Astrology Predictions November and December 2020

Mayflower Bookshop Astrology News Nov. 8th, 2020

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In answer to many of you asking me for my astrological and spiritual take on the times, here goes another quick note to you ~~~~

(see past posts for how i predicted four and half years ago Mr.Trumps victory to President, as well as predicion he would lose this time no matter who ran!).

Astrology Now! Enlightenment and growth, relationships, job, career calling opportunities for many, but also stress and tension getting free to do anything!

 this week on hot aspects affecting us all include~~~

1) Mars in Aries retrogrades to oppose Venus in Libra in the sky, Monday Nov.9th.

2)Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn for third time Nov. 12th.

3) Mars goes direct from retrograde on the  Nov.13th, and in Pres.Trump’s chart N.Node conjuncts his progressed Uranus!

4) Nov. 19-20 Transiting Saturn conjuncts Pluto in USA chart.

5) Nov. 29-30 Full Moon Lunar eclipse on USA Uranus opposing USA Sagittarius Rising. 

interpretations here~

A)Mars retro in Aries oppose Venus in Libra on 9th for some brings a ‘return to love’ sense of balance and fairness. Also passion for love and polarity, give and take. On negative side its tactless attacks on others perceived as opposing, ‘one up man ship’, pirate like behaviour, cat and dog arguments and fights, dissatisfied ornery hot and cold, cold and hot erratic behaviour. Need to harmonize etheric and astral bodies by walks in nature, healthy diet, yoga or meditation, creative visualization and breath work that enlightening happiness is coming, perhaps you going to, one and all, starting with you. A need to return to true friendships and right work healing to the soul. Appreciating others good intentions and passion first before perhaps trying to redirect perceived negative energies. Bigger love needs lead unconscious instinct for fight or flight. 

B) Jupiter conjunct Pluto on Nov.12th may prove to be good. Jupiter is the love of the social, sharing, good will, family and friends. Its been behind Saturn and Pluto and now will take the lead of Pluto this week, and then SATurn late december. More group cooperation and less psychic emotional civil war and delusional conspiracy projections then. But Jupiter Pluto can be social unrest, the death and rebirth of ‘social identity’, culpability, vulnerability, blame shame game stuff with rise and fall of big name fame gamesters. At best its collective wisdom  and compassion, at worst its social diseases. Will this be peak of pandemic!? Likely. Still astrologically thinking Winter Solstice Dec. 20th Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius beginning of the end of this modern pandemic; we will find a way. Also then time of world peace making and steady as she goes abilities. Long term plans of world economy and social justice, peace, start to sink in so to future grow in merit.

     Here one needs see the Consciousness Soul of the World and its struggle for peace of mind and a personal garden to sacred share.

Jupiter/Pluto  is the ‘desire for power’ and plutocratic tendencies (Ebertin). Attaining leadership or losing leadership, in this case both. It is greed and egotism, desiring solid incontestable ground when everything is still fluidic. Its attempt to lock the creatively free spirit of community into hard rules which stifle the life and love of land, water, air, plants, animals, the little ones, true education and love all life, all others. In Capricorn, its the collective social cultural mindset of rights and justice for the few or for all, but limited to materialistic quantitative workings, as well as abstract disincarnate idealisms of everybody being happy somehow without ‘working on oneself’, educating oneself, developing ‘prajna paramitas’ or higher self virtues and universal mind, the thinking in all things, the harmony and rhyme of spirit and soul weaving through all forms

   . Most often with this aspect comes false enthusiasm or depression based on materialistic alone values lacking virtue, ethics, education, and true compassionate will to act, for love of all life. To say nothing of the principles of karma and reincarnation or neoplatonic, hermetic, theosophical, buddhist ‘virtue mind’ trainings and ethical development even of the likes Aristotle suggested.. 

     Jupiter is ‘wanting the most for the many’ as my friend M would say. Pluto is the selfless knowing, the inner calm and making space equanimity for outer every changing factors. Jupiter and Pluto can be grandiosity, inflation, and big plans followed by deflation, loss, weird gambles of money/time/energy. But Jupiter/Pluto is also strong arc angelic impulses of the Christos or universal virtue mind for the good, true, beautiful. Be that, become that, ponder in radical stillness that!

C) Nov. 12-13th Mars direct should kick start new thinks, action and things into gear. Will it take that long to get the show on the road?   

   Mars retrograde direct on Nov.13th will be ‘big ass’ turning point or deepening of psychic split. Pres trump needs keep sane composure, otherwise bit of chaos and mayhem this coming week!? Mars in Aries can be feisty fighting spirit destructive, head strong, and self righteous, but of short duration. Up side is Artemis courage to protect those less fortunate. A will to keep learning, keep going on, till all the world is peacefully and creatively enlightened.

D) On nov 19-20th Saturn transit in sky conjunct Pluto in USA 1776 astrology chart.  This aspect will help ground and lock down things that up to now were too up in the air and crazy or chaotic. It is like with musical chairs, its time to quickly find yr seat. Saturn is authority and pluto is plutocracy and plutocrats, corporate type communism or monopoly contol. It is unconscious instinct to want security and control at any cost. Its a rule by money, power, authority. Lets hope for the higher octave of this planetary combination, huge world compassion and social justice and opportunity for all. Invoke the magic of universal responsibility, Universal  Wisdom and Compassion, time honored traditions and deep commitment to helping those less fortunate to have better opportunity to grow and know, heal and flow,flower in society. 

  This aspect sat/pluto in USA chart is critical time for reassessing long term goals and perhaps time for healing past karma. Disciplined yet open, selfless yet committed to truth and love holds us all is positive urge of Saturn/Pluto.

E) November 15th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls on USA Uranus in 7th house in opposition to USA Sagittarius Rising at 8 degrees. Surely this will be a critical time many will feel even dangerous time for democracy and freedom. Hopefully Uranus will function as the determination to be free of ignorance and delusion, free from knowing the truth holds all of us together whatever. This could be a shift to positive re-orchestrating who is friend, who awakens higher mind, versus who just causes trouble and delay, fault and disarray of higher ideals, virtues, workings. It too a critically  dangerous time. Its a time to make changes or get put through changes which may be foreceful or upsetting. Its time to reset or be upset, time to reverse your wheels and head in new way or be put in reverse again by either you own wrong habits and thinking or others craziness. Time to be creative or be pushed out so to learn to fly on your own. Its time perhaps of crazy storms and nature happenings, things that make one rethink and blink for higher intuitions. Possible electrical mishaps, quakes, sudden shake ups and controversial happenings. Again, the higher octave is sudden realizations, facts, truths, that set things right again (or afterwards, after chaotic event). Tough time to travel too perhaps. Great time to ascend to the next higher level in the game of life.

Hopefully things straighten out and harmony prevails. I’m hopingthat it doesn’t take until New Moon Eclipse Dec. 13th to reach collective consensus and mutually agreed forward motion progress into a better future for all. Why are so many acting like teen age brat johhny depp and company?!

Will it take to dec. 23rd mar square pluto to finally end wrong ways of life style and demon fault finding in others than working on oneself to be the truth and loving kindness, wisdom, in action. Dec. 23rd strong endings and new beginnings. Time to fully pull the weeds? Plant the seeds for a better future for all? 

   It’s really a mess now how many folks I know think evil conspiracies at work; demonizing rather than offering positive constructive solutions. Its also disheartening to see so many folks a bit too bipolar with their emotions and actions, fight or flight, attack or ‘stab in the back’, gossip and drainage of energy. Many caught in misuse or over use of meds, drugs, drink, negative emotions, and not well thought out long term thinking, planning, doing. The world needs a reset button on universal love and compassion, truth and self purification, universal brotherhood, sisterhood, and creative spiritual thinking, workings, feelings. 

Mayflower Bookshop will continue to be committed to spiritual and religious education of every kind in hopes of promoting peace and loving kindness, universal responsibility and creativity for one and all. We are all artists of the invisible forces of the good, true, beautiful, the angel in our self and other. This higher dialogue need continue!. For this reason, the mayflower bookshop in Berkley Michigan carries every book possible concerning this virtuous education of the spirit soul mind, encouraging all to keep studying, its a life long learning, giving, sharing, and learning anew!                                                 There is no religion higher than Truth, no science deeper than Love, no art greater than being a human being, a brother or sister to all life!

Blessings on the Path.

Robert of Mayflower

  1. A better future for all of us is waiting on all of us                              to each individually unfold these truths of higher love!                                 

ps. Books and things you may need while visiting this planet earth include ~

  1. Foundations of Esotericism by Rudolf Steiner
  2. Also his Outline of Occult Science, Road to Self Knowledge, Theosophy book. Tolkien used his ideas in Lord of the Rings. Star Wars used his ideas too. So can you!                                                                              The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled, Key to Theosophy and Voice of the Silence by H.P.Blavatsky. Steiner and Manly Hall , Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Einstein studied these!
  3. The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and The Mystical Christ by Manly Hall.
  4. The Divine Pymander, of Hermes Trismegistus, the secrets of Hermetics.
  5. The Osho Tarot, and the Book of Secrets by Osho. Very fast insights to free your mind heart soul.
  6. Plotinus, neoplatonism.
  7. The Three Principles of the Path and The Odyssey to Freedom by Gelek Rimpoche. Simple clear yet profound teachings on tibetan buddhism as a path to enlightenment and total virtuous embodiment.
  8. The Self Healing Cookbook by Kristin Turner. My bible in the Kitchen and main book i used in starting with friend, the ‘OM CAFE’.
  9. Back to Eden Herb book.
  10. A Macrobiotic Path to Total Health by Kushi (Kushi use to give talks at mayflower bookshop and Om Cafe.
  11. Do you have a quartz crystal. Marianne Williamson claims she doesn’t own one, buy and gift her! Even the high tech scientists use em, they’re grown in outer space these days. Ours at mayflower grown in earth taking thousands of years to grow. All computer chip silicon valley dudes know of quartz and its silica properties including its information, electrical magnetic storage and retrieval. To say nothings of psychic or metaphysical properties. Feeling grounded for one.
  12. Vegetarian high quality incense.
  13. Gem stone jewelry and wonderful rare wood and gemstone holy beads, malas, bracelets, artifacts, statues (virtue mind reminders if nothing else).
  14. Classical Myths, Jungian Psychology, magic, pagan, kabala, poetry, esoteric christianity, zen, buddhism, self healing, masonic, templar, Grail, alchemy, ancient Egypt, tantrica, witchcraft of the highest kind, flying saucers, alternative science, yoga, meditation, hinduism, positive thinking, TAROT and ASTROLOGY books and computer programs. 
  15. Astrological Calendars for 2021 In!!!
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  18. See my book ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ for my rough but vast array of astrological ways of thinking to predict and know yourself and others better.
  19. Have Compassion, but make strong effort to keep learning, growing, learning to hold still the mind, meditate, and to be open to truth and belonging to one world, allowing the many diverse expressions of that oneness in spirit to be and become in the one you! Peace!

By mflower

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