Rare Books – Anthroposophy

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Towards a New Theory of Architecture – The First Goetheanum in Pictures
Rudolf Steiner
$25  (plus $5 postage)Includes comments by Rudolf Steiner, given the year before the Goetheanum was tragically destroyed by fire. Rudolf Steiner gives you a guided tour of this mystery temple.
The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail
Rudolf Steiner, A Great Book with Steiner ideas and more on spiritual and practical reality of the Grail for the Human Being.

  The Living Earth
Walther Cloos

Initiation and Its Results
by Rudolf Steiner
Rare early edition with Thor’s Hammer on cover, early buddhist symbol
of spiritualizing matters. These early editions carry rarified vibrations
and often easier to read, less over intellectualized translations
of Rudolf Steiner.
  Rudolf Steiner und die Zivilisationsaufgaben der Anthroposophie
German early edition