn in frenzy when confronted by real life or its challenges, highs and lows. In the Dancing Plague, authorities at the time in trying to heal such, fostered musicians and entertainers and stages/auditoriums to further allow the hysterical dancers to dance it out day and night thinking this would inevitably bring a cure – but the frantic dancing escalated. We live in a world now that fiddles while Rome burns so to speak. To many are one something, high or depressed. Few are simply present. We live in a world wherein many are full of panic and alarm, hysteria and false projection in real and fancied apocalyptic chaos and confusion. Yet there are real concerns and dangers not confronted till the worse last moment. We can make weapons and threats but not intelligent mutually beneficial peace. We profit by conquering and subjecting the enemy to servants of corporate consumerism and waste. We seem to be killing the world of life. The Food Chain is continually turning toxic and of little if any vitality. Again, profits over true intelligence, wisdom, and health. We soon will learn you can’t eat money nor gold, nor market shares and bonds. And yes i know we need to have healthy investments, especially one’s where real work earns money. We need earth access to those who love, not just want to privately own, the earth. This is a huge conversation. Even Plato and Aristotle conversed and problem’d over such.

     One is reminded of ‘The Dance of Death’ book of early 1500’s which still today mystifies one’s understanding other than acknowledging Bob Dylan’s song phrase ‘He that’s not busy being born is dying’. In esotericism, Samsara or ‘the world’ is either a dance to (and of) death’, or, it is a dance of enlightenment, spiritual freedom and ‘transcendance’, transcendental insight awareness, action.

     Its up to each of us individually to find our way to fulfillment and happiness and creativity, rather than a life dampening the universal flame, we work it, free it, dance it, share it. We need encourage creative freedom and universal love for all God’s creation.

    With Saturn/Pluto (conjunct in Capricorn January 2020 but influencing past, present, future) these are going to extreme times. Capricorn opposes Cancer; danger of food shortages and food price rise. Loss of values of home and family. Square Aries , loss of personal identity or individuality in plutocracies of socialistic corporatocracy and neo-communism. Sat/Pluto square Libra loss of traditional marriage and partnership values, or simply relationships hurt more than heal or flower. And yes, something new is trying to be born that will take time. We are experiencing the labor pains of a higher consciousness birth. The question is whether or not Hades/Pluto is releasing Persephone, the goddess of new spring, ascension, renewal and wisdom flowering; or a regrettable furthering of spiritual soul imprisonment by greed, selfishness, self indulgence, lack of higher aspirations and virtues. A future lock in  to  psychic imprisonment, polarized dissent, virtue descent, and loss of ethical soul spirit freedom, truth, justice, and ‘the American Way’.

     MARCH may well prove the turning point in time for learning healing change, spiritual ethical progress. Here a need to face the need of learning to live on in face of an insane culture, lack of true religion or at-one-ment to all life. An spiritual matterialism in economic and political spheres is inevitably strangling the life and vital etheric subtle body of the planet, and thus of human culture and life as we know it. Whether its stock market or weather/sky manipulation and trickery, gun boat war lord diplomacy, lack of wholistic systems and self organizing universal truths, the world is in trouble. Its an almost insane every man for himself vs totalitarian dicktorial authoritarian dictates without apparent wisdom for the sustainable long run, nor compassion for all life supports us here now. And who is smart enough to deal with it with crisis after crisis at our doorstep?

     The triple coming together of Mars/Saturn/Pluto may influence with difficulties tough to resolve through the rest of the year until Jupiter/Saturn conjoins in Aquarius in December 2020! So take care, no fear, no shame or blame, just learning, growing, sharing.

     Jupiter/Saturn conjunct indicates the establishment of social cultural norms and psychological structures of individuation and collective agreement, a meeting of the highest and lowest in an Aquarian harmony and echo of spiritual reality, ‘on earth, as it is in heaven’. In Hermetics BC, it was ‘As Above, So Below’, a descent of higher self or Christos. Now from deep within, the new mysteries call for an arising or raising of consciousness, an assent to ascent in Higher Consciousness.

    Its also an awareness, a cognitions, of the founding fathers platonic ideal of ‘Unity in diversity’, a deeper oneness permeating all, a brotherhood and sisterhood, a family of humanity. In the coming Aquarian Age, it is the struggle of brotherhood/sisterhood vs Big Brother and 1984 Orwellian totalitarianism and the danger of Plutocracy. Love for one another vs dicktorial ‘power over’ rather than ‘power through’ each other. Those who rule by money, power, authority vs those who heal and grow, nourish, through co-creativity. Now we need conscious growth inward out, and bottom up. Higher self descends with wisdom, an inner arousal of compassion, a sharing and caring for each other. Jesus said ‘Love one another’, not hate and conquer. Its a big learning curve we face.

     Hopefully this is making sense, or sparking your own research and quest. Each of us must learn to awaken right where we are. Learn to make positive change by changing our SELF rather than projecting always on others. Ceasing scapegoating, demonizing, and denying the Christos, Christ, Buddha, Messiah in each and everyone of us.  Truth is this higher compassionate love, truth, wisdom to carry it out, live it. Each is a child of God, child to a living universe. To deny any other a holy spark within, is to deny some part of our self.  Again, Jesus said ‘love one another’, he never said you gotta like em! So its still a learning curve for sure, and a ways to go. Yet we can start to see this higher reality of world spirit working through each one of us for a working of the good true beautiful which Plato called the experience of God in each other.

   The last time Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Aquarius was between 1226 to 1405 (4 times). For those of you who follow the mayflower bookshop new neo platonic and theosophy of the rosicrucian thinking, this was the time of Chartres Cathedral, the Grail Knight Templar Cathedral Building, the time of ‘Je Tsongkhapa’ the tibetan buddhist reformation, the ‘middle way’, higher yoga tantra. For many a time of overcoming one’s fear of death or the end of the world. Overcoming the primary cause of all suffering, self cherishing, grasping, and desire, fear. Similar to now its was a time of offering a way to both enlightenment and lasting happiness, higher truth. It was the time triggering early Renaissance as well as the time of the ‘Black Death’ or plague thought to have come from Asia. Coincident to the murder by CChurch of the Templars and Witches. (No, Nancy Pelosi nor Taylor swift is a bad witch…)

    The last Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius before Dec. coming one, was also difficult time for all those in both high and low places, in this way it was non discriminating. Here feudal vs aristocracy/lords of power existed. Yet! The 1405 last of four Saturn/Pluto brought us both Tarot Cards and the beginning of what Rudolf Steiner calls the ,Age of the Consciousness Soul, in which each and all of us has both an inner and outer access to world Spirit and World events, as well as a front row seat to the near apocalypse. Now again is the time of knaves and tyrants, fools and magicians, extremes in rich and poor; as well as, the new inner cathedral builders, tempo and temple builders, the inner spiritual news givers. Now a series of events leading to a possible birth of a ‘Joan of Arc’, a female world hero, or the ‘Christos in the Etheric’ as Steiner and Alice Bailey suggest. But it is also a time dangerous for the appearance of Ahriman (the hardening one hiding in the dark of lies), and in more than one form, a new and tortuous  Phillip the Fair for example. See Steiner’s Apocalypse lectures, or HPB’s ‘The Esoteric Character of the Gospels’ or her writing entitled ‘Thoughts on Ormuz and Ahriman’ where perhaps Steiner first encountered the idea. Also see Steiner’s Fall of the Spirits of Darkness at either mayflower bookshop or Jim’s ‘Steiner Archives’.

    Now in the face of December’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction;  instead of Ptolemy announcing Earth at the Center of the Universe; I am announcing the Heart, which same letters spell Earth, is at the Center of the Universe! The heart is the center of the universe and the starting and ending point of every spiritual aspiration and practice! Also each of us is building our own little hero of the whole of our life, our own Joan of Arc  or Mother Theresa, Artemis or Isis/Mary/Sophia. Each is birthing or reincarnating a founding father/mother of the future, of freedom and the healthy pursuit of lasting happiness in heart and soul. Birthing our higher truth and love from the womb of holy heart. A new land is emerging in spirit and soul, a new Atlantis founded on truth, virtue, and the original ideals America stands for, truth, freedom and justice for all.  We are building a spiritual tempo, a holy spiritual sacred temple within the heart and soul mind. We are contagious with a universal love and truth, and banish the ‘dis-ease’ of acting out of separateness, causing unconscious suffering from which no one grows nor heals. We are conquering, as spiritual warriors, our own negativity. As alchemists of this new world, we are transmuting our emotional and mental negativities into the clear light of loving wisdom, compassion and viable good work, growing ability, permeability, with all in all. It is a neoplatonic ideal this One for All, and All for One. In such work we are never jobless or poor. Yet the ills and sufferings of the world call us to new learning, deeper stillness, yet higher motivation and vision for truth, love, sharing caring. Selflessly striving and ever activating vaster and yet greater deeds of virtue truth compassion, even in the midst of trouble, a most simplest of every day moment, virtue, breath, awareness.

   To thy self be true, be still and know. And that self is ultimately and intimately connected to every other self. It is not about throwing the thieving thug out of power, it is about converting non-virtue to virtue, transforming fools and ignorance into the good true beautiful, to both family and friend. We aren’t in an evil world, we are in an invisible college of spiritual learning and growth. The alchemy of ‘forgiveness’ is the will to go on fearlessly into the future. Until the whole world is at peace and lasting happiness willing to keep learning anew, becoming the living example of ‘what to do’. Here action speaks louder than words and awakened silence precipitates right action. Look within to go boldly without. (Again see my Astrological Aspect books for further rough sketches , as well as HPB, Steiner, Jewel Heart.)

    China astrology chart reveals many things. For one, Saturn/Pluto transit just conjunct their natal Jupiter in the 12th house indicates a real or symbolic death and rebirth, and possible reduction of both wealth and populace in the collective social identity. A contraction of resource and a facing of ecological or health, economic problems needing immediate ministry and fix. Pluto/Jupiter also indicative of making or losing millions/billions, power. Due to CoronaVirus stocks have dropped, China losing billions, whole cities shut down with no one entering or leaving, kind of imprisoned (12 house opposing 6th, prenatal experience, death and rebirth, imprisonment, overwhelming feelings, sense of collective loss). Or is it a radical new growth surpassing the immediate temporal demands. Karma from Tibet? Hmmm, don’t know. Certainly a call to fix a number of things harmful to the future life of us all. Astrologically an inner death and rebirth of culture, society, realism, facing facts. Forces of freedom /truth and suppression of such, control and fixation, conflict. In September 2020 Pluto retrogrades to conjunct China’s Jupiter again. The ‘pandemic’ and ecological, economic, social and world identity crisis may still prevail then to be a continuing problem, or is there new problems. The December Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius falls right on China’s Ascendent indicating healthy new beginnings and long term positive growth, a renewed harmony with world. More a spiritual adult way of dealing with things. Hopefully more transparency and less secret controls. Well lets hope.

     Uranus transit square to China’s natal Moon February into March 2020 may reveal more shocking news and quick changes. The collective day to day rhythms may be radically altered. Perhaps huge wake up, quake or storm or crisis opportunity call. Uranus is urge for freedom or shocks to system. Could be bring break down or break through with technology and communications apparatus, workings. Perhaps many new inventions and higher technology emerging. Big break through with information technology, or temporary break down. Hopefully the world will stop making new weapons and work to discover new ways of living life rather than how to kill life. This whole Crisis Opportunity may in time bestow more freedom and positive change in China, thus the world. Negatively it may trigger a crisis, rebellion, protest, and new hard earned freedoms of the press/peoples. Denial of truth will cost as Uranus progresses in transit on its journey in Taurus coming to square China’s Mars/Pluto. Break through or break down is in the stars. Going to extremes can be big disappointment. Uranus is freedom and new emergence of  communications/technology or breakdown in communications. Its an impulse for higher love and truth. There is no religion higher than truth, no science deeper than real love, no art greater than being Human. I said that….

Ok, enough; now to the AstroNews for feb/march.

AstroNews ~

Feb. 7 Venus enters Aries, exiting and dropping Pisces confusion and duality, and giving certain good goddess energies Artemis booster rockets to truth, social justice, fame and name. Others with thwarting warting aspects wither in the fight or brighter light on prominent issues. Venus in Aries till first week of march gives prominence to woman warriors. Also to new impulses of feminine wisdom sophia. Strong debate, head strong impulses. Danger of French Revolution tactic via Alice in Wonderland Queen OMPhallos impulse ‘Off with their heads’, fighting imaginary perceived enemies rather than all as ‘Children of God’.

“Love your enemies, you don’t have to like em!”

    -Trebore Tau Bodhi, of mayflower

Feb. 9th Full Moon 20 degrees Leo. A sense of strong outer expression, getting things done, forward motions, positive connection, seeing and being seen, shining and being shown, flair for daring adventure, good times, and smiling hearts/faces. Avoid cockiness, egotism, showing off. Strong expressions of individuality. With USA chart transit of Saturn trine Neptune gives sense that ‘things are under control’. For some its energetic for manifesting higher life purposes, ideals, dreams, love. Yet, in the Dow Jones astrology chart, Neptune squares Saturn making for fear and desire for profit without work, drive both the markets and many an investor a bit mad, perhaps even to madly dance in frenzy and panic. Many feel drained from market fatigue, unsure of the future. Medicine stocks may rise as oil falls. Hyper activity to find external rather than internal security and safety net. If unsure of your market move, be very patient and wait till April to reconsider where to land, or how to mend wings.

Feb. 16th Mercury retrograde till March 9th. Mercury at 12 Pisces goes back to 28 Aquarius. Feeling influenced good or bad. Plans without energy for action, or way too much energy and action without good plan. Here is time to cross check your fantasy dreams and imaginations of success and happiness. Are they real, realizable, freeing? A recheck, review, reinstatement, and turn around to try again. How to seek and find true happiness, freedom, creativity, love, is the process at hand. How to find work that renews and commitments that free not imprison and lock one down too much. How to breathe is learned here. Selfless pursuit of truth over psychodrama and amateur merry go rounds. OOPs time to avoid rash hasty decisions, contracts, agreements, travel, promises. Be here now, don’t worry, be happy with little things. Keep practical.

    Also Mars enters Capricorn, one of the more aggressive, no backing down, signs for Mars to be in. Projection and self assertion, force, at all time highs here through to the last day of March when Mars enters the astrological sign of Aquarius. Mars conjoining Saturn/Pluto is powerful configuration of both fear and an audacious sense of conquering, being conquered, power over rather than thru, tyranny or imprisonment, historical happenings both ‘good and ill’ of long lasting consequence; the rise and/or fall of those in higher authority/power/position. The need for strong rules and constriction, conscription, and healing. Enforced behaviour, fate and necessity vs freedom of action and speech are in contest or conflict. Now good time to be aggressive for long term higher goals.

Feb. 25th Sun conjunct Mercury, Super alert day, events awaken one’s mind to impermanence in outer form and foreverness with inner love/truths. Strong statements, facts, clear intention, getting business done, making connection. Possible events triggering quick action/response. Good time for higher learning and buying wisdom knowledge books!

Feb 20 Jupiter sextile Neptune. Highly idealistic universal love and artistic dreams come true. Danger of scandal due to lack of awareness or unconscious desires, fears. Beautiful weirdly warming weather, elsewhere snowy winter wonderlands of cozy up get warm on the inside. Beautiful aspect for connecting with others heart and soul, spirit and body. Can be a foolish time, inflationary time, fast money without mind for investing in self growth. Can for some be sudden loss or disillusionment. Look to the self within for a real gamble and investment, not outside oneself.

Feb. 21 Mars trine Uranus. Solving problems, arousing strong energy to succeed. Strong forward motion, getting things done, progress. Strong rise in new leadership or stepping up to captain direction. Time to try new thinks and things to grow in new ways.

Feb 27th-28th Moon joins Venus square Pluto, leads into Venus/Saturn March 3rd. Love gone bad or Love gone deep? International friendship crisis, mistrust. Opportunities for long term alliance for some, for others a break off of alliance. Avoid negative craziness, jealousy, destructive habits and negative speech, over critical non constructive mind. This is a very deep aspect. Some take things too personally, others make it personal and intimate. Good aspect for forming long term bonds, or separating from such. Fanatics in music, love, art, deep knowing. Avoid crazy stress and tension due to feeling forced into things. Need to make boundaries or state clearly needs, desires, dreams, wants, unwants. Deep feelings here but need to not take things too seriously or personally feeling hurt. Feel heart, compassionate universal heart instead. A search for deeper meaning and lasting values, friendships.

March 3rd Venus square Saturn brings deeper union or cold chill to love and matters surrounding love, such as money and equities. Need for security in long term goals. A looking within self for lasting virtuous creative qualities in the other.

March 7-8-9 Sun conjunct Neptune and SuperMoon full moon in virgo 19 degrees. Its a BIG WEEKEND full of lost in space, highly imaginative adventure, lost for some, found and refounded for others. Avoid confusing crazys, liars and just talk. Good for travel, plans, play. music and the arts, platonic spiritual connections, high romance, Grail. Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus   March 8th bringing interestingly creative vicissitudes to both love/romance and equity markets/stock markets. higher love and art clash with mere escapism and numbing out.

March 23-24 Mars conjunct Pluto, New Moon in Aries 4 degrees. Violence and mad men, or heroes and redeemers, saviors of heart and soul. Good for research, in depth study, finalizing, completing. Avoid taking things too personally. Avoid martyrs. Look for in depth honest workings. Opportunity now for sure for ALCHEMY and transmutation of negatives into positives. Good time to quit wrong habits. Good time for new beginnings based on higher motivation and spiritually awakening activities of heart and soul. Good time to garden friends and wisdom knowledge.

~robert of mayflower dec, 2019.

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Astrology 2020 Astrology Predictions 2020 Astrology Predictions Nov/december 2019 Jupiter Saturn conjunct 2020 with Robert of Mayflower Mayflower Bookshop Metaphysical Astrology November Predictions Robert of Mayflower Robert Thibodeau Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020

AstroNews Nov/Dec 2019 & Astrology Predictions 2020 talk live by robert of mayflower

Astrology Predictions 2020 here ~ mayflower bookshop robert thibodeau songwriter channel


STAAR Journal
AstroNews & Spiritual Views
November-into Dec 2019
from robert of mayflower
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Robert Thibodeau, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ is the website.
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Talk coming up with Robert of Mayflower

Astrology 2020, the major positive and challenging aspects, predictions and insights into.
November 20th,  7 to 9 pm.  Astrological Aspects for 2020; signs, planets, USA, Elections, famous people, weather, more.
Call Mayflower Bookshop to reserve your seat.
Oct 31st Halloween has Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, but also Mercury goes retrograde at the end of Scorpio until November 20th., trine Neptune along the way. Good for indoor parties and catching up on biographies and stories. Many want to dream out, space out, let go of tough reality. Possible severe weather and winter coming, but now frolic night before all saints, all virtues day.
NOVEMBER in coming weeks mercury retrograde reeks havoc, many plans (impeachment) get complicated and confusing and mistakes mistakes made. Many dream on or fall back. Perhaps many too high? Meds not working right? False imagination? Desires and fears having trouble with reality and hard cold facts? Good time to prepare oneself for better futures to come, or a need to step back from some situation your are not ready for, or not well thought out enough with details. With Mercury retrograde its best not to make heavy important agreements (contracts etc). You or they may not follow through later on. Avoid major decisions. On the other hand, astrology works in opposites and higher and lower octaves of event possibility depending on the individual~ how smart, how good the karma, capacity, talent. So Mercury retrograde can be a time to really get to know what you want, desire, and aim for, Good time to overcome fear with greater love and truth. Good time to dream real and plan good futures. Good time to fall back and fix a few things, making right on some mistakes not flight to further mistakes and hard learning. Some feel trapped or stuck and fume or boil over; but working on new learning always helpful for new views, greater perspective. Avoiding hiding under the mask or being fooled by someone who is. Good time to find right direction for higher love calling vocation work play. November 11th Mercury transits the face of the Sun making for many getting clear quick on the facts, others shocked by the facts, some feel burned by the facts, and some cut right through right to the point to score big, accomplish the deed, or perfect the work.

Could be roller coaster of vicissitudes and fear,
perhaps heavy down turn, drop. Avoid Risk or gamble or use of force.
Or is it just really tough political weather in the White House!?!
With mars/uranus in sky thinks and things can reverse quickly from what you thought was occurring. Stormy weather inwardly and out. Turbulent moments. Around Dec. 10th-11th nutty disturbing time too.

Michelle Obama has great aspects in her chart to run for President. She could win from the astrological point of view, but so could Oprah! Late December into January she may well jump in! Or are her good aspects other successful adventures.

Unless someone else jumps into political race, Elizabeth Warren still looks the best bet to win astrologically. President Trump’s chart rough at election time indicating tough time then. More on this next talk.

November 2nd Moon occulting Saturn/Pluto subtly triggers impending troubles, problems, hurts needing solutions and healing.
Nov. 5th Mars square Pluto is a sad affair, some sorry they didn’t dare a higher highway truth and love. Such aspect usually brings out the upset, anger, hate, gun play, violence, threats and counter threats. Such aspect spiritually is meant to fight of truth, goodness, justice, repair everywhere. Deep compassion and passion for truth and love needs banish fear, hate, crookedness. Avoid harmful speech, negative emotions, fixation on a point, selfishly not allowing others their free speech. Avoid unneeded criticism or harmful words, actions. Good for cleaning and ridding self of burdensome, going nowhere matter. Here negativity is its own reward, and honey catches the honey bee and flower.
Nov.. 8th Sun sextile Saturn, Sun tine Neptune, Such aspect works to bring a more peace and harmony to warring sides. An attempt at compromise and agreement is at work everywhere. The ideal and workable compromise is struck for many. Peace and Love have a day or two here, perhaps a month.
*Nov. 11th Transit of Mercury Retrograde across the face of the sun. Things go backwards, need redoing, recalibrating, rethinking, renewing, rewriting, reviewing, rewinding, and more rethinking. One needs check and recheck the little details and perhaps avoid big decision making. Mercury retrograde from Oct. 31st to November 27th, but November 11th combust Sun a time of increased tension and facts necessitating action or reaction. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius get hardest hit by this Mercury retrograde time. Desire and fear tend to sidetrack one’s bigger picture and higher self. Weird power plays and taking things too seriously a problem.Electromagnetic tensions run high, so get good exercise and workout, sauna or yoga or massage; eat more healthy. Good for research and discovery for some.
Is this a time when danger of unconscious or egotistic actions wreck the day. The pimple detracts from the whole, the little things bug and annoy and can trigger strong reaction. Negative thought/feeling/action wrecks what could have been sweet day? The gold orb’d day sours?
A day when the speck of separatism, ‘egotism’ acting out of separateness rather than One World View, is divisive and disturbing in effect? Or is it a time when one’s astral body or animal appetite gets burned or over cooked, over indulged, biligerantly verbose or over done, over flowing indulgent and ill willed, sick? Or is it a time one is purified and brought closer to the light/ love/truth/compassion, right workings and creative sunny play, realization and enlightenment? Many a reavealing fact or ruth may suddenly or shockingly appear around this time (two weeks either side).
More on Nov. 11th Mercury crossing face of the Sun~~~~
Mercury/Sun is sextile Saturn/Pluto and oppose by Moon giving a very serious mood and serious play for heavy bottom lines, accusations, attack and defense. The Mercury combust Sun makes many feel burned or ripped off, or needing to rid self of burdens and ‘what’s burning or burdening’ them.
Four planets desposit to Saturn, 5 to Jupiter, one to Neptune. Popular vote, democratic urge, is toward change in regime, but when did popular vote win recently?! Plutocratic Corporatocracy on the defense and offense. Another French Revolution collectivism at hand? A kind of psychic or emotional ‘civil war’ in ways? A minority equally strong in event and outcome as collective mass vote? Indecisive unsure actions. Still business as usual? Need for better ground rules and clear future outcomes? Neptune is indecisive or confused or escapees from such decision making. With Saturn/Pluto in first house of mercury transit, authoritative forceful hand at play. With Venus/Jupiter in 12th, many feel oversensitive and misunderstood. It seems a stand off between liberal and conservative bent as well as spiritual vs materialistic world view. Moon/Uranus opposing Sun/Mercury/Mars indicates high emotions, being at odds with others, split decisions and oppressive tensions, upsetting news, argument, disagreement, popular collective reaction to events seemingly hostile. Selfish, plutocratic, or forceful means to control. Persistent riots and complaints in many places. Upsets. Mars within square of Pluto portends of strong hostility or mean cruel behaviour necessitating police or well thought out action/reaction. China/Hong Kong rough time for free choice. Many protests in world go unheard in media. Good for breakthroughs in research, revelation, intimacy. Touchy situations though taking extra caution and wisdom compassion to maneuver through.
November 12th Full Moon in sensuous and honestly practical down to earth sign of Taurus. Happy week to come making things work for self and other.
Nov 14th Venus square Neptune is silly idealistic or otherworldly, Beware of false dreams or signs and dreams misinterpreted. Good for poetics, lovers, artists, musicians, heavenly bodies and spiritual wanderings, journeys. For some wild fantasy and love come true for a spell. For others at the lower octave, reality and truth bump fantasy and illusion to wake up and smell the coffee of truth both freeing and holding us to go on. Believe in what you can touch now, not forever awaiting tomorrow. Venus here wants to know for sure, not sleep and dream forever.

Nov 20th mercury goes direct. Many get a wake up call that now is the time to be real. Much insight into past pushes us positively into future. coming months full of forward moving actions. Avoid impotent criticism which not only doesn’t help other, but side tracks oneself into deadened avenues of thought, word, deed. Positive time to work on oneself to renew negotiations with others. Compromise and solutions arise to persistent past problems.

Nov. 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius. Wings of inspirational wisdom includes us all arises in hearts and minds for a month. A sense of seeing wholeness, but pay attention to the details!
Nov. 24th Venus conjunct Jupiter, and Mars oppose Uranus.
Fluctuations and sudden shifts in Stock Markets?! Good aspect for fun and love, adventure, but take care to avoid overdoing or accident. Avoid risk or gamble. Dare devils meet angels? Angels blink and wrong turn ensues. Doing what one loves may create unwanted reactions. Negative critique on others may backfire. Every encounter must be out of freedom. Collective consensus to contest lies, insults, contraband, and selfish intentions.

Nov 25th Venus enters capricorn brings a pracitcal serious note or deeper need, security, predictability to love and money matters. A wish for deeper or longer lasting values, relationships. Long term values and wisdom now gleam and shine. Practical matters at hand supersede far away plans and promises, imaginations and fantasies. Next weeks reveal what really matters bottom line.
November 25th to 29th particularly crazy with Stock Markets, weather, politics. So is December 10th to 16th! More on this at my talk. Avoid risk.
Nov 26th New Moon in Sage Sagittarius is a call for seeing further than one’s own nose, seeing what challenges all of us. A sense of collective striving. Many plans and seeds planted, few the real oak trees arise. Don’t be fooled by far away promises. If feeling stuck, now may be the time to fly or take first real steps to learning anew what freedom and love may mean inside out.

Nov 28th Thanksgiving Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus. Lots of love going around. Try to join in and pile it on, the love and attention, the bravado and creative urge to awaken, unite, share, and care for each other’s inner striving and aspirations.

Nov. 29th Moon occult saturn/pluto Hangover or hard realty wake up call. Very serious day concerning lots of serious heavy matters. Good for keeping an eye on the long term, or is it need for freedom from restriction?

Dec 2nd Jupiter enters Capricorn for a year and earth signs get a break and new renewed breath of positive change coming. Shift from many a trouble and struggle to enable greater play and good work, luck, money, romance. Look for what house and planets you have in earth signs. Fire signs work into actuality last years ideals and dreams, some profiting while others reviewing missed learning lessons.
December 12th full Moon in Gemini followed by Dec. 13th friday, Mars trine Neptune and Venus conjunct Pluto
December 15th Jupiter rine Uranus in earth signs. Yea, somebody is winning and we are enjoying it!!? Hope soul.

December 26th Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn with Sun conjunct Jupiter on 27th giving way to popularist values and pep rallies that things are going to get better. Good time to network, extend your grace and good will out to the world. Good for meeting others these coming weeks and making positive plans for present into future. A strong desire to ditch trouble and look for more fun times.

The Dreaded possible really tough winter and more coming with Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January.

More on that coming and at talk.


‘the Motto of the Social Ethic’:
“The healing social life is found
when in the mirror of the human soul
the whole community finds its reflection
and when in the community
the strength of each one is living.”
-Rudolf Steiner

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Astrology as a crisis opportunity for growth, peace, creativity, and social participation.

“Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love.” ~misquote of Rudolf Steiner, 1894, The Philosophy of Freedom

There is no lasting freedom without truth. No lasting love without true understanding of freedom in Spirit and Soul! A World Conception of a common humanity as one family, all friends, is needed. The experience of thinking, feeling, doing in its proper transformation by virtue and honest common sense is called for. A modesty and pureness of heart and mind to transform the anger, pride, ill will, honor, false humility and over sensitivity selfishly indulging in the animal ignorance delusion is far from home at the moment. Where the wisdom removes pity revenge, false piety? Where the higher angel, the gratitude, loyalty, duty and love? Immanent and Transcendent, the highest love and most earthy common sense is called for now. We need work together to find solutions to the world’s challenges.
The ethical individualist activates and actualizes the principles of freedom, ethics, and pure conceptual thinking. In spiritual thinking heart is there renewed hope for a raising of consciousness needed in these challenging times. A temporal retreat from incessant worldly noise and motion may be necessary good start to research pure heart thought engendering a will towards the good, true, beautiful. Theory (sense free thinking and virtue mind training) and Practice, putting ideas ideals to work is in that order.

STAAR Journal and
AstroNews November/Dec 2019 into 2020
from robert of mayflower)
Mayflower Bookshop
2645 W. 12 Mile Rd
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Robert Thibodeau, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ is the website.
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STAAR = Sabian Temple of Arcane and Astrological Research
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“The happiness of the individual
is inseparably connected
with the happiness of all.”
~Rudolf Steiner, Apocalypse lectures chapter 10

“We are continually overflowing toward those who preceded us, toward our origin, and toward those who seemingly come after us. … It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again “invisibly,” inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

“It is our task to imprint this temporary, perishable earth into ourselves so deeply, so painfully and passionately, that its essence can rise again ‘invisibly’, inside us. We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible.”
Rilke wrote in a letter to his Polish translator in 1925, “

Astrology Predictions 2019 Jupiter Saturn conjunct 2020 with Robert of Mayflower Mayflower Bookshop Metaphysical Astrology Predictions Robert of Mayflower Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020

Astrology Predictions and Spiritual STAAR Journal update for September 2019~ Coming Saturn conjunct Pluto then Jupiter conjunct Saturn indications coming now!

ASTROLOGY NOW! Stormy weather, roller coaster ride with relations, love,  money, and tough travel or executing/ completing plans with 4 planets in Virgo? Virgo can be too sharp, critical, avoiding reality or over indulging without higher lift off in event. Here nothing is good enough and addiction to perfection rather than finding wholeness and balance, can diminish the times and value of one’s experience or right interpretation of experience and dream. These daze…. Venus, mercury, sun, mars is opposing Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is known as the god of the seas, emotions, wet, victim or crazy delusional, but also highest spirituality, virtuous activity, angelic experience.
Virgo/Pisces T squared by Jupiter can inflate everything and get out of bounds with good or ill behaviour. Can ego trip or or be tripped by fear, of leaving the known and clinging to perishables. Here negativity or virtue is its own reward. Strong urge to grow. Such aspect, strongly impelling to many, can bring feeling lost,or wishing to escape, or keep on partying while Rome floods or burns, is repressed or compressed, pressured into rather than educated and inspired to.
Many influenced by Jupiter in Sagittarius, to get smarter, rise to the occasion (like Marianne Williamson), and flex their renewed angelic virtue mind wings in the passion for truth and love, friends and loving earth, all ‘God’s creatures’. A sense of spiritual being, becoming, Presence Divine. A sense of dancing with positive changes.
Last of the wild craziness of last few months, and going to extremes, as well as opposite, a heart soul spirit for freedom love truth~~~ IS THIS SATURDAY SEPT.14TH FULL MOON WITH MARS OPPOSE NEPTUNE; the vibe and impelling (not compelling) influence is in the air now for ‘something big to happen. Lets hope for the good true beautiful. Yet, this week, ‘it ain’t just exactly clear’! For complete creative peace and understanding it may take later in month, or this coming January, or even till December 2020’s big Grail and World Pentecost (higher Kundalini Yoga aspect).
Now and for last months, a strong time for arts, music, musing, poetics, spiritual experience and intuitive encounter. This can be soothing dreamy; or its opposite, ‘this can’t be happening’. A ‘god help me’ vs ‘holy smokes i’m sparked and sparkled by the holy spirit, the great goddess or World Mother , divine intervention, compassion and hope. Love and truth play out into the third Jupiter square Neptune come sept. 21 (its been influencing last several months~ some in denial put their heads under the ground while others are suddenly dawning and sprouting, winging and emerging with new insights, wisdom, higher love and consciousness, new or renewed adventure to stop the apocalypse of inner and out nature. Remember the song ‘Its Nature’s Way of Telling you, something’s wrong’ ? Virgo wants to clean things up but can be too critical and “nothing’s good enough”. Excuses made to not act, not be the solution, not rid the pollution inside out. Pisces and Jupiter want to believe in miracles. The ultimate miracle is selfless learning, experiencing what every self is going through. The ultimate miracle is we can think for ourselves. Thank you Prometheus, Buddha, Hermes, Christ, Krishna, Athena.
Saturn going direct around sept. 18th will more accurately critique the situation with how much work on oneself is needed to fulfill the mission of happiness, freedom, truth and love in a good, true, beautiful way. True, though maybe humble new ways of working with others will start to present themselves in next few weeks and months.
New Moon Oct. 27th into January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction may bring new indications and strong realizations, wake up calls. Yes, for some a really strong aspect for manifesting dreams and ideals, but for most extremes in the weather, cold, cold shoulders and hearts, slipping backwards or to dictorial dictates, authoritarian command, limitations, striving in survival mode, spiritually if not physically. The good ol’USA needs a spiritual, a virtuous, heart mind renewal and awakening of genius. To the higher self, all strivings, sufferings, hard workings, is the labor pain of a higher birth, a further revelation and growth. Compassion and patience is key to the heart of the great mother.
Look fro December 2020 when Jupiter/Saturn conjunct (happens every 20 years, so 2020, 2000, 1980, 1960…1920; its the bring of big collective shifts of consciousness and opportunities to grow in new ways). Jupiter Saturn is every 20 years but every 60 years is uniquely challenging. Its (60yearCycle is two Saturn Returns and 5 Jupiter returns. Think 1960 new hippies for peace and love! Think1920 on, both roaring 20’s but also Rudolf Steiner building the Goetheanum, it fire bombed burnt down, his rebuilding second spiritual mystery school Goetheanum, and his outpouring of spiritual wisdom, Anthroposophy. Jupiter/Saturn is mostly a Positive meeting of heaven and earth, peace among enemies, justice and compassion world wide, spiritual and material values meeting to agree in harmony and peace, a new renewed understanding of the arts, the art of being human and not machine and animal. What makes this Jupiter/Saturn really interesting and different is this ~ this time Jupiter/Saturn conjoined is in Aquarius which hasn’t happened since 13th century time of Sacred Chartres Cathedral being finally built and activated to bring together Platonic and Aristotelean values and knowledge, to bring spiritual wisdom knowledge co-creative with both Spirit and whole earth evolution to each and every person not just the elite aristocracy. It was a time of Gothic Cathedral building, sacred temple and architecture built for spiritual experience, a conscious sense of ‘at-one-ment’ rather than ‘atonement. A time of Divine proclivities, spiritual quest, high virtue striving, holy workings, a sense of One for All and All for One. It was the time of the Cathars, the Templars, the Holy Grail and its guardians that feed all the little ones, a sense of spiritual and physical nourishment, love, wisdom knowledge. A time for attempting acts of social justice and equality for women and children to participate creating healthier future. There was a sense, thanks to the spiritually educated Templars, that every man and woman is his or her own Pope and King. Freedom and equality was in the air, education was free.
It was also the time of the Rosicrucian beginnings (see Bamford’s book ‘the rosicrucian stream’) where spiritual ethic moral insights and self evident thinking, a spiritual science (like later Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner) would try to introduce, more than just a neoPlatonic renewal, but a call for world renewal and spiritual revitalization. That wisdom and love should rule the world. (Hello Marianne Williamson! and more)) Rosy Cross teachings tried to heal the materialistic alone dictates and authority enslaving souls to sense bound thinking and values. The High Romance of Enlightenment was early in the air.
So we are now in September 2019, in the last of the idealistic dream and hope, the last of the imagination and first stirrings, of what could be and should be ~ peace and love ruling the world, higher holy consciousness transforming the war animal and machine into gardening family and friends. We are in a transforming world calling to incarnate our highest dreams and imaginations for love compassion sake, for wisdom truth courage creativity. We a ‘wee bit’ lack the language or clear mind for such, but generally our hearts and spirit souls are overflowing with wanting such, postive possibilities, opportunities, and good adventure, work and play are at hand and at play. The saturn aspects will both weed and trim to more workable life style, as well as help manifest destiny and dreamy ideals into reality. Our thoughts need to inspire, our inspirations need to activate and go to work. Intuitions abound, work on what’s right in front of you. We have all eternity to ‘get it’, but there is not a second to spare. Awaken Now, Be Still and Know! Boil all your troubles into One, self cherishing. Distill your heart’s mind into the elixor of enlightenment. Be the alchemist in your heart soul’s listening attuning, make spiritual heart gold from the darkness and craziness, not just lemonade! Aha!
Inwardly now, at the time of ‘Michaelmas’ and Fall, Autumn Ra, now in September, look within to boldly go without. Looking inwardly we are all experiencing a new spring, a renewed conviction and sureness, that love and truth will one day rule in both high and low place. That everything will find its place, and we each our true calling, work, love, and garden of friends. Now is the time to call on our Higher Angel, our Higher Self, hearts be listening! It is time to become the dream, become the art, become the truth, to live the life we dream come true. Invoke the Higher SELF in everyday life. (see Blavatsky ‘Key to Theosophy’, or Steiner’s ‘Theosophy’ or ‘Road to Self Knowledge’, at or online for free!
Happy full moon September 14th coming, happy bigger lovetruth. Happy new moon september 28th, for many to renew or spark new beginnings. Happy Saturn/Pluto challenges and world crunch come January 2020 (Cardinal Signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn most affected the most with compelling learning situations, contractions of higher self heart birthing). Taurus Virgo can most benefit from this time.
Come December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius conjunct; Air signs Libra, Gemini, Aquarius benefit the most. Challenged by karma then to grow in new ways are Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. Each of us has these signs in specific houses or areas of life (ie. work, play, love, calling, day to day, other and more). Look in your astrology chart. Get your chart to see where you are most affected (free astrology charts all over the internet). You may want to visit Mayflower Bookshop to purchase a good astrology calendar and book! See my book “Astrological Aspects, the Art’. Check out monthly predictions at
Live the Life, be the change you want to see in the world. Love anyway you can, give your self to learning, doing, learning again. Be friend to all. Blessings, robert of mayflower
ps. check out latest songs at Youtube Robert Thibodeau ‘You Blow Me Away’. Namaste.