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Astrology Predictions Feb-March 2019, from Robert of Mayflower Bookshop

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrological News and Views February 2019
Mayflower Bookshop Berkley Michigan (248) 537-8227
Robert is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’, an astrological consultant and intuitive psychic reader and speaker. Find more insights and predictions, artistic perceptions ~ Robert Thibodeau on Face book, and Youtube channel!

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“I’d like to live in the Land of the Free!’ ~John Lennon

“Religious faith, indeed, relates to that which is above us, but it must arise from that which is within us.” ~Josiah Royce

Feb 1st at 10:15pm EST Mars squares Pluto which can bring negative vibrations week before and weeks after. Intense pressures to succeed and break off. Tendency to over analyze or under analyze, over inflate or demonize situations and others. Good for research and working on oneself. Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Difficult aspects often associated with good guys, bad guys; guns, violence, apprehending, anger, jealousy, negative emotions, lack of understanding and compassion, compulsive use of force. From ‘who killed James Brown’ , Russian political collusion, new pollutions and heightening of military powers everywhere, to crazy SuperBowl prostitution rings busted, to the magnetic pole quickly shifting to Russia and throwing off navigation electro magnetics, to shame and blame and feeling frustrated making headway and forward motion. Serious times and tough for sure when it comes to the simple things of life, liberty, food, education, clean air, freedom! For sure time to clean up things and purify, cleanse, repurpose oneself. Time for a inner spiritual alchemy of change and renewal. Spring is almost in the air.
For some, need to push forward and attempt to open new doors. For others its time to forgive and let go, flow where life takes you and not fight the curve or wave. Good for inner and outer research, renewal, pulling out and starting something new, working to change self for the better rather than blaming others, shaming others, making guilty. No shame of blame, just learning. In the news though many accusations and secrets exposed. Crazy time when more wisdom needed to grow rather than force change.
Spiritually speaking; use no force other than the force of love and compassion, wisdom and truth, presence still a’witness to the divine true me and you. Mars can be St. George fighting the dragon of ignorance and delusion, ArchAngel Michael throwing out the demons of negativity. Pluto can be tests of honor, purifications, dealing with dirty situations.

Feb 2 Moon conjuncts and occults (blocks) Saturn and Pluto making for strong power plays vs over sensitive feelings. For sure this is trigger for more of above Mars/Pluto activities, impelling compelling convictions, obsessions, possessiveness, control freaking, going to extremes and sudden reversals. Saturday evening a bit better with Venus trine Uranus promoting the arts, higher minded love, creative activities. Saturn can be difficult karma, Pluto here need for deep inner review and purification.

“Unless you can find some sort of LOYALTY, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living.” ~Josiah Royce

February 3rd at 5:30 pm Venus goes into Capricorn possibly indicating tight game both in love and in the Superbowl (other Saturn Aspects in players add to this) with favored team winning. (see my Facebook prediction of low score and Tom Brady victory). Venus/Cap favors the true and tried, in for the long term, low to the ground and low scoring but sure game in love and luck and future planning. The hope is not to get stuck in security traps that don’t enliven your inner life, nor let inner desires and ecstatic notions mess up the outer reality and foundation. In real life and the game of life, passing long doesn’t always work, learn walk not run (our politico heads need to learn this, stop running and take real stands for the earth, children, land water air). Learn to love your life right where you are proceed surely in living the life to prove the doctrines. In universal love and higher truths, no one gets shut out in the cold. Venus in Capricorn good for wisdom that only comes through time, good for faith in good works and wisdom love. If too controlling and judgemental, jealous or angry, could be disappointing month, especially for cardinal signs houses planets ascendents.

“Boredom creates tension.” ~John Lennon

“With the practice of emptiness, calm abiding space equanimity, and awakened spirit mind soul, no one is boing nor bored; the whole universe opens with renewed possibility and infinite learning adventure!.”
~robert of mayflower

Feb 4th New Moon in Aquarius 4:04 EST is midpoint to Saturn and Neptune in the sky. Saturn Neptune known for suffering (right or wrong), as well as yoga disciplines, renunciation, asceticism, and slow but sure progress due to hard work and good planning. This aspect on negative reflex makes for fear, hard work, nose to the grindstone, and difficult to ascertain difficulties or emotional imbalance, or illness. Need be very practical in coming month to overcome obstacles (fear, ignorance, delusion, lies, false dreams) by down to earth practicality and purification, right diet and mayflower books! Right spiritual books food for the mind and soul. Next two weeks may give us a flavor, a taste, or preview of what is to come December time 2020 when the Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius occurs. But also may indicate troubled time january 2020 with Saturn/Pluto conjunction which is giving us this colder weather (also Saturn to USA chart). Finding balance between honest work and play is key, reliability and trustworthiness. Some just talk without a history of right action, which really becomes a problem as we approach the coming Mars/Uranus conjunct.

“You’re not use to seeing yourself sideways.” ~John Lennon

Feb. 13th Mars conjunct Uranus is troubling to say the least. Here things and ‘thinks’ can back fire. The good news is rough honest news and revelations offering new directions and possibilities. Possible breakthroughs and exciting news (Mueller anyone?). Truth and higher Love, universal secrets revealed (Some Sagittarius and Leo lucky here). Yet also a tendency for rash, brash, harsh, mars fighting, argumentative situations, ‘one-up-manship’, contesting, explosive erratic behaviour. shocking exploits, adventures, break outs, arrests, strange recurrence and happenings. Some things crash, others take off without you. Many reversals and ‘turn-a-rounds’. Time before and up to for wild radical news and blips and leaks and expose, and radical upsets. Breakthroughs and record breaking times, or break downs and heart breaking events, crashes, accidents, slaps of reality or chaos. Late Cardinal Signs and planets (in Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Cancer) take extra care and caution. Good time to quicken one’s own insights and willingness to change self to change or better the world around. Many feel at some kind of breaking point, or need for real lasting change. Passing Perils, premature actions, hasty decisions, necessity of immediate action, emergencies; and yes possible genius moments and actions here. Mars/Uranus is intensifying and electrifying events. Tendency to debate and be feisty. Most likely more political jostling, gov’t shutdown debate, ups and downs in markets, weather and emotions.

“I believe in what i do, and i’ll say it.” ~John Lennon

Feb. 14 Mars enters Taurus for attempts at sanity and tracking real facts. Danger of getting stuck with one’s impotent judgements and fixations of what is real or not. Patient good work, endurance and persistence of practical sustainable goals, honesty and forthrightness, virtuous deeds work here to open doors to prosperity and happiness. Hopefully sure ground and compromise here possible now and all through March, practical steps toward prosperity and happiness for all.

“Try to become one with the world— that will be the best and most important ‘program’. It is something that cannot be contained in statutes but needs to burn in our hearts as a flame.”
~Rudolf Steiner

Feb 18th Venus conjunct Saturn while Sun enters Pisces. Be sure to have your facts right, don’t overkill or over do, avoid negative coldness, have compassion and wisdom when dealing with self and others. Good for loving old things, treasures, antiques, wisdom actions, long lasting affairs of heart. Difficult for impatient controlling, judgmental without good result people.Some suffer lack of love or loving kindness. Negative emotions upset environs. Good for meditation, yoga, fixing things up, beautifying, being patient. Good time to check in with Dr. Buddha and Christos. Venus/Saturn wants to know what true nature of love and happiness is. Here ‘appreciation’ and ‘thankfulness’ go far. Chiron the wounded healer enters Aries for about 8 years, those with late cardinal signs/planets/sensitive points feel need to heal up or get rid of what blocks progress within or without self. The wound in all of us needs to become the womb of higher birth, higher consciousness.

“In actual reality, you can’t tell people anything; they have to find out for themselves. You can leave sign posts.” ~John Lennon

Feb 19th SuperMoon Full Moon in critical perfectionist Virgo. Here Negativity is its own reward. With Mercury conjunct Neptune, get your facts right and don’t assume you know what others are thinking. Merc/Nep can be deceptive news, lies or half truths. Political machinations and that feeling ‘Oh No, Not Again’ may make one feel sick. Don’t lose heart, struggle to make dreams and highest spiritual ideals come true.In some places things are wet, very wet; perhaps your plans. For some, big plans and futures are afoot, but you have to be sure to get the facts right and in writing, not every one is on the same page. Markets or news can be deceptive. Yet everything is pushing forward fast and slow motion. Some toxic situations fester, drain, vamp situation. Other places and situations reach for high ideals to reveal better realities day to day. Intuition and spiritual perceptions are at a peak, but so is neurosis and abnormal psychic weirdness of the astral and asinine. This Full Moon conjunct President Trump Progressed Sun so look all month for many a intense action and peak out exchange, surprises, and continuous new news. With Jupiter on the President’s Moon later in the month, astrologically speaking, one would expect a rise in popularity and/or actions positively received. Makes for good luck and a certain amount of happiness.
With Uranus conjunct Venus in USA chart, look for changing values and strong shifts in likes and dislikes, who’s favored or popular and who’s suddenly losing popularity in the news. New ways of viewing and perceiving love in the air, sudden births and creative spurts, creative adventures all mid feb. Lots of new creative ideas and moves here.

Feb 22 Mercury square Jupiter (too much happening blurring the facts?) and the devious yet super sensual Venus square Pluto is afoot. Too many words and too much thinking, spinning wheels and going fast , yet feeling stuck? Too much talk, no real action? Some may need to get out of the head and into a good hug, work out, or yoga. Need to avoid possessiveness, jealousy, and negative emotions stirring up mud, fruitless actions. Learning to love oneself and other for who one is rather than who one projects or falsely dreams is key. Venus/Pluto makes for intensified love life, fanatical zeal or powerful impulses. Tendency to go overboard over asserting self. Giving freedom to other is key here to one’s own creative freedom, truth, and true love. Manipulating others creates fall back and difficult karmic entanglements. Projecting guilt, shame, blame to manipulate or control presents problems. Helping others less fortunate positive use of this energetic, as well as healing, fixing up, cleaning, discarding unnecessary things, clutter, old clothes good. Venus/Pluto aspects call for getting over selfish and egotistical desires and fears, addictions; and seeing oneself clear to help others less fortunate. Need to quit acting out of separate self and learning to see what is good for one and all of us.

March 1st Venus square Uranus with Moon again occulting Saturn and Pluto makes for wild urges, longings for love, creative impulses, kick ass aliveness, and urge to follow your bliss and joy. Yet, Moon/Sat/Pluto is urge to root, control, settle down, obscure, block or be blocked, and need to get to work. A want of security and long lastingness. Unusual coupling or meetings look for creative support. plan your garden, create something, play music, write poems, rearrange furniture for fun and profit, career and calling, destiny. Try something new. Throw kisses to far away friends and possibilities.

March 5th Mercury goes retrograde in late Pisces Impelling some to cling on to their dreams and imaginative possibilities rather than cold reality and immediate need for new action or workings down to earth. Some thrown into the unconscious, others into higher creative arts, music, compassionate spiritual activities, yoga and meditation; contemplative reflective modes and moods prevail.

March 6th New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune ~wow! Look for dreamy creamy melting times here. Also look before you leap. Many plans for the future in the works here. Also could be a wet or emotional time. Tears and letting go? Or good rid of rubbish? Psychic premonitions and meaningful (or crazy) dreams. Marriage plans or love melting away leaving? Dreams and ideals, future plans either melt away or take steps in coming true.

March 20th Full Moon at 0 Libra right on the Equinox, with Mars trine Pluto. Intense relationships. Look for major personal and/or world events to push the world and you forward now in coming weeks.

March 21 Venus (Aquarius) square Mars (in Taurus) wants to push out of security blanket into new projects, or retreat to the bedroom, garden, or security blankets. Hmmm.

Robert of Mayflower’s
Astrological News and Views February 2019
Mayflower Bookshop Berkley Michigan (248) 537-8227
Robert is author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’, an astrological consultant and intuitive psychic reader and speaker. Find more insights and predictions, artistic perceptions on Robert Thibodeau Face book, and Youtube channel! Consultations and readings available by appointment. Mayflower Bookshop has many an esoteric rare metaphysical book, crystal, tarot, and artifact of significance and spiritual  import.

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