August 2015

Love is all around us, it is the world seeking harmony and golden conversing. Truth is who we are, infinite potential and space to grow together in new and wondrously joyful ways.
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-robert of mayflower

  • August 2nd to 7th is a squeeze box.of challenges to grow in new ways. Need to mature in responsibilities and responsiveness to other’s needs. Need to nurture self and others inwardly and outwardly. Some feel need to focus, root deeper, even contract a bit, or even ‘pack it up’ and put a stop to some activities that fail to further one’s higher spirit, one’s Soul need. An either sharp definitive turn, or a turn up on the intelligent forward motion and higher love. On 2nd Saturn goes direct to approach future square to Neptune giving impulse to manifest destiny, incarnate one’s ideals, dreams, imagination. Mercury trines Uranus for many new insights, inventive notions, breath taking views, and breakthrough ideas. On 3rd Jupiter squares Saturn. Jupiter wants to expand, grow, get bigger more expansive and expressive. Saturn wants to contract, restrict, discipline, focus, make sure, define and refine, structure and plan. Struggle between practical needs and higher social needs. Struggle between bigger vision, spiritual aspirations, and realistic practical ecological, scientific, and practical economic concerns and thinking. Leo Jupiter wants everything to shine and be upfront, Scorpio Saturn wants power behind the scenes, secret meetings and manipulations, privacy. On 4th, retrograde venus conjuncts Jupiter urging some to re-inspect or review love and money needs and wishes. For some a return to love, for others a rejection in light of new insights. A shift in sense of what is beautiful or not. For many the light of love expands joy and pleasurable instincts. Avoid pushing too far or being too hard on self, or others. Selfless patience and loving kindness promotes acute new insights and wisdom arising. Compassion goes far here, but keep alert, silent empty mind open for further insight wisdoms. On 5th Moon occults Uranus and Venus squares Saturn contracting and pulling in, tightening up strategies and long term needs. Look for long term love and fortune, not short term immediate satisfaction. Sept. 6 brings a plowing ahead and work ethic with Mars trine Saturn. Mercury conjunct Venus sweet talkers and lovable ideas, but some are still too frustrated with Mercury square Saturn to be in love in the moment. On 7th Mercury conjuncts Jupiter for clear minded straight ahead action. Mercury enters Virgo till end of month making for the analytical or critical mind, fix up or correcting mind. Good for yoga, inner meditation, dharma mindedness.
  • August 11th Jupiter goes into astrological sign Virgo thru to September 2016. As pride goes before a fall, Leo is followed by Virgo. Jupiter in Leo on the negative side can induce pride, inflation, egotism, selfishness taking away from the fun loving shine and good hearted play of Leo. When Jupiter goes into Virgo there is more a sense of work ethic, discipline and critical focus on tasks and practical goals, getting the job done, rather than on fun and play. Virgo has a good sense of what works when it comes to health, job, cleaning and cleansing, purifying, healing self and others, helping less fortunate to grow and learn. Good for caring and nurturing the garden.
  • Aug 12th Mercury opposes Neptune. Some get lost from the map and goal, others lost in mind or feelings; yet others receive divine messages and inspirations. Time for a new Tarot deck? Let stillness be you guide to new perceptions and doors of wonder.
  • Aug 13th Sun trine Uranus shifts us into New Moon on 14th in Leo with Sun conjunct Venus on 15th. Many quick happenings, lovely surprises, and novel awakenings, new lights turn on. Happiness in love, sense of healthy social identity, sense of fair play and sharing with others. Sense of giving and receiving. A feeling and perception of peace, heaven and earth in harmony with inner Soul happenings.
  • Aug 19th Venus trine Uranus. Sudden impulses for creativity and love, sudden arousal to do something. Creative breakthroughs, sudden birth or conception of the new, the future, or the romantic adventure. Higher minded romantic and artistic philosophy. Sudden change for the good.
  • Aug 21st into 22nd Sun square Saturn followed by Moon conjunct Saturn on Saturday. A need to keep oneself contained, restrained or focussed. Yet need for opening to others. Further indications of what will work or not work in the future appear now. A sense of working toward a better future. For some a clinging to the past or hanging on to wishful thinking confronted by the necessity and more practical realities. For some, a deeper relationship to the truth, to the dharma, to spiritual teachings and insights that will free the inner being, the Soul of Life. Good for spiritual teachings and spiritual friends. A sense of duty, responsibility to self and others, or the lack of such. A sense too of karma and debt of the past. Wisdom that comes through time and relationship to others. A need for patience with self and others. A cooler chill to outer events, need for inner fires to spark courage anew for truth and love, world harmony.
  • Aug 23 Sun enters Virgo. A sense of summer turning into fall these last few days. For some a clinging and last call or hang on to summer or past.
  • Aug 26th Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, Joy in finding right working relationship to self and others, self and world. Harmony of self and other. New light or roads ahead give energetic for future becomings. Making healthy connections.
  • Aug 29th Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune with Sun oppose Neptune on 31st. A passing on of the torch, sense of things. For some, deep insights into need of the future. For others, a meltdown of false dreams. Need to awaken to real needs of self and others. An ecological sense. For many, a celtic mystic feel in the Soul for the bigger picture and Spirit. Mystical happenings moving the Spirit.
  • Sept. 1st Venus conjunct Mars in Leo, here love is the best or worst. Need to love others, appreciate others, for who they are, not who we want them to be. For some, ships passing in the night of unconsciousness. For others, a meeting of angels. Some clash with inner feelings with outer realities. A conflict between inner and outer values, or between hard thinking and sensitive feelings, or vice versa. Male/female tensions. Holding the tension of opposites to birth more noble futures is key to tension of heavenly ideals and earthly concerns. Respect of others also key. Remember, everyone has a right to their experience and opinion, even if they are wrong!
  • Sept 5th Sun trine Pluto empowers practical earthly matters
  • Sept 6th Venus goes direct calling for more love and less show off, more showing up and less throwing off, more light of love and less love of being in the light and throwing mud at others. More letting others shine, and standing in the dark yet to come to better light. The spiritual darkness is divine pondering, a waiting room for God.
  • Sept 8th Mars trine Uranus good time to push to further goals, good time to take action. A sense of ‘just do it, stop talking about it’.
  • Sept 9th Mercury square Pluto, avoid negative over critical words and endless negative critical thinking. Good for going deeper into pondering, contemplating, researching, and having compassionate awareness and sensitivity to what others suffer and struggle with.
  • Sept 13th Solar Eclipse 20 degree Virgo, Next few weeks good for cleaning, clearing, getting rid of unwanted or burdensome situations, things, qualities.
  • Sept 17th Jupiter oppose Neptune, Mercury goes retrograde, Saturn enters Sagittarius. For some, a turning point of coming back to oneself. For others a need to travel afar and seek new horizons. For some a sense of loss or disappearance. Others suddenly find themselves anew. Ecological problems or challenges for some. Avoid pie in the sky false dreams and gambles. Upsets due to falsely projecting on others. Avoid all falsehoods or deceptive tactics. Keep to the clear honest open road. Avoid scams and instant profits. Bad time to gamble or invest for many. Danger of false inflation followed by deflation. Bad timing to go overboard, party too hardy, or to take risk. A time to curb overly expansive projections and plans. Time to work on what is right before one. Saturn in Sagittarius brings wisdom concerning boundaries and justice, higher knowledge and right education.

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