September 2013

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“Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all.” -Old Troubadour saying

  • September 1st Sun trine Pluto. Bringing light to dark places, cleaning up messes, healing from past? Or, are you just plowing into a future just starting to make sense and come to light?
  • Sept. 2nd Moon conjunct Mars precipitates coming events, watch out for anger, talking too much, over aggressive behaviour. Otherwise, ‘carry on!’, as you were. This aspect may trigger events playing out into Sept 8th and 9th concerning manifesting desires, stopping the leaks, setting boundaries, and trying to keep the forward motion. Times may indicate a need for further push, or need for a break to reconsider goals and aims. A struggle between personal ego needs and outer security needs. Sign of slow healing. Working and wanting quicker progress. Need for patient sure gradual steps. If one listens carefully to what the world is teaching you now, real working methods appear, doors begin to open, sure steps to advancement made. Avoid force. Wise authority may need be called upon, otherwise self evident truth and common sense go far. Michaelic courage to face reality and truth work to progress one. What is at hand struggles with retarded forces not wanting to grow. Need for patience, courage to see truth. Wisdom takes time. Harsh time if unneeded force used, yet a kind of time’s up for getting smarter. A need to move on. Extremes in the weather, feeling overworked or stuck. Slow but sure progress, happiness when alone with higher inner self.
  • Sept. 5th, New Moon at 13 Virgo portrays new impulses in coming week to work with friends and family for better future. Virgo wants to cleanse, heal, patch up, fix up, clean up; right exercise and healthy OM CAFE diet is important. There is no perfection, only a possible sense of wholeness. See Kristin Turner’s book Self Healing Cookbook at Mayflower Bookshop. Virgo also is right work and play brings new level of healthy joy into one’s life. If you’re not working on yourself, you’re not working. This was the original OM and Mayflower slogan. See Reinvention of Work by Matthew Fox, also Macrobiotic Path to Total Health by Kushi. Avoid negative cranks. Look to constructive criticism. Work on self to work on others.
  • Sept. 8th Moon conjunct Venus good day for loving friends, doing what you love, finding inner to inner contact, music, culture, love.
  • Sept 9th. Mars square Saturn, Moon conjunct Saturn, serious day for working to get ahead. The world may look nuts, but love and beyourself anyway. Serious about road ahead but also celebrating life. Avoid laying trips on others. Avoid backing people into corners. Avoid anger, obssession, drawing lines in the sand, use of force, conflict. Such aspect often good for arresting the bad guy or laying down the law. Positive side is making necessary compromise to work with others more co-equally. Setting down long term plans and goals. Try yoga or tai chi, eurythmy dance or transcendental music to read by available at Mayflower. See Five Tibetan Rites for renewal exercises to awaken life force and kundalini sacred energy, do yoga. If you don’t know what to do, good time to take a break, meditate, contemplate whole of one’s life, world.
  • Sept. 12th half moon in Sagittarius give higher minded insight into far reaching goals. Don’t exaggerate or over do your performance or demands.
  • Sept 13-14th Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces makes for far reaching plans, travel, spiritual dreaming. Love escapades and fanciful experiences. Mercury square Pluto later in the day of 14th with Mars trine Uranus makes for crashing truth and cascading realities, endings and new beginnings. Coming to conclusions or results. Need to seek new ground of meaning and purpose. Out with the old and in with the new. Truth and consequences kind of day. Need to learn lessons and move on, go forward, let the past go, reinvent yourself, re-imagining self and future, world. Otherwise, good day to hold still, think, realize, come to reality, and hold fast with what is true and meaningful for you.
  • Sept. 15th-16th Mercury opposes Uranus may bring sudden shocking news or new insights. Makes for new revelations or flashes of insight necessitating change or re-adjustments, slight changes of directions or plans.. Others may throw you a curve ball or sudden upsetting circumstances make you rethink few things. Take care not to be too blunt unless need be, could cause over reactions. Try not ‘over-reacting’ yourself to others sudden moves or crazy behaviour or blunt words. Good time for new learning for sure. Need to learn new ways of working with others. Some may need to go on without certain others. Or be patient till better opportunities come. See sept 18th-19th.
  • Sept. 18th, Venus conjunct Saturn and sextile Pluto makes for real love and lasting virtue or major road block to desired ends. One may feel stuck or at dead ends, especially fixed signs and houses. With Pisces Moon, dreams find need to feel grounded into real methods working with reality. Hard cold facts need to find spiritual ways of rising and flying again. Choosing to go long and sure way rather than short and wild way?
  • Sept. 19th Full Moon in Pisces with Mercury square Jupiter breaks the spell binds some. Imagination and daring take sudden leaps for joy. Opportunities for new adventure, new dance, new play start to make their way into one’s life. Otherwise, a wee bit of truth sneaks in and plays the part of a burr under the saddle.
  • Sept. 20th Pluto goes direct. Ready of not, the world proceeds in new directions with or without you.
  • Sept. 21s Saturn sextile Pluto (influences past and future weeks, months). Cooler in many a part, other parts suffering hotter weather. Volcanoes cleaning up the air? Earth rumbles, stocks rise or tumble a bit around this time looking for long term adjustments. Perhaps now a concern and need of collective social political action and aggreement to purify water and air, soil and negative thinking? Stuggle between fear and real needs. A wish to root and ground one’s dreams. Those in command or in high places in business and politics toil to make right decisions for long lasting positive consequence. Water and Earth signs favored. This is a time to make right decisions for long term benefits, growth, recovery, healing, and steady sure progress. Avoid quick money making manuveurs that may very well backfire or sink your boat.
  • Sept. 22, Sun enters Libra, Autumn Equinox, day and night equal length, yearly earth breath crosses topsoil entering underworld, Persephone mysteries. To some esotericists, this is the beginning of the new year, the sun down of the cycle of the year. Spiritual thining and the Michaelic ArchAngelic cosmic thinking more easily arises in the contemplation of the fall mysteries. Autumn Ra!
  • Sept 26th Venus trine Jupiter with Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus square Mars on 28th making for 3 days of fun, inner sun, love play, much sexual induendo, creative joyful interactions with friends, family, and loved ones. Negatively tendency to over do or be over the top, or to rub someone wrong. Very playful aspect if not wrestling with dogs. Sept. 30th Moon conjunct Mars may bring slap of reality to get back to work and start upstream swimming again.

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