August 2014

“Astrology is the movement of cosmic harmonies within the inharmonious, love within the world.” -robert of mayflower

  • August 1st to August 8th cracks the whip for love adventures as Venus (love) and Mars (thruster rockets)boost the energetic of summer fun, socializing outdoors and meetings with friends. Many break-ups and endings portend many new beginnings with a flair for not making the same mistakes twice. Don’t let routines capture you. What if you were free, what would you do? Although the aspects seem worthy of fun and new adventure, take care not to lose practical grounding and long-term vision, goals. Fun takes strange bends and turns late night of August 8th, but particularly August 9th and 10th. It’s then that the Full Moon (fool moon) in Aquarius triggers aspects to black moon Lilith (wild girl sensuality) with Saturn (firm stern security needs). Some dig in for the long run and are conservative in demands. Others flirt with danger and creative edge. First week in August (and in October) critical timing for geo-political hotspots, warring factions, egotistic and demanding people. Critical time for politics and economics, Middle East and other hot spots such as Putin and Russia. Attempts to bring harmony to world up and down. Some jeopardise further progress and endanger self and others. A need here for wisdom and long-term strategies to curb excessive abuses and grandiose notions of power over others rather than power through others. Learning to Divine the Divine in each other and love all God’s creation is in critical need of repair these daze.
  • August 9th and 10th, Full Moon. Need to focus on long-term goals cutting out repeat offenders or negative elements obstructing clear path ahead. This time reveals the need to reassess one’s relationship to teachers and teachings, students and what’s stewing, friends and enemies. Time to discriminate real from unreal, truth from illusion. What to cherish and what to let go, what to learn or newly grasp, what is just lower self grasping at straws and what is higher self, higher virtue, more ennobling. Sun squares Saturn while conjuncting Lilith. Discipline self or others try to discipline or limit you. Shaky weather and storms, extremes in different parts, force a more conservative back step and retreat to see things more clearly. Some form new long-term allegiances, others end long-term relationships or commitments. If you feel your life and relations are shaky, this is a good time to duck out and hide, or deal directly and honestly. Good time to meditate, pondering the sacredness of quiet aloneness, health and solitude, life and breath. Saturn tends to quickly cool, or go to hot extremes. There is a need here of knowing what to keep and what to cut out. Here the bold knight for the Grail meets a split road, a decision must be made by week’s end as to which way and what, who.
  • Aug 14th Moon conjunct Uranus, a good day to wake up anew to what’s up. Smell where the fresh coffee is coming from as well as see who’s making it and who’s not. Such aspect makes for good magic of change. Many a quick change artist and economic turn is at fast play. Coming weekend brings many leaps of faith and attempts to dream and jump into new unknowns. Many shoot for imaginary moons. Some kiss and touch the impossible possibility, the spiritual reality, true love, joy, creativity. Many leap and fall, back to reality. By Monday 18th to 21st, love and joy overwhelms sombre cold reality and reality tries to return the favour. Take care not to leap into fantasy, illusion, false paths. Or is that what you are needing, artistic creative play, escape, imaginative adventure? Discern desire vs. need. Truth and facts give you clear notion of what still needs work on, what is true and realistic goals . False ideals may mislead your directive later in evening of 18th. Magical dreams may reveal future but need practical interpretation.
  • Mars trines Chiron August 22nd into 23rd, Do you feel like you are getting healed and made whole, or do you feel like you are getting waylaid or wounded again? Avoid repeat offenders and old familiar patterns and ruts. Try new learning, new ways of playing, co-creating. Help those less fortunate for ground level view renew. Good time to go on a renewing rejuvenating regenerative journey. Such aspects strongly give emotions and feelings of connection, or is it a need to part ways. Special intuitions and messages from dreams, psychic encounters. Time of spirit soul magic, and courageous energetic for doing what matters most. What you desire the most is in view if you are brave enough and courageous enough to honestly work and strive for it. God helps those who help themselves. Action speaks louder than words at this time. Renewing energies abound. For some the opposite may occur, degenerative negative breakdowns and noise pollution. Eat healthy at this time.
  • New Moon 25th August into the 28th, Next two weeks many new attempts to clean up, heal up, fix up, work out, try out, cut out, and play out. A crisis of freedom and love needing to find sure ground. Need to feel secure to love, and need to secure freedom to love. Time of making tough decisions for long-term happiness. Taking risks at this time could be critical mistake. Good for weaving one’s way into holy spiritual community. Possible sudden arousal of creative forces followed by dull let down. Need to see progress on long-term works to prove oneself true. Earth life is the proving ground for our higher self, virtue self. A crisis of work and responsiveness to crisis or critical concerns. Important to stick to the point and not get lost or go astray. Avoid false lures to unknown futures. Danger of undigested experience repeating the past. Some may feel like ghosts hunting or haunted by ghosts of unfinished business. The new clashes with the old. Need some Sage or Sage Spray from Mayflower to change the vibration, purify the space?! Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith during this time adds subtle super sensuousness and engaging erotic intrigue. Eros is really the universal erotic, it’s what gives us that personal sensuous connection to the whole of life, the universe; the universe to our most personal moments. The higher love, universal big love, meets the everyday need for touch, connection, eroticism, polity of polarity, engaging people and situations. Here some feel the need for the ‘other’ to reflect us, touch and be touched, arouse and meet, permeate and interact, creatively speaking.
  • August 29th’s Sun oppose Neptune brings unusual encounters of the imaginary. Art meets science in such a way that religion is transcended in direct experience. Many take a critical turn or return to simple values here, others leave the simple for the most advanced mapping and touring escapades. Some may astral project to imaginary moons. Others rudely awaken to reality. One may yet further confuse the issues at hand by false hopes or imaginings, over investment or projection. Or is it just time to let go, find a good fun loving friend to escape with! Take care not to overdose on life. Too much of a good thing is bad, sours, spoils, Good for the arts and music but wildly wasteful or ‘crazy-go-nuts’ if one is not careful. Take care to eat good healthy food avoiding what may have spoiled or become toxic. Confusion or loss in travel. Try not to spoil yourself unless in the most healthy healing spiritual and artistic way.
  • August 31st afternoon Moon in Scorpio a good day to catch up to a little sleep and rest. Some go to extremes in behaviour, others catch up with past. Avoid anger and entanglements negative on that last night of August into September 1st. Labor Day Moon into Sagittarius throws you into the big sky open wide creative universe of opportunity and over the top ideas and plans.

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