AstroNews jan/feb 2021

Friends with Heart Soul Love,

here is new song ‘Don’t Shoot’

 These days, lots of things going crazy.

My phone broke and i lost all my contacts and texts and more

So if i’m out of communication, you now know why.

 Resend me yr info!

If you need to communicate try my email at 

or if you have my cell phone number and text,

try it…..again.

Patience and wisdom for a bigger picture

is important more than ever, as is 

higher love

truth, and joy.

As for astrology, we (the World) needs get past venus pluto conjunct on full moon

jan. 28 where many feel rejected and things aren’t working.

For some its a ‘must get serious and buckle down, clean up stuff, rid of unneeded baggage, and time to learn to love oneself better.

Jan 30 Mercury retrograde till Feb 20th adds to the confusing times of catching up to oneself and the world, getting facts straight, making sacred time for yourself and others. Fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio getting hit hardest by this mercury retrograde but we all have those signs , if not planets, somewhere in our chart. Our fixed side at odds with our wish for creativity and freedom?

Need get past Feb. 1st  when Sun squares Mars precipitating anger for no good reason that works, or over assertiveness towards goals or others. Such aspect can be courage to ‘live the virtuously high life’ incorporating best one can, ‘the good true beautiful you are or wish to be’!

Need get past Feb. 6th Venus conjunct Saturn and Venus square Uranus 

where folks don’t feel loved and crazy for change, or ready to lay it down for the real thing.

Astrology has higher octaves one can attune to to avoid ‘bad aspects’. 

Need get past, Feb 8th illuminating beneficent Sun conjunct Mercury, Feb 10 feisty retro Mercury square Mars when many fight without thinking, and others thinking too much stuck in their heard and tongue flap. 

Feb. 11th new moon with Venus conjunct Jupiter brings weeks coming of new hope and good friendship. Happy times coming!?

Yet, Until we get to week into Feb. 24th things may be wrangling too much.

After feb 24th, thinks and all things slowly start to make more wholistic sense and one is capable of feeling more sure 

of their own intelligence rather than others. 

Lots of truths and love come now into spring summer.

I hope this is helpful towards your figuring it out for yourself

how you and the world can work together. i give lessons private

if u like, or by phone or request. Learning to grow in new ways is

really important. Astrological Readings available.

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Love everything great and small!

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Blessings of the heart to heart,

robert of mayflower


Expect a wild ride as President Biden has 

Pluto oppose his Jupiter on Jan. 29th 

and ex Pres. Trump has Jupiter oppose Pluto on 31st.

Previous life controversy? Major social political cultural turning point

craziness. Severe Stock Market craziness and vicissitudes!?! 

Weather and emotions on high. 

Soul stay low with mayflower bookshop books…

Meditate, pray, garden inside out….keep your mind in yr universal heart,

rather than the few give u pleasure and pain. Be big, be Buddha Christ like,

hero of yr every day; Hermes Artemis…….whatever works and prays toward

higher consciousness heart and mind. Don’t forget to play, explore new

freedoms with alma/buddhi/manas, higher love, truth, and joy!


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Also…. i want to say, try reading to understand and converse

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