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'Astrological Aspects
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The Natural Genesis by Gerald Massey, First Edition, 2 vol. set.
$1995.00. Good Condition.
This a a classic work revealing Myths and Mysteries of Initation and spiritual instruction, and many insights into archetypal primeval patterns of the earliest religions to emerge from Africa and Egypt. Over 5oo pages each book, oversized. Hermetics at its best. H.P.B. and her Secret Doctrine quotes him often. Many secrets revealed here and in his other works.


Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, Hardcover with dustjacket
$35.95 Good condition, plus $10 shipping

Perhaps the most important magic book that exists. Bardon says that when you are done with his books and you want more, go to Rudolf Steiner.


The Kybalion by William Walker Atkinson, Hardcover with dustjacket
$17.95 Good condition, plus $10 shipping

The best book on hermetic laws and the secrets of awakening your hermetic mind.


The Arcana of the Grail Angel by John Barnwell, Paperback
$44.95 Good condition, plus $10 shipping

A great research book on archangels ruling certain time periods, anthroposophy and Steiner, with lots of amazing diagrams that you could study for the rest of your life.