September Astrology into 2020, the Jupiter/Saturn and Saturn/Pluto conjunction, more!

ASTROLOGY NOW! Stormy weather, roller coaster ride with love and money, and tough travel or executing/ completing plans with 4 planets in Virgo. Virgo can be too sharp, critical, avoiding reality or over indulging without higher lift off in event. Here nothing is good enough and addiction to perfection rather than finding wholeness and balance, can diminish the times and value of one’s experience or right interpretation of experience and dream. These daze…. Venus, mercury, sun, mars is opposing Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is known as the god of the seas, emotions, wet, victim or crazy delusional, but also highest spirituality, virtuous activity, angelic experience.
Virgo/Pisces T squared by Jupiter can inflate everything and get out of bounds with good or ill behaviour. Can ego trip or or be tripped by fear, of leaving the known and clinging to perishables. Here negativity or virtue is its own reward. Strong urge to grow. Such aspect, strongly impelling to many, can bring feeling lost,or wishing to escape, or keep on partying while Rome floods or burns, is repressed or compressed, pressured into rather than educated and inspired to.
Many influenced by Jupiter in Sagittarius, to get smarter, rise to the occasion (like Marianne Williamson), and flex their renewed angelic virtue mind wings in the passion for truth and love, friends and loving earth, all ‘God’s creatures’. A sense of spiritual being, becoming, Presence Divine. A sense of dancing with positive changes.
Last of the wild craziness and going to extremes, as well as opposite, a heart soul spirit for freedom love truth~~~ IS THIS SATURDAY SEPT.14TH FULL MOON WITH MARS OPPOSE NEPTUNE; the vibe and impelling (not compelling) influence is in the air now for ‘something big to happen. Lets hope for the good true beautiful. Yet, this week, ‘it ain’t just exactly clear’! May take later in month, this coming January, or even till December 2020’s big Grail and World Pentecost (higher Kundalini Yoga aspect). Now and for last months, a strong time for arts, music, musing, poetics, spiritual experience and intuitive encounter. This can be soothing dreamy or its opposite; ‘this can’t be happening’. A ‘god help me’ vs ‘holy smokes i’m sparked and sparkled by the holy spirit, the great goddess or World Mother , divine intervention, compassion and hope. Love and truth play out into the third Jupiter square Neptune come sept. 21 (its been influencing last several months~ some in denial put their heads under the ground while others are suddenly dawning and sprouting, winging and emerging with new insights, wisdom, higher love and consciousness, new or renewed adventure to stop the apocalypse of inner and out nature. Remember the song ‘Its Nature’s Way of Telling you, something’s wrong’ ? Virgo wants to clean things up but can be too critical and “nothing’s good enough”. Excuses made to not act, not be the solution, not rid the pollution inside out. Pisces and Jupiter want to believe in miracles. The ultimate miracle is selfless learning, experiencing what every self is going through. The ultimate miracle is we can think for ourselves. Thank you Prometheus, Buddha, Hermes, Christ, Krishna, Athena.
Saturn going direct around sept. 18th will more accurately critique the situation with how much work on oneself is needed to fulfill the mission of happiness, freedom, truth and love in a good, true, beautiful way. True, though maybe humble new ways of working with others will start to present themselves in next few weeks and months.
New Moon Oct. 27th into January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction may bring new indications and strong realizations, wake up calls. Yes, for some a really strong aspect for manifesting dreams and ideals, but for most extremes in the weather, cold, cold shoulders and hearts, slipping backwards or to dictorial dictates, authoritarian command, limitations, striving in survival mode, spiritually if not physically. The good ol’USA needs a spiritual, a virtuous, heart mind renewal and awakening of genius. To the higher self, all strivings, sufferings, hard workings, is the labor pain of a higher birth, a further revelation and growth. Compassion and patience is key to the heart of the great mother.
Look fro December 2020 when Jupiter/Saturn conjunct (happens every 20 years, so 2020, 2000, 1980, 1960…1920; its the bring of big collective shifts of consciousness and opportunities to grow in new ways). Jupiter Saturn is every 20 years but every 60 years is challenging. Its (60yearCycle is two Saturn Returns and 5 Jupiter returns. Think 1960 new hippies for peace and love! Think1920 on, both roaring 20’s but also Rudolf Steiner building the Goetheanum, it fire bombed burnt down, his rebuilding second spiritual mystery school Goetheanum, and his outpouring of spiritual wisdom, Anthroposophy. Jupiter/Saturn is mostly a Positive meeting of heaven and earth, peace among enemies, justice and compassion world wide, spiritual and material values meeting to agree in harmony and peace, a new renewed understanding of the arts, the art of being human and not machine and animal. What makes this Jupiter/Saturn really interesting and different is this ~ this time Jupiter/Saturn conjoins in Aquarius, which hasn’t happened since 13th century time of Sacred Chartres Cathedral being finally built and activated to bring together Platonic and Aristotelean values and knowledge, to bring spiritual wisdom knowledge co-creative with both Spirit and whole earth evolution to each and every person not just the elite aristocracy. It was a time of Gothic Cathedral building, sacred temple and architecture built for spiritual experience, a conscious sense of ‘at-one-ment’ rather than ‘atonement. A time of Divine proclivities, spiritual quest, high virtue striving, holy workings, a sense of One for All and All for One. It was the time of the Cathars, the Templars, the Holy Grail and its guardians that feed all the little ones, a sense of spiritual and physical nourishment, love, wisdom knowledge. A time for attempting acts of social justice and equality for women and children to participate creating healthier future. There was a sense, thanks to the spiritually educated Templars, that
every man and woman is his or her own Pope and King. Freedom and equality was and is in the air, education was, and at spiritual level, and is free (ok, it takes work, but its timing too! That’s where astrology, the thinking of stars, comes in.). Now each is his or her own prisoner or guard, patient or doctor, insane captive or buddha/Christos medicine. Each is free to learn, learning has the cost of ‘paying attention’.
It was also the time of the Rosicrucian beginnings (see Bamford’s book ‘the rosicrucian stream’) where spiritual ethic moral insights and self evident thinking, a spiritual science (like later Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner) would try to introduce, more than just a neoPlatonic renewal, but a call for world renewal and spiritual revitalization. That wisdom and love should rule the world. (Hello Marianne Williamson! and more)) Rosy Cross teachings tried to heal the materialistic alone dictates and authority enslaving souls to sense bound thinking and values. The High Romance of Enlightenment was early in the air.
So we are now in September 2019, in the last of the idealistic dream and hope, the last of the imagination and first stirrings, of what could be and should be ~ peace and love ruling the world, higher holy consciousness transforming the war animal and machine into gardening family and friends. We are in a transforming world calling to incarnate our highest dreams and imaginations for love compassion sake, for wisdom truth courage creativity. We a ‘wee bit’ lack the language or clear mind for such, but generally our hearts and spirit souls are overflowing with wanting such, postive possibilities, opportunities, and good adventure, work and play are at hand and at play. The saturn aspects will both weed and trim to more workable life style, as well as help manifest destiny and dreamy ideals into reality. Our thoughts need to inspire, our inspirations need to activate and go to work. Intuitions abound, work on what’s right in front of you. We have all eternity to ‘get it’, but there is not a second to spare. Awaken Now, Be Still and Know! Boil all your troubles into One, self cherishing. Distill your heart’s mind into the elixor of enlightenment. Be the alchemist in your heart soul’s listening attuning, make spiritual heart gold from the darkness and craziness, not just lemonade! Aha!
Inwardly now, at the time of ‘Michaelmas’ and Fall, Autumn Ra, now in September, look within to boldly go without. Looking inwardly we are all experiencing a new spring, a renewed conviction and sureness, that love and truth will one day rule in both high and low place. That everything will find its place, and we each our true calling, work, love, and garden of friends. Now is the time to call on our Higher Angel, our Higher Self, hearts be listening! It is time to become the dream, become the art, become the truth, to live the life we dream come true. Invoke the Higher SELF in everyday life. (see Blavatsky ‘Key to Theosophy’, or Steiner’s ‘Theosophy’ or ‘Road to Self Knowledge’, at or online for free!
Happy full moon September 14th coming, happy bigger lovetruth. Happy new moon september 28th, for many to renew or spark new beginnings. Happy Saturn/Pluto challenges and world crunch come January 2020 (Cardinal Signs of Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn most affected the most with compelling learning situations, contractions of higher self heart birthing). Taurus Virgo can most benefit from this time.
Come December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius conjunct; Air signs Libra, Gemini, Aquarius benefit the most. Challenged by karma then to grow in new ways are Leo, Scorpio, Taurus. Each of us has these signs in specific houses or areas of life (ie. work, play, love, calling, day to day, other and more). Look in your astrology chart. Get your chart to see where you are most affected (free astrology charts all over the internet). You may want to visit Mayflower Bookshop to purchase a good astrology calendar and book! See my book “Astrological Aspects, the Art’. Check out monthly predictions at
Live the Life, be the change you want to see in the world. Love anyway you can, give your self to learning, doing, learning again. Be friend to all. Blessings, robert of mayflower
ps. check out latest songs at Youtube Robert Thibodeau ‘You Blow Me Away’. Namaste.