April 2018

True Love blesses the World, Real Truth awakens Universal Participation.
~robert of mayflower

Full Moon Vibe last few days, and here comes Monday with Mars/Saturn in Capricorn, a very willful controlling aspect, destructive, devitalizing and sense of resistance, defiance, authoritative. Up side is patient good work true and beautiful touching the more eternal in each of us. Saturn vibes carry on through the week. Good for conscious contractions, simplifying things, cleaning and catching up, patient endeavors. For many, difficult progress, slowed effort, sense of pushing rock up hill. There is positive and negative side. Honesty and upfront forthrightness vs. sneaky power moves behind the scenes, manipulative tactics for desired outcome. Mars (war, cars, guns, aggressive speech) conjunct Saturn (authority, father complex, difficult medical or legal troubles, blocks and resistance, building walls not honest two way conversations, dogma over truth, resistance, compression, coldness) Monday. Such aspect is reflected in recent world wide violence and lack of respect for life, family, natural resources, auto car crashes, shootings, lack of child care, space junk falling back to earth, stormy relations, weird weather, blocked investigations and honest transparency and more. Positive side of Mars is courage and bravery to help and assist others, compassion as a passion, honest tongue and daring bravado, heroism. Foolhardiness is dangerous at this time. Positive Saturn side is finding the wisdom that comes only through time and seasoned experience. Mars/Saturn can be serving and assisting those less fortunate. All the great ones, and most virtuous emulation models for being human served the less fortunate much more that idealizing and worshipping those above them. Here as the ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus says, ‘The Way Up is the Way Down’. Detroiter’s seem to know this in several ways. Here, Virtuous deeds speak louder than words and pics .
April tough aspected days (give or take day or 3 but here exact days) include April 4, 5, 11, 14-15, 21, 25, 26, 28.
Good aspected days April 3, 7, 11 (for some), 17, 18 (for some), 24, 29, 30.
First couple weeks tough astrological aspects for the Dalai Lama who may need to take extra care. Mars/Saturn opposing his Ascendent/Sun in Cancer. China recently pressing India to give tibetan refugees harder time. Higher octave of Mars/Saturn is Buddha Wisdom. Om OM OM! May all beings find lasting happiness, peace of mind, compassionate loving heart.

Mars making hard aspects this first week to UK’s chart, this is assertive aggressive rough weather month in UK. Fiery debate over how to handle violence, anger, bifurcation from EU, and lingering issues of Russian involvement with murder and more.

In USA Astrology Chart, Mars transit opposing USA Sun first week April. New opportunities for honest dealings and wisdom compassion? or lack of love and trusting? This aspect gives tendency to over react, and/or over assert oneself, anger, aggressive. With Uranus transit now squaring USA natal Pluto there is a strong urge to protest what appears as unfair or unequal. Tendency to break free of plutonian restrictions or negative emotions. A call for truth and honesty as highest virtue when it comes to religion, science, politics. Danger of instinctive unconscious rebellious attitude, talk, action, with no real solution at hand, nor alternative expression or relief available. Tendency for impatience and to scatter one’s energy. Need to stay focussed on long lasting reform bringing good true beautiful into everyone’s life. Danger of violence or accident or hasty premature action bringing strong reaction and resistance. Positive side is; breakthroughs rather than breakdowns, of intelligence raising consciousness to ever higher states of harmony and virtue rather than instinctive emotions overriding clear thinking and rational mind. New discovery and new growth vs shocks forcing growth. Need for sense of security or true knowing, participating co-creatively.
~robert of mayflower,

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Hi Robert. This is Tom from Ft. Wayne. I stopped in last week and got some music and incense. I’m inquiring about Berkley Days, the weekend of 5/19 and was wondering if you know of any good venues where I could set up a couple tables and sell my silver jewelry. Thanks man…

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