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This coming Full Moon May 26th is thought my many to be the Holy Grail Moon. From May 11th to 26th is a magical etheric time of springing forth from within ourselves to find that which will heal our separation from the earth, that which will nourish us in our heart and soul for the further quest of the Grail, freedom and enlightenment, lasting happiness. To a very real degree, this starts from within, but overflows and flowers to the whole of the world, friends and foe alike, as a healing force of peace and love, wholeness.

    Yet, we live in a time of huge deception as to what really matters when its all done, start to finish, its truth and love. This is a higher reality, a higher consciousness we must all individually learn to live up to, root down to, strive to make conscious.

   Truth is no longer a priority. Truth is what holds us all heart and soul. Fact is, we don’t love the earth and invest in healthy rhythms of life, self and each other. All addictions and hardening habits block our divine spiritual powers and virtue capacities from coming out. Without inner creativity, inner flowering, inner richness, outer wealth only buries us, blocks us from rising in Higher Consciousness.

    There is no religion, politics, psychology, philosophy, ego or money, higher than truth. Truth in this world starts with a deep silent selflessly learning awareness of how we could be loving each other, life, rather than pirating and plundering each other and all the world’s resources for short term pleasure and profit. Often we unconsciously steal from our individual and collective future rather renewing here now. Rather than putting things to right use for self and other, for good of us all, we build our castle walls, living in head pictures and unfinished emotions awaiting the art of the heart to recompose and divinely play, work, relate to the real world We need to put ‘God’, the ‘Goddess’, the sense of the sacred and holy, back into self, other, and the spaces between and all around us, mother nature. All needs (kneads) become sacred once again, in this ‘once upon a time’. There may be many lifetimes, but there is only this once, this one moment and life, in this form, to redeem past karma and create a better future, and the time is now. The present is the child of the past, the mother and father of the future, the ‘be here now’ and ‘power of the now’ is the Spirit of creativity, freedom, love and truth. Be yourself now!

   In my mind, all the worlds’ guns got to go, or be turned into garden tools for all the world! Medicines and drugs, food, is here so we can co-create better times. Its not about escaping the world, or hardening ourselves. Without higher consciousness, wisdom and ‘right suffering’ as Buddha taught, right healing compassion, YES we need good police! But we need ‘police’ ourselves from negative thinking and unruly unconscious emotions.

    Metaphysical and virtue mind training books should be part of the curriculum in every school and house hold. Read Isis Unveiled by HPB, or Osho’s Book of Secrets, or Manly Hall’s Secret Teachings of all Ages. Get a spiritually conscious life. Read Steiner’s books on gardening and spiritual science! Learn don’t burn. Bless and be blessed.

   How do we now find a science of breath, mindfulness, hearty embrace understanding of each others past and future, each other’s dreams and necessities? How rid self and other of unnecessary suffering which does not bring peace and wisdom understanding, beneficial results? How can this long short life make sense without right understanding of reincarnation and karma? What is social justice without an understanding and appreciation of the last and next seven generations?

    The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in Aquarius in the 12th century triggered sacred get togethers, sacred gathering places like cathedrals and sacred spaces. Much came from Grail holders, the  templars, troubadors, spiritual romantics. Much loving wisdom came into play, and now again is at play. Here is where Plato and Aristotle both had a say, where pagan (nature) and modern religions (inner calling), where heaven and earth in our collective grail heart meet and can agree to better futures. The time is now to both be still in meditative prayer, moving in outer work and service to Higher Self, Universal Virtue. Here now is where the dream of peace on earth had its best bet. Here where Pagan and Christian, all religions can meet to share virtue minds and creative ‘forget me nots’. Such gatherings inward and outward can honor  both  earthy rhythms pagan and the spirit of the sun heart spark Christology. om inner sun heros.

     This last december jupiter/saturn in Aquarius triggered the slow but sure beginning of the new Aquarian Age to be fully incorporated starting materially in a few hundred years according to the precession of the equinox, but spiritually already starting late 1800’s according to Yogananda, Steiner, Blavatsky, and more. I say its now if we let it!

    The question is , do we discover each other as one big family on earth, all spiritually minded brothers and sisters? Or do we face Big Brother authoritative policing lock down of freedom of speech, even thought?!

    We are at a breaking point with the triple Saturn waning square Uranus this year, indicating last struggles to hang on to our projections of false freedom and insecurity rather than a search and discovery for higher truth and universal love holds us all, educates us all. Educates or flowers, leads out, higher purpose, love, healing earth energies. All God’s creations, rhythms, and rhymes calls for a new peace, a new world, built on inner freedom and love to start. A love for self, other, and all mother nature, inner spirit soul nature. All equally rediscovering God, or a unifying sense of ONENESS underlying and permeating all life’s diversities, forms, intelligences.

   This year, as you may know, there are 3 Saturn/Uranus squares. The Civil War in the USA began with a similar Saturn/Uranus waning square and ended at the time of the trine.

    Here now the Past and Future collide as to how to move into the future. Serious questions of ‘what is security’, ‘what is freedom’, ‘what is love’, ‘what is truth’? are struggled with by us all.

   Much patience and mutual understanding, compassionate wisdom and heart listening is called for. I will post soon a talk more about our planetary aspects soon on my youtube channel. We certainly seem in a psychic and monetary tug of war.

   Astrologically i’d think the economy good , though perhaps too hot, through the year into next year, but more coming in my talk.

    With Jupiter having just transited (conjuncted) the USA natal Moon in Aquarius, inflation and higher prices for homes, food, many items needed day to day is on the rise. Printing more and more money without always having real work to represent the money is also contributing to inflationary impulses. Jupiter is coming to trine USA venus (almost) in june, but due to jupiter retrograde won’t come back to do it again till early next year. This good inceptor of higher love showing up for many, most.

    I wonder if folks will be kicking into high gear concerning having babies, intensified social life and more fun pleasurable time.

    But again times are rough with USA Pluto return and more. During the civil war , Neptune transit was in Pisces opposing the USA midheaven. Neptune is there now in Pisces and we in the USA need to clean up the soil, air and water everywhere, cut use of plastic, and attempt to arouse a ‘higher angel of compassionate smarts’ to renew our relationship to earth, gardening, and a more natural way of healing, finding wholeness.  (i use the Sagittarius Rising Chart, but other USA charts can work too).

See Rudolf Steiner books and talks on agriculture, gardening, honey bees, and healthy social life. Another great book on truth and falsities in religion, philosophy, science is the HPB book Isis Unveiled. Steiner praises this book which he well read and actually said CRC wrote the book though HPB! Dig it. We need to unite not divide our common spiritual initiatives and futures!

   Yes! We need a ‘Mother Love’ song in our hearts and minds to reawaken a real new age of love and respect sparking the good, true, beautiful in ourselves and other. See my ‘Mother Love’ song on my youtube channel.

    Its also a question of rediscovering what truth and lasting friendship is! Something that heals the present into the future, rather than continuing past negative karma? Awakens co-creative impulse  toward a positive future three fold collective social value of wholeness, selfless learning, truth and love one and all, sharing and caring for each other, back yard gardening;  without killing the heart, earth, and bees with pesticides and ‘over kill mentality’. See Steiner’s Three fold Social plans and ideas for further sparks of creative political moral imagination.

   There is no religion higher than a truth holds us ALL rather than separates us all. There is no science greater than a love that holds us all sacred, together, as family and friend. We need a love and don’t destroy another’s right to a back yard of healthy freedom, freedom to grow and learn, experience, grow unique in contribution and insight.

   There is no science other than learning to know the self as ONE with all life, the self alone with inner divinity and connection, inner light. Sacred Aloneness, yet still at ONE with the universal Soul all around us. Unity is diversity! One for All, All for One is a spiritual principle and higher philosophy.

   There is no art greater than being human, holding the smallest life and greatest life together in our hearts and minds. Art of being human and divine, spiritual and material is a good way, in a the creative free way, self and other.

    There is no good news other than learning how to grow together good, true, beautiful, mutually creative.

AstroNews for May into June 2021 by robert of mayflower~

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May 6 Venus trine Pluto. (affecting week before and after) Make love work no matter. Plan for a love lasts forever. Find ‘forever friends’ to hold you into next life time. Those who feel alone with this aspect need to stop serving your little elf and other little self. Time to find big love, and to help those less fortunate. Good for flowers and flowering good times, friends, love. With debris of Halley’s Comet lighting up the sky in quick flashes this week, there is a sense of clutching to the old true and false tried ways, a seeking of solid anything even if a bit foolish or atavistic. Love attempts to see its way clear this week before and after May 6. Don’t let the past trash you, foresee your way clear into tomorrow today.

May 8th Venus square Jupiter, here one can feel overflowing with creativity and love, with appreciation of good friends and wanting to grow in new wondrous ways. A sense of reaching out for the better….Avoid overdoing, but yes….luck and love abounds.

May 11 New Moon 21 degree Taurus. Magic two weeks here where things start to root, ground, grow, flower. Time to garden soil and souls. Don’t just dream, put your hands into it. Days around this time, and coming weeks, good for flowers, gardens, friends, earthy endeavors of the body heart mind. Beautifying time, good for exercise, outdoors, touch and being touched, hugs and good will. Much practical planning, fixing up, renewing, rooting and growing with mercury trine saturn of 12th.

May 12 Mercury trine Saturn with Moon conjunct Venus helps us appreciate things and people who have supported us along the way. Good for catching up to things, planning solid futures, staying grounded, thinking a bit deeper. Solid love connections, ties, conversation. For some its rethinking what could make you happy in the long run as well as the short run. Flowers and poems, beautifying and bringing graceful presence good move.

May 17-19th Sun trine Pluto and venus trine Saturn, with Sun square Jupiter on friday the 21st. Work 7 plans for the future today. Be sure to meditate in stillness for 7 minutes too. Great time to get lots work done, do good job, make money, secure oneself with others, lock into goals, grow and know more what to do. Take care not to party too much on coming weekend but good for good times then if one doesn’t over indulge.

May 19 Venus trine Saturn makes for shift from egotism, yours or others, transforming into getting some work done, catching up, grounding, finding practical ground, solid touch, long lasting connection. Avoid taking one for granted, let them know you love and appreciate them. Love term love and appreciation aspect, who is friend or not, long term beautification aspect. Good practical workings.

May 20, Sun enters Gemini encouraging us this coming month to seek understanding and a more airy wakeful mindful relationship with each and all. Networking and reaching out, going places and finding faces is in.

May 22 with Mercury square Neptune good for mystical affinities to infinities but one needs to avoid fake news, and those under the spell of escaping or over indulging in dreams and fantasies unreal. Good for the arts, music, and future planning. Take care around details and the small print. Difficult aspect for discerning what is exactly true or not.

May 26th Full Moon eclipse 5 degree Sagittarius. Weed out things in your life that don’t really make you happy. Time to inwardly tune into the secrets of life. Read Osho’s ‘Book of Secrets’ yet?!! Its at Mayflower! Need for putting our mind in check, need to be still to know, to hold the eternal truths deeper in our soul and not just splash bout with desire and fears, projections and rude shut ups or over the top antics going nowhere. Now is the time to create a mind heart holds all of us into a future holds all of us, into a world heals and blesses, awakens, all of us. A great time to learn not burn with what life offers. This full moon opposes last Neptune/Pluto conjunction in late 1800’s in early Gemini. Thus this week coming up to full moon may be filled with huge spiritual insights and realizations. Great time to get the best mayflower bookshop has to offer for further enlightenment, freedom and good times. But also, such aspect reveals the huge shadows modern science and materialism has left us with. Anything and everything wrong with the world and this time in history is making itself known, calling upon each of us to offer our wisdom, love, and good will to correct and heal, to wizen and enlightenment, awaken good, true, beautiful in thought, word, and deed.

     Eclipses good for pulling weeds, cutting things out that interfere with higher free minded spiritual activities.

May 27th, Venus square Neptune, as well as Comet Winneke at perihelion this day (once every 6 years) making this comet impel one to boredom and same old same old routine. Avoid dumb sex, seek the eternally divine in each other. Look to Comet Leonard in December, a 70.000 year come around, if you want more excitement in novelty, creative new impulses, and deep messages from the universe to connect and vibe.  Venus square Neptune here on the 27th influencing 3-4 days before and after with nostalgia and trivial pursuit; or are creative artists and shaman mystics afoot with joy and over the top learning and attunement. Learn to Love no matter what, love any way you can, garden trees people! Try locking to what lasts forever, ‘forever friends’ and a theosophy of the seven fold soul, 7 earths, 7 levels of consciousness.. (see Steiner and HPB’s Isis Unveiled! beware though of fake love, glamour and external rank and fortune, looks and appearance over inner lasting virtues and values. Good time for the arts and to follow what your deepest heart enlivens. Some feel lost and need to read Foundations of Esotericism by Steiner. Or perhaps Marion Woodman books, i.e.. ‘The Pregnant Virgin’. Difficulties with women or the mother. Need to ‘Mother Love’, to mother and love the little ones as well as the lost one, the earth, stars, hearts, self and other! Yet too, need to love in a way matters to the soul and spirit, as well as the body. High ideals hard to realize and incarnate without good meditation practice, yoga, exercise (gardening), the mindful spiritual knowledge of theosophy, Steiner, Manly Hall, tibetan buddhism, grail christianity, jewish mysticism kabala, neoplatonism, hermetics, wicca, and magical mind.  Good for the arts and mystic dreamers. Weather can go in extremes here and there.

May 28th- 29th Mercury conjunct Venus. A mind for true love and communications with forever friends appears again. An appreciation of the arts, harmony of mind and heart, thinking and feeling. Higher ideals that find words to communicate well to others. Otherwise a stillness speaks what words can’t say. Connecting through love, awakening higher consciousness through feelings of joy. Making right connection, or suffering lack of such. being sweet in the face of bitter, transforming the beast into something beautiful, artistic.

May 30th, Venus inconjunct Pluto and Moon square Uranus and conjunct Saturn. Possible friction when it comes to love, security, structure, food issues, money, security. Keep track of your purse and valuables but dare to look outside your fear and paranoid fantasies.  Late Cardinal signs affected the most. Important aspect for correcting mistakes and cleaning things up, purifying, shifting into higher gears. Avoid knee jerk reactions and hasty moves causing accident or mishap.

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May 31 Mars trine Neptune. Strong ideals motivate to future you as well as make present unfold. Dreams move us into the future. For some, dashing into a foolish future, a mindless lazy projection, necessitating in the future a rude correction. For the others, the quest of the holy grail, what nourishes and is good for us all appears. The quest for the real inner gold. Intelligence and superior nobility, virtue, easy going ness that brings fruition. Danger of going unconscious or being too comfortable causing one to lose track or lose self foolishly, laziness or wrong imagination. Positive for virtuous deeds and brave love, ideals realized.

   None-the-less this is good aspect for travel or planning such, music and the arts, playing in nature or voyaging into spiritually mystical experience.

By June i will hone in and rewrite update the following, but here is cliff’s notes of what to come in June.

June 5 Mars oppose Pluto. Weed and cut out wrong habits of eating and thinking. Bad ‘shit happens’ and this may be one of those times. Negative emotions screw things up. Let not fear void you. This aspect brings out the need for good police and military to keep the law and support what is right, good, socially just. Otherwise this is an aspect where some feel abused, or abuse. Good aspect for research and representing truth. Need to support what is right, truth, lasting love, a sense of eternity and ever deep love wish for enlightenment as many levels,many life times. For some its a time to be really stupid about one’s own soul life and spiritual failures coming in the future, if not now. Avoid others who go overboard with negativity and projecting evil without giving inner work to transform self to change the world. Avoid crowds and travel with such aspect unless very well planned. Take care not to use force, but wisdom, to try for change. Weird tensions of opposites at this time. Stormy blistering fighting spirit. Sense of the enemy. Much wisdom and love needed here, as well as right action and defense. Weird weather and times for next few weeks.

June 10 New Moon Solar Eclipse 19 Gemini, Sun conjunct Mercury. Now a you that lives forever talks. Love and truth light reveals shadows of what needs work on, weeding, composting, and being patient for. Some need strong change. Demon Lovers are what we do that thwart and diminish us. Angel lovers are the virtues noble that make us big enough to handle anything with truth and love and creative interacting. For some its a time period coming that will cut them off from freedom. For others its a time to heal and pull themselves back into healing, re-uniting mind and heart, feeling deep spiritual soul weaving capable of creating family, friends, social life, and renewing the world mindfully. Hard facts emerge forcing tough quick decisions now and in coming weeks. Much good can happen when real TRUTH emerges and heart wisdom compassion, head smarts prevail. Sun Mercury makes for strong truth to emerge which enlightens and raises consciousness, or burns in a way because one wasn’t in the past listening well with one’s heart. None-the-less new beginnings which will better things is at hand.

June 13 Sun square Neptune. Some run and escape, others show up for the dream. Here fools rush in or  angels come at last moment to help. Can’t always trust angels to immediately appear so beware, be careful, be alert, be still with wisdom love peace and heart. Don’t fall apart, take heart and listen deep to what the whole of your life is teaching you. Here some plot and plan and project good or bad, others pull back and dream anew. Beware of lies to yourself which blind you to lies of others. Beware of not loving self which attracts others to not love you. For some , soul weaving and mating at higher level. For others, time to plan better futures. If inspired, this is good aspect. For some its draining and one has to not do things that vampirize nor drain energy of self or other.

June 14th Saturn square Uranus. Ex President Donald Trump’s Birthday… he’s part of this tough Sat/Uran struggle for what is perceived as security vs what is freedom. Truth holds all of us makes us free, an inner stillness and inbreathe to the heart holds all of us gives true security. May love and truth find us all not fool.

   Tough real issues emerge. Sense of good and evil , right and wrong, black and white. Need to heal and reconcile past, but also need to move into a future includes us all. This is the second of three squares of saturn/uranus. Securing freedom, and freeing what is stuck. Grounding the wildest genius to matter, mattering to resound the highest genius. The past and future conflict. Freedom versus lack of.  Wisdom and genius combine for some to create a new self, a new world. In the news lots of quarreling without much wisdom and loving way. Saturn wants to control and Uranus in Taurus wants to create a new ground, a new space, and new currency or current of current affairs; a new conversation more pliant to future needs, future worlds, future heart. Need for security and freedom search for harmonious solutions. Old out worn structures cracking.

June 20th Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer; Jupiter goes retrograde. Here one can discern what Angels know, truth and love is now abundant. Yet many can’t handle the light and avoid being seen. Whew! May truth free, love conjoin deepen renew, may art renew and save the world. Some try to turn back the clock, attempting to find the wisdom of the past, the true insights rising from our past mistakes, trying to rediscover the true friend, as we move into the unsure future. The days now get shorter and yes, enjoy summer but fall is coming. If good fruition, seeds for future forming; no worry of falling,  back to ground of truth, love, emptiness practice, will hold you into fall. A sense of inner self whispering secrets of the ‘way to go’.

June 21st Venus trine Neptune. Imagine the future with you in it! Be the holy one you idealize ! High ideals of art, movies/pics, kisses and imaginations of melting into higher unity, spiritual love motivates one now to dream the impossible dream, scheme the incredible yet to be, free what you true believe to be you, true, divining self with others that co-creatively renew your sense of belonging, satisfying your longing. For some its feeling lost enough to look again, imagine again, what could be if only…..we could love ourselves rightly, be still long enough to grow in new ways.

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