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December. 2020

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“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.”

           -Anais Nin

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‘Selling your musical instrument for a gun is one thing, but selling your gun for a musical instrument is everything. Welcome to the age of aquarius, curious and in wonder of every loving thing…..; and hopefully not waiting for whale vomit to make your daily bread, money.”         ~robert of mayflower

from last month’s news~

Late November 2020 USA Chart, Sagittarius Rising, has transit of Saturn conjunct USA Natal Pluto; possible indicating last of tough times due to the pandemic, …..It could be also, a very cold beginning of winter. Saturn/Pluto makes one feel forced into things. Good for long term goals, not good for personal freedoms and play. Feelings overworked and no play make for depressive weather. December solstice jupiter saturn conjunct in Aquarius may very well be the beginning of the end of the pandemic and mass hysteria , anger, angst, and psychic civil unrest and anti social behaviour of last months and more. Many will start to feel more of the Aquarian ideals of brother and sisterly behaviour toward each other, a sense of one family humanity. Hopefully too stability in friendships, family, home, economics will begin.”

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December AstroNews~ (aspects can influence days before and after)

Dec. 1st Mercury moves from cunning secretive sneaky crafty critical Scorpio and its power plays of accusing others while avoiding disclosing honest facts, to Mercury entering Sagittarius dec.1st till the 20th. Mercury in Sage Sagittarius is more upfront with high ideals of social and political justice and fair play. Danger of being too busy, over optimistic, over thinking and talking, but great time to seek a higher minded way to go. Lots of new ideas and ways to future go emerge hopefully to uplift our spirits and not confuse and weary us!

Here, Motivation conceives and conditions perception.

Each friend represents a world in us, 

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

 and it is only by this meeting that 

a new world is born.

-Anais Nin

Dec. 5th Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces makes for magical mystical visionary heart mind. Ideals and dreams for the future infiltrate one’s day. Soul escapades and higher love, friendship, spiritual or spirited encounters possible. On the other hand, United States debt and an unprecedented printing of money makes our money worth less, not quite yet worthless, and endangers long term security…., unless we are soon to leave money behind ~ for good or ill reasons. Such aspect too keeps dreamers dreaming and not quite aware of the deforestation and death of plants and animals that hold the bottom line on human survival on this planet of ours. Ah, excuse me, this planet of rich people and devils of power over rather than power through life. Only love and compassion and a new willingness to learn can uplift us of the dangers we seem to be in. Remote controls may shoot someone, but they can’t grow and love mother earth, da! La de da!

“I am a lover of what could be, i divine the holy in each person; not because i am holy, but because i seek that in myself.”

~robert of mayflower

Dec. 7th (may influence well into december) Jupiter conjuncts USA natal Pluto. Major power plays that may cause strong social cultural shift with stock market reactions. May prove tough month for the markets. But we will see. More on markets later. This aspect will play into Dec. 23rd Mars/Pluto aspect. Will the virus come on heavier than ever or is this december the last of the worst and the turning point of a return to love/compassion/wisdom/understanding/and healing? The latter is in my view finder.

Dec. 9th Sun square Neptune may create clash between honest facts and dreamy idealistic feelings. Reality may be at odds with magical carpet rides. Venus textile Pluto dec.10th keeps things in check with bottom line needs or wants. Avoid miscommunications and misleading statements, false futures, and wanderlust angels lacking true soul wisdom knowledge.

“Everything happens through you, not to you. Only if one sees rightly, karma and reincarnation, can one know everything is perfect for you to get it, enlightened, free from worry and co-creative with infinite possibilities.”  ~robert of mayflower

Dec 10-11th Sun trines Mars in fire signs. Great energy bursts and ‘balls of fire’. Strong inspirational fiery thrustsof energy to go forward, proceed, get things done, lift things up; a sense of ‘do it NOW! Sparks and outbursts of positive action, adventures, futures.

December 12-into 13th Comet Erasmus reaches close to the Sun inside Mercury perihelion.affecting week or more before and after. Comets can quick bring things into our life, and/or bring things or us out of body or situation. Comets can cleanse us of tough karma and give wisdom learning lessons. Mutable signs affected the most, Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces/Virgo planets and houses, sun or moon. Born mid December/June/March/Sept affected the most. Leo and Aries get a nice wiggle and swish of energy from it. Many of us may get significant insights, dreams, events, lighten or enlighten our way. 

Fear, hatred, and suspicion 

narrow your mind – 

compassion opens it. 

– Dalai Lama

Dec. 13th Mercury Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Truth and honest facts may be a bit obscure or lost in the blur of false clouds of doubt and projection. Nutty news one can’t trust? Good aspect for magical thinking, mystic moods, psychic perception, but one must stay practical and not trust future promises perhaps.

“Without freedom every thing is lost;

Without love, nothing is found.”

      ~~robert thibodeau, Hermetic Laws

Dec. 14th New Moon Solar Eclipse at 28 Sage Sagittarius. Also same day Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Mars. A great couple weeks, or even a month, of rethinking positive aims, future plans, connections, new inner growth with many outer possibilities to come. Those born mid Dec/March/June/Sept. may be in for cha cha changes which may shake you but lead you to happier times. If you are purposely trying to make positive changes in your life, this aspect is for you. Eclipses offer us a time to eclipse wrong habits, trading them in for more positive activities and futures. Love, job and money, travel plans, moves, its on you now to progress or regress. Mysterious falls from grace vs new cognition and rise in fortune and good fortune.

We need to learn to help the world 

rather than help ourselves to the world. 

        -robert of mayflower

December 15th Venus enters Sagittarius wishes for love to have both higher intelligence and a few powerful future plans to make dreams come true. Venus moves from unconscious or secretive strong powers of attraction but locked down or repressed, to more open clear light, higher minded, adventurous amorous passage unchained from fear or littleness, jealousy or possessiveness. More open minded heart mind sharing, community building yet highly individualized freedom adventure.

You are the only you, unique you, ever existed in all the worlds in all the times; and if you cannot hear and share the unique true you, you will with all your life dance toe to toe with the puppeteer and weirdo behind the shadow screen or money matter bible car and desk to the ends of the world without end without ever knowing yourself both part of it all and uniquely private, separate, sacred, spatial, in time and transcended, alive and kicking, loving and unending in your commitment to truth, to who you are, to the passion unites you with the highest dream.

-robert of mayflower

Dec. 16th to 19th Saturn then Jupiter enter Aquarius as Jupiter drives ahead of the negative control freaking Saturn/Pluto, giving all of us a fresh breath of air and a sense of better futures to come. 

“I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, 

by risking, by giving, by losing.”

           ~anaïs nin

December 20th Mercury enters sign of Capricorn making minds serious about exact timing and event, bills and karma.

Dry humor with wisdom insight arises. A sense of a good hand on the rudder steering the boat ahead.

“An addiction is anything we do to avoid 


     the messages 

        that body and soul are trying to send us.”

      ~        ~marion woodman

December 21st Solstice with shortest day and longest night of the year, while the earth travels closer to the sun and folks in the northern hemisphere look within to rebirth inner light. All the ancient celebrations of the birth of the hero or Spirit of the Sun occurred at this time. The four day passage from solstice to ‘Christmas’ reflects the Theosophical and Anthroposophical conception and perception of our being on the 4th of seven EARth evolutions; in which on this 4th, the ‘I AM’ appears in each of us. With Sun near square to Chiron, it becomes clear how many need self healing and inner clarity, certainty, and conviction as to nature of true self, work, calling, destiny.  

Also on this Dec. 21st, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn (once every 20 years). in  Aquarius close to squaring Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter rules fun, friends, partying, growth and expansion, as well as philosophy and religion, the collective consensus. Saturn rules contractions, endings/death, seriousness down to business, self willed individual pursuits, egotistic endeavor, the ruling class.  Jupiter/Saturn together shift the status quo of the priests and politicians of money and law. While in Capricorn Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto acted more like the mafia of the soul, manufactured consent, dictators and plutocrats of idols and big money power over rather than through.  As these planets go into Aquarius we may learn to be a planetary democracy of collective commonwealth, learning and healing, advancement by community effort, out of freedom and ‘what’s right to do’, a rebuilding and healing of mother earth. Or, we may slip into a lack of personal freedom and individuality, big brother rather than brother/sisterhood, extravagant plans and hopes without sure footing and long term sure planning, action. Loss of a social life for a funny combination of eccentric royalty based of money, power, decadence, and lack of simple pleasure and appetite. The last time Jupiter/Saturn conjoined in Aquarius was the latter 1100’s and the early 1200’s when Troubadours, Grail Seekers, Gothic Cathedrals, Platonic/Aristotelian Chartres Cathedral universities and spiritual freedom and intelligence confronted the authoritative Church and Witch hunts. Its a time when spiritual intelligence and loving hearts try to temper the crude authoritative dictators and powers that be in religion and state with higher truths and wisdom love for all life, all worlds, all cultures and arts. 

‘Sex don’t work without love, love don’t work without birthing a better future for all of us. It takes time to know em, ourselves, and the big picture….’   

         ~robert of mayflower

December 22-23rd Black Moon Zoom Lilith conjunct Uranus has been making for the most unusual, novel, unique, creatively awakening sexual relationships this last month into next. Obviously some are writing their own Osho or Chopra ‘Book of Secrets’ and Karma Sutra; or is it divine encounter changing one’s direction and heightening awareness in spiritual virtue mind heart sharing. Some spin off in reaction, some at cause for higher interaction, some just avoid by more sleep. Definitely time for the unique wild woman to appear in more leadership captain role.

“Without sex, none of us would be here; without love, who would stay!?!”     ~robert of mayflower

December 23rd Mars squares Pluto for the 3rd time and moon conjuncts Mars. Dangerous time to travel, assert oneself too strongly, or take any risk or gamble. Watch out for rough weather, storms, insane psycho drama, negative emotions, jealousy, anger, big political and money power plays, challenges in the markets. One really needs individual chart to see how this works out. Some with other good aspects may harness and direct this rough energy for beneficial results. Some internalize it, clean up their mess, help others less fortunate, deal with reality head on. Some try to manipulate through guilt, shame, blame. Some go the high way of eliminating wrong habits and trying to change self to change the world, or perhaps some hugely courageous at helping others. Some go the low road and road rage projected enemy, rail road perceived challengers. Strange endings and new beginnings mid december into january either haunt or inspire spark many a mind. Good aspect for starting or researching new avenues of expression, job, and friendships. Avoid negative projections. Excessive energy and force for good or evil is afoot here. Dangerous time in investments and stock markets.

The real secrets can’t be told, 

but must be lived to be realized.

        ~robert of mayflower

December 25th Christmas Festival. Mercury trine Uranus. Big time of sharing one’s mind and thoughts. Lots of accurate insights into the world situation, money matters, and making relationships work or properly change, grow. Sun trine Uranus on 27th adds to this positive spirit of new enterprise and change. Earth signs feel it strongest; Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.

on Christmas theosophically speaking here ~

All true festivals reveal secrets of spiritual evolution and awakening that each of us human beings can learn from. For instance ,  Santa coming down the chimney or kundalini spinal column, to give the Christmas Presence under the Tree of Life. Or,  the Higher Self shines down from the star that the 3 wise men (thinking, feeling, willing spiritualized) follow to the deep heart’s birth place of Christos Hermes, the buddha mind, the more fully realized self. It would take me an hour of talking to share all my insights on Christmas symbolism of inner reality and developing states of higher consciousness. Perhaps i will post such talk on my youtube channel.

Here is what Rudolf Steiner thinks on it ~ see Steiner Archives Christmas Festival book!

Dec. 29th Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn axis. With Venus/Neptune square, these days here full of idealistic futures, divine love encounters, soul mates or platonic adventure, future planning, etheric exuberance. Psychic or disturbing dreams. Mysterious happenings hard to explain.Virgin Mary and UFO sightings. Danger of overdosing or over doing, otherwise mystical and magical. This is funny or strange time in relationships where a few miscues take place. Some debate or unconsciously get pulled into ‘baby or not’, or dealing with big babies, or having to mother others draining one’s energy or resources. Good to find creative time as well as down time in this time. Good for all the arts and play if not over indulgent or unconsciously streaming. Dreams are oracular if you know how to interpret rightly.

You don’t find love, it finds you. 

It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, 

and what’s written in the stars.

                  -Anaïs Nin


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   ~robert of mayflower

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Without mind

There is no sail,

without heart

no rudder deep.”

~robert of mayflower

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ps. Books and things you may need while visiting this planet earth include ~

1 Foundations of Esotericism by Rudolf Steiner

2 Also his Outline of Occult Science, Road to Self Knowledge, Theosophy book. Tolkien used his ideas in Lord of the Rings. Star Wars used his ideas too. So can you!                                                                              The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled, Key to Theosophy and Voice of the Silence by H.P.Blavatsky. Steiner and Manly Hall , Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Einstein studied these!

3 The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and The Mystical Christ by Manly Hall.

4 The Divine Pymander, of Hermes Trismegistus, the secrets of Hermetics.

5 The Osho Tarot, and the Book of Secrets by Osho. Very fast insights to free your mind heart soul.

6 Plotinus, neoplatonism.

7 The Three Principles of the Path and The Odyssey to Freedom by Gelek Rimpoche. Simple clear yet profound teachings on tibetan buddhism as a path to enlightenment and total virtuous embodiment.

8 The Self Healing Cookbook by Kristin Turner. My bible in the Kitchen and main book i used in starting with friend, the ‘OM CAFE’.

9 Back to Eden Herb book.

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19 Have Compassion, but make strong effort to keep learning, growing, learning to hold still the mind, meditate, and to be open to truth and belonging to one world, allowing the many diverse expressions of that oneness in spirit to be and become in the one you! Peace!

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