August 2017

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for August 2017
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September 30th, 7pm to 10pm at the Theosophical Society in Berkley:
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Evening Prayer

From my head to my feet
I AM the image of God.
From my heart to my hands
I feel the breath of God.
When I speak from my mouth
I will follow God’s will.
When I see God (i.e. the virtue of One, oneness with all, all in One)
in Father and Mother (Spirit and Matter, Sun and Moon -me)
In all dear people (all life),
In animal and flower,
In tree and stone,
No fear shall I feel
But love will fill me
For everything around me.

— Rudolf Steiner


August 3rd, Uranus goes retrograde near end of Aries about to enter Taurus. Uranus super close to being conjunct USA Directed Moon: major shake ups at the top? quake or storm? Major shift in collective consensus direction, futures? Stock Markets start to get rattled into August Eclipses? Many looking for big changes positive, but Uranus going retrograde tries to back off big change so to prepare better for such radical shifts in consciousness. Aries and Libra, then Capricorn and Cancer signs/planets/houses affected the most. Uranus retrograde now till beginning of new year January 2018 when Uranus goes direct. Those born 14th to 21st of April, July, October, January creating and making the biggest changes, or feeling forced to change. Clearly a wake up call. Uranus wants to go the higher level, the next progressive smart step. If consciousness is not raised, then there is hell to pay, or changes forced suddenly upon one. Hopefully the war drums will settle down, the economic and insurance debate will find happy resolution and solution, and the extremes in the weather will find more a golden mean; I won’t hold my breath in anticipation. Jupiter square Pluto on August 4th brings crisis in markets and social cultural, economic and political arenas. The worldview of economics and creative peace and power is shifting. A real need for collective social consensus, vote and higher consciousness, peace love harmony is seriously called for now.

“As long as you lack the power to reel in your thoughts as if on a string, you cannot expect that the inner world will open itself to you. We can only expect to become lord of our own thought world when we manage to free ourselves from everyday life for a brief period of time and lift ourselves to ideals.” — Rudolf Steiner

August 4th, Jupiter square Pluto may bring crisis and strong turns in markets, economics, how we think about happiness or making others happy. This is played out for the whole month of August! A social identity crisis of need for change as well as deepening the stillness, peace, insight awareness. A strong sense of death and rebirth. A change of the guard perhaps, as well as a politics of compassion may be needed here. Time to apply the teachings of Osho, Blavatsky, Steiner, M. Hall, Gelek Rinpoche, to each and all. Good time to retreat spiritually, but also good time for positive change in diet, lifestyle, who and what we entertain. A social crisis opportunity to renew our commitment to spiritual family and friends rather than repeat offenders and drag me downs. Time to renew our highest motivations of love, joy, peace, truth. If this doesn’t work, reverse the order. Everything going to extremes? Stock Market highs? Will big drop take place coming on to August eclipses? Back up later? Emotions, relations, weather, politics, geo-political hot spots, all over sensitive and slightly explosive. Great time to activate deeper spiritual yogic powers of awareness. It’s certainly time for a miracle. Jupiter Pluto last conjuncted 2007 in Sagittarius, next conjunction is 2020. It’s a 13 year cycle indicating lots of puberty rights, growing pains, new egotism, power plays with high emotions and limited intellect in conflict.

August 7th, Lunar Eclipse at mid Aquarius 15 degrees, conjuncts Neptune/Pluto midpoint triggering major world events both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in the common eye of the coming times. Many deep and moving spiritual insights and experiences. A sense of ending and new beginning for many. From the theosophical, buddhist, hindu, eastern religious, christian and spiritual points of view, the time is now to pursue higher virtue mind training and higher yoga meditation practice. Good time to review Rudolf Steiner’s Apocalypse lectures and books. Neptune/Pluto is associated with the highest levels of spiritual activity, but also the darkest materialistic greed and egotism. In Aquarius, the Lunar Eclipse, emphasis is on universal brotherhood, economic equality to learn and grow, equality in political and legal rights, with an accelerated sense of the arts, magic technology, and a need to be creative, love, enjoy, and suffer rightly to gain wisdom insight, growth. With the Full Moon eclipse square to Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, much energy to find balance between work and play, money and love, flowering and rooting.

“We must reach the point in our development where we can surrender to our sense nature because it has been so purified that it no longer has the power to drag us down. We should no longer need to restrain our passions because these follow the right course on their own. Indeed. As long as we still need to mortify ourselves, we cannot advance beyond a certain level of esoteric training. Virtues forced upon ourselves are without value.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 9th, Moon eclipses or ‘occults’ Neptune. The Great Mother of Compassion and loving kindness to all God’s children and creatures is invoked here! Or is it idiot compassion and false sympathy, delusions based on fear or desire, illusions of what will make us happy or not?! Higher truths and love abound, but so does false security needs and mistaken notions. Take care not to go unconscious; yet this is a good time for magic, mystery, dreaming, kissing, poetics, flowers, gardens, water, music and the arts. Higher love, music, connectivity with divining higher purpose, angels, destiny, and power of being present, listening to the heart of now. Negatively projecting on others one’s fears, desires, needs, hopes, or fantasies. Good time to watch your mind, be mindful, meditate, do yoga, read the deepest book you can find at Mayflower Bookshop (i.e. ‘The Secret Doctrine’ or ‘Isis Unveiled’ by Blavatsky, ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’ by Hall, Urantia Book, Thinking and Destiny, Science of Mind, Initiation into Hermetics, Plotinus, Voice of the Silence, Light on the Path, even a Marianne Williamson or Gelek Rimpoche book!).

“If we try to find the source of anything creative,
we will arrive at Love. Love is the ground, the foundation,
of everything alive. It is a uniquely genuine impulse in evolution
leading human beings to greater wisdom and power.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 10th, with Mars conjunct Saturn in the USA chart, and retrograde Saturn conjunct Mars, Holy Smokes!!! Need to invoke St. George, Manjushri, ArchAngel Michael to transform the negative dragons of our life into flower gardens of world friendship, love and wisdom intelligence!!! Mars at higher level is courage and truth, Arthurian Knighthood bravery and honor, Parzival pure fool for God, Love and Truth! At lower levels it’s tooth of a tooth and warring contesting, competitiveness and backbiting, a slip into the past, fear and weird security needs. Such aspects call for serious need to put the brakes on anger, hatred, negative aggression. Yet this can be angelic intervention! Tendency to lay down the law, draw lines in the sand, assert one’s ego or needs. Need for long-term wisdom insight to curb knee jerk reactions. Strong double trouble aspect. Auto industry troubles, need to think long-term not short-term profits and reliability. Mars/Saturn notorious for military action, martial law or the need to police, protect, secure, make safe, control environment and markets. Father complex stuff yet need for good father images and workings. Authority based on wisdom of experience struggles with authority based on fear, control, and desire. Good time to seriously meditate, do yoga, retreat to mother nature, listen deeper to the heart. May be time to read ‘The King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover’ by Robert Moore. Also see Marion Woodman’s book ‘Leaving My Father’s House’. Really important works of psychology for individual and social healing. Good time to review or study Rudolf Steiner’s books on economics and politics! All available at Mayflower Bookshop of course, as well as my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’.

“Without karma, no progress would be possible. Karma turns into a blessing inasmuch as it obliges us to rectify every error, to re-achieve the steps that thrust us back.”
— Steiner

Mercury Retrograde, August 12th, 9:01 pm est. From 12 Virgo Mercury goes back into late Leo to 28 degrees. Serious need to back off un-constructive and destructive criticism and put downs of self or other. Need to review true nature of self and other as divine angels in the becoming. Time to fix up self and environment, look and appearance, and sense of what is right to do for the good of all. Here cleanliness and honest good work, seeing the best in others, goes far. Shining wisdom from the heart rather than smarting off and gleaming from the mouth.

“Tangled the paths that lead to higher truths:
And only those may hope to reach the goal
Who walk in patience through their labyrinth.”
—Rudolf Steiner

Venus oppose Pluto 15th August brings a deeper sense of love and passion, but for many it’s a feeling of rejection and loss of love, money, possession. Venus is love, Pluto is sense of ending, slow decay or even death of parts of self or identity bringing about higher values enabling rebirth of soul. Need for renewal of what it means to love or be loved. ‘Woundology psychology’ is out of bounds, lots of complaints and shame blame game going on here. Need for higher love, unconditional love, compassionate action or infinite patience. Some get healing, others sorely need such. Negatively, revenge, love fights, jealousy or loving one for who you want them to be. Danger of falling back into old patterns. Need for selfless reflection of universal love and truth and how to work with others respecting their needs, destiny, and freedom.

“If you experience joy through a human being in one earthly life, you may be sure it is the outcome of the love you unfolded towards him in a former life. This joy flows back again into your soul during your life on earth. You know the inner warmth which comes with joy, you know what joy can mean to one in life –especially that joy which comes from other human beings. It warms life and sustains it – gives it wings, as it were. It is the karmic result of love that has been expended.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 17th Venus square Jupiter, time for love and play if not decadent or overdone. Need to socialize or meet greater sense of world, community, religious or artistic bent. Negatively, spoiling or decadence unable to hold harmony and stillness. A need to love or be loved. Hearty connections. Each aspect planetary wise, has a positive and negative expression. It is up to each of us out of freedom to find higher octaves to lighten and enlighten bottom up, top down. Meet you in the heart!

“However strange it may seem to the ordinary consciousness, it is entirely true that the love manifesting itself between one person and another, if it is not spiritualized –- and love is actually seldom spiritualized in ordinary life, even though I am not speaking merely of sexual love or love resting upon a sexual foundation, but in general of the love of one person for another — is not really love as such, but an image the person makes of love. It is generally nothing more than a terrible illusion, because the love one person believes he feels towards another is for the most part nothing but self-love.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 19th Moon conjunct Venus. Make love not war.
Solar Eclipse August 21st at 28 Leo roughly oppose Saturn/Uranus midpoint may bring robust de-structuring and restructuring of outmoded political, educational, religious, technological structures. This eclipse is conjunct the USA chart’s natal Pluto, making for most serious times, almost funeral like; or is it the birth (rebirth) of a new love and compassion for all feeling beings in this world? This time should really tell the story and bring to a head,(both the pimple head and the smarter than smart intellectual head), all the troubles and debates concerning President Trump, his staff, the social political economic crises opportunity configuring healthcare, immigrants, land rights, pure water and air rights, ecologic, big corporate pollution and greed or wisdom, taxes, with or without representation, ethics of guns, meds, dumb tv shows, women’s rights, rich vs. poor, need for good education. Tensions concerning Russia, China, Middle East. Many hard chews and machinations concerning plutocratic power mongering, more threats of war. Troubling events with Korea, Putin’s Russia, China seas and investments. It may look like the world is ending, but it could be birth pangs, labor pains, of a higher consciousness attempting to be born. Fluctuations all month with stocks, gold, securities. Eclipse influences or impels need to resolve personal and worldly stresses and tensions. Leo at higher level wants to respect each individual as child of God, the Universe, the holy oneness unique in each. At lower levels its acting out of ego feeling separate from world or others.

All these crazy chaotic and at times genius ‘thinks and things’ may take till Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius in 2020 to fully unwind and make wise sense of these times and future. The coming few years brings many a twist and turn, August here may be the worse for wear and tear, flower and tear. Takes till 2020 for clearer vision and a true sense of social economic justice, a more ‘equal for all’ opportunity to arrive. 2020 is year of completion, wholeness, right sense of world past/present/future.

“The wish for an understanding of the higher worlds will spread more and more amongst the people of our day; for close observation of human evolution shows that from now onward human souls are entering upon a stage of development in which they will be unable to find the right relation to life without an understanding of super-sensible worlds.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 25th Saturn goes direct from retrograde. Good time to proceed with long-term plans, staying practical and grounded. Need for right true relationship to spiritual teachings, virtue mind training, right knowledge/books. Coming times good for making sound judgement and contractual agreements. Most should wait though for such contracts till after Mercury goes direct September 5-6th.

August 26th Sun conjunct Mercury. Much clarity comes now with new or higher awareness. Sometimes this aspects brings sudden storms or nature upheavals, as well as quick new insights necessitating re-evaluation of situations at hand. August 27th Jupiter sextile Saturn. Good for loving the things you do and doing the things you love. You can quote me. Good aspect for balancing work and play, spiritual or artistic needs with practical everyday concerns.

“A spiritual science without love would be a danger to humankind. But love should not be a matter for preaching;
love must and indeed will come into the world
through the spreading of knowledge of spiritual truths.”
— Rudolf Steiner

August 28th Mars conjuncts USA Moon (Sagittarius Rising Chart). Look out for crashes, accidents, shoot outs, guns, arguments, and aggressive behaviour. Hopefully not out of the White House, or our personal life. Tendency to act and think later. Avoid unnecessary criticism. Good for compassion towards other, helping out less fortunate. Danger of hasty unwise actions. Danger around machines, guns, aggressive action. Need to police unruly passions. Positively an ArchAngel Michael aspect for transforming negative into positive. Avoid negative emotions not going anywhere but trouble. Good for cleaning, telling truths, keeping oneself health wise in food and exercise, socially healthy friendships.

First week of September brings many a new dream of the future and a redemption of the past as we hit into Full Moon in Pisces.

September 5th, Sun oppose Neptune, Mars enters Virgo, Mercury goes direct. Suddenly everything makes sense and then goes awry again. One person is idealistic and far away seeing not here, the other is painfully here now and actively critical. All of a sudden in the midst of dispute a completely different answer and solution than the two combatants proposed, appears. Ascendency and higher consciousness is now possible. Danger of gossip, news lies, misleading promises, going astray. Good for disciplined imagination, the arts, music, higher love, travel and future planning. This aspect trips into September 6th full moon.

September 6th Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Fantasy and play, creativity and delusion/illusion are confusing some, others get inspired to mother the spiritual soul in self and other. Liars or big dreamers? Spiritual or let astray in the astral. See September 5th. Volcanoes, weird weather, space and oceanic strange happenings, ecological concerns, plastic experiences. At higher level, the arts and magical performance, far away imaginations needing rooting and practicality. Past and future try to become meaningful to the present situation. Strange dream time needing spiritual discernment. Prophetic dreams or psychic perceptions vs. false notions and delusion and illusions.

Sun trine Pluto September 9th, good ground to plan, land, make amends, complete. With Moon conjunct Uranus, things still up in the air or prone to revision or change. Nonetheless, good time to realize things and plan to better, upgrade, raise the level of consciousness.

Venus trine Saturn September 12th brings sure footing and long-term security in view and at hand. Water signs, planets and houses are what parts of life love and security both hide and reveal themselves now.

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“..The interaction of both forces brings about the right balance, so that human beings can continue to develop in the way they do. By itself the moon would have a mummifying effect. The moon regulates a single incarnation; the sun regulates the successive incarnations from outside, while the angels work from inside. Thus we see the nature and activity of the powers who, in the bible, are quite rightly called spirits of light, or elohim …..”
— Rudolf Steiner




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