August 2016

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“The Skies were dim and vast and deep
Above the vales of rest;
They seemed to rock the stars asleep
Beyond the mountain’s crest.

Oh, vale and stars and rocks and trees,
He gives to you his rest,
But holds afar from you the peace
Whose home is in His breast!”

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‘The SECRET OF SECRETS – How to awaken one’s own divine virtue and wisdom. A simple day-to-day practice to enhance love and success in one’s life’. Thursday August 11th, 7 pm, again at Birmingham Community House.

August 2nd, Moon at 10 Leo; also Mars enters Sagittarius
Be bold, go where no idiot has gone before, love everyone.

“This is a very interesting point, because all knowledge indicates man’s ignorance. Knowledge is assumed to be given to the ignorant, but as they grow further, they discover the ignorance in the knowledge itself. They find they have not found the answer. They have become learned, but not good; they have learned to be strong, but not to love; they have found many things, but they have not found God. And San Juan points out that when the knowledge becomes great enough, it so increases the confusion of the mind that it is even more difficult to find God.”
―Manly Hall, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’

August 4th (give or take a few days in influence), Mercury squares USA Uranus…uptick in talk, talk of changes, more crazy news precipitating quick turning events, heavy criticism, perhaps both positive and negative change. Look for the new, then renew and look again to grow amen and women too. Ha, Aha! Where are the Mark Twains, Will Rogers, Emersons, Hank Williams of the day?! Many are called, few are woven or wowing the creative mind.

August 5th Venus enters Virgo till Aug. 29th when it enters Libra. Now is the time to clean, fix up, prepare for the future, learn from mistakes, bless the little ones, think thoughts holier and mightier than ever before. Avoid negative criticism of others unless it actually helps heal, is kind to their soul, is true to all they, and is helpful pulling em up from the drink, wrong think, and ill tinker.

“The future of science is in creating better futures, improving the quality of life, furthering knowledge in wisdom of self, other, and world. The end of science, and perhaps the world, is a science dedicated to unjust weaponry and/or something to sell, or gain power over others.”
—robert of mayflower

August 6th Mercury square Saturn and Venus square Mars. Pay your dues, have patience for learning how to help everyone, especially oneself to grow kinder, wiser, holier, and more mindful of all the virtues hoping to grow in everyone.

“It is only a step from boredom to disillusionment, which lead naturally to self-pity, which in turn ends in chaos.”
—Manly Hall

August 7th Mercury oppose Neptune. Liars abound, fools hound, impossible possibilities entwine, and some still let the sun shine on everyone, everything, every moment…in an attempt to capture eternity, higher love and truth, in each fleeting moment. Don’t get distracted from main priorities for your own flowering in what holds us all.

“His candle shined upon my head, and by his light I walked through darkness.”
—Job xxix. 3.

August 10th Mercury trine Pluto. Reach beyond yourself, learn something new. Call on a higher power to help you through.

“Experience is the elixir of life from which the alchemist ,the Spirit Soul, makes gold and meaningful connections.”
—Trebore Tau Bodhi

August 11th Moon conjunct Mars may trigger many events up to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 18th at 5:26 am estat 25 Aquarius. Spark yourself to try new things, be unattached to results, read a new book to find your higher truth and love, be brave to not fight but flow and flower in the universal heart. With Venus square to USA Uranus, i wonder if birthrate will soon jump. Major revival of love affair with world, good ol’ USA, new music and fashion, highly creative.

August 12-13th Saturn retrograde almost oppose USA Uranus causing many to be frustrated hanging on to their seats of power or security or familiar ghost. With Venus square Saturn Satyrday the 13th, its a question of ‘Who do you love?’; or what to invest in long term for inner and outer growth, new opportunity in freedom and truth. Avoid going back to old patterns, repeating of suffering and repeat performance not allowing growth or healing. With Mars coming to conjunct Saturn and square Neptune, the past and future look creepy, soul stay present tense, stay present in the moment in heart mind. These coming weeks may hold lots of need for smart discipline and alert thinking. We may need especially good policing and right military action. Violence and unneeded suffering abound. Difficult times. Good for compassionate courage for truth. Avoid too many loose words and ineffective or non constructive criticism. Important to keep one’s courage for practical idealism open, and one’s mouth closed. Let your actions and hearty love speak.

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”
—Manly Hall, author of ‘The Secret Teaching of All Ages’

August 16 Sun trine Uranus. Look for new doors to open, new insights to harken, new perceptions to heighten your awareness. In the USA Chart, Pluto opposes progressed Jupiter revealing cracks in progress and positive economics, false leaders (some breaking down), weird and dirty politics revelations, eco woes, weird opportunities, and a sense of need to renew or degenerate or set loose. May compassion and wisdom find forever a way.

“Thus, instead of gaining only an internal silence, in the common sense of the word, he gains also that strange dynamic silence which preceded creation, and from which all things come—the silence of the heart of God. This silence is the root of sound, and from it pours forth the fiat that fashioned the world. This is the dynamic silence of creation, the tremendous dramatic silence of new birth forever taking place- new worlds forever fashioning.”
―Manly P. Hall, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’

August 17th Venus trine Pluto (Full Moon night). Aim your love right into world evolution, a better opportunity for enlightenment next life time, an insight into the moment carry you through the day into next year, a way to love what is far and right hear near.

“We can only escape from the world by outgrowing the world. Death may take man out of the world but only wisdom can take the world out of the man. As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances. When however, worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity he is free, even though he still dwells physically among worldly things.”
—Manly Hall

August 18th Lunar Eclipse. Cut out bad habits, whatever you are doing that is killing you but you do it anyway. Let the negatives go, create the new to compost the old. Be willing to discover something new in yourself to discover something new in the other. Let the next two weeks go, let time teach you to be open to new truths capable of waking higher love able to hold the world with you still in it as student. Find the Good, True, Beautiful in everything; otherwise keep looking, studying, stilling the mind to look again. See Gelek Rinpoche’s book ‘Odyssey to Freedom’ or Manly Hall’s book ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’, both available at Mayflower Bookshop.

Spiritual silence isn’t silence, its the womb of the Great Goddess from which all things come and go and come again. Silence is the door to God being born again. Holy Silence is the interval growing together the musical tones making our life a joyous wondrous song. Living Silence is inner listening. When we listen with our heart and soul to the world spirit in all things, anything is possible! ~robert of mayflower

August 22 Sun enters Virgo, Mercury conjunct Jupiter. It’s time to get down to serious work capable of making you ascend to the next higher level of consciousness. From Aug. 20th to 22nd Mars conjuncts USA Ascendent in Sage Sagittarius. Either we fight, take flight, or muster up enough courage to heroically last from the higher self of truth and love, compassion and wit. May all beings find happiness. May aliens not come to save us. May human hearts arise and aspire to deeds of love and every virtue and truth bringing peace and joy.

“It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic structure, the final objective of which was for the individual to become part of a system providing an economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.”
―Manly P. Hall, ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’

August 23rd or so, the USA progressed Mercury will go direct. Yes folks, now and in months to come, we are actually going to wake up to a national virtuous collective voice of hope and positive world thinking, leadership and conscious participatory government, awakened mind heart America! This should be a good one. This is a major aspect underestimated by most astrologers of the day. Its like awakening from a bad dream. Going to be fun to see what happens. Many new cultural artistic arisings. Angels don’t descend now, they arise from our hearts. Wow! Watch what happens in next days, months, years. We are coming back into a time of higher angels and love, truth and wit, honesty and fun. By 2020 the idealistic dream of Aquarian Age will return. The gods of truth and love are returning. Or so i think….

August 24th Mars conjunct Saturn. Shocking realities, Truth or Consequences? Breakthroughs and breakdowns? Get good sleep days around this aspect, take walks, work out, do yoga, eat more grains and veggies. Get to Mayflower Bookshop for your Miso and Seaweed supply for morning breakfasts and yummy soups. Don’t fight, let life reveal her secrets. write down your dreams, read ‘em in a week. Talk to your parents, whether here or in the world beyond. Promise to do better, take some action to prove you have a higher self. Put a positive thought in place of every negative one. In USA chart Uranus squares Mercury, nothing shocking will surprise. Always the true surprise is truth and love, anyone can be an idiot. Uptick in quakes and volcanoes, storms and sense of death and being reborn, all month, yet now too is the time to get serious about your yoga, meditation, spiritual study, change to better diet and good friends who help you grow, not just hold your hand or whatever and tell you its all right. We make the future. Live the spiritual life to know its secret teachings! This aspect plays into 26th.

“Every man has his own world. He dwells in the midst of his little universe as the lord and ruler of the constituent parts of himself. Sometimes he is a wise king, devoting his life to the needs of his subjects, but more often he is a tyrant, imposing many forms of injustice upon his vassals, either through ignorance of their needs or thoughtlessness concerning the ultimate disaster that he is bringing upon himself. Man’s body is a living temple and he is a high priest, placed there to keep the House of the Lord in order.”
―Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

August 26th Mars square Neptune. Don’t believe what you think, nor what TV or others say unless it inspires you to higher virtue actions and helping the little ones. Don’t over shoot yourself. The man who can do anything and everything, rarely does anything. Do what you can do and meditate, ponder, reflect, imagine your mind meeting that of Steiner, Blavatsky, Osho, Dalai Lama, Gelek Rinpoche, Manly Hall, G.R.S. Meade. Be still and know.

August 27th Venus conjunct Jupiter at 27 Virgo. Give and receive love, bless and be blessed, live the life to know the doctrines and teachings.

“Pythagoras said that the universal Creator had formed two things in His own image: The first was the cosmic system with its myriads of suns, moons, and planets; the second was man, in whose nature the entire universe existed in miniature.”
―Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

August 28th Jupiter trines USA Pluto…finally around this time things are starting to make sense and the future is becoming clear. Real opportunities for investments, jobs, destiny, true calling, friendship and love, are at hand!!!

August 29th Mercury conjunct Venus late Virgo gives last minute critiques and insights, before forgiveness and love take over later in the day when Venus then enters Libra let go and let God. Forgive your enemies, “They know not what they do.” -Jesus the Christos

“Ignorance fears all things, falling, terror-stricken before the passing wind. Superstition stands as the monument to ignorance, and before it kneel all who realize their own weakness who see in all things the strength they do not possess”
―Manly P. Hall,

August 30th Mercury goes retrograde at critical 29 degree Virgo going back to 14 Virgo to go direct September 22nd. Many rethink, rewrite, redo, renew, renegotiate, reinstate, take back and give again. Something funny is up, so don’t be so serious.

“Wisdom fears no thing, but still bows humbly to its own source, with its deeper understanding, loves all things, for it has seen the beauty, the tenderness, and the sweetness which underlie Life’s mystery”
―Manly P. Hall

September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse 9 Virgo with Sun square Saturn and Sun oppose Neptune September 2nd. Strange endings and new beginnings. Need to dry out, retire, lay back, let go, do little clean ups everywhere, plan big adventures with far reaching plans. Some root, others fly, some find ground, others sky. Seek a balance between the heaven and hell you perceive.

“There is a heavenly way to self and other experienced only by the path of the heart, woven by the breath of an open mind, and guided alone by an inner star, being our perpetual conversing with God; that is, the universe.” —robert of mayflower

September 9th Jupiter enters Libra creating more harmony and peace, art, justice, and love for the year to come. A year here coming prepping us for 2020. Some see the future, others fall back; some leave town, while yet others retrieve what was lost, now found.

“There is no religion higher than truth.”
—H.P. Blavatsky, author of ‘The Secret Doctrine’

September 10th Saturn square Neptune. Think 33 years ago, think 16 and half years ago, or 8 and a quarter years ago, or 4 years ago, or 2. Practical needs clash with idealistic higher views and wishes. Bottom lines clash with high flinging ideals. Spiritual and Material matters work to find harmony and balance or conflict.

“The highest of all occult orders which exists only in the inner world may be called the “Order of Melchizedek,” although among certain nations it has other names. This Order is composed entirely of the graduates of the other Mystery Schools who have actually reached the point where they can give birth to their present selves out of their own natures, like the mysterious phoenix bird which, breaking open at death, permits a new bird to fly forth.”
―Manly P. Hall, ‘Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire’

(Melchizedek is ancient high priest or God-chosen one introducing the mysteries of the fire of love and the communion of virtue and God-like behaviour to the ancient Persians.)

September 11th Venus square Pluto. Major aspect for jealous behaviour and crazy love fights. If you can pull it off, deep love works wonders and miracles. One misfire though, and things explode. Old issues and fears conflict with present future needs. Deep sense of wanting to know, love, deepen, commit, enjoin, or part. Feeling stuck with situations vs. manipulating circumstances to better or change.

September 12 Mercury square Mars, and Sun conjunct Mercury. A desire to shake and quicken, quake and reconfigure. Sharp quick knowledge or news forces growth or change. Weird storms or nature perturbations.

September 13th Sun square Mars. Force of will? New light and insight adjusting curve and direction? Avoid forcing issues unless wisdom and love pervade all circumstances. Wisdom conflicts with force.

“The secret Order of Melchizedek can never appear in the physical world while humanity is constituted according to its present plan. It is the supreme Mystery School, and a few have reached the point where they have blended their divine and human natures so perfectly that they are symbolically two-headed. The heart and mind must be brought into perfect equilibrium before true thinking or true spirituality can be attained. The highest function of the mind is reason; the highest function of the heart is intuition, a sensing process not necessitating the normal working of the mind.”
―Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

September 15th Full Moon Night, September 16th Full Moon Day, Harvest Moon, in Pisces nostalgic and magically mysterious time. Good time to dream true, find higher minded hearts, and enjoy.

“They wander in darkness seeking light, failing to realize that the light is in the heart of the darkness”
―Manly P. Hall

September 22nd, Fall Equinox, Sun enters Libra the scales, Mercury goes direct and Venus enters Scorpio the next day on 23rd when Mercury trines Pluto. Persuasive events unfold our souls into winter coming.

September 26th, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. The world seems inevitable now, and going forward the only way. Ready or not, here comes everybody and nobody. When we raise our consciousness and turn up the love, we quickly discover others raising theirs and shining love too.

September 30th New Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra! Yay! Good signs for future peace and harmony, joy and prosperous times. Jupiter traveling through the astrological sign of Libra portends of many a good relation, association, tryst and bliss.

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