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Oct/Nov. 2020

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 All this is my astrological thoughts. Many asked for me to comment more. I’ve been working on new songs and finishing Tarot Book. But here is my quick unedited first draft of astrology now through november aspects with few comments!

   No one can predict the future because everyone has free will to change, update, and rearrange. Astrology is the science art of interpreting tendencies, possibilities, probabilities, and another opportunity to use good common sense. Ben Franklin was an astrologer who made many accurate predictions by the way!

October 20th saw in USA progressed moon conj pluto (sag. Rising chart) and trumps prog. Moon square his uranus. I thought if these aspects don’t shake the markets, weather, and crazy times up, nothing will. 

This prog moon to Pluto is market worries and pandemic spike, negative emotions, misuse of drugs/alcohol, but also sense of emotional renewal and need to find more deeply rooted life styles supporting the Higher Self. Many are seeking a more spiritual life style and happiness with less worry and ‘stuff’.

 I think. We shall see if this weekend’s full moon with Sun oppose Uranus Oct. 31st (being felt now) turns markets around and gives many a new insight and breakthrough. (or it gets ways worse going down, its a critical time this full moon for many a break through or break down). The opposition aspect is often break down rather than break though. I wanted to mention the aspect so you can ponder events in that light. This coming week into October31st full Moon conjunct uranus, and sun oppose uranus, will shakeand quake, storm and unearth us in new ways making some crazy days preceding and following. Uranus makes for erratic behavior,  up and down markets, weather, and seismic shifts in consciousness.

Markets may reverse and rise up again for a bit with week ends aspect but if not, look for serious new lows. Its a wild time for sudden endings, new beginnings, explosive situations, quakes, storms, off and on weirdness, electrical disturbances and computer bugs, internet confusion, mail and communication problems, but also may offer quick solutions as suddenly as problems. Uranus always surprises, the intensity hits exact Fri/Saturday but things intensifying now approaching Saturday coming.

   Last Thurs/Fri Oct. 22-23rd, moon conj Pluto/Sat may well have delayed triggered USA progress moon conjunct Pluto recent market falling up to thousand points prediction. But end of week into Monday will tell the story. – but we will see- wild crazy near insane times for many folks. 

Gosh, i wish World was more loving kind respectful, joyous and happy. We need more awareness of clean air and water, good food and education for all.

Mercury retrograde till day of Election will certainly make for a phenomenal history making day good or bad depending on how you look at it. It may take near week to figure out what happened.

Jupiter Pluto conjunct again coming up mid November reflects the huge voting turn out and the huge social identity ‘death and rebirth’ this last year.

This Weekend Full moon at end of weekend lookin up to be a cliff hanger, wild and unexpectable, unpredictable, sudden rise and fall, reversals; and perhaps wonderfully creative for some. Lots of news, extremes in weather, nature, emotions, behaviour. Some genius moments or sudden good humor may also be at play here. See more below.

“When bullets are shot at yr feet, dance!” ~Cowboy Bob

The world needs a dancing fever, not a pandemic!  -Aria Fairchild

As progressed Moon in USA Astrology chart enters Aquarius on November4th, look for the American people to feel the age of Aquarius is just around the corner. December Solstice Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius will drive the message home. Hopefully the psychic civil war and the pandemic will begin to cease then. Many peoples at this time feel they are waking up from a bad dream.

AstroNews November 2020 (aspects may influence days before and after).

  1. President Trump will have a hard time winningwith transiting Neptune opposing his natal Asc/Neptune midpoint; while transit of Neptune close to T-Square with natal Sun/Node and Moon opposition. Neptune can be mystical but also unseen forces, the invisible hand if you will. Who knows!? Pluto opposing Saturn is authoritatively feisty and feels powers greater are confronting. Saturn opposing natal Venus makes you feel unloved by even those close to you. Mars square natal  Mercury/Saturn midpoint makes one feel like a warrior at war. Pres.Trump has tough aspects. When i predicted Mr.Trump to win the first election, i then predicted he would lose this coming one. I get its very complicated but I am sticking to the original prediction that he will lose the seat of office. Pres. Trump’s transit of Pluto trine his midheaven is powerful and who knows if he is capable of magic again. This aspect can give him big money and power and makes it hard to sue him or get to him. Yet all those other difficult aspects should work to retire him. Astrology always has a higher and lower octave allowing each individual to transform negatives to positive outcome. In this light, no one can for sure predict the future all the time because there is free will. It is possible Pres.Trump’s Neptune aspects play into Senator Biden’s speech foibles and possible stress and health. We shall see. Election day time Pres.Trump has Neptune oppose prog. Moon. This can be very confusing and he may feel quite abandoned. It can also be strange spiritual experiences and other worldly encounters. Can be spiritual revelations and dream messages. He will sound profoundly philosophical and spiritual, or profoundly confused, depending on who is listening.          I wonder if Oprah and Michelle Obama’s good aspects election time indicate Pres.Trumps losing the next election. Aha! We shall see.
  2. Who ever wins, the aspects are tough on both sides. One wonders if the VP will be President before the end of the four years. This fits into many a conversation of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction every 20 years affecting possible loss of President to VP by mysterious events including death. Mercury retro square Saturn on november 1st and again when Mercury direct on Nov. 5th makes for 5 days of heavy head thinking, blocks, delays, obstructions, calling for much patience and forbearance. Patience and wisdom needed to overcome things and events, happenings, that seem unfair. Mercury in Libra wants fairness, balance, social justice, even love. Saturn in Capricorn wants control and rules by authority, not loving kindness, compassion, and social justice. On and around election day, Mercury going direct trines usa Moon at 26 Aquarius, should give the majority of Americans a feeling they are getting their minds and home back. Also in USA  chart transiting venus trines uranus making for a sense of love’s victory over hate and violence. Freedom and love are in the air. 
  3. Nov. 9th Venus in Libra opposes Mars in Aries. This makes for love fights or amazing love connections. Let your higher self choose love. All cardinal signs strongly affected. Airs signs need flow to flower, stay in the pocket of harmony and love. Fire signs need gently seize the time. Cardinal signs need to avoid force or contesting, over aggressing or being overly critical; as well as not feeling too passive and run over. None the less, good time for the dance and romance of action heroes and champions of peace and love making. 
  4. Nov. 12th Jupiter conjunct Pluto again for last time signifying further social cultural restructuring. A complete death and rebirth of social identity. The pandemic really exasperated this feeling of social behaviour restructuring.  Its also a strong aspect for restructuring your long term money and security planning. Different and new views of relationship and courting emerging. Jupiter/Pluto makes folks go way big with money and love plans. Some climb a mountain, some just fix up their house right where they are. Avoid gambling big, you could lose big. Jupiter Pluto aspects make many act like a mad teenager who wants their way. It can impulse some to amazing selfless behaviour helping others less fortunate, or it can demonize some with incredible selfishness, hoarding, and power plays stealing wealth over wisdom.
  5. Nov. 13th Mars goes direct banishing retarded behaviour of last few months and invoking a will to plow forward with plans whether doable or not. Mars in hard aspect to capricorn Saturn/Pluto has precipitated much anger, hatred, violence, fear in the world. Now that its going forward lets hope real earthy practical workings bring us all to more security and peace come the new year when mars enters Taurus.
  6. Nov. 15 Venus square Pluto ~ Feelings of deep intimacy and connection, or feelings of rejection, hurt and estrangement. Important to have good sense of wisdom compassion for others. Avoid helping those who either don’t want your help or who you are unable to help and waste your time. 
  7. Nov. 16 – Venus square Jupiter. Loving not matter, or struggling to find love? A coming back with a happy face? A sense of daring to try new things, celebrate, play, see the humor in weird or tragic events. Avoid over eating, drinking, indulging. Good for play.
  8. Nov. 19th Venus square Saturn. Lack of love? Needing to give more? Feeling selfish or impoverished. Need for long term commitment to loving oneself. Not good time to party unless its a happy one on one.
  9. Nov 27th Venus oppose Uranus. Sudden need to be free, find creative outlets, play music or sing, break out not break down. Impulse to love creatively. Danger of slip and fall out, break off, need for patience with loved ones. Markets and weather jittery and roller coaster with emotions.
  10. Late November 2020 USA Chart, Sagittarius Rising, has transit of Saturn conjunct USA Natal Pluto; possible indicating last of tough times due to the pandemic, stock market shake ups, earth changes storm or quake in October on into Nov, social and anti-social forces of misery and lack of humanity, charity, compassion for others. It could be also, a very cold beginning of winter. Saturn/Pluto makes one feel forced into things. Good for long term goals, not good for personal freedoms and play. Feelings overworked and no play make for depressive weather.
  11. November 30th Full Moon Eclipse at 8 gemini, Sun Sagittarius with Washington DC chart having Uranus opposing Ascendent makes this and all last month back to full moon oct. 31st with Sun/Uranus opp., a month of sunspots, flares, quakes, shake ups and turnarounds and reversals, sudden partings and other sudden coming togethers, many quirky behaviorists, sudden quick or shocking behavior, along with breakthough genius activity and serious attempts to raise oneself and others up to the next higher level of activity. Early fixed and mutable signs , houses, planets most strongly affected to change, rearrange, quickly drop out or in, shift money and love perceptions and ways of behaving, upgrade or quick fade away energetic. Good for revelations and changing self. Trying to hard to change others may backfire.
  12. December solstice jupiter saturn conjunct in Aquarius may very well be the beginning of the end of the pandemic and mass hysteria , anger, angst, and psychic civil unrest and anti social behaviour of last months and more. Many will start to feel more of the Aquarian ideals of brother and sisterly behaviour toward each other, a sense of one family humanity. Hopefully too stability in friendships, family, home, economics will begin.

Do we no longer have leaders or heroes of ethical merit? Inspirational characters, noble with virtue and spirit able to inspire us with a ‘One World Spirit’, a ‘university of Souls’ seeking to enlighten, free, heal, self and others? Sparking us all to work together for the good of all, all for the good of each? The most for the many seems a lost ideal now. We each must now learn to stand on our own for truth and freedom and the highest ideals. Each stand up for the most beautiful good things we can truly imagine with all our love and truth and right action. We must, by the way we live, prove there is a God; a God of truth and love and being a fair human being in love with the world starting here right under our feet and beyond our fence and walls. Higher Love must prevail with a higher truth that holds us all dear.

Whew, blessings,

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