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For April/May/June/July 2019

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My Facebook account with 4000 friends and years and years of poetics, pics, comments, creative sharing was totally erased by Facebook during my friend Marianne Williamson’s town hall talk during which i was messaging people to tune in and send her $1 so she can get on big debates. So far there is no one at Facebook returning my requests to reinstate my Facebook. Any suggestions? Anyone know who to contact? How to complain? Get it fixed? Marianne Williamson must be hot. Hope you send her $1. She needs twenty thousand more to do this and she will be on big debates! please help.I still have mayflower bookshop Facebook which i am thinking of dropping now unless they fix my personal page? Suggestions?

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My next talk is May 2nd at 7 pm , ASTROLOGY and TAROT, how to read and predict. This talk is at Birmingham Community House call them to reserve your seat.

My Song ‘Kiss Me’ is in finals for the Detroit Music Awards for Best Song Americana (folk rock). Hear it here!

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Notre Dame Fire? Astrologically take a look at in sky transiting South Node conjunct Saturn/Pluto, Sadnesses affecting us all. Here we are all immigrants and homeless from heavenly estate and states of higher consciousness. As for Notre Dame,the Roman Empire had at that sacred spot on a little island in Seine River Paris, a holy virtue temple dedicated to Jupiter (Wisdom of Zeus). Before that, it was a sacred Druid center, a temple of wisdom ethics. The Cathedral of Our Lady Notre Dame is very sacred on etheric/astral/spiritual levels since post Atlantis. Outwardly , yes, the business of the church; but more it is a major spiritual sacred space from golden olden times. Shakespeare and Company, a wonderful bookshop i have visited is right next door. As for Notre Dame Cathedral’s poor karma, the head of the Knights Templar (Templars built all original gothic cathedrals in sacred geometry and spiritual measurement, initiation knowledge ) basically in about 150 years. Read Rudolf Steiner speaks of Templars as Guardians of the Holy Grail. The Knights Templar helped the poor, protected roads for same travel, honored nature, children, women, had organic gardens, started checking and banking in honest way, loaned money to poor with no interest. Well , King Philip in league with pope at the time murdered the Templars and took over their vast networks or buildings and money. In early 1300s King Philip burned the head of the Templars at the stake right next to Notre Dame Cathedral and watched from the other side of the river so afraid of the spiritual power of DeMolay the templars head. Too much to share here, but i give talks of the Gothic Cathedrals and their relationship to both the Goetheanum or Rudolf Steiner, and the sacred architecture of the Human Being in Spiritual process, enlightenment, and initiation. We live in a strange world where it takes a bit of time and patient reflection to arrive at enough truth to carry us rightly into tomorrow. In long run, all of us will make it, will awaken our Higher Spiritual Awareness and Consciousness, but in this modern crisis of gross materialism and selfishness, fear, attachment, anger, it seems a long way to go to holy creative peace for the world, each and all. More later.

We can easily forgive a child
who is afraid of the dark,
the real tragedy of life
is when men are afraid of the light.

April 18- 19th Full Moon 29 Libra. Sense trying to find balance and charm in life. Need to cut out people, relations, things, that drain and leak, not promoting nor supporting better futures. Important with Moon going into Scorpio 8:40 am est, that for next week to lay low, avoid unneeded going nowhere debates or criticisms. Pretty much crass materialists always blame and dependent on others for their depression, sadness, happiness. Spiritual people blame themselves, work on themselves, for change and progress. Sometimes we can changer outer for better, yes; but always work on yourself for the big changes, growing opportunities, and sense of well being. See Gelek Rinpoche’s Odyssey to Freedom book, or Osho’s Book of Secrets (on sale at mayflower bookshop), or Steiner’s Knowledge of the Higher Worlds for techniques to know and grow, spiritually advance quick.
“Learning to see things in light of a higher learning, a divine plan perhaps taking lifetimes to play out, is the beginning of wisdom. Entering the spiritual path consists of learning how to quicken what nature is taking too long to do; learning how to midwife or awaken the divine, the virtue, in all things and people; learning to intelligently love the core, the Christos, the sun spark, the holy deep divine, in and of any situation or person while learning to be still if nothing can be done. For spiritually advanced players, nothing can be done for sure. The Holy Emptiness is the virgin possibility at core, the infinite potential and virtue of ultimate truth and love. Always good to get the truth first, then sweet the flow and flower to follow.

“When love comes first its hard truth that follow. seek truth, be love.” ~robert of mayflower

April 20 Sun enters Taurus, Venus enters Aries. Here one feels like grounding, making something happen, manifest, grow; but also push for some thing new and more colorful to arrive and/or find you.

“Always prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual.” ~Socrates

April 22 Sun conjunct Uranus. Shocking news, further revelations, some quicken to new level of smart genius, others are shaken off their daily routine and forced to grow in new ways. Lots of patience needed in love life, intense friendships. Emotional drama now into end of month. Things in your life not bringing desired results are intensified and under scrutiny. Have patience and compassion with yourself and loved ones as you work for right solutions and doors to open, close, and open again. Such Uranus aspect now brings strong urge to rise to the next higher level in the game or investment of time/money/self. Short lived successes. A quickening or a sudden shifting of gears to make it or break it, shake it up, and wake it up. Earth shaking news or more just plowing through no matter what. For many a reversal or sudden turn of events causing stir and reconsideration of the map. Revelations and sudden facts shift the picture and direction.

“When the debate is lost,
slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
April 22nd to 29th under influence of Saturn going retrograde (April 29th exact) till mid Sept. in which time Saturn transit squares USA Saturn and almost opposes Sun in September 2019. Could be a very serious time of messy legal and political matters. A real need for honest facts and taking responsibility for one’s past, present, future in some way that supports a better future for all of us. Stock Markets and investments look for more secure footing and surety for long term. Saturn can be over controlling, contractive, depressive, as well as the need for control and deeper wisdom to see things through. In weather things go to extremes in cold and hot, same with emotions, though saturn is cool but at times hot, intense, under pressure. For many, money is tight, and loose ends need to be tightened.

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ~Socrates

April 24th-25th Pluto goes retrograde and moon occults Saturn and Pluto. Serious moon for a few days. Big time power plays and legal matters occupy the mind for some. Difficulties top down, bottom up. Many step back and take serious look at last year and year to come. Many deep minded researchers and investor reviewing and taking hard look at future. Things have way of dragging out……good or bad. Could be too cold in parts, other parts too hot.

‘Truth whose center is everywhere….whose existence we cannot dis-imagine.’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 26-27 Mars square Neptune. Although good aspect for the wild high side of the arts/music/romance and active imagination, movies; such aspect can get too colorful and off track in more practical material matters. Mishaps, accidents, danger of making serious mistakes, lies, wrong words, insane actions, car or machine troubles, water/sea/oceanic/space craziness. Hard to tell the truth or what is really truly up aspect. Misguided intentions and good intentions paving the road to hell with idiot compassion and foolish masquerade. Deceit or caught in the act, deception, desire to escape or disappear, strange news, fears and phobias. Theft/lies/lipstick/inflation followed by deflation. Sometimes very good for the arts and music, but just as often things go astray. Good time to read Rudolf Steiner’s deepest books, get a new water filter, avoid foods too rich or toxic, avoid over doing meds, drugs, alcohol, garden, get outdoors, write songs and poems. Staying grounded and practical down to earth honest simple best policy with this aspect. Strange dreams around this day need be written down and thought about. Avoid foods that spoil easy. Try not to spoil self or other these daze. UFO and weird sightings, ghosts and more, abound. Imaginative experience and make believe.

Divine Souls are older and younger than themselves and other things. ~ Emerson

April 29th, Saturn goes retrograde till mid september making Capricorns, Cancer, Libra, Aries rethink their long term goals and needs for security while not limiting their creative imaginations for joy, good luck, happiness. Tendency for some parts to be too hot, others too cold. Saturn retrograde good for regulating, disciplining a bit for progress toward securing goals, good for yoga/meditation/exercise/healthy eating/not over indulging. Taurus and Virgo, even Capricorns may benefit at this time with rooting in deeper and achieve well earned rewards, happy returns, maturing of wisdom qualities. So many now may have or feel the ‘cold shoulder’ (Saturn near S.Node makes it hard to escape or ‘get off’ ground. Patience wins the day when humor and good work applied. Good for long slow dinners with friends. As Saturn transit retrogrades to square USA Saturn and nearly oppose USA Sun, could be tough time for farmers, heavy controls on Stock Markets to keep positive spirit, and further needs to address out of hand addictions in country; beer/food prices rising?!

“The great things of this world are not born in noise and tumult, but in intimacy and stillness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

May 1-2, Mercury square Saturn and Pluto. Early warning shots at what’s to come next January Saturn/Pluto conjunct. Is it way colder or way hotter where you are in weather, emotions, money, honey and more? Stillness and serious thinking needed here to heal or redeem the past and cast your nets to the future in wisdom knowing. Patience and going slow if not sure of what’s up. Avoid risk. Mercury trine Jupiter late May 2nd 11:59 pm may be last minute ideas an insights lining up with new moon on 4th leading one toward results by 22nd or need to rethink.

May 3rd 7pm ASTROLOGY and TAROT Readings, how to!
Birmingham Community House. Call Mayflower bookshop for info or sign up by calling the Community House.

May 4th New Moon weekend with Mars oppose Jupiter is well deserved jump into summer party and social time of outdoors and play, networking interacting, joyous. Avoid overdoing, too much of a good thing may sour affairs.

May 7th Venus square Saturn makes for love at its best or at its worse. Some may need to take off crown (ego) and begin anew to learn something new, discipline oneself for success, tighten up diet to be healthier, exercise, yoga, meditation and prayer. Patience, forgiveness, compassion, and longer view…..perhaps 3 lifetime view may help. Here being love more important than receiving love. Thankfulness for life’s lessons helpful.

May 8th Mercury conjunct Uranus. Sudden news or new insights sparks positive change, riot, upset, or genius; choose one!

May 9th Venus trine Jupiter wants to know and grow and expand social mind and identity. Venus square Pluto wants to tighten up, be alone, be in control, or fight another with too much control. Sense of not enough TAO or flow, flowering, growing vs over reaching or eating or indulging or something. It may be hard to please everyone including your self. Some have tough choices and taking new measure to rebalance heaven and earth.

May 10th to May 16 more smooth sailing and calmer seas as many work long term plans into place, many sense security inwardly and or outwardly. Some see good things may take time coming around into full manifestation. Sound time here leading to ‘Blue Moon’ full moon on May 18th.

May 18th at 5:11 pm EST, FULL MOON with Mercury trine Pluto and Venus conjunct Uranus. Hot day for being smart to the point, skillfully practical and real, and creatively genius in the performing arts, humor, music, wordsmithing, voicing, loving, creating, stepping things up to the higher octave. Should prove fun weekend for most right into May 21st, Tues.

May 22nd Moon conjunct saturn/pluto may put bottom line and damper on many a camper and future planner. Hold to the good true beautiful and keep your third eye on the goal. Set good boundaries and have fun! Some feel over worked, over burdened, weighed down and heavy. Good time for mediation of golden spark in sun heart soul expanding, glowing, radiating, blessings the world.

May 29th Mercury square Neptune. Tendency to talk too much, have a slip of the tongue, lie or mislead or be lied to. News is nuts and not always to be trusted. Although can be good for creative imaginative sparks of genius or beauty, music or arts; tendency to be blind to something. Avoid gambling or risk taking.

May 31st to June 2nd, Venus trine Saturn and Moon conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto. Good time to love and be loved and take a breath, let go of a breath, and love appreciate, be thank full, feel lucky and divine.

June 3rd New Moon triggers us into summer time fun ~ intensified and critical days for good or ill fortune, wilder or crazier, highly charged or whacked are the June3,8, 9, 10, 14, 15 to 18 Wildest Beautiful or dumb crazy Full Moon time, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27.

July 2nd Solar Eclipse and July 16th Lunar Eclipse affecting USA Sun could be a very intense (good or tough) time for politics, stock market jitters, quick rise or fall from/to fame/fortune, power and name. Mrs Trump under Uranus transit. Move? New Book or outspoken truths? Sudden changes. Uranus wants to more up to higher level or shake things up a bit. Some get put through changes, others make the change. More on this later.

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“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke.” ~Will Rogers

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