August 2016

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views for August/September 2016 (248) 547-8227 On Youtube, Mayflower Bookshop/Robert Thibodeau 2645 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley, Mi. 48072 “The Skies were dim and vast and deep Above the vales of rest; They seemed to rock the stars asleep Beyond the mountain’s crest. Oh, vale and stars and […]

July 2016

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views for July 2016, (248) 547-8227 Robert Thibodeau Astrological Consultant & Reader Coming Talks at Birmingham Community House – ‘HOW TO DO INTUITIVE TAROT CARD READINGS’, a talk by robert of mayflower July 21st 7 to 9 pm. ‘ASTROLOGICAL INTERPRETATION OF DAY TO DAY PSYCHIC VIBRATIONS […]

June 2016

Astrology for June 2016; Robert’s News and Views Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227 and on YOUTUBE Robert Thibodeau, Readings and consultations available. Newsletter Donations Welcome. “Let joy be your habit building. What we think, we become; everything is dependent, that is buddha’s wisdom. Watch your mind.” -Gelek Rinpoche Astrological Timing for June 2016 Note: Date […]

May 2016

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrology News and Spiritual Views for May 2016 Robert Thibodeau, author of ‘Astrological Aspects, the Art’ Mayflower Bookshop, (248) 547-8227 Look me up on Youtube for talks, music, spiritual commentary; on my Facebook pages i post often; check it out. “Look truth in the face, love heart to heart, friendship with one’s […]

April 2016

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views April 2016 (248) 547-8227 Robert Thibodeau “It is an art, this voice of the heart.” ~robert of mayflower “The best way to find a spiritual friend is to become one.”~Trebore Tau Bodhi ************************************************************************** Five Talks by Robert of Mayflower in April ! April 7th, Thursday, […]

March 2016

Robert of Mayflower Bookshop’s Astrological and Spiritual News and Views for March 2016 (248) 547-8227 Robert Thibodeau, Astrological Consultant and Speaker Presidential Update By the end of March, Bernie Sanders has transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Sun along with transiting Uranus conjunct Natal Moon, indicating attempt to toss him out, or an amazing victory come-back […]

February 2016

Robert of Mayflower’s Astrological News and Views February 2016 Mayflower Bookshop (248) 547-8227 Robert Thibodeau, Astrological consultant to the Stars. February 2nd is Candlemas and Brigid’s day, an ancient festival of inner sparks of spring, the subtle return of the Goddess Natura. Inwardly in our etheric body we can feel a  sparkling kiss of the goddess, […]

January 2016

AstroNews and Spiritual Views for January 2016 Robert of (248) 547-8227 Two talks coming up with Robert at the Birmingham Community House ‘YOGA and LOVE’ 11th January, 7 to 9 pm Learn to divine the divine (true divination) and Higher Consciousness in Self and Others. Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Buddhism, and […]

December 2015

“Truth is what holds us still to listen to stars, to truth, go God and our true self. Love is what moves us to become like gods in the becoming, virtues flowering from heart and mind. Yet greater virtuous deeds further come from a sense of divine proportion, Divine Presence within, divining a spiritual awareness […]

October 2015

Talk by Robert: “Love and Death – The Secret of Success and Happiness” Friday, October 2, 2015, Theosophical Society, Woodward Avenue Doors open at 6.30 p.m. Lecture begins promptly at 7.00 p.m. From 6.30 to 6.55 is time for socializing, browsing through the bookstore and library, and enjoying light refreshments. 1. First 10 days of […]