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“Truth is what holds us all, love is what roots us; wisdom is working them together for a garden of friends and happy tomorrow.”

                               ~trebore tau bodhi


Jupiter just went retrograde and was almost trine Venus and Jupiter in USA astrology chart! Many of us felt almost there! Like beautiful summer was on the way, but Jupiter went retro and doesn’t come back to make exact trine till January 2022 when love and beauty, right good relations, will work well on a mass level. Not that some of that summertime love isn’t here now, but darn!

   Next year will be big new wave for happiness for many.

With the USA Pluto nearing its 240 some year return, everything that’s wrong, or perceived wrong, with anything and everything is pinching our powers of peace and love, good true beautiful.

    With N.Node (moon’s node) coming to conjunct USA’s natal Uranus, a huge wave of new creativity and higher consciousness is on the way as well as more upsets and surprises, turn arounds, and reversals.

    There aren’t aliens out there, they’re here on earth! We need to once again re-evaluate and renew what it means to be human with a divine spark sparking our heart mind soul.Much new creative insight coming, but also more one sided genius throwing things further out of balance. Its more important than ever that we find balance and peaceful center each day. Each day try to find 3 to 7 minutes to be radically still while listening to the heart of the world.

     It doesn’t help to have transit of Neptune square to USA Mars while opposing Neptune/Midheaven in Virgo (Sage Sagittarius rising chart)  This is a notorious aspect for wrong diagnosis of events and symptoms. Such Neptune aspects trigger hyper active imagination, fantasy and conspiracy, fear and paranoia as well as mis-spent energy and restless mind and sleep. Also problem of grand standing and ego inflation/deflation. Weird weather and pollution, expressions extreme for or against. Unconscious inner struggles of ideal vs reality, as well as ahrimanic/luciform astral dualism. Condemnation rather than elucidation and healing realization. The danger of Neptune is living in projections, scapegoating (pluto), shame/blame cycles, and dreamy pictures and ideals that can’t really become real. A need for new healing techniques for subtle bodies and not just symptom shooting physical. A real need for new art and music, new dreams and ideals that can be loved and truth’d into reality. Danger of inflation followed by deflation. Gardening, healthier food, exercise, working on oneself good; but without true spiritual realization holding us all in long view, poor results to follow.

     Positively its a deep quiet healing force arising in the heart and circulations of the world due to arrive as we enter fall late summer fall into next year. Positively its the USA deeply within awakening a Great Mother Compassion and loving kindness once again. Once we were the ‘bread basket of the world’, we need to do this now again, but with great mother love and wisdom compassion unending. We now need a ‘re-imagination of the World’ in peace and harmony with mutually beneficial kindness and  helpfulness.  Many of the ideals and dreams, hopes and wishes we have now will dream come true next year. This summer its making little things work and avoiding negativities that fragment us and trip us from wholeness.

Everywhere is a good place to start,

a difficult place to end.

Stillness still knows it all,

past. present. future

here now!.

Be still and know the way of TAO,


~robert of mayflower

July 1st Mars oppose Saturn. Mars is courage and wisdom to go forward in one’s positive spirit in spite of past karma and world situation. Even in a storm, the flower is a flower, the stone is a stone, the spirit is not bothered nor fears being alone. None-the-less, this is hard work needing a good break to catch up to oneself. Fixed signs feel the pressure the most and need patience and wisdom to maneuver. Mars/Saturn can be ahrimanic materialistic mechanical mischief, or it can be a Jesus on the Cross mantra, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do’. Harp not on the cross, look to the good true beautiful allows more an ascent to higher consciousness. Also such aspect may indicate too much going on at the same time and a division of decision needing more time to enfold for wisdom to unfold. Mars is cars, accidents, fights, excess bravado and pushing things to the limit; its tough politics and hard to get ahead. Its good side is the spiritual hero, the wisdom sun of arch angel Michael (Mikael) and with Venus (one the 6th, the healing ArchAngel Rapheal) the fresh breath of spring and new things, possibilities for new work and play arising.

July 6th Venus oppose Saturn. Patience in love and patience for the things you love. Tendency to wish for or fight conservativeness. Let wisdom and love for the long run, not fear nor acting out of separatist action motivate you. Here Venus is more Artemis and her mysterious healing powers, persistent  wisdom weaving and flowering, right aim for spiritual equality. Patience of the Great Mother, not little one, may here be needed.

May all beings find true belonging and good work heals, not wounds, the soul. Feeling tired of the past or stuck in patterns. My old friend Matthew Fox told me that ‘tiredness’ comes from not being one’s self. Perhaps not seeing or being true to one’s higher self, one’s stillness infinite potential self blocks the infinite energy to be and become, yet at still point? Here thinking clear and feeling at peace need meet in mindfulness and creative art.

July 8 Venus opp Uranus, Creativity and novelty jump out of limitation’s box and request freedom from and freedom to, freedom to be. In creating the new, the old is composted. Venus is the inner mirror of reality, the inner waters of feelings , here being jolted by Uranus the lightening quick flashes of genius and smarts. Take a few deep breaths when thinks and things move to fast. Look to the heart soul breath and stillness to reveal the true way of wholeness. Possible sudden upsets and new directions. These days may trigger unusual destiny and karmic meetings leading into July 13th or more Venus/Mars aspect. Many feel a need for relationships more creative toward better futurity. Relationships that feel stuck in same old, same old, tire one out.

July 9th New Moon 18 degree Cancer. New impulses start setting the stage for better home and garden, better diet and mood for good, true, beautiful. New moons bring out the inner moods and one needs stay practical and inwardly listening for 3 days for voice of silence to wisdom speak. June 9th to 12th a holy time to listen in to the higher self. Here the inner and outer, the light and dark meet in the heart soul birthing better futures.

July 13th Venus conjunct Mars in Leo is a heavenly call to the Spiritual big Heart to interact with the world. Breath to the Heart, Heart to the World, may all beings find happiness and the true causes of long lasting happiness and creativity. Otherwise, venus/mars is cats and dogs fighting, ego over rather than learning through experience. Venus is inner planet to earth and mars outer one. Push and Pull and tug of war? Internalizing feelings and experience struggle with externalizing one’s experience or needs? When in right harmony and tuning, Athena and Hermes work together to ascend and grow anew in heavenly estate.

July 17th Sun Oppose Pluto. Home concerns vs work concerns, personal vs big world concerns challenge one to find higher octaves and peaceful means to the goal. Divining the divine in ‘self’ and ‘other’ first before challenging the status quo may prove wise. Good for cleaning and throwing unneeded past out. In creating the new, the old is composted into fertilizer for the future. Here individual concerns clash with worldly concerns. The Sun is ‘the Woman clothed with the Sun, the divine wisdom Sophia attempting to heal and make whole, stirring an uprising in consciousness. Watch out for emotions to over run rationality. World problems come to clearer light.

July 22 Sun enters Leo and Venus opposes Jupiter. Inner light and spark of the Sun reveal new ways to go. Avoid overdoing, excess, or escapism; yet, yes, this is good time to party or socialize. Avoid over spending, but yes… may be time for updating and making things new.

Compassion for less fortunate over flows to flower more wisdom take on thins. Unusually creative new rapport and relationships arise from ruins of past years. Avoid the ‘Pride’ or arrogance always right attitude triggering one into the backseat for a break or downtime.

July 23rd Full Moon 1 degree Aquarius brings out the colors and artsy future fantastic displays of hearty good times. Ego inflation leading to deflation should be avoided but yes, its a good time. Full moon tends to manifest external form of soul. Beware of reflections of self in waters of maya illusion. Good for upbuilding positive spirit.

July 24th Mercury trine Neptune with July 25th Mercury oppose Pluto may be a magical time for making spiritual discovery and good intellectual research. Difficult time for rough debate. Merc/Nep in water signs wants wonderful soft flowing feelings, Merc/Pluto is money struggles and wish to be free of negativity. Good time to read/study/meditate on a more transcendental/universal truth big enough to envision the whole world making it to peace and enlightenment, starting with this little moment here, here now. Mercury can be the trickster, but more often its a message of the gods on how to flow, flower and go, for good luck and cheers, good fortune not misfortune, way of dharma over karma, breath and blessing.

July 25th Mercury oppose Pluto. Tough decisions in need of going a more positive path rather than always fighting needed here. Otherwise a healing or spiritual retreat?!

Aug 2nd Sun oppose Saturn and Aug 6th Sun square Uranus , New Moon on Aug. 8th; big turning points for events setting up better end of the year into next year! Esoterically the Sun Spark Angel heart is working with karma to learn through time, wisdom and loving kindness. Uranus is like a Uriel Angel attempting to make lemonade out of lemons, art out of refuse, With all these planetary energies in fixed signs, difficulties letting go, freeing one’s self from fixations and stuck points. Positive is slow steady growth, perseverance in the art of being human and angelic.

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