Astrology for Sept into December free talk, new Song, & Mayflower Bookshop News!

Dear Friends,
   Mayflower Bookshop mails books and tarot cards and more. Mayflower Bookshop is open to the public wednesday noon to six, fri. and Saturday 1 to 6pm. Open thurs and sunday soon i hope. on the we and also there is a youtube channel with lots of talks and new songs!
    Lots of new Steiner books, Tarot Cards, magical pagan, yoga and meditation! Lots of New Great incense and oils (with no chemicals)!
Astrology and Tarot Card readings available. Check out new 3 part talk on Astrology and the next 3 months!

    I also wanted to share with you lots of new talks on many esoteric metaphysical spiritually minded systems of enlivening the higher self,
the Spirit Self, the ‘Consciousness Soul’ as HP Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine , and later Rudolf Steiner, called it.
The world is so divided and struggling for peace of mind and creative heart, that it is time for each of us to look deeper in our holy stillness heart
for a yet greater understanding and voice. Its time to learn new things, or have new thinks slap us with reality. The whole spiritual thing is to awaken out of freedom and love, Higher Truths, Higher Self, Spiritually creative becoming rooted in virtue being, wholeness being. I lack words.
    As an Astrologer , i thought to alert you to a few crazy aspects coming. The Planets are the ‘karma and dharma’ agents for creative positive spirit change. Sometimes we lose the higher minded way to be and go, lose touch with our own inner self, guardian angel, let alone the destiny making ArcAngels or Dyani Chohans. Our own higher dreams somehow turn to nightmares and we need return to higher love and truth, meditation and soul gardening, weaving. Planetary aspects can become trite, or troubling so called ‘ bad aspects,  agitators and strict time keepers, tough school masters. The Planets impel and influence, but each of us has a choice to choose out of freedom the higher way, the higher octave way to go. We can choose to be better.
    This friday moon/saturn/venus for example, is an opportunity to attune to a higher love all inclusive healing, a ‘ Oneness’ enriches rather than diverstiy, division, empovering. A higher virtue or sense of ‘ at-one-ment’ that enlivens, that lasts. A compassionate courage to change our own view, our own self, to help the bigger world around us.
    Full Moon October 20th with its Moon/Mars/Pluto is chance to let go of what we can’t fix, and behold anew a divine view activating a new sense of joy, wonder, wisdom and compassion. Awakening a right thought, feeling, action from a deeper soul spirit meditative stillness and wholeness. Otherwise this time period full of more of the same old same old nothing new, more dirty politics, reactive weather and emotions, shaky markets and supply lines, throwing money at things and inflation, deflation in parts. There may be trouble at the top influencing the ground holding the pyramid up. Its always a good time than to act wisely or hold back into deeper stillness still learning till right timing unfolds the flowering heart of insight, virtue bravado holds us all, not divides to conquer.
    Christmas eve last of 3 Saturn/Uranus squares along with dec 25th Venus/Pluto aspect calls on us to discover the real meaning of birthing the divine light and love within our own heart. The real love compassion Bodhi Mind Dharma will be ‘present’ rather than the ‘me, me, me, nothing is good enough’ along with impotent negative emotions, a chance to renew and rebirth self as cause rather than effect! Love as universal.
Here is new 3 part series on ’The Astrology for Sept to December 2021 Astrological and Esoteric Insights ~
Here is new song ‘Love will Never Ever Die’ 
Here is the Ultimate Conspiracy Conspiracy i share ~
Here is first of series ‘Meditation 101’ ~invoke your inner relationship or ‘God’ or ‘Universal Mind’
Here’s a Steiner/Blavatsky one  (there’s more if you press videos button once on my youtube channel!)
on Grail, Aquarian Age, Steiner Foundation Stone Meditation, more ~
Please consider sharing, daring to learn new things, and meditating.
Many blessings from the heart!
robert of mayflower
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Robert Thibodeau of Mayflower Bookshop
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