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Astrology News

Per Astrological Prediction Talk at Winter Solstice at the Theosophical Society, indeed bitter cold came in, Bitcoin dropped in price, and more. That talk is available for $20. Includes a second talk on the ‘Esoteric Side of Christmas a yearly Spiritual Event,’ as well. Talk sent to your email when paid. As then mentioned in talk, Pluto transit will oppose UK  natal Moon bringing much severe weather and social debate/unrest over Brexit, major social, economic, political and world view changes here. Hopefully a new sense of world compassion and working together for common goals for the good of one and all, and no further conflicts will arise! Such UK aspect will last the year. Could indicate a collective renewal of will and purpose, purification of environment and ideals. Could also be major scandal and revelations of corruption, divorce, loss. All astrological aspects have a higher and lower octave of possible expression leaving us free, yet feeling such planetary cosmic vibration and influence. Uranus enters Taurus in May. The last time in Taurus 1935-42 was Depression and WW2, and when King Edward abdicated the Throne. In March/April transit of Uranus T-squares Detroit Michigan’s Natal Chart Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer (Jan. 18th, 1802) making for earth quaking changes and sudden revelations and breakthroughs. Huge positive growth changes and opportunities international and movie making possible then on into coming years! Major new vibe and direction coming (astrology wise).

Here’s one of my new songs, “Damn Those Winter Nights’

“In the Sixth Sense of the Heart, Truth is a Higher Loving that includes us all. Look there, listen there, here now is a most sublime reasoning.”

-robert of mayflower

January 1st Full Moon ‘Supermoon’ brings feeling of peak out experience, perhaps feeling that Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s in last hip hip hop hurray! Starting of major turning point of change and transformation for many during January.

“A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.”

-Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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Jan. 2nd Uranus goes direct in Aries heading for entry into Taurus. Uranus energy wants to take things up to the next higher level. Stubbornness conflicts with strong sudden outbursts of energy. Fanatical zeal and knee-jerk reaction. Sudden shift of policy, sudden revelations or news; sparks of dissent, protest, and intensified feelings and mind for change. International hotspots intensified. Urge to make changes, but short-lived unless good Saturn aspects in the individual or business chart. Coming two weeks could prove challenging to certain stocks or investments, Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies for instance may be challenged again. World Tensions and severe weather possibly increased, but also desire to find peaceful creative solutions.

“Finding each other spiritually is an assent to ascend in awareness and descend in patience, and a willingness to take time to remember the future.” 

-robert of mayflower

Jan. 6th Mercury trine Uranus in fire signs, with Scorpio Mars conjunct Jupiter. Lots of new ideas and new connections, desire for something new or more enlivening to enter into one’s day to day. Strong urge to share, play, make connections, jump for joy, emerge and emerge, free wheeling energetic. This aspect plays into January 9th aspect of Sun/Venus/Pluto in Capricorn. Break though with automotive and tech likely here into mid January.

“The work of sight is done, do heart work now.”

-Rilke, ‘Turning’

Jan. 9th Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunct. This is a most peculiar aspect giving some divine inclinations toward form, affection, destiny, and super sensual affections. One has to be careful of unconscious proclivities and attractions causing serious strains and stresses on one’s, or another’s, life. Thus this can be a tragic love or superhuman love or business affair. Capricorn is time honored and thinks the long distance plan, Scorpio which Pluto rules intensifies the situation, inwardly compulsive or compelling in feeling and mood. Capricorn and Scorpio can lean toward selfishness or selflessness depending on evolutionary maturation. Certainly an intense time for meetings, agreements, coming together or breaking apart. We may well see both happy and sad events in world especially with those couples in the limelight in USA and UK. Danger of conflicts or weather, emotions, escalating out of control. Tendency for some to be jealous, loving another for who you want then to be rather than who they are. Psycho drama and negative emotions are to be avoided. Many a hard luck story with these aspects. Love break downs for some, others turn up the heat of the heart. Otherwise very strong stirring emotions and feelings work to progress and further one’s ‘business of love and war’. Strong planetary alignments work to resolve international conflicts to be more business like and in peaceful alignment. North Korea aspects troublingly tense, need for peaceful resolution. Even Mr. Putin has tough aspects through January. Many tough decisions for long-term future being made. Much tension in world, I feel, is due to spiritual preparation for events that will take place in 2020.

“It is a basic esoteric tenant that ‘evil’, whatever its aspect, is always a secondary, derivative phenom, never a primary one. To ascribe to it an objective reality is a fundamental occult mistake. Evil is something good that is out of place, time, or emphasis” 

-Rudolf Steiner

Jan 13, 14th, 15th, 16th, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus square Uranus (13th), Here reality sets in, what one can and cannot do, limits of growth. Those who break the rules pay. Tendency with Venus/Uranus to act or speak without thinking it out wisely. Shake ups in the weather, politics, fluctuating monies or stocks. Sun squares Uranus on 14th bringing jolts, surprises, solar sparks, possible sudden quake or storm, sudden shift in weather for better or worse. Jan. 15th Jupiter sextiles Pluto making for big windfall successes or failures this month but especially round now, week before and after. Tendency to go big, taking risk. For some, big plans unfold. Sense of wanting renewal. Some unburden self of dead weight. Many feel need to lock into long-term goals sure. Tax Reform debate continues, as does Election interference and rumbles of enforced peace or war drama. With Jan. 16th new moon square Uranus… (13th to 16th influencing next few weeks in effect). A wish to make everything new, need to renew, turn over new leaf, show a new face and renewed sense of it all. For some this could be quite transformative change or rearrangement, jilting, shake rattle and roll, trippy for quick changes and rearrangement of both the dance and the musical chairs of posturing and security. Strengthening of changes previously initiated, or further changes inculcated. Capricorns, Aries, Libra, Cancer signs, houses, planets most affected. For many, a breaking point is reached. Sudden break offs of affairs.

Coronal Mass Ejections or Solar Flares during this time? Fires or electrical equipment failures. Tough time to travel perhaps. Next few weeks offer strong planetary energetics for ‘change or be changed’ atmospherics. From Wall Street to Politics, to international intrigue and the white house; change is astir. Strong need for clarity, honesty, clearly defined goals, strength of character and follow through on promises with constant eye and sure action on positive long term goals, aims. Possible challenge to markets, wall street, till end of end of January, mid Feb.

All true magic and miracles begins with a sense of selfless toward truth and love. Otherwise everything seems trauma.

        ~Robert of Mayflower

Jan. 23 Moon conjunct Uranus may reverberate into Mid Jan. Uranus aspects. Sense of freedom and lust for playing outside boundaries or limitations. Thirst for new ideas. Time to visit the Mayflower Bookshop?

“The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt.”

-Sir Walter Scott

Jan. 24th Mercury conjunct Pluto. Difficult communications and/or travel, difficult planning or decisions. In depth research, ultimate findings, psychological approach. Avoid being too hard or cold in social situations, keep a warm heart, loving kindness and compassion first and noble.

Love created us, we can return the favor or not.

       -Trebore Tau Bodhi

Jan. 26th Mars enters Sagittarius till mid March. Frank upfront conversations, wishes and drive for expansive, extravagant, adventure and thrill. Possible speaking without fully thinking it out. Love of creative play and sportful daring.

Jan. 28th Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. An attempt to control changes, causing change in systematic thought out steps vs. breaks in the continuity.

“If you go too far you may become a cosmic monster.”

            ~C. Trungpa

Jan. 31 New Moon Eclipse in Leo, especially affecting Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. A need to cut off negative habits and attachments, relations, things holding one back from growth. A sense of renewed self worth. For some a need to re-imagine holiness and inner spirit self. A wanting to put one’s best foot forward. A sense of playfulness and pure hearted ness. Danger of egotism or selfishness not allowing right view of others, compassion for others suffering and striving aspirations. Coming two weeks awaken deeper sense of connection to others, or opposite, a falling away in misunderstanding. Choose love, be still and know, listen for higher truths in each and all.

Real knowledge is knowledge of the SELF co-creative with past, present, future; a virtue of both being and becoming at one with all life.

Feb. 15th Solar Eclipse in late Aquarius followed by Mars square Neptune Feb. 17th. Here one aspires to the highest good true beautiful or faces the consequences of feeling lost in the shuffle. Times are weirdly strange and frustrated by possible lack of truth or true direction. Perhaps times chaotic in some cosmic karma adjusting ways leading to spiritual preparation for the novel 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and a real attempt toward world peace and social justice, creativity and spiritual community arises anew. Mutable and Fixed Signs, planets, houses most affected.

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December 2017

AstroNews December 2017

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from Robert of Mayflower

author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

Talks Fun Coming Up!

Dec. 4th Psychic Fun Night, Tarot and Astrology

How to Read Tarot Cards hands on, also use of astrology to predict tendencies.

Dec. 21st? Astrology for 2018, Sun Signs, politics, economics, good aspects and “bad”  or challenging rough times, more! Thoughts on 2020 and the Aquarian or spirit age. Esoteric insights into 12 Days Christmas, ancient intiation, Solstice, fallen angels, Santa and Sanat Kumara, ArcAngel Michael and more!

Both events at the Theosophical Society, Berkley Mi. on Woodward

Cost $20 donation.

In no age was it the case in such a high degree as it is to-day, that the countenances of men contradict what they themselves say and declare.       -Rudolf Steiner

Anger is the worse non-virtue, attachment is the glue keeps us stuck there.    -G. Rinpoche

“Life is a series of surprises.”  -Emerson

Astrology for December (some aspects influence time before and after exact date of aspect. One needs see how these aspects directly land in the individual chart to make more certain judgement of possible events).

Dec. 1st, Mars oppose Uranus. (Can influence some time to come and has built up to this catharsis for some time past)

Can be very creative freeing time, or is it mistakes, splits, accidents, hasty rash moves?

This is a crazy aspect often triggering violence, warring opposites, sudden anger or aggression. Such aspect can trigger accidents, fiery explosive happenings, over reactive tendencies, strong debate, feelings of being attacked and will to respond quickly and strongly. Positively this aspect is softened by Saturn trine to Uranus which brings a bit of wisdom and patience, long term view, into the dynamic. First week of December, Mars in sky square Pluto in USA SAGITTARIUS Rising Chart’s . International war threats and economic pressures, possibly stormy times passing here. Jupiter transit trine USA Sun at this time may also be protector aspect safeguarding good ol’USA. Still, could be strong gun debate due to further violence, as well as sexual and political/economic scandals in the turbulent air and severe extremes in weather. Cardinal Signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Libra most challenged to change or be changed, rise to higher octave and higher self or be pushed or impelled into change. A very cutting edge creative aspect and need for many to update, rise to the occasion, as well as avoid unneeded conflict.

We are all slaves of our own self image.  -Carl Jung

December 2nd, Jupiter trine Neptune. Spiritual Mystical Experience and Events. A very strong aspect for being swept off your feet, madly in love with something, naively projecting and flying into fantasy or highly idealistic situations. Future planning, travel, space/oceanic/or astral voyages, arrangements of the Spirit, extraordinary spiritual insights and experiences. Escape artist maneuvers and moves to legalize marijuana. Positioning oneself for better futures. For some displacement from present by hauntings of past and yet to be future possibilities. Although great aspect for love and the arts, music and the muse, need to keep practical ground as to not over do, abuse, burn out, or fall from the sky and crash. Strong sense of the supernatural and mystic, higher love and spiritual relation. Tendency to float out rather than manifest destiny or bring to earthen form the ideal. This aspect makes some lazy and playful, spending energies. For some this aspects sparks high degree of imaginative play and future planning.

“All talk and no action destroys one’s credibility and future. Continually blaming others and failing to work on self destroys family and community. Thinking unable to aspire to universal truth and love, universal truth and love unable to manifest, incarnate, in every day actions usurps, vampirizes, and bankrupts the spiritual soul, the Consciousness Soul.”  ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 3rd Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius oppose Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, and Mercury goes Retrograde. Shifting information and markets, weather, may go to extremes; emotions too. For some breakthroughs, for others breakdowns. Deep sense of intimacy, or lack of such despoils time.

Seriousness is a disease. -Osho

“In ancient times, if you were too serious or not serious enough, if you joked around too much or lacked a sense of humor, you were thrown out of the Mystery Schools of Spiritual knowledge and unfoldment. This should be done now in both political and higher learning echelons and office.”   ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 6 Mercury conjunct Saturn. Cold winds and harsh news make some come quick to reality, down to earth. Wisdom that comes through time is active here too for those patient and in for the long ride.

‘Jealousy is liking someone for who you want them to be, not who they are. Anger/hatred takes away another’s freedom, forces another, and usually quite impotent about bringing about real lasting change.  Woundology Psychology too is a problem in this modern world lacking ancient Greek Tragedy and Shakespearean wit and insight, learning. Some perpetuate wounds, others healing, still others their enlightenment eternal growth of consciousness, being and becoming. Without insights into Reincarnation and Karma, all suffering is limited in what can be learned and grown forth from. To address this last, Buddha’s first Noble Truth was concerned with ‘Right Suffering’, suffering we learn from, grow from, become free from. This is a modern day dilemma to put suffering in the right perspective ….. to arouse both Compassion for the struggle of the Soul seeking wholeness, and also arousal of a Will to stay in spiritual virtue mind training till the day comes when we can do something about it, we can fix or heal the suffering.’   -robert of mayflower

Dec. 9th Mars enters Scorpio. One starts to see in coming times what exactly one wants and what one doesn’t want in their life. Desire and fear may mar clear vision of future and ‘way to go’. Growing sense of will, direction, what to cut out, what to keep. Need to purify and renew ,  or feelings of degeneracy and lack. Personal desires mar the moment, or deeper wisdom enlightens. Secret manipulations or wise decisions?

Genius quickens, dullness weakens. Wisdom cuts through, ignorance cuts you and/or another out. Draw a circle includes all, divide the whole and face a fall.    

~Robert of Mayflower “On the ‘cutting edge of grace’ Poetics”

Dec. 10th Mercury trine Uranus gives quick wit, accurate reporting, insights and entertaining conversations. Venus square Neptune makes for nostalgic and imaginative love and wanderings, journeys, music, drama, colorful nature experience. Stay practical in love but yes, use your imagination!

Be awake; see the thinking in all things, even space. -rt

Dec. 12 Sun conjunct Mercury brings a very alert to everything day. Smarts increase but so does going overboard with talk, think, and a thousand insights and wisdoms.

Haste makes waste, anger hate; patience is divine, awaiting in grace all of time.   ~robert of mayflower

Are you driving, or is it driving you? There is a big difference.

-Gelek Rinpoche, from my memory.

Dec. 13th Moon conjunct Mars, Gemini’s meteor showers. Strong and passionate urge to assert oneself, be over pronounced, strong talk, mood to act and talk later too, strong sex weak mind aspect; but also sense of need to stay grounded and serious about what the future holds for us, is thrown at us, and yet to be adventured.

Dec. 14 Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio gives impulse to expand, attempt to satisfy desires, need for fun, avoid over doing. Secret maneuver could back fire, but also may work. Stay true to the high and noble path, avoid risk or non virtuous activity.

“A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. For every friend whom he loses for truth, he gains a better. I thought as I walked in the woods and mused on my friends, why should I play with them this game of idolatry?   -Emerson

Dec. 15 Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Sagittarius. Deeper thinking about matters of love. For some a wait and see attitude, for others a lets take a break and rethink. Tendency to explode with ideas and insights. Need for disciplined approach to what one really truly desires and wants. Mind and heart meet in new ways or quarrel and disagree in new ways. You can’t make one love you. You can make yourself more lovable.

Dec. 16 Sun trine Uranus voyages into new territory and adventure. Need to feel free. Opening up to new ideas and ways of working, playing, going.

Dec. 17 Moon conjunct Mercury and Venus triggers love adventures or plans of such. Feelings and ideas, thinking, unite.

Live soul that the center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere.   ~old wisdom

Dec. 18 New Moon on Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Ponder your whole life, the one before and after, listen deeper still to right is right here now disappearing into greater sense of things. Destiny is making an appearance but so are distractions from higher self true aims.

Love matters, yet we give it away. Money Spirits and we try to save. Self is in each matter, each moment, yet not of it. Spirit Self is everywhere ,  but here not most matters. Perhaps Beatles ‘here, there, everywhere’ is best, all three at once, and once removed stillness to boot!   ~robert of mayflower

Dec. 19th Saturn enters Capricorn for 2 and half years

Dec. 20 Venus trine Uranus , Musical Chairs or Last Dance Marianne, give you one more chance.

“We sell the thrones of angels for a short and turbulent pleasure.”


Dec. 20th, Venus trine Uranus. Tendency to escape hardships or world craziness, control freaks and cold weather and situations by escapades or adventures in higher love and intelligence. For some its fiddling around and dancing while Rome burns, for others its get down and celebrate  before   we can’t. None-the-less, great time to reach for the stars and invoke one’s Higher Self to ascend to ever greater heights and depths of spiritual realization, virtue minded interactions, love and truth.

Possible aspect for divine meetings, love connections, sudden stepping up of the creative urge.

Dec. 21 Sun enters Capricorn, Winter Solstice, Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Long term views getting more real. Serious sense of what work needs to be done, rid of, completed, or forgotten. Tendency to feel the world is contracting and control freaks of power run every thing. On the other hand, many a person and place coming into a wisdom and love only time can warrant with a life time guarantee. Hard core realities and limitation, boundaries and inquiry, what can happen and what cannot, appear now in coming times. Could be a bit of a cold spell here. Now for real we find out who’s house doesn’t get blown down by the big bad wolf of addiction, power, falsehoods, and little thinking. Much Wisdom starts to arrive as we head for 2020-23 when many interesting planets enter Aquarius and force big Truth upon many a soul. Spirit matters, and some matters now begin to return to Spirit. Some experience feeling alone, others experience Christ or Higher sense of Universal Self. Some enjoy the quiet or aloneness, or at-one-ment. Some feel forlorn and need to renew quest for spiritual truths, wisdoms, and new love.

In real spiritual growth and knowledge wisdom there is no fallback.   -robert of mayflower

Dec. 22 Mercury goes Direct from Retrograde gives a sense of forward motion next few weeks. Think ideally ,  act practically.

Dec. 25th Venus enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn.

Good time to be thankful for what one has, practical and long term. Venus Cap/Saturn can be strong bottom line on what works and has lasting power. For some it’s feeling left out in the cold, lack of love, respect, appreciation. Loss of love, sadness. What works works, false dreams may here fade, melt, or freeze some part in the unconscious frozen part of self, feeling like one is in the  basement of life. For yet others, the Christ experience, the birth of universal love in the heart soul.

Real Magic begins with a sense of selflessness, willingness to divine the divine, willingness to learn what the universe asks. Real  love begins with the same.    -robert of mayflower

Dec. 28th Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (water signs over imagining or planning escape to heavenly abode/). Many wonderful feelings overspill the moment or days before and after. Hard to tell what is real or what will last. For some, ideals become realized. For others, dreams dream one out into waiting game and lost opportunities. Here an opportunity taken is an opportunity missed. Pick well and fly!

There is no God unless you prove it by the way you live.

    -robert of mayflower

Jan. 1, 2018 Full Moon in Capricorn. Appreciation of things of lasting value. View of long term goals positions the next step. A feeling thinks and things have gone as far as they can go, at the breaking point or turning point of the year, life. Right sense of work and play, boundaries and artistic structure, or lack of all this.

Jan. 2nd Uranus goes direct from retrograde. Changes now go forward, not backward. A will to proceed no matter vibes the place out. Perhaps. But also sense of need to go forward so to find true ground. Need to avoid rash actions bringing about undesired reactions and consequences. Need to find sure ground, reliability in work and play. Need to complete projects ,  not just find oneself always starting something new that doesn’t work out or complete. For some a sense of strong forward motion.

Jan. 14 Sun square Uranus, Electrical, shocking, awakening, sudden shift, new news, revelations, rumbles and shake ups in parts, death and rebirth. Such aspect influences us right into the New Moon, and for two weeks to come. Urge to come back to oneself or one’s earthy practical inner self day to day. New light on creative change. Inventive creative innovative.

Jan. 16 New Moon with moon square uranus. Desire to change many things in one’s life this next few weeks. Some do it by free choice, others by necessity, need, want, force. Sudden jolt or spurts of energy or event.

Jan. 31 Full Moon Eclipse in Leo. Sense of heart’s desire or need to shine.  Gatherings of high minded hearts and minds is in order days before and after, around this time. Avoid egotistic actions/words that divide or cause conflict. Possibly good time to put best foot forward and shine on.

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The discovery of Self, I AM, is a journey into the future, an adventure and discovery  of our relationship to all the world. Anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, and other psycho drama is but fireworks, compost material, and lost opportunities to heal, grow, mature, and come to fruition co-creative with ennobling virtues.

     —robert of mayflower


November 2017

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop’s

Astrological News and Views for November 2017

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Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

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Robert of Mayflower talk –

‘The Mind of Yoga’

Meditation and Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms

Find peace, joy, and happiness through a deeper understanding of the Yoga Aphorisms, which originally were not just physical exercises, but mindful learning of self-realization and spiritual unfolding

November 2nd, 7 pm,

at Birmingham Community House

‘Where there is a Will, there is a Way.’

Love is in the air first half of November up to 18th, many new and renewed trysts in love and business. When it comes to fight or flight, the first half of the month is flight and the second half is fight. On December 2nd and 3rd, the flight and fight are simultaneous, but mostly flight. Wild times. Some experience ships passing in the dark. For others, love flashes, love demiurge of the heart, lightening and thunder, ecstatic rendezvous, opportunities for higher angelic and mystical experience. Second half of November filled with political intrigue, warring, conflicts of interest, accusations and infighting. All this leads to interesting Full Moon on December 3rd when bubbles pop, outworn modes of fashion shift, the past is discarded for new dreams and possibilities before us. For some, it’s a hard wake-up call. For some others, a much needed break from whatever is holding one back. For yet others, strong working practical bonds of work, love, livelihood, and mutually agreed futures. Surely a magical time is at hand, and much is possible for the honest, good, and true of heart and mind.

“Music, as far as I have seen in the world so far, is the only real magic that I know. There is something really honest and clean and pure and it touches you in your heart.”

-Tom Petty

For flowing is the secret of things and no wonder the children love masks, and to trick themselves in endless costumes, and be a horse, a soldier, a parson, or a bear; and, older, delight in theatricals; as, in nature, the egg is passing to a grub, the grub to a fly, and the vegetable eye to a bud, the bud to a leaf, a stem, a flower, a fruit; the children have only the instinct of their race, the instinct of the Universe, in which, Becoming somewhat else is the whole game of nature, & death the penalty of standing still.

“’Tis not less in thought. I cannot conceive of any good in a thought which confines & stagnates. Liberty means the power to flow. To continue is to flow. Life is increasing parturition.”


The Stars impel, not compel. Each astrological aspect is a stellar influence of both event and feeling, a soul urge if you will. It is up to each of us to follow our highest star, our guiding spirit and higher self, so to reach the greatest level of human experience in both love and truth, life and light, compassion and joy, freedom and right working.

November 3rd Sun trine Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn. Mysterious dreams that heal or explain past, for some futuristic prophetic dreams come. Good time to get creative, plan the future, idealize love. The ideal and practical can work and play here, finding new harmonies and balance. Time to follow your highest star, but be sure to keep your feet on the ground with sound common-sense. Mystical states, talking to the dead, strange psychic phenomena, fog and weather in parts. Saturn square Chiron during this time brings up past wounds needing healing or past experience needing review and rewrite. Some in slow process of learning or even re-learning of lessons. Clash between practical down-to-earth common-sense and what’s right before you at odds with the far away feelings or spirit, disconnected from every day what is.

“I know the spirit, — by its victorious tone.”


Nov. 4th Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus, Venus oppose Uranus. Creative uplifts and sudden arousal of spirit. For some, upsets in love, sudden shift in likes and dislikes, sudden change of direction. Sudden love links but lasting of duration. For some an amazing ability to make love or peace no matter what. For others, shocking revelations or exposure. A Very Creative aspect that can suddenly release tension. Fluctuating markets? Weather?

“O day of days, when we can read! The reader and the book. Either without the other is naught.”

-Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Nov. 11th Saturn trine Uranus influencing the whole month with attempt to balance needs for security and need for freedom, rootedness and ability to fly. In fiery signs Sagittarius and Aries, a sense of wanting completion, place to land, rest, renew, feel safe. Wanting relationships in love and money that have lasting value but also awakening freeing aspect and expression.

Nov. 13th Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune. Meaningful feelings and longings for love. Danger of lack of logical or practicality in affairs of the heart. Nonetheless, good aspect for dreaming, playing, flirting, kissing, and other artistic flings of the heart. Travel plans. Beware of liars or promises that can’t be kept. Read the small print. Fun and frolic, light heartedness. Need to avoid getting too high or drinking too much, over-doing it. Spiritual research, stretching beyond limits, psychic experience. Strange weather and psychic experience time.

“The avaricious man seeks to add to the number of his toys, the scientific man to find new relations.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nov. 16th Venus trine Neptune good for arts, poetics, higher love, dreams meaningful. This is Soul Weaving, Soul Mate type aspect. Great for feeling the future now. Love and play escapades, plans for future. Ideal situations arise, great imaginations, feel for life.

“The greatest wit, the most space. It is the little wit that is always in extremes & sees no alternative but revelry or daggers. Hurry is for slaves.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Selected Journals, Vol. 2

Nov. 18th New Moon late Scorpio square Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Dangerous days here for weather, politics, business and important decisions, knowing what and who is real or not. Stay square, honest and upright in all your dealings. Ideals and practical realities, spiritual and material needs and realities harmonize and work together. Security and need for freedom, work and play try for new creative balance next few weeks. For some, sudden reality and shift to reality hits ‘em in the face. Possibly fluctuating vicissitudes in markets, weather, relations next two weeks. Heavy politics and white house drama perhaps too. When it comes to fight or flight, this is an aspect where most people fight. The first half of the month was the flight.

“No man quarrels with his shadow, nor will he with his miniature when the sun was the painter.”


Nov 19 Mars square Pluto can be disappointment and spoilage, weird weather or faulty decisions/actions causing problems. Power plays, big giants eat little ones, Corporate take overs, aggressive financial moves. This is dangerous aspect where hate and anger often run havoc and create chaotic situations, violence etc. Time to take extra precaution around this date. Need for police/military protection.Tough time perhaps for travel. Avoid over assertion or aggressive behaviour. Good for research and rethink. Good for ridding self of unwanted, unneeded items. Good time to lighten the load, eat simpler healthy food, yoga and meditation. Rejuvenate and regenerate or degenerate aspect. Dangerous time of ultimatums. Usually harsh news and tough decisions. Such aspect often associated with military action, good guy bad guy stuff. Again, all astrological aspects have higher and lower octave potential. It is up to each of us to reach for the higher octave, higher resonance of virtue, love, truth, honesty, compassion. This aspect also related to dangers of over prescribing and medicating, drug and med abuse, and the crisis of pollution/crime/poverty/ecology/feminine issues/ economic disparity. Mars can be hero or courageous acts. Pluto oft associated with Compassion and in-depth spiritual psychology, but also indicative of Plutocrats or those who rule by money/power/authority, and their rise and/or fall. This aspect may portend of more heavy infighting and white house drama. The rapid fall or rise of strong or famous individuals. Intense emotions, weather, research, revelation. A definite time of accusation and strong defense. World leaders may quiver. For sure a good time for honesty and courageous daring to right wrongs.

“Use what language you will,” he said, “you can never say anything but what you are.”

-Emerson, Journals

Nov. 21 Sun enters Sagittarius. An onion, a strawberry, carrot, apple tree, and weed all grow on the same soil. Each of us has the same Spirit, Universal Oneness within, it’s the mind and its willingness to learn, dare, and do that determines our fate or fortune, destiny calling. Train the mind in the heart if you want flowering, dare selfless love for all for the fruit. Sun in sage Sa’g calls for bigger mind and heart to embrace the universe, a truer aim for higher things.

“The fame of the scholar reaches farther than the credit of the banker.”


Nov. 22 Neptune direct, some start to dream of the future letting go of the past; others over intrigued by the mirror of self, trip themselves others up a bit. Many now sense the big future and the next few years coming up fast.

“Genius unsettles everything.” 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nov. 25 Mercury trine Uranus. Opportunities for enterprise, making connections, putting pieces together making greater sense of things. A sense of pervasive rightness, direction, wholeness. Breakthroughs, zany creative thinking, a thrust to do something new, wanting to think out of the box, the big shooter, lots of plans and talk. A sense of figuring things out, at least for a day or three.

To Perfection.

To a perfect foot no place is slippery.
To a perfect fool every place is slippery.

To a perfect fop every act is foppery.

To a perfect union every act is unifying.


Nov 28 Mercury conjunct Saturn, cold or the reverse, extremes in weather, very cold or weirdly warmer in parts. Strong sense of reality, road blocks, realism, down-to-earth thinking. Don’t gamble here, take the true and tried. Play it safe. Some free stuck and need to study, research, prepare for better times. Others are in the ‘Check Mate’ move, win or lose. Major legal dilemma or hard line reality check.

“In the morning — solitude,” said Pythagoras. By all means, give the youth solitude, that nature may speak to his imagination, as it does never in company; and, for the like reason, give him a chamber alone; and that was the best thing I found in College.”


December 2nd, Jupiter trine Neptune. A very strong aspect for being swept off your feet, madly in love with something, naively projecting and flying into fantasy or highly idealistic situations. Future planning, travel, space/oceanic/or astral voyages, arrangements of the Spirit, extraordinary spiritual insights and experiences. Escape artist maneuvers and moves to legalize marijuana. Positioning oneself for better futures. For some displacement from present by hauntings of past and yet to be future possibilities. Although great aspect for love and the arts, music and the muse, need to keep practical ground as to not over do, abuse, burn out, or fall from the sky and crash. Strong sense of the supernatural and mystic, higher love and spiritual relation. Tendency to float out rather than manifest destiny or bring to earthen form the ideal.

Dec. 3rd Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius oppose Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, markets and weather may go to extremes; emotions too. For some breakthroughs, for others breakdowns. Deep sense of intimacy, or lack of such despoils time.

“We blind believe in God and stars on high so not to question too closely the fallen god in our own heart; or is it some who sink and wish there sleep than climb oneself step by step to awaken, rise, from such deeps.”

-robert of mayflower

“I wish to know the nomenclature of botany & astronomy. But these are soulless both, as we know them; vocabularies both. Add astrology to astronomy, & ’tis somewhat. Add medicine & magic to botany, and that is something.”


Robert Thibodeau is available for READINGS and Talks, Parties.

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“But the English believe that by mountains of facts they can climb into the heaven of thought and truth: so the builders of Babel believed. But the method of truth is quite other, and heaven descends, when it will, to the prepared soul. We must hold our science as mere convenience, expectant of a higher method from the mind itself.”



October 2017

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrology News and Views — October 2017

Robert Thibodeau, Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’
2645 W. 12 Mile Rd
Berkley, Mi. 48072
(248) 547-8227

Coming Events include:

October 3rd, 7 to 9 pm, at Birmingham Community House:
Psychic Tarot Class with optional reading for attendees

October 14th, 10 to 12 noon
Royal Oak Farmers Market Live Acoustic Music and Song with Robert of Mayflower and Bob Monteleone

October 15th, 1 pm
Astrological and Psychic Intuitive Predictions for 2018. Readings for some in audience

Astro News:

Oct. 1st Mars trine Pluto gives one a positive focus and force of conviction to get results and accomplish goals. Can be renewing and invigorating experiences. Strong love or investment urges in coming days. For some strong urge to run away from something.

Tom Petty of the Heart Breakers, appears to have had a major cardiac arrest, his heart stopped. Tom’s current transit of Uranus opposing his natal Sun in Libra often is reflection of heart troubles. Uranus, discovered when electricity was discovered, rules such trouble. As for the Vegas Country Music Festival violence, possible astrological indications in USA chart is long lasting transiting Neptune in Pisces T squares to both USA ascendent in Sagittarius and USA Uranus/Mars in Gemini. This could indicate Opiad and anti depressant addictions, suicidal ideations identified with many of the prescribed psycho drugs. Also indicative of confusing issues in politics, economics, war, oil, wall street computers, spy computers, as well as psychic inflationary and deflationary affairs, lies and deceit, propaganda and hard to figure facts, fake news. Neptune rules hollywood and weird porn sex stuff. In the hustle of the time, Playboy Hugh Hefner died. More weirdness and strange events into middle of month when Mars conjuncts Neptune. Hopefully it will be a more positive spiritual experience. Comets have a funny way of bringing new things in and taking some out. Lots of interesting changes as Comet ‘Asas Sn’ makes perihelion Oct. 14th but visible in morning sky now. Mark Twain born on passing comet and predicted he would go when Halley’s Comet returned, and he did. Tom Petty seems to be going on this one, along with a few others. See Oct. 14th for more comet info. Comets on positive note, light your electrolytes and can help create new ways of thinking, acting, feeling, opportunities and more. Get a reading if you want your own personal chart brought into the timing and possibility. More on this at my talks.

“All Planets and Aspects have a higher and lower octave of possibility and event. It is up to each of us to reach for the miracle at the higher octave of possibility and event horizon.”
-robert of mayflower

“A liar can only lie to a liar, truth can only be known by truth.”
-old philosophy axiom, Trebore Tau Bodhi

Oct. 3rd, Moon eclipses Neptune, Venus trine Pluto while later in day Moon opposes Venus and Mars which last two conjunct Full Moon coming up on Oct. 5th. Full, and for some ‘Fool’, Moon. For some, escapades of romance and future dreams, plans. For others, foolish escapades lasting only a week or more. A very idealistic time and possibly romantic, nostalgic, futuristic. Keep practicality going and ‘get it in writing’ if important issue or promises to be kept. Compassion and practical workings for future good here. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Talk tonight on 3rd on TAROT CARDS and READING and getting a reading. See above.

“If you want to know everything wrong about marriage, get married; but then its too late.”

Oct. 5th Full Moon at 12 Aries, Venus conjunct Mars in critical Virgo, love arguments or kinky sex? Good aspect for learning who the other is, like it or not. Having said that, such aspect creates intense feelings positive or negative. Can be cat and dog, or intellect vs. feelings conflicting. On positive note, if love works, it can be the best. The Virgo angle to it is the ‘Virgin Whore’ complex. Yet such aspect can bring together heaven and earth for a spell. Be sure it’s not heaven and hell if you can. Avoid being over-critical. Use constructive criticism. If you want something done well, do it yourself. Good for cleaning and rearranging for clarity, happiness, and success. Avoid use of force.

“Anytime you’re deflecting love, you’re deflecting miracles.”
-Marianne Williamson

“Real love lasts; if it doesn’t last, get real.”

Oct. 8th Venus square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury. Sudden realizations of what isn’t working when it comes to love. Feelings of being on a hold button. Slow but sure realizations and wisdoms of how to go, proceed, what to let go of, and what still needs work. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra brings much needed clarity of mind to situations at hand and in the world around. For some, strong use of force to get one’s way. Patience and smarts, wisdom, goes far here to mending broken connections. Over-assertive can bring added conflict and stress.

“Where there is love, there is no fear; one grasps a greater wholeness and sense of ‘Oneness’. Where there is fear, one grasps things, people, situations that are perishable and fleeting. The fear comes from some part of our self that knows it’s not working. Fear freezes, hate hardens, only love frees and flows, flowers one Soul Mind Stream to togetherness.”
-robert of mayflower

Oct. 9th Sun/Mercury square Pluto. Hopefully no more violence and shootings in America, or anywhere! More hard facts come out about many disturbing things. Debate about guns, drugs, prescriptions, money and war. Hard decisions and possible dangerous actions abound. Ultimatums or drawing line in sand not to be crossed. Feelings of being crossed. Need to eliminate what doesn’t work. Cutting out decayed or retarded things, forces, situations, so to proceed without sticky icky psychodrama. Much need for wisdom, compassion, patience, and generously offering self time to figure things out.

“The Tibetans think the only desire worth keeping this side of Nirvana, is the desire to become free and enlightened this life.”

Oct. 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio. Last 13 months get condensed into what worked and what didn’t, what to keep and what to free or let go of. Strong need to rid oneself of past burdens or people or situations that won’t grow with you. Further, a need to change self to change the world around you. Both needed, inner and outer renewal and positive change. Scorpio brings passion to larger tasks, goals, ideals. A real sense of which important priorities need to happen. Next 3 months critical to rejuvenate one’s self and aims in life, not degenerate and retard forward motion. This all gets really intellectually clear Oct. 17-18th when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Many clear messages arrive by then as to the path to take or not take. A determination to make things better for self and others in coming year. For some, more paranoia and feelings of dread or fear.

“The reward of good work is more good work; as for negativity, it is its own reward as well. Love to find Love.”

Oct. 11th Mars square Saturn. The rule of thumb here is ‘Discipline yourself or be disciplined’. Run-in with the ‘authorities’ or ‘karma’. Need to accomplish work or task at hand. Avoid procrastination or delaying inevitable. Good aspect for good honest work. Keep it simple stupid, works here. Simplicity and clearness beats out over produced.

Oct. 14th Comet ‘Asas Sn’ or called ‘Comet C/2017 01’ reaches closest point to Sun (perihelion) just outside the orbit of Mars. In the last few weeks, this comet rose to be near Perseus Constellation. Perseus is mythological hero story of conquering Medusa who could turn one into stone. In other words, there is an energetic prevalent to be ‘stoned’ or frozen in front of TV or dead thoughts. This is a time for spiritual renewal and inner reflection; a time to cut out the many things not going anywhere. I will be speaking more on this at my talks, and at Mayflower Bookshop. Comets like this come with deep space messages profoundly transforming collective consciousness. Such Comets too are ‘Comet Cleansers’ coming to purify the earth of negative astral vibrations. This Comet may portend more violence on one hand, more ultimatums and show of muscle, aggressiveness and testosterone; on the other hand, with Sun in Libra, true heroes of peace, the arts, reconciliation, forgiveness and/or conversion to the good/true/beautiful arise. Given the world’s weird violent outbursts, let’s hope the guys who name comets can leave words sounding like ‘Assassin’ and find more positive mythological names invoking virtuous deeds. Or so I think. Here at same time, Venus enters sign of Libra giving healthy hearty balance of heart and feelings to hard-headed intellect. Renewing artistic sense of beauty and grace, balance and heavenly poise. Another comet of major significance is coming and already showing its influence. Its perihelion is in 2022. 

Oct. 15th Mercury oppose Uranus may bring unexpected news or sudden change of event. Good aspect for intellectual breakthrough. For some, shock or surprise information or critical shift in event horizon.

Oct. 17th Moon conjunct Mars and Venus encourages love trysts, romance, magical endeavor. Favors those less critical and in artistic beautiful harmony mood or mode. Avoid negative warts and ‘put down’ people.

Oct. 18th Mercury conjunct Jupiter give positive spirit to day. For some lucky in work, word, touch, and lips. For some, sudden opportunity, for others, opportunity missed.

Oct. 19th New Moon in late Libra with Sun/Moon oppose Uranus. Next couple weeks lots of upsets, changes in plans, sudden surprises, break offs, or is it a leaving, parting, or sudden meeting. Need to go to higher level of action or face consequences for poor planning, vision, or securement. Look for sudden changes in Washington, but elsewhere too. Sudden hirings, sudden firings, sudden breakups, sudden get togethers, connections. Lots of ups and downs, rollercoaster-like ride of emotions and events. Quick changes and sudden surprise changes.

Oct. 22nd Mars enters sign of Libra open enemies or just excited exercise freaks/friends. The next month and a half or more gets clearer about who is the enemy and who is not. Or who does one work with, play with, love with, adjust to? Or not! Not a good time for aggressive action or response unless one really knows exactly what to do. Avoid rash action, think things out before acting.

Oct. 24th Mercury trine Neptune good for planning, dreaming the future, repairing the past, mapping things out, creating and co-creating. Adventure, the arts, travel, communications of love and friendship.

Oct. 26th Sun conjunct Jupiter makes for great day to share, travel, voyage, meet and play, get intimate with one’s needs, plans, mind/heart.

Oct. 27th Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto. Good for deep connection and intimacy when compassion, mindfulness, sensitive sharing, giving and receiving. Tough aspect when people take things too personally, feel personally insulted. Avoid jealousy or loving someone for what one desires of them. For some, deeper connection; for others, feelings of rejection or need to work on self not other. Good for actions renewing and rejuvenating body, feelings, mind. Really good time to read Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets,’ tells how to transform everything into freedom, happiness, and enlightenment.

Oct. 30th Moon occults (eclipses Neptune) can give one new dreams and sense of future. For some, it’s getting lost in false dreams, undigested experience from the past coloring vision and clarity of present. Crazy aspect for wild halloween play and mask-making, pretend, hollywood type masquerade or play. Again, Neptune is lies, deception, illusions and delusions if not careful. Otherwise, it’s the arts, soul weaving and making.

November 3rd Sun trine Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn. The ideal and practical, work and play, can find harmony and balance here. Follow your star, keeping your feet on the ground. Saturn square Chiron during this time brings awareness of what needs healing or is in process for slow but sure learning of lessons. Clash between practical down-to-earth common-sense and far away feelings disconnected from every day what is right before you.

Nov. 4th Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus, Venus oppose Uranus. Creative upsets in love, sudden shift in likes and dislikes, sudden shift of direction. Love links of seldom duration.

Nov. 13th Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune. Meaningful feelings and longings of love. Danger of lack of logical or practicality in affairs of the heart. Nonetheless, good aspect for dreaming, playing, flirting, kissing, and other artistic flings of the heart. Travel plans.

Nov. 16th Venus trine Neptune good for arts, poetics, higher love, dreams meaningful.

Nov. 18th New Moon late Scorpio square Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Dangerous days here for weather, politics, business and important decisions, knowing what and who is real or not. Stay square, honest and upright in all your dealings.

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September 2017

Robert of Mayflower’s

Astrological News and Views

for September 2017

(See Predictions for Your Sun Sign below!)

Robert Thibodeau, Author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

Mayflower Bookshop, tel (248) 547-8227; on Facebook and Youtube too!

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September 30th, 7pm to 10pm at the Theosophical Society in Berkley:

Music Concert Benefit for the Theosophical Society Building — Singer Songwriters! Carolyn Striho, Mary McGuire, Robert of Mayflower, Holly Bernt, Kira Blue and Anton, Matt Darling, Richie and the New Wild Mountain Thyme, more. All at the Theosophical Society in Berkley. Advanced Tickets will hold best seats $20, if not sold out $10 at door. Purchase your seats now at Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227.

Oct. 3rd Talk on Tarot! — See below.

First week of September brings many a new dream of the future and a redemption of the past as we hit into Full Moon in Pisces

September 2nd to 5th and 6th

Mercury retrograde going forward on 5th conjunct Mars and both in tight trine to Uranus and loose trine to Saturn making grand trine. Good time for making practical yet creative judgements, decisions, plans, networking. Breakthroughs for many, for some quarrels and parting of ways. Letting go of the past to plunge into the future. Important to stay on the practical thinking side rather than emotionally impulsive irrational. Thinking without heart here may be too hard, egotistical, rough tough. Feelings without thinking can lead to mistaken actions, dead-end streets, and crashed dreams. Here Mercury the thinking walks into Full Moon/Neptune where creativity and imagination can win over sense-bound thinking, love over facts. Wild time for romantics and creative artists. Many trips or plans for future unfold or crash, get lost now.

September 5th, Sun oppose Neptune, Moon conjunct Neptune, Mars enters Virgo, Mercury goes direct. Suddenly everything makes sense and then goes awry again. One person is idealistic and far away seeing not here, the other is painfully here now and actively critical. All of a sudden in the midst of dispute a completely different answer and solution than the two combatants proposed appears. Ascendency and higher consciousness is now possible. Danger of gossip, news lies, misleading promises, going astray. Good for disciplined imagination, the arts, music, higher love, travel and future planning. This aspect trips into September 6th Full Moon. Neptune is associated with ocean, waters, sky, fog, illusion and delusion, but also the mystical union of higher levels of consciousness. The question is, are there more storms, hurricanes, extremes in the weather, ecological problems, war fears, strange weather and happenings, weird news/fake news/scary news? With Neptune transit in the sky conjunct Florida’s Sun at 13 Pisces, certainly Florida is candidate for uncertain weather and times. Again, Neptune is archetype King of the Seas, storms and peace, but also mystical spiritual virtuous and grand mother type experience.

September 6th Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Fantasy and play, creativity and delusion/illusion are confusing some, others get inspired to mother the spiritual soul in self and other. Liars or big dreamers? Spiritual or let astray in the astral. See September 5th. Volcanoes, weird weather, space and oceanic strange happenings, ecological concerns, plastic experiences. At higher level, the arts and magical performance, far away imaginations needing rooting and practicality. Past and future try to become meaningful to the present situation. Strange dream time needing spiritual discernment. Prophetic dreams or psychic perceptions vs. false notions and delusion and illusions.

Sun trine Pluto September 9th, good ground to plan, land, make amends, complete. With Moon conjunct Uranus, things still up in the air or prone to revision or change. Nonetheless, good time to realize things and plan to better, upgrade, raise the level of consciousness.

Venus trine Saturn September 12th brings sure footing and long-term security in view and at hand. Water signs, planets and houses are what parts of life love and security both hide and reveal themselves now.

Sept. 13th Sun square Saturn. Get good rest, right healthy diet, don’t burn the candle at both ends, have patience, perseverance, persistence. Otherwise, lay back with good book, meditation, nature, yoga, and chew well. Sun/Sat either brings light to situations once in the shadows, unconscious, blocked; or it forces one to be patient and keep tune into the long run big picture, patience and laid back attitude, non aggressive. Compassion for self and others goes far here.

Sept. 16th, Mercury conjuncts Mars, constructive criticism good, negative criticism or projection on others bad. Avoid over talk, negativity or anger, impatience or force, if possible. Take a few breaths and slow down if things get heated up and over-amped with velocity and acceleration. Good day to clean, get a thousand things done, network and connect, share, heal, mend, fix up.

Sept. 17th Moon ‘occults’ Venus. Make love not war, appreciate don’t depreciate, internalize and digest/integrate not contest/deteriorate. Good time to be patient and love no matter what. Happiness when alone otherwise.

Sept 18 Venus trine Uranus with Moon conjunct and ‘occulting’ Mars/Mercury and opposing Neptune. This could be further trigger day and/or event aftermath of whatever took place first week of Sept. Be clear with your intention and message, avoid hasty responses or aggressive attacks or projections. Good day to analyze carefully last month or more as to wise future directions, adjustments, corrections.

Sept. 19th Venus enters Virgo, the feeling side takes restock and re-think. Mercury oppose Neptune makes it important to stay practical and to not fly off in the imagination or reaction to perceived trouble. New Moon tomorrow on 20th with begin a new cycle of clarity.

Sept. 22 Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Sun enters Libra giving grace and harmony to finding co creative solutions, resolutions, and contributions to family, friends, future.

Sept 24th Mars oppose Neptune. Futuristic plans animate present. Past haunts present. Higher truths outweigh lies or fears or paranoia. Miscues, false criticisms, impotent perceptions, waylaid plans, rejection, denial, infection, plague the day. Ok, pick and choose which of these you want to happen and avoid the others! It’s a weirdly psychic moody day where what you think and feel can affect the world around you. So be mindful, beatific, artistic, musical, holy, creative, imaginative, and virtuous all the way; a better future is coming, let go of the past, stay present, watch your mind.

Sept. 25th Mercury square Saturn. Pay attention to all the little details, but don’t let the pressure blow your patience and long-term view. Look to gain the big picture, work the details, then let go and let God.

Sept 26th Moon square Mars and conjunct Saturn imply a need to stay focused on work and deadlines or generously and genius like make your escape plan.

Sept 28th Jupiter oppose Uranus, Pluto goes direct from retrograde, and Moon conjuncts Pluto. Sudden Luck or Misfortune, material success or loss prominent here. Strong shift in social identity, need to rid self of woundology psychology and negative shame/blame games or processes. Social freedom, love of life, willing to sacrifice for better future, renewed learning, all prosper this time with luck and grace. Compassion for inner struggle of soul-seeking wholeness, or lack of understanding and loving kindness, compassion, mark this time. Here one can make friends or lose friends forever, so be wise, reflective, genuine, and honest.

Sept. 29th Venus oppose Neptune. The best of plans go astray. Better things happen. Everything melts or disappears. Temptation to escape rather than face the music.

Sept 30th Acoustic Music Benefit with singer songwriters Carolyn Striho, Mary McGuire, Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower, Holly Bernt and more, see above; perform live music at the Theosophical Society in Berkley on Woodward ave next to Vinsetta Garage; 7 to 10 pm.

Tickets in Advance 20 dollars benefits the TS fixing up building. Call Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227

October 1st Mars trine Saturn, October 3rd Venus trine Pluto, all leading into Harvest Full Moon October 5th with Venus conjunct Mars tends toward a month of renewed love, new love, rejected love, crazy love, and over-controlled love. Not a lot of freedom to pick here, it seems like it’s just happening on unconscious stream dream, or oppositely on an over-controlled kill the creativity weird serene keep. Up to Full Moon, much is at play and played out to the tilt. Up till the Full Moon in November (the 4th) it’s up for grabs what will last or what will crash. Here creativity and freedom go far in keeping the earth attuned to the stars and heart of it all. Peace and Love, Joy and awakened mind heart soul!

October 3rd ‘Psychic Tarot’ class, with Robert Thibodeau, at the Birmingham Community House, 7pm to 9pm. $29. Live readings to demonstrate techniques to those present in audience!

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What’s Up with your Sun Sign?! Predictions, Insights, Eclipses!

“… if Man does not appreciate the flowers … they will cease to exist.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

What’s Up with your Sun Sign?!
Predictions, Insights, Eclipses!
How the coming months and year look
~ robert of mayflower bookshop, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’

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“Every path into the spiritual world goes through the heart.”
– Rudolf Steiner
(All Steiner quotes here thanks to Rudolf Steiner Archive!).

“Materialism has cast man into such depths that a mighty concentration of forces is necessary to raise him again.” ~Steiner

“The relation between teacher and pupil is like that between reader and book.”~ Steiner

Since Uranus entered the sign Aries, the last 6 or 7 years has been an attempt to ride the whirlwind, harness the volcano, make peace with the typhoon, or go up to the higher level beyond separate self, beyond limitations and conditionings of past and future tense and tension. The door opens when Aries can fully become present in the present with naked mind. All spiritual swimmers and athletes start here, selfless learning. Discovering equality of self with other, each with infinite potential for root and wings, aids in finding the patience to be still and know, spark and grow, spirit soul in the flow and flowering. Pushing one’s own personal separate view on others’ worldview and personal karma may waylay true divine plans that the universe made for you. Take care to work on oneself, change oneself so to alter external situations. Beware of lure ‘it’s greener on the other side’. Helping others to help yourself can work, but charity begins at home. Attune like Socrates to one’s own Presiding Spirit or Angel of Presence, infinite wisdom space calmly abiding within then without. In 2018-and 2019, Uranus enters Taurus and Cardinal Signs Aries/Libra/Capricorn/Cancer can find greater peace and rest, repose and real true ground to hang on to, grow into, land and rise with. From 2018 on for 7 years, fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo get challenged to grow in new ways, reach for higher truth, quicken the pace, and find naked mind, or selfless learning, capable of finding new maps to self and other. Eclipse calls for a return to learning, new travels and adventures, new plans and aims, goals; as well as ‘everything is up for change’ but your indwelling unchanging stillness still here taking it all in. Keep that ground as your head spins round the world. Uranus in sky semi square Neptune 5 times till 2019 brings Aries (cardinal signs) urge to jump into changes without thinking. Pisces dreams a change coming but may wait for other to initiate.

“Wisdom is what Buddhism calls Emptiness, selflessness, freedom from self, clear seeing and hearing.” -rt

“I assert that before long it will be discovered and recognized by external science, that a superperceptual element underlies all physical phenomena, and that latent spirit exists in everything that comes within the limits of our sense perceptions.” -Rudolf Steiner

With Uranus in your solar 12th house, you have been inwardly (Taurus) accelerating your genius pace and novel insight, secretly transforming everything in your life. Outwardly the revelation of change will come with Uranus traveling through Taurus 2018 on for several years; that’s when your genius and naked clear awareness with totally reveal itself. Pluto in your solar 10th house indicates a real or symbolic death and rebirth of your world view, work, goal, or calling. Neptune now in your solar chart 11th house indicates much compassion for others, for friends; but also the face that not all your friends are true blue and may have hidden agendas. The old neoplatonic and tibetan wisdom says this: ‘to the true all is true; to the pure, all is pure. Dalai Lama says virtue is our ultimate dharma protector, security system, psychic protection. With Saturn in Solar 9th, keep studying, keep learning, keep holding your ground; but as all good gardeners know, the seed planted dies to its past and rises in completely renewed, new, form. Taurus (or houses and planets in Taurus, see your chart for such), is in the state of being buried in one’s life, transforming slowly from within, like a caterpillar in the chrysalis, to finding new wings to fly. August eclipse in 4th solar house depicts further changes concerning home and appetites. Keep to your true sound self and see who sticks, take care to not always please others at the expense of losing yourself. Grow your own wings now, it’s time. Eclipse in August sheds new light on your true aims in life, true goals. Eclipse may also cut out a few old aims in life for better view of future goals.

“Materialism and egoism bring disintegration to humanity, for the individual human being only regards his own interests. Wisdom must therefore reunite the human beings who have thus become separated. Wisdom brings them together in fullest freedom and exercises no coercion whatever.” -Rudolf Steiner

Gemini Sun (planets and houses) may be waiting for others to carry their own weight, or be more co-equal in affairs. Over-idealistic futures may inspire, that is good; but no expectations, no let downs may also be helpful in analysis of situations, job, calling, and others. Friends spark new insights and revelations but can’t be depended on for reliability and steadfast support, or predictable behaviour. A long process of letting go of fame or name or other’s being responsible for your happiness and psychological security is at play. Your own creative play and sociability, friendliness with all takes the heat and focus on depending on any one other then your self for happiness, success, attainment of goals. Helping others to help themselves is a good magic creating luck. Not taking thinks or things personally and allowing others the very freedom we want, frees one from unconscious reactions. Sharing oneself, not giving oneself, keeps your own future on track. For huge success to come, avoid aversions, avoid criticizing self or other. No shame or blame, just rigorous tough disciplined mind training for truth and universal love. Before criticizing, breath the whole, every situation, into your heart of universal love and peace. Pretend to be a Pisces, lose all your enemies or negative traits. Be the love you want to receive.
Many of the snakes you see are really old skins of yourself. Dig it, grow a garden in yourself, overflow to sharing it with others, be happy! The August eclipse shape shifts who is your friend or enemy. Key here is to be friend divine to all. Be the friend, don’t expect the friend. Be the friend you are expecting.

“Spiritual science does not merely signify the acquisition of knowledge; it signifies most preeminently an education, a self-education of our souls.”

Being the focus of a Grand Square of Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus can make you feel tremendously rich in wisdom and humor, or tremendously poor and in need of wisdom and humor. Either you are secretly plotting to build a new empire of spiritual castles, gardens, and genius learning institutions; or you have acquired the talents to see through everything and discover the crack and crackpot as cause of your , and everybody else’s, suffering and waylay. My advice is to keep preparing, keep working on yourself, aim for October/November 2017 on for a year to fully release your cosmic orgasm, your divine rights, your best creative achievement yet. Your ultimate true desire isn’t coming, you are about to birth it and give it! With Pluto opposing Cancer (see you chart for house and planets affected if not Cancer Sun Sign/Moon or Ascendent), stop seeing others as enemies, know they too can’t let go of their suffering. Once we let go of samsaric and false idea that we are the only ones suffering, clarity arrives as to true picture of environment and situation challenge to grow. Many new opportunities for world adventure and calling arrive but fell arrivals hold their structure and form for long. Learning to live with ever changing opportunities to grow, having compassion and an openness to grow in new ways, learn in new ways, in response to every suffering of self and other, is key to success. Continually beautifying the home, making it ever more sacred, spiritual and unworldly, is key to your own beauty of heart, mind body. Good healthy food and sacred home life gets you to an advanced form of happiness and success. From 2009 to 2023, Pluto traveled and travels through Capricorn affecting all cardinal signs including Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. These signs and houses/planets need continual vigilance of slipping into negative view, unproductive criticism and lack of compassion. Dharma mindfulness of the divine in each and all struggling for expression is key. Be well, be free, be watchful to divine all ye see. The August eclipses make you inwardly sensitive and a bit more psychic than you perhaps want or need; compassion compassion, compassion on how hard to try. Venus in Cancer August opposing pluto and square to Uranus is adding super sensuous earthly love possibilities for water signs, though all cardinal signs and houses, planets, may experience flip flop, off on, roller coaster speed ups and downs, reversals, during August Month on into September.

“Our task is to harvest from the mortal world fruits for the immortal.”

Your ability these last years to integrate new knowledge or ever changing circumstances into your every day and immediate needs and plans has been outstanding. This August eclipse and in coming months, you now really come to understand the importance of integrating new info and ever changing world situations into bettering others lives, future lives, all of the surrounding world’s life. Man is not an island, woman is not an ocean alone. Human beings can’t live on the Sun or Mars without abnormal huge change deformation reformation. We are the World, the World is us. This basic vital principle is key to Leo (signs/houses/planets) survival as human being of love, reality, truth, feelings, unique yet universal will. Leo needs to eclipse everything out of one’s life that is killing you, hurting you, violating one’s wholeness, togetherness, connection. Eclipse the ‘separate self’ and re-unite with all life as brother, sister. We are our brother’s keeper! Money power money sex can be a mouse, lower ego, trap; a golden cage entrapment. Stop gilding your cage, open the door to sharing, shining, giving, blessing, letting go and letting God (universal oneness and harmony of minds/hearts). With Mars in Leo there is a tendency to force rather than educate or free. Tendency to fight than patiently free. Keep to long term goals and ever progressive integrations. The impulses of freedom and security vie for your attention. Help others attain their own freedom and security, higher minded, deeper hearted, to keep and make friends. Be true to your heart, watch your mind. Be true to every heart, let go of your mind. Your true power now is in realizing your inseparability from all of life, the world. How you treat the world will be your future possessions or lack of. Look to late 2019 through 2020 to see who wins what, winning over or over winded and wound down? Take heart, share heart, search for every heart in every situation.

“For centuries the impulse towards music has been growing and expanding. Therefore the plastic arts have assumed a musical character to a greater or lesser extent. Music, which includes also the musical element in the arts of speech, is destined to be the art of the future.” ~Steiner

A year or so ago you had the world by the balls, some how this all metamorphosed into one minute having grasp of an angel’s halo and the next minute realizing you are holding the devil’s tail and horn. After contemplating the truth of this peculiar faustian situation, and how you somehow think it is all your fault, altering this with the feeling that it is never your fault; consider this. There is no God or devil unless we prove it by the way we live. There is no unity and wholeness, oneness, unless we discover and work it into our life, our flowering intelligence and heart. With Neptune opposing Virgo, you can’t always trust others to be there for you. See you own natal chart for where Virgo is, as to what area of life you may feel abandoned in, or affronted by overwhelming mothering or lack of. Don’t wait for others to trip you out, take you in, or inspire, or to deflate. You can do this all for yourself, but there may be better movies to play better parts in. Find work, job, friends, investments, you feel inspired by, re-imagined in and from. Now is the time to think for yourself as to what inspires you to new freedoms of happiness. Treat everyone as brother and sister and they will return the favor. Make connections and reconnections to better past, present, and future. Be patient with home situation, the time is not now. Have compassion for all those who suffer more and know less, care for the little ones, educate don’t adulterate. Make Soul Mates not cell mates. Trust that others are thinking of themselves and not you; so don’t be surprised. Free others to free yourself. Let karma and outer changes teach not preach and beat you. In your spirit, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy;. In your Soul think for yourself, love anyway all ways, but keep learning. In the body and bodies of your life, train but let go; let God help you to let go of projections, see what is. Breathe strong to your heart, then look again.

“Hence, only by means of love can we give real help for Karma to work out in the right way.” ~Steiner

New happenings this year into next either whisk you off to new pleasure grounds, or whiskey you out, wish you out of the picture due to lack of concentration or lack of true goals able to hold your vast divine dream and spiritual soul beautiful self. Investing in the future rather than just spending yourself or letting others expend you is key. Serving the God, the Buddha or Christ, the eternal in the other is fine; serving the temporal need/desire, the animal appetite, not so divine and may cost you your sunshine. Trouble is, others keep changing the plan; so get your own divine plan and long term goals in order and always in heart/mind. Home should be a place of dying to the past, renewal and regeneration, healing, love, and hero support; not psycho drama and emotional tension. Get that and half the war is won. You may be playing your work, or face in the world, as escape and little ego stroke to hide your old wounds. Maybe though you are on to it and next year you can relax in the saddle a bit more so to tend your own garden of enlightenment in richer way. Gardening, home cooking, massage, yoga, meditation, spiritual study, can help heal restore, renew and make new doors to future growth, success, happiness. .Look for right inspirational friends and books to invoke new adventure, furtherance. Miracles of perception persist in invoking your wholeness self now, allowing new visions, goals, ideals, novel dreams, travel, new imaginations of futurity and in the hand joys. This is your year to find out what truly makes you happy. Libra’s tend to confuse their own with others happiness failing on both ends. Now you may succeed on both sides. (Otherwise need to distance stick in the muds.) If stuck, stick to one person or thing for awhile, self or other. Free that one to find the other, free the other to find self. Share but don’t give. Fore sure don’t give in, surrender to higher causes, love and truth. Eclipse affects more others, brothers and sisters, real or imagined, so your compassion and will to discover and learn anew in invoked. Invoke again your friendship to all life, not just to a few pulling and pushing you around. If nothing else, keep the harmony and sing along; but keep studying, you are on to it now.

“Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant … When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance.” ~Steiner

“As more and more precious woods and flowers that compose organic perfumes, colognes, and incenses go extinct, we will be left with the ultimate fragrance possible, the smell of a holy life.” ~robert of mayflower

The Eclipse calls on you to stay home more if you seem gone all the time. If home too much, the eclipse calls upon you to get out more and share yourself with the world. Your long-term or future plans seem to have you snaggle-pussed and locked in and stuck in many ways. Next year 2018, perhaps end of this year, your luck improves and you (or wherever Scorpio is in your chart) expand in all areas within and without. Then you learn to share and receive, give and take, with much equanimity and joyful harmony balance. For last 6 years and for next few, you have continually searched for deeper ground and more secure everything. Controlling self or other may have been over-done; or feeling others trying to control you. In the future you will lose control as the rose of your heart soul blooms into greater sense of social cultural life, love, happiness, relationship. No longer will you think happiness is escape from it all. Coming soon happiness will flower and awaken in the midst of it all. Much healing coming to repair mistakes or wounds experienced in ‘80s or 90’s. Trust that in time all things come true.

Escaping from a noisy prison to a more silent one, a trashy emotional chaotic binding to a quieter passive control or binding, a more secure binding, may not serve your higher or future possibility. One minute someone tries to give you it all, the next someone tries to take you all; try to make time for yourself to figure out, reconfigure, just who your really are when alone with yourself. You may fluctuate back and forth thinking that others or another is fooling you, lying to you versus you feeling you have to put on pretense, false face, to fool other, another, into satisfying your wishes. Perhaps a fear of being accepted for yourself? A demand to be accepted for yourself even though you haven’t yet done all the work to finding out exactly who and what your self is? Perhaps here now you need (or the area of the chart where Sagittarius planets or houses are) pull back and quiet down long enough to take much deeper look at exactly what your expectations and hope are!?! Need to truly take time for oneself, explore and play with yourself, search and re-educate oneself, recalibrating one’s world in light of higher truth, spiritual reality, even future life. Always worried about others cheating you, you may have accidentally cheated yourself out of yourself. Now is the time to get to know yourself. Stop looking at yourself through the lens of how others treat you. Treat yourself to your own stillness, creative urge, learning curve, calling. Others may offer opportunities to change, but its time for you to call your ships all back home and stop change. Be still and know thyself as a great virtue of love and truth rooting for you all this time and forever come.

“In earlier times, the elemental spirits of birth and death essentially served the divine spirits who guided the world; since our day — and this has been going on for some time now — the elemental spirits of birth and death are serving technology, industry and human commerce. It is important to let this disturbing truth enter into our souls with all its power and intensity.” -Steiner

With Pluto in Capricorn last several years and few to come, Capricorn has learned that everything comes at a cost and that wisdom and love is the only thing one can afford to give unceasingly. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where there is a call to die and be born again, give it your best effort but then let it all go, prepare the best you can then let it all flow, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You may feel bitten or taken advantage of by others but also that others know not what they do. The Christ is us, the Christos or Buddha or Divine in us is not at fault, it’s the outer personality and lack of inner attuning and atonement (at-one-ment) that betrays us. Seeing the more eternal and divine in self and other gives us bigger map to work with when little things or outer things go astray. To some extent, Capricorn (and all cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer) are in over their head. The world is bigger than us and external events of collective karmic history and future necessity are whacking both our world and individual selves. For many it’s too late to do homework and the arm of karma and karmic necessity, karma nemesis, is forcing itself upon us. Pluto demands a selflessness so to learn to address or heal world wounds and sufferings. New ways of working, new callings, new home or renewing home/base is called for. Others/partners come and go, demand and tug on us. Deep inside a need to surrender and free, change or be changed, give the very things we desire, work to raise self to higher standard of operation. Money is as big or small as we can imagine it. Loving others as we want to be loved is key. Eclipse may see serious endings or loss in others calling for both compassion and spiritual insight wisdom to manoeuvre through times. Others affecting us both rise and fall and Capricorn ponders the impermanency of it all, all the more determined to align self with more eternal matters.

“We can train ourselves to be alert individuals. There are many things we can look out for. We can begin to be vigilant at this very moment, and discover that, actually, not a day passes without a miracle in our lives. We can also reverse the sentence I have just uttered and say: ‘If a day passes in which we cannot discover a miracle in our lives, well, this means that we have simple failed to notice it.’” -Steiner

Your personal freedom and caring for less fortunate ones, family, friends, kids may be a bit at odds or in need of a more dynamic life renewing or rewrite and you ponder future needs and goals one for all, all for one. Others more than ever either help or hinder your progress, lifestyle. If everyone could give more than they take, this world would be more than wonderful. Spiritual practice begins this on a subtle body level radiating love and peace from within outward. With Neptune and Pluto on each side respectively of Aquarius, the world either overwhelms and over condemns, or over indulges melting one away when one is most needed to show up. Positively it indicates wrestling with world problems, concerns over ecology, clean water and air, and wish that all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness. These times all preparation, cleansing, last wrangling of old world systems and unnecessary stuff. Either you clean it up or others come to help influence you, even pressure you, to clean it up. As we head into coming 5 years, everything is heading for completion, endings, and clearing of the way. New beginnings come forcing make it or break it scenarios come 2020 to 2024 when Jupiter enters Aquarius, the sign of the coming Aquarian Age. This will be a time for manifesting the ideals of universal brotherhood, peace and love. Especially affected our planets, houses, sun/moon/ascendents in the fixed sign of Aquarius.

“For centuries we have been arming our senses with laboratory apparatus, telescopes, and microscopes. The spiritual investigator arms his outer senses with what he develops in his soul. Spiritual investigation makes use of inner instruments evolved by the soul in steadfast activity of the inner life.”
-Rudolf Steiner
(“Karmic Relationships, Vol. IV” lecture series)

In a world where everyone wants to win, be happy, succeed, Pisces is the one sign that pretty much wants every one to win. Pisces is the feelings that feels what everyone feels. Others make take advantage, but not Pisces. Some Pisces overcompensate occasionally by secretly or privately seeking to attain goals, pleasures, needs. This happens for short outbursts followed by a more relaxed back seat posture of trying to drive by magnetic power, sensuous in breath and letting go of controls trusting in the heart of the universe to see one’s own pure nature. This might be one of those times Pisces starts a Don Quixote idealistic pure fool pursuit of far seeing and distant goals. Pisces wants now to complete, manifest, attain, or delete, drop out. A serious need here in Pisces houses or planets to manifest the long sought for dream, otherwise desire to jump ship and change course emerges for better or worse waters or ground. Pisces dreams of big change but may get fearful, lazy, or indecisive, falling into lapse of power, or idly wishing or awaiting another to make the change for them. In times to come Pisces attains a magic heart space for self and others drifting away from people and things not magic enough to hold heart. End of this year into next year begins a new cycle of luck for Pisces (houses/planets), but come end of August all through Sept.comes a facing up to what is real and what is not real, what holds water and ground, and what is sinking your boat or opposing your sleep or dream. Keep to the dream but also keep using your mind and hands. In other words, keep learning and applying what you have learned; stop waiting for the Sun to fall into your lap. Don’t repeat past experience. Learn from it, distill it into wisdom’s waters, flow and flower; but keep going, look for new views. Full Moon September in Pisces conjunct Neptune will tell the story. Many false fantasies and illusions/delusions will fall in, crash and burn. For some, dreams become capable of jumping into and the future is a mad rush into the present tense. Be real because reality comes crashing in at this time full moon onto middle of September. Practicality and ideal spirit may meet and agree, others (mutable signs in particular) fall back or grow back to real ground to work with.

“You cannot deal with man through logic alone, but through an understanding that can only be reached when intellect shall see the world as a work of art.” ~Rudolf Steiner

From H.P.Blavatsky on Evil
“Ignorance alone is the willing martyr, but knowledge is the master, of natural Pessimism. Gradually, and by the process of heredity or atavism, the latter became innate in man. It is always present in us, howsoever latent and silent its voice in the beginning. Amid the early joys of existence, when we are still full of the vital energies of youth, we are yet apt, each of us, at the first pang of sorrow, after a failure, or at the sudden appearance of a black cloud, to accuse life of it; to feel life a burden, and often curse our being. This shows pessimism in our blood, but at the same time the presence of the fruits of ignorance.

As mankind multiplies, and with it suffering–which is the natural result of an increasing number of units that generate it–sorrow and pain are intensified. We live in an atmosphere of gloom and despair, but this is because our eyes are downcast and riveted to the earth, with all its physical and grossly material manifestations. If, instead of that, man proceeding on his life-journey looked–not heavenward, which is but a figure of speech–but within himself and centered his point of observation on the inner man, he would soon escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion. From the cradle to the grave, his life would then become supportable and worth living, even in its worst phases.

Pessimism–that chronic suspicion of lurking evil everywhere– is thus of a two-fold nature, and brings fruits of two kinds. It is a natural characteristic in physical man, and becomes a curse only to the ignorant. It is a boon to the spiritual, inasmuch as it makes the latter turn into the right path, and brings him to the discovery of another as fundamental a truth; namely, that all in this world is only preparatory because transitory. It is like a chink in the dark prison walls of earth-life, through which breaks in a ray of light from the eternal home, which, illuminating the inner senses, whispers to the prisoner in his shell of clay of the origin and the dual mystery of our being. At the same time, it is a tacit proof of the presence in man of that which knows, without being told, viz:–that there is another and a better life, once that the curse of earth-lives is lived through.
This explanation of the problem and origin of evil being, as already said, of an entirely metaphysical character, has nothing to do with physical laws. Belonging as it does altogether to the spiritual part of man, to dabble with it superficially is, therefore, far more dangerous than to remain ignorant of it. For, as it lies at the very root of Gautama Buddha’s ethics, and since it has now fallen into the hands of the modern Philistines of materialism, to confuse the two systems of “pessimistic” thought can lead but to mental suicide, if it does not lead to worse.

Eastern wisdom teaches that spirit has to pass through the ordeal of incarnation and life, and be baptised with matter before it can reach experience and knowledge. After which only it receives the baptism of soul, or self-consciousness, and may return to its original condition of a god, plus experience, ending with omniscience. In other words, it can return to the original state of the homogeneity of primordial essence only through the addition of the fruitage of Karma, which alone is able to create an absolute conscious deity, removed but one degree from the absolute ALL.
Even according to the letter of the Bible, evil must have existed before Adam and Eve, who, therefore, are innocent of the slander of the original sin. For, had there been no evil or sin before them, there could exist neither tempting Serpent nor a Tree of Knowledge of good and evil in Eden. The characteristics of that apple-tree are shown in the verse when the couple had tasted of its fruit: “The eyes of them both were opened, and they knew” many things besides knowing they were naked. Too much knowledge about things of matter is thus rightly shown an evil.

The basic argument of their representative has been given in the opening sentence of this article. The Universe and all on it appeared in consequence of the “breaking asunder of UNITY into Plurality.” This rather dim rendering of the Indian formula is not made to refer, as I have shown, in the mind of the Pessimist, to the one Unity, to the Vedantin abstraction–Parabrahm: otherwise, I should certainly not have used the words “breaking up.” Nor does it concern itself much with Mulaprakriti, or the “Veil” of Parabrahm; nor even with the first manifested primordial matter, except inferentially, as follows from Dr. Mainlander’s exposition, but chiefly with the terrestrial protoplasm. Spirit or deity is entirely ignored in this case; evidently because of the necessity for showing the whole as “the lawful domain of physical Science.”

The reasonableness of Conscious Existence can be proved only by the study of the primeval–now esoteric–philosophy. And it says “there is neither death nor life, for both are illusions; being (or beness) is the only reality.” This paradox was repeated thousands of ages later by one of the greatest physiologists that ever lived. “Life is Death,” said Claude Bernard. The organism lives because its parts are ever dying. The survival of the fittest is surely based on this truism. The life of the superior whole requires the death of the inferior, the death of the parts depending on and being subservient to it. And, as life is death, so death is life, and the whole great cycle of lives form but ONE EXISTENCE–the worst day of which is on our planet.
He who KNOWS will make the best of it. For there is a dawn for every being, when once freed from illusion and ignorance by Knowledge; and he will at last proclaim in truth and all Consciousness to Mahamaya:


H.P. Blavatsky
Theosophy Magazine, October, 1887

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Evening Prayer

From my head to my feet
I AM the image of God.
From my heart to my hands
I feel the breath of God.
When I speak from my mouth
I will follow God’s will.
When I see God (i.e. the virtue of One, oneness with all, all in One)
in Father and Mother (Spirit and Matter, Sun and Moon -me)
In all dear people (all life),
In animal and flower,
In tree and stone,
No fear shall I feel
But love will fill me
For everything around me.

— Rudolf Steiner


August 3rd, Uranus goes retrograde near end of Aries about to enter Taurus. Uranus super close to being conjunct USA Directed Moon: major shake ups at the top? quake or storm? Major shift in collective consensus direction, futures? Stock Markets start to get rattled into August Eclipses? Many looking for big changes positive, but Uranus going retrograde tries to back off big change so to prepare better for such radical shifts in consciousness. Aries and Libra, then Capricorn and Cancer signs/planets/houses affected the most. Uranus retrograde now till beginning of new year January 2018 when Uranus goes direct. Those born 14th to 21st of April, July, October, January creating and making the biggest changes, or feeling forced to change. Clearly a wake up call. Uranus wants to go the higher level, the next progressive smart step. If consciousness is not raised, then there is hell to pay, or changes forced suddenly upon one. Hopefully the war drums will settle down, the economic and insurance debate will find happy resolution and solution, and the extremes in the weather will find more a golden mean; I won’t hold my breath in anticipation. Jupiter square Pluto on August 4th brings crisis in markets and social cultural, economic and political arenas. The worldview of economics and creative peace and power is shifting. A real need for collective social consensus, vote and higher consciousness, peace love harmony is seriously called for now.

“As long as you lack the power to reel in your thoughts as if on a string, you cannot expect that the inner world will open itself to you. We can only expect to become lord of our own thought world when we manage to free ourselves from everyday life for a brief period of time and lift ourselves to ideals.” — Rudolf Steiner

August 4th, Jupiter square Pluto may bring crisis and strong turns in markets, economics, how we think about happiness or making others happy. This is played out for the whole month of August! A social identity crisis of need for change as well as deepening the stillness, peace, insight awareness. A strong sense of death and rebirth. A change of the guard perhaps, as well as a politics of compassion may be needed here. Time to apply the teachings of Osho, Blavatsky, Steiner, M. Hall, Gelek Rinpoche, to each and all. Good time to retreat spiritually, but also good time for positive change in diet, lifestyle, who and what we entertain. A social crisis opportunity to renew our commitment to spiritual family and friends rather than repeat offenders and drag me downs. Time to renew our highest motivations of love, joy, peace, truth. If this doesn’t work, reverse the order. Everything going to extremes? Stock Market highs? Will big drop take place coming on to August eclipses? Back up later? Emotions, relations, weather, politics, geo-political hot spots, all over sensitive and slightly explosive. Great time to activate deeper spiritual yogic powers of awareness. It’s certainly time for a miracle. Jupiter Pluto last conjuncted 2007 in Sagittarius, next conjunction is 2020. It’s a 13 year cycle indicating lots of puberty rights, growing pains, new egotism, power plays with high emotions and limited intellect in conflict.

August 7th, Lunar Eclipse at mid Aquarius 15 degrees, conjuncts Neptune/Pluto midpoint triggering major world events both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in the common eye of the coming times. Many deep and moving spiritual insights and experiences. A sense of ending and new beginning for many. From the theosophical, buddhist, hindu, eastern religious, christian and spiritual points of view, the time is now to pursue higher virtue mind training and higher yoga meditation practice. Good time to review Rudolf Steiner’s Apocalypse lectures and books. Neptune/Pluto is associated with the highest levels of spiritual activity, but also the darkest materialistic greed and egotism. In Aquarius, the Lunar Eclipse, emphasis is on universal brotherhood, economic equality to learn and grow, equality in political and legal rights, with an accelerated sense of the arts, magic technology, and a need to be creative, love, enjoy, and suffer rightly to gain wisdom insight, growth. With the Full Moon eclipse square to Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, much energy to find balance between work and play, money and love, flowering and rooting.

“We must reach the point in our development where we can surrender to our sense nature because it has been so purified that it no longer has the power to drag us down. We should no longer need to restrain our passions because these follow the right course on their own. Indeed. As long as we still need to mortify ourselves, we cannot advance beyond a certain level of esoteric training. Virtues forced upon ourselves are without value.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 9th, Moon eclipses or ‘occults’ Neptune. The Great Mother of Compassion and loving kindness to all God’s children and creatures is invoked here! Or is it idiot compassion and false sympathy, delusions based on fear or desire, illusions of what will make us happy or not?! Higher truths and love abound, but so does false security needs and mistaken notions. Take care not to go unconscious; yet this is a good time for magic, mystery, dreaming, kissing, poetics, flowers, gardens, water, music and the arts. Higher love, music, connectivity with divining higher purpose, angels, destiny, and power of being present, listening to the heart of now. Negatively projecting on others one’s fears, desires, needs, hopes, or fantasies. Good time to watch your mind, be mindful, meditate, do yoga, read the deepest book you can find at Mayflower Bookshop (i.e. ‘The Secret Doctrine’ or ‘Isis Unveiled’ by Blavatsky, ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’ by Hall, Urantia Book, Thinking and Destiny, Science of Mind, Initiation into Hermetics, Plotinus, Voice of the Silence, Light on the Path, even a Marianne Williamson or Gelek Rimpoche book!).

“If we try to find the source of anything creative,
we will arrive at Love. Love is the ground, the foundation,
of everything alive. It is a uniquely genuine impulse in evolution
leading human beings to greater wisdom and power.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 10th, with Mars conjunct Saturn in the USA chart, and retrograde Saturn conjunct Mars, Holy Smokes!!! Need to invoke St. George, Manjushri, ArchAngel Michael to transform the negative dragons of our life into flower gardens of world friendship, love and wisdom intelligence!!! Mars at higher level is courage and truth, Arthurian Knighthood bravery and honor, Parzival pure fool for God, Love and Truth! At lower levels it’s tooth of a tooth and warring contesting, competitiveness and backbiting, a slip into the past, fear and weird security needs. Such aspects call for serious need to put the brakes on anger, hatred, negative aggression. Yet this can be angelic intervention! Tendency to lay down the law, draw lines in the sand, assert one’s ego or needs. Need for long-term wisdom insight to curb knee jerk reactions. Strong double trouble aspect. Auto industry troubles, need to think long-term not short-term profits and reliability. Mars/Saturn notorious for military action, martial law or the need to police, protect, secure, make safe, control environment and markets. Father complex stuff yet need for good father images and workings. Authority based on wisdom of experience struggles with authority based on fear, control, and desire. Good time to seriously meditate, do yoga, retreat to mother nature, listen deeper to the heart. May be time to read ‘The King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover’ by Robert Moore. Also see Marion Woodman’s book ‘Leaving My Father’s House’. Really important works of psychology for individual and social healing. Good time to review or study Rudolf Steiner’s books on economics and politics! All available at Mayflower Bookshop of course, as well as my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.

“Without karma, no progress would be possible. Karma turns into a blessing inasmuch as it obliges us to rectify every error, to re-achieve the steps that thrust us back.”
— Steiner

Mercury Retrograde, August 12th, 9:01 pm est. From 12 Virgo Mercury goes back into late Leo to 28 degrees. Serious need to back off un-constructive and destructive criticism and put downs of self or other. Need to review true nature of self and other as divine angels in the becoming. Time to fix up self and environment, look and appearance, and sense of what is right to do for the good of all. Here cleanliness and honest good work, seeing the best in others, goes far. Shining wisdom from the heart rather than smarting off and gleaming from the mouth.

“Tangled the paths that lead to higher truths:
And only those may hope to reach the goal
Who walk in patience through their labyrinth.”
—Rudolf Steiner

Venus oppose Pluto 15th August brings a deeper sense of love and passion, but for many it’s a feeling of rejection and loss of love, money, possession. Venus is love, Pluto is sense of ending, slow decay or even death of parts of self or identity bringing about higher values enabling rebirth of soul. Need for renewal of what it means to love or be loved. ‘Woundology psychology’ is out of bounds, lots of complaints and shame blame game going on here. Need for higher love, unconditional love, compassionate action or infinite patience. Some get healing, others sorely need such. Negatively, revenge, love fights, jealousy or loving one for who you want them to be. Danger of falling back into old patterns. Need for selfless reflection of universal love and truth and how to work with others respecting their needs, destiny, and freedom.

“If you experience joy through a human being in one earthly life, you may be sure it is the outcome of the love you unfolded towards him in a former life. This joy flows back again into your soul during your life on earth. You know the inner warmth which comes with joy, you know what joy can mean to one in life –especially that joy which comes from other human beings. It warms life and sustains it – gives it wings, as it were. It is the karmic result of love that has been expended.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 17th Venus square Jupiter, time for love and play if not decadent or overdone. Need to socialize or meet greater sense of world, community, religious or artistic bent. Negatively, spoiling or decadence unable to hold harmony and stillness. A need to love or be loved. Hearty connections. Each aspect planetary wise, has a positive and negative expression. It is up to each of us out of freedom to find higher octaves to lighten and enlighten bottom up, top down. Meet you in the heart!

“However strange it may seem to the ordinary consciousness, it is entirely true that the love manifesting itself between one person and another, if it is not spiritualized –- and love is actually seldom spiritualized in ordinary life, even though I am not speaking merely of sexual love or love resting upon a sexual foundation, but in general of the love of one person for another — is not really love as such, but an image the person makes of love. It is generally nothing more than a terrible illusion, because the love one person believes he feels towards another is for the most part nothing but self-love.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 19th Moon conjunct Venus. Make love not war.
Solar Eclipse August 21st at 28 Leo roughly oppose Saturn/Uranus midpoint may bring robust de-structuring and restructuring of outmoded political, educational, religious, technological structures. This eclipse is conjunct the USA chart’s natal Pluto, making for most serious times, almost funeral like; or is it the birth (rebirth) of a new love and compassion for all feeling beings in this world? This time should really tell the story and bring to a head,(both the pimple head and the smarter than smart intellectual head), all the troubles and debates concerning President Trump, his staff, the social political economic crises opportunity configuring healthcare, immigrants, land rights, pure water and air rights, ecologic, big corporate pollution and greed or wisdom, taxes, with or without representation, ethics of guns, meds, dumb tv shows, women’s rights, rich vs. poor, need for good education. Tensions concerning Russia, China, Middle East. Many hard chews and machinations concerning plutocratic power mongering, more threats of war. Troubling events with Korea, Putin’s Russia, China seas and investments. It may look like the world is ending, but it could be birth pangs, labor pains, of a higher consciousness attempting to be born. Fluctuations all month with stocks, gold, securities. Eclipse influences or impels need to resolve personal and worldly stresses and tensions. Leo at higher level wants to respect each individual as child of God, the Universe, the holy oneness unique in each. At lower levels its acting out of ego feeling separate from world or others.

All these crazy chaotic and at times genius ‘thinks and things’ may take till Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 to fully unwind and make wise sense of these times and future. The coming few years brings many a twist and turn, August here may be the worse for wear and tear, flower and tear. Takes till 2020 for clearer vision and a true sense of social economic justice, a more ‘equal for all’ opportunity to arrive. 2020 is year of completion, wholeness, right sense of world past/present/future.

“The wish for an understanding of the higher worlds will spread more and more amongst the people of our day; for close observation of human evolution shows that from now onward human souls are entering upon a stage of development in which they will be unable to find the right relation to life without an understanding of super-sensible worlds.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 25th Saturn goes direct from retrograde. Good time to proceed with long-term plans, staying practical and grounded. Need for right true relationship to spiritual teachings, virtue mind training, right knowledge/books. Coming times good for making sound judgement and contractual agreements. Most should wait though for such contracts till after Mercury goes direct September 5-6th.

August 26th Sun conjunct Mercury. Much clarity comes now with new or higher awareness. Sometimes this aspects brings sudden storms or nature upheavals, as well as quick new insights necessitating re-evaluation of situations at hand. August 27th Jupiter sextile Saturn. Good for loving the things you do and doing the things you love. You can quote me. Good aspect for balancing work and play, spiritual or artistic needs with practical everyday concerns.

“A spiritual science without love would be a danger to humankind. But love should not be a matter for preaching;
love must and indeed will come into the world
through the spreading of knowledge of spiritual truths.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 28th Mars conjuncts USA Moon (Sagittarius Rising Chart). Look out for crashes, accidents, shoot outs, guns, arguments, and aggressive behaviour. Hopefully not out of the White House, or our personal life. Tendency to act and think later. Avoid unnecessary criticism. Good for compassion towards other, helping out less fortunate. Danger of hasty unwise actions. Danger around machines, guns, aggressive action. Need to police unruly passions. Positively an ArchAngel Michael aspect for transforming negative into positive. Avoid negative emotions not going anywhere but trouble. Good for cleaning, telling truths, keeping oneself health wise in food and exercise, socially healthy friendships.

First week of September brings many a new dream of the future and a redemption of the past as we hit into Full Moon in Pisces.

September 5th, Sun oppose Neptune, Mars enters Virgo, Mercury goes direct. Suddenly everything makes sense and then goes awry again. One person is idealistic and far away seeing not here, the other is painfully here now and actively critical. All of a sudden in the midst of dispute a completely different answer and solution than the two combatants proposed, appears. Ascendency and higher consciousness is now possible. Danger of gossip, news lies, misleading promises, going astray. Good for disciplined imagination, the arts, music, higher love, travel and future planning. This aspect trips into September 6th full moon.

September 6th Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Fantasy and play, creativity and delusion/illusion are confusing some, others get inspired to mother the spiritual soul in self and other. Liars or big dreamers? Spiritual or let astray in the astral. See September 5th. Volcanoes, weird weather, space and oceanic strange happenings, ecological concerns, plastic experiences. At higher level, the arts and magical performance, far away imaginations needing rooting and practicality. Past and future try to become meaningful to the present situation. Strange dream time needing spiritual discernment. Prophetic dreams or psychic perceptions vs. false notions and delusion and illusions.

Sun trine Pluto September 9th, good ground to plan, land, make amends, complete. With Moon conjunct Uranus, things still up in the air or prone to revision or change. Nonetheless, good time to realize things and plan to better, upgrade, raise the level of consciousness.

Venus trine Saturn September 12th brings sure footing and long-term security in view and at hand. Water signs, planets and houses are what parts of life love and security both hide and reveal themselves now.

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“..The interaction of both forces brings about the right balance, so that human beings can continue to develop in the way they do. By itself the moon would have a mummifying effect. The moon regulates a single incarnation; the sun regulates the successive incarnations from outside, while the angels work from inside. Thus we see the nature and activity of the powers who, in the bible, are quite rightly called spirits of light, or elohim …..”
— Rudolf Steiner





July 2017

Astrological News and Views — July 2017

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“Compassion, loving kindness toward others outside ourselves opens the door to selfless recognition of higher truths. Conscience and a search for inner truth awakens heroic deeds and virtuous destiny, higher calling and artistic endeavor merging science and spirit.”

July 1st and 2nd, Mars opposes Pluto triggering into Full Moon conjunct Pluto on July 9th and Sun oppose Pluto on July 10th, Crazy time for some. Sudden loss or gain of power, sense of regeneration renewal or degeneration or destruction. Manmade or natural catastrophe, or danger of such. Dangerous times in geo-political hot spots, aggressive economic political moves, shake ups, use of force, weird exposures and dirty experience. War drums and political back room fighting breaking out on the streets and news. Bad time for anger, jealousy, projecting, negative emotions, things get out of control. Mars is aggression and Pluto is big bad scary guys, things, forces, power plays. On positive note, here and there, heroes arise, indefatigable willpower to accomplish task, complete deed or work. Happiness when alone, gardening, weeding, cleaning, fixing things up, cooking healthy wise, yoga meditation, researching. Unhappy if having to fight and wrangle with others. Strong storms come and go, powers beyond self causing change. Struggle to find power through rather than power over. Where there is a sense of conquering or being conquered, there is no love. Positive side of Pluto is Compassion and Conscience, a way of accessing spiritual worlds, seeing the beauty and truth in another. Negatively, it’s attachment, jealousy, taking law into own hands, threat and force. Cardinal Signs Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra the most strongly affected. Look to your astrology chart to see what planets or houses in such signs.

July 16th to 24th, Moon conjunct Uranus (21st) triggers impulses to free, be free, break away, go to the higher level or next game plan. For some, the coming week brings shocking changes, sudden shift in perceptions, insights, new revelation or news changing velocity and curve of events. Venus trine Jupiter on 18th wants love and harmony, friends and social artistic community. July 19th Venus trine Saturn wants love to last, long-term security, maybe even the past to come back but July 19-20th Sun square Uranus bringing sudden quake, storm, shock, change, revelation, need to change or rearrange, ascend or take sharp turns. Mercury conjunct North Node around now brings big news and great connections, conversing and sharing; or huge disconnect (for some). Lots of new News! New Moon 23rd jolts sense of ego need to take control or find new driver. Avoid anger by demanding self to change, grow, purify, renew. Need to try new things, new adventures, or a strong return to love and truth on July 24 Venus oppose Saturn and Mercury trine Uranus. Mutable signs need to stick to what works, enlivens, secures, and ‘enwisens’. Fire signs need to let truth and facts guide new highways in both the mind and sunshine path ahead.

New Moon July 24th conjunct Mars leading into July 26th Sun conjunct Mars, big push to accomplish, finish, drive home points, accomplish victory. Aspect brings advancement and progress by overcoming obstacles. Some find times too demanding of self or others. Avoid argumentative or negative people who lack constructive critique or loving kindness, compassion. Rashness, hastiness, negative critique, over-assertiveness, too much talk, leads to trouble. Yoga, chewing food long and slow, long walks and slow talks, deeper breath to the heart, deeper letting go, surrendering to higher self in self and other, brings happier smiles and peaceful miles. Avoid always thinking of some place in future or past, practice being here now, presence in the present, divining the divine in each other. Be Peace, look for the eternal in every person and situation. Sun/Mars can be ArchAngelic connection, Michaelic courage and insight.

August 3rd Uranus retrograde, August 4th Jupiter square Pluto, August 7th Lunar Eclipse mid Aquarius, Venus oppose Pluto 15th August, Solar Eclipse August 21st should really tell the story and bring to a head,(both the pimple head and the smarter than smart intellectual head), all the troubles and debates concerning President Trump, his staff, the social political economic crises concerning healthcare, immigrants, land rights, pure water and air rights, big corporate pollution and greed, taxes, guns, women’s rights, rich vs. poor, all the machinations and plutocratic power mongering of war and threats of war with Korea, Putin’s Russia, China seas and investments. It may look like the world is ending, but it could be birth pangs, labor pains, of a higher consciousness attempting to be born.

All these thinks and things may take till Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius in 2020, and the following few years for a true sense of social economic justice and opportunity to truly arrive.

First week of September brings many a new dream of the future and a redemption of the past as we hit into Full Moon in Pisces September 5th. Sun trine Pluto September 9th and Venus trine Saturn September 12th brings sure footing and long-term security in view and at hand. Water signs, planets and houses are what parts of life love and security both hide and reveal themselves now.

Robert Thibodeau is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art,’ ‘Laws of Hermetics,’ ‘The Hermetic Dream,’ and more.

His latest music cd is ‘Folk Rock Love, and Other Tall Tales’. Other works of music include ‘Wish’, ‘Second Chance Moons’, and more. On Youtube and Facebook!

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June 2017

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Robert of Mayflower Presents Psychic Fun Night

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Friday June 16th, 7 to 9 pm, $20

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Astrology News —-

June 1st Venus trine Saturn. Slow and sure many a long-term plan taking action. Family, friends, nature, love and positive growth happenings. Love roots the soul when grounded in good working relationships, gardening the soil, exercise and healthy food. Now is the time to renew one’s spirit vision of wholeness composting the past into the presence of the future now. More reliable experience and feeling insights available this coming month. Avoid being lazy, yet good time to catch up with rest. Seize the many opportunities to grow this month. Clear space for new arrivals and insights. Sometimes this is simple cleaning and clearing the mind of things going nowhere. A graceful last pondering and digestion of the past to carry anew wisdoms into futures, and/or has something returned to you that was near forgotten? Know thyself to know the world, know the world to engage love.

June 3rd Venus conjunct Uranus/ Sun trine Jupiter/ Moon conjunct Jupiter. Fast as love comes, it goes; so slow it up if you want the experience or person in your life to last. Reach for the sky and root deep. Sudden creative, love, urge. Strong feelings of happiness, family, friends, birth, new plans positive thrust forward. Sense of belonging to a larger body of work, community, social, sense of identity, love, friends. For some, a need to break away, be free. A testing of one’s wings, need to find escape velocity or levity to further, transcend, free. One either takes off with luck and guts, or comes to near crash. Great aspect for new and renewed social artistic flair, color, renewed life, the arts, music, sudden arousal of love urge, creativity and sharing.

Until June 4th Mercury/Venus/Mars are sensually entangled in love adventure and spiritual nomenclature. Mercury is in Taurus ruled by Venus, Venus is in Aries ruled by Mars, Mars is in Gemini ruled by Mercury. Interesting love triangles, business triangles, and higher communication of spirit/soul/body. A festive networking in thinking feeling willing with others. Jupiter in Libra ruled by love minded Venus gets accentuated and sensuously awoken this month to ever higher notes and music. Watch for Venus going into Taurus the ruler of Venus on June 6th through month of June, beauty, friendship, loving grace rule!

ASTRO WATCH for June 9th Full Moon to show all the cards under the table and in other hands, Full Moon time will reveal secrets and insights of last 5 months and year to come when Jupiter goes direct. By end of month many will find strengthened bonds, friendships, new connections progressing aims and vocations in both work, and play growing. For some others not in the ‘learn-to-grow and grow-to-learn’ mode, ‘love to learn’ and ‘learn to love’ current, end of June may prove to be fated and forlorn. By end of June, some new found relations will continue to reach some peak or completion, or abruptly end early July into August. Many a projection occurring now; Zings and flings, affairs, or escapades, as well as magical events and meetings. Air and Earth signs favored to win, succeed, grow, and glow in new light. Check your full astrology chart for what planets and houses are aglow in fire and air signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra..

But also June 4th is Sun square Neptune, and Mars enters Cancer. Danger of violence, accident, over doing things. harsh words/actions. Frustration over misdirected energies, waste of energies, false projections, or over shooting goal, trying to do too much; wrong attitude/feeling/thinking thwart true growth or forward motion. Ill deeds and false inspirations or false gods. Virtue and Good Works path to holiness here. Compassion and Truth/Wisdom as way of life. If inspired rightly, wings to fly appear. If projecting false illusions or delusions, mishap, misfiring, wrong turns, lost in space or waters of imagination and such. A wanting to know or do all things must be preceded by practical learning and work. Futurity shines into present for some. This aspect carries into June 8th Moon square Neptune and Full Moon on 9th.

“Theosophy is the most serious movement of this age; and one, moreover, which threaten the very life of most of the time-honored humbugs, prejudices, and social evils of the day.”

-The Key to Theosophy by HPB.

June 9th Jupiter goes Direct (relations make more sense), Full Moon in Sagittarius (Joint successes in Spirit and Soul, group encounters), Venus sextile Mars (passionate impulses to love and grow in knowing others). Full Moon has hot sensors for sensuous love and travel or future, big plans unfold or get redirected. Sense of wanting to do lots, perhaps too much. Need to stay on point, focused on goal, true aim and needs.

June 13th Mercury trine Jupiter makes for positive communications and good will, good news and renewed or new connection to life. Trouble is Mercury squares Neptune making for misleading info, lies, deception, make believe, or trying for too much, miscalculating outcomes. Dangerous time to gamble. Weird twists of fate. Much ado about nothing? Or are sweet nothings driving you crazy good? Imaginative adventures need practical footing, good down-to-earth reality. Temper oneself from going to extremes or over the top blitz craziness. Adventure and love nature, yes. Music and arts, yes. Gamble or chance, no.

June 15 Sun oppose Saturn. New information turns one around or back to practical fact. Patience, persistence, endurance, tenacity, and more patient wisdom wins here. Wisdom and patience needed to succeed. New light on history or the past possible. Antiques and Art interests. Avoid authoritative dictates. Look for self evident truth and common-sense to hold you, or to continue.

June 16th, Robert of Mayflower Presents Psychic Fun Night

Astrology and Tarot Readings: How to do them and show-and-tell readings for those present

Friday June 16th, 7 to 9 pm, $20

at the Theosophical Society

on Woodward in Berkley, Mi. (next to Vinsetta Garage)

Call if need more info, (248) 547-82227

June 16 Moon conjuncts Neptune as Neptune goes Retrograde. Some wake up from false dreams and projections; others dive right in to deception and dreamy ideals. Some leap into the future, others fall back to the past. Few stay present. Neptune is delusion and illusion, lies and cheats. Here some fall under the spell, others are brought to light. The positive vibe is getting lost in the arts, loving the world, finding and seeking higher truths, conjoining with the ideal.

June 21 Sun conjunct Mercury as Sun enters Cancer, official first day of summer. The longest day and shortest night. Many intellectually feel more awake, lifted up or inspired to see bigger picture. Past/present/future collide in new insights. Some places have sweet harmonious weather, other spots quake, shake, blow, rattle and roll. A sense of inevitability prevails. Envision Peace, the Good/True/Beautiful; choose Love.

June 23rd New Moon followed by 24th Venus trine Pluto, Moon conjunct Mercury/Mars making for strong impulses to love, achieve, get one’s way, assert, command or demand. from 24th to 29th a fast series of aspects play out. Mars square Jupiter,, Mars trine Neptune, Mercury square Jupiter and trine Neptune, Mercury conjunct Mars (on 28th), and Mercury oppose Pluto on 29th leading then on to Mars oppose Pluto July 2nd. World News comes fast and furious. Early thunderings perhaps of what could happen during August Double Eclipse. Will President be eclipsed in August, or is he going to eclipse others in the way of his dream work? Danger of man-made or nature made major storm or mishap? War drums beat louder for sure and surely a dangerous time if mistaken in action and view. Good time to eclipse, transmute, or cut out negative attitudes, habits, views, and situations going nowhere. Great time for comedy if one doesn’t lose their head or true heart. Stock markets could be shaky and go to extremes in certain markets, rise and/or fall. June 29th to July 2nd kind of tells the story and reveals more who is who and what is what, for real like it or not. Dangerous time to overplay oneself or take risk or gamble. Good time to connect and reconnect with loved ones if no psycho drama present.

July 1st and 2nd Mars opposes Pluto. Dangerous times in geo-political hot spots, aggressive economic moves, shake ups, use of force, weird exposures and dirty experience. War drums and political back room fighting breaking out on the streets and news. Bad time for anger, jealousy, projecting, negative emotions, things get out of control. Mars is aggression and Pluto is big bad scary guys, things, forces, power plays. On positive note, here and there heroes arise, indefatigable willpower to accomplish task, complete deed or work. Happiness when alone, gardening, weeding, cleaning, fixing things up, cooking healthy wise, yoga meditation, researching. Unhappy if having to fight and wrangle with others.

Robert Thibodeau is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art,’ ‘Laws of Hermetics,’ ‘The Hermetic Dream,’ and more.

His latest music cd is ‘Folk Rock Love, and Other Tall Tales’. Other works of music include ‘Wish’, ‘Second Chance Moons’, and more. On Youtube and Facebook!

Robert is available for Astrological and Psychic Intuitive Readings and Consultations.

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blog at Rudolf Steiner Archives

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